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Business in Mandarin courses AEC Education Group
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Business in Mandarin courses AEC Education Group


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  • The fast-growing Chinese market presents ample opportunities for banks who understand the language and culture of this Mandarin-speaking segment.
  • To capture the fast growing Chinese market, banking staff must be able to connect well with their customers.
  • The rapid-growing Chinese market provides huge opportunities for investment bankers who understand the language and culture of this Mandarin-speaking segment. Towards this end,
  • Transcript

    • 1. Business in Mandarin courses
      • AEC Education Group
    • 2. Table of Content
        • Necessity of conducting business in professional Mandarin
        • 3 courses offered:
          • General Business Mandarin
          • Mandarin for Customer Banking
          • Mandarin for Investment Banking
        • Evaluation and Testimonials
        • Fees
        • Contact Us
    • 3. Professional Business Mandarin is mandatory in today’s world
      • China’s economy grows by a double digit percent annually – every ambitious firm would like to have a foothold in the Middle Kingdom.
      • Guanxi, An Important Chinese Business Element – the first way to establish a “Guanxi” is to speak their language and use professional business terms in Mandarin.
      • Cultural and social landmines are common when doing business in China - Besides language skills, one would need a historical overview, cultural overview, negotiation tactics, social etiquette to succeed.
      • Professionalism allows a business to stand out - amidst the multitude of companies who possess the skills, track record and reputation - the one who can best express it will win
    • 4. Key benefits of AEC’s Business Mandarin program
      • Show professionalism to potential partners with easy transition between English and Chinese business terms
      • Clear understanding of Chinese business customs to quickly build strong “Guanxi”
      • Gain insight into Chinese business culture through eyes of experienced bilingual professionals
      • Plentiful Chinese resources especially in the banking industry to tap on
      • A good platform to help local banks to understand China well and help them to build up a network with Chinese partners.
    • 5. The courses are meant for:
      • Executives in the banking and finance sector
      • Corporations aiming to expand into or expand their presence in the Chinese market
      • Banks working with Chinese firms looking to launch IPOs in Singapore
    • 6. Lecturer’s Profile: Prof. Yang Zhihong
      • Education:
        • Master of Business Administration - National University of Singapore
        • Master of Economics (Banking) - China People’s University
      • Work Experience:
        • More than 10 years at China Central Bank and Investment Bank.
        • Engaged in banking research and investment analysis
      • Teaching qualification:
        • Approved by Ministry of Education
        • Bilingual teaching method
        • Lectured MBA courses for Singapore Chinese Chamber of Business, Singapore International Management Academy and more
        • Subjects include Financial Management, International Finance, Economics and Strategic Management
    • 7. 1. General Business Mandarin
      • Introduction
      • This unique 3-Day introductory programme trains English-speaking bank officers how to read and speak mandarin professionally in a business environment as well as appreciate the intricacies of Chinese culture.
      • Course Contents
      • The course covers the following topics:
      • An Overview of China
      • Singapore and China: Cultural Similarities
      • Formal and Informal Meetings
      • Negotiations
      • Chinese Banquets and Farewell Dinners
      • Business Communication
      • Business Correspondence
      • Chinese Presentation
    • 8. 2. Mandarin for Customer Banking
      • Introduction
      • This intensive 3-Day programme trains English-speaking Customer Banking officers how to communicate and connect with their mandarin-speaking customers for effective results
      • Course Contents
      • The course covers the following topics:
      • Singapore and China: Cultural Similarities
      • Business Communication- Chinese Presentation
      • Personal Banking: Deposits, Investments, Insurance, Loans, Credit & Debit Cards, Automated Banking services and Internet Banking
      • - Corporate Banking: capital markets, cash management, securities & fiduciary services, trade finance, treasury & trust services
    • 9. 3. Mandarin for Investment Banking
      • Introduction
      • This 3-Day programme introduces English-speaking bankers to the mandarin terms of complex investment banking products as well as prepares them to read and speak mandarin professionally in a business environment.
      • Course Contents
      • The course covers the following topics:
      • Singapore and China: Cultural Similarities
      • Business Communication- Chinese Presentation
      • Mergers and Acquisitions
      • Debts and Equities
      • Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Commodity and Equity Securities
      • - Pension funds, mutual funds, hedge funds and REITs
    • 10. Existing corporations taking AEC business mandarin courses
    • 11. Photos of previous courses
    • 12. Testimonials
    • 13. Case Study: Evaluation from most recent course attended by 18 Citibank executives
    • 14. Costs for 3 day course
      • Business Mandarin – Investment Banking: $ 360 per pax*
      • Business Mandarin – Customer Banking: $300 per pax*
      • Business Mandarin – General: $300 per pax*
      * Minimum class size is 10 students
    • 15. For more details: Peter Justin Yu Marketing Manager [email_address] AEC Business School Pte Ltd 167, Jln Bukit Merah Connection 1, Tower 4 #02-13, Singapore 150167 Tel: (65) 64120700 Fax: (65) 64120750