In today’s business world you
can’t afford to fall behind.
Customers’ expectations increase
daily and you need to be avail...
Business Communications Manager (BCM) is a communication
       system that helps you bring together and take control of a...
Nortel’s Business Communications Manager is a powerful and
                          flexible communication system, suitab...
No matter how small your business or how complex, you’ll want
Business Communications Manager comes with a range of powerful
                         standard features:
All BCM systems offer a range of easily added options so your
                          system can keep pace with the way ...
BCM is IP-ready – data services are built into the system
                      and you don’t have to install further equi...
BCM in its standard form is a complete communication system. Its power
                            is in its flexibility –...
Structured cabling
                                                                     The best way to maximise effective...
Finance options – Flexibility to match your business needs
To find out more about buying a
communication system for the first
time, visit:

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Business Communications Manager


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Business Communications Manager

  1. 1. Business Communications Manager Big business power for small and medium sized businesses IT • communications • support Bringing it all together
  2. 2. In today’s business world you can’t afford to fall behind. Customers’ expectations increase daily and you need to be available by phone, email or online whenever suits them. Business communications are crucial. Lost calls and missed messages can damage both your reputation and your revenues. If your people can’t communicate well with each other, they can’t deliver for your customers. It seems unfair. Unlike the biggest players, you cannot afford bespoke solutions and do not have the luxury of dedicated specialist staff. So you risk losing out on the savings, improved services and increased efficiencies that the largest companies take for granted. But the world has changed. With BT, every business can now take a step- by-step approach and bring all its communications together, giving you what you need today – and in the future. When we integrate your voice, data, messaging and customer communications, it’s your needs – not the demands of the technology – that come first. We call it unified communications Unifying communications means that you can integrate telephony, messaging, email, conferencing and other applications onto a single, cost effective platform that is easier to control and manage. Your people gain new tools and services that help improve their productivity and provide a seamless customer experience. Whatever your existing platform and systems, let BT show you how taking a unified approach can BCM immediately start to benefit your business. To find out more about buying a communication system for the first time, visit
  3. 3. Business Communications Manager (BCM) is a communication system that helps you bring together and take control of all your business communications. It’s not a one-size-fits-all product – Nortel’s world-class BCM provides a range of options to focus on your specific business needs and the way your people work. You buy only what you need now and you can upgrade or enhance your system when your business needs dictate. Business Communications Manager – take control of your communications And you don’t need to understand the technology – talk to us about what tangible business benefits you want to achieve and we’ll work out the right answer, discuss it with you and then put everything in place. Your people will gain from having easy access to sophisticated call handling and voicemail services. And they’ll benefit even more if you choose to integrate further options – such as unified messaging, which delivers all their messages direct to one inbox. Your managers will benefit from clearer control of the effectiveness of your communications and you should see the overall cost reduce. And the people who really count – your customers – will be impressed with the professional way you handle their communications. -takecontrol
  4. 4. Nortel’s Business Communications Manager is a powerful and flexible communication system, suitable for businesses with up to 160 users. It gives you all the features you would expect from a modern telephone system and much more besides. BCM combines voice and data capabilities and can be expanded quickly as your needs change, often through a simple change to in-built software settings. Business Communications Manager Big business performance in a small business package The phone system remains at the heart of most businesses and is fundamental to your organisation’s effectiveness, giving you the ability to: • Take calls. • Route calls to the best person. • Minimise the impact of missed calls. • Follow up calls and messages. For a long time phone systems were quite distinct from data systems, but that’s changing fast. There are big advantages to running voice and data over the same system – simplified deployment and management, potential overall cost savings and as the starting point for all kinds of applications that can help your people do a better job. Making a start with BCM Business Communications Manager is a good starting point. It’s a powerful communication system, combining voice and data, that can be expanded and enhanced as your business needs. You can start small and grow only as much as you need to and only when it’s right for your business. Corporations have enjoyed the benefits of unified communications for a long time but most smaller companies don’t have the luxury of dedicated specialist staff, can’t afford bespoke solutions and so haven’t been able to enjoy the same benefits. BCM is the answer. With BCM you can: • Increase efficiency – process calls reliably, promptly and flexibly with streamlined administration and easy-to-manage applications. • Boost productivity – bringing together voice, fax and email messages helps people work more effectively. • Reduce cost – unified communications gets more value out of your existing network investment and reduces the total cost of ownership. • Improve customer service – BCM call centre applications allow you to respond to and manage customers’ calls more efficiently. • Expand as your business grows – optional extras to standard BCM systems meet the needs of your business as they change.
  5. 5. No matter how small your business or how complex, you’ll want your communication system to work around you and for you, not vice versa. BCM has been designed to do just that. BCM comes in several starter sizes – from around 12 connections up to 160 – to match a range of smaller company needs. Your hands aren’t tied and you’re not restricted to your initial capacity. As you grow you can add extra connections, only paying for what you need. As well as a range of powerful standard features, there’s a wide choice of options and accessories that you can add to your BCM system so that it helps, not hinders, your business growth. And you don’t need to understand the technology – call us and we’ll come and listen to what you need and work out what’s right for you. If you’d like to check BCM technical details for yourself, please visit Business Communications Manager – a communication system to suit your business BCM 50 BCM 200 If you’re at the smaller end of the spectrum, BCM 50 is the right place to start. Like the rest of the BCM range, it comes complete with powerful standard features, is expandable and offers a host of easily-added options. BCM 200 For companies who want to do a little more with their communication system, BCM 200 offers even more future flexibility than BCM 50. BCM 400 BCM 400 If you’re a slightly larger business and you want your people to benefit from being able to work smarter, BCM 400 offers a cost- effective way to big-company sophistication. BCM 400 Power Office Take advantage of the power of unified messaging with BCM 400 Power Office. It allows your people to access all their messages – voice, fax, email – from one inbox. BCM 50 BCM 200 BCM 400 BCM 400 Power Office Ideal for small and medium sized small and medium sized larger offices larger offices wanting the businesses or corporate businesses or corporate benefits of unified messaging branch offices branch offices Users up to 12 digital expandable up to 16 digital expandable up to 64 digital expandable up to 64 digital expandable to 44 digital/32 IP to 32 digital/47 IP to 160 digital/47 IP* to 160 digital/47 IP* Line types Analogue Analogue Analogue Analogue ISDN2 ISDN2 8x ISDN2 8x ISDN2 ISDN30 ISDN30 30x ISDN30 30x ISDN30 in multiple configurations in multiple configurations Options VoIP, unified messaging, As BCM 50 As BCM 200 As BCM 200 plus intelligent contact centre, unified messaging contact centre reporting, as standard music on hold, virtual private networking (VPN) *Number of IP Users may be less depending on the number of digital users
  6. 6. Business Communications Manager comes with a range of powerful standard features: • The full range of robust telephone facilities you’d expect – transferring and re-routing calls, short-codes and so on. • Voice messaging. • Auto attendant. • Custom call routing. • The option to easily add advanced productivity tools, like unified messaging. • Future-proofing with integrated voice and data and full IP capabilities. Business Communications Manager – what do you get as standard? Voice messaging – much more than just voicemail BCM voice messaging is a world away from the traditional answerphone. The key to this is flexibility – your people can listen to customers’ messages from any handset and messages can be transferred to other people in the company. Visitors aren’t left out either. Their contacts can leave messages for them in guest voicemail boxes. And you can use the system to convey important information to your customers or to your people. • Set your people free to go about their business without missing important calls. Messages can be picked up any time, from any Future proofing phone. Employees can alter greetings to reflect their daily whereabouts and how they can be reached in a hurry. ce messaging • Make your business accessible 24/365. Whenever lines are busy or your office is closed, callers can be invited to leave messages, or routed to alternative out-of-hours numbers and services. • Keep everyone informed by using the system to make company- Auto wide announcements. Auto attendant – never miss a customer call Your customers can always get the attention they deserve, even when your offices are closed for the day. BCM auto attendant can attendant even mimic some aspects of call centres, which is great for law firms, accountants, estate agents – indeed anyone wanting to add a distinctive, professional touch when customers call. • Works at any time of the day or night. Custom call routing • Using a list of options, calls can be routed to any individual voice mailbox. Custom call routing – ensure that calls go to the right person You can fast-track callers through to the people and services they need. BCM custom call routing helps you to get more done, in less time, without adding to employee or premises’ overheads. Take the pressure off your people by having calls answered and routed automatically, enabling callers to dial people direct. • Give priority to important customers by connecting their calls to a fast-response desk. • Route specific types of call to particular people in your company.
  7. 7. All BCM systems offer a range of easily added options so your system can keep pace with the way your business is growing. You buy when the need is clear and your business is ready, so you can develop your communication system incrementally. Here are three of the most popular options. BCM Unified Contact BCM Unified Contact enables you to bring together messages of different types in one place. It’s often difficult to keep on top of your messages when they’re flying at you from all directions. Voicemail, faxes, emails arrive in all sorts of ways – on your PC, the fax machine, the phone, a PDA. You can transform this chaos by integrating your messaging using BCM Unified Contact. Business Communications Manager – options that make a real difference With BCM Unified Contact, faxes and voicemails are delivered to a new dedicated Microsoft Outlook™ inbox. Your people can keep track of all their messages and will find it much easier to respond to your customers promptly with all the information they need. BCM Unified Contact gives your people: • Easier access to their messages – they don’t have to check several separate sources. Call • The ability to prioritise – it’s easier to see when messages arrived and in what order. Centre • Lower costs – the expense of running fax machines disappears; no more consumables, machine and line rental costs and the end of costly fax spam. Packages • Better sharing of information – all messages, not only emails, can be simply forwarded to the people who need to know. Unified Contact Computer Call centre packages Many companies don’t realise they are really running a call centre, but if you have more than a couple of people whose job it is to take incoming customer calls and make sure the problem gets dealt with or transferred to someone else – you already are! Telephony You can manage interaction with your customers more effectively by using one of BCM’s leading edge call centre packages. Integration These packages offer advanced call routing and queuing capabilities so you can direct customers to the right person when they call rather than asking them to hang on whilst they are transferred. The right specialist can always take appropriate calls so your people will be more productive too. And more productive people feel better about their jobs. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) It always gives a poor impression when customers call and your people have to ask them to hang on whilst they rummage around for the right records. Imagine how impressed your customers would be if your people answered the phone with their details on the screen in front of them. That’s what CTI can do for you. CTI integrates your communication system with your PCs, allowing a wide range of applications that make conversations with customers more effective. With CTI, the caller is identified from the calling phone number and the right information is loaded on the agent’s screen – your people can use their time more efficiently and your customers will be impressed that the person they are speaking to knows who they are.
  8. 8. BCM is IP-ready – data services are built into the system and you don’t have to install further equipment to take advantage of them. Business Communications Manager – voice and data services IP – the communication platform of the future The best of today’s communication systems already run on ‘converged IP networks’. ‘Converged’ describes how two separate technologies – phone systems for voice and computer systems for data have now come together. Converged communications are made possible by the widespread adoption of Internet Protocol (IP) which allows voice calls, data, pictures, sound and graphics alike to be broken into digital packages, sent across a single network and reassembled at their destination. More and more businesses are choosing IP as their communications platform and BCM is ready to help you step up to IP with confidence: • Toll free calls are available between sites with Voice over IP – an optional gateway that allows voice calls to be carried over a data network between linked BCM systems. • Cut costs and management effort by using the integrated router to automatically control voice and data traffic running over your internal networks. • Protect your company’s information with an integrated hardware firewall. • Reduce overheads on your internal networks by using the network address translation facility, allowing you to register only one public IP address which then takes care of up to 250 internal IP addresses. • Reduce congestion on your internal networks and give your users faster access to the internet information they need by taking advantage of BCM’s cache facility which stores frequently downloaded information and IP addresses. • Connect remote users to your BCM system safe in the knowledge that you are protected by IPsec – the international standard for ensuring security over the internet. BCM is fully IPsec compliant. Voice & data
  9. 9. BCM in its standard form is a complete communication system. Its power is in its flexibility – the way you can build on its core strengths to fit your business needs precisely. A diverse range of accessories can be added to BCM as and when you choose making it a truly versatile system. The range includes everything from bespoke voice announcements to keep your customers informed to powerful call detail reporting to help you control your costs. Digital and IP handsets You can use both digital and IP handsets with BCM and we offer a good range of both. Nortel’s digital handsets cover the spectrum from entry- level to fully-featured. You can also choose from a full range of IP handsets, including an IP audio conference phone. Our IP and digital handsets all use the same feature codes, ensuring easy migration. Headsets A good headset is a vital tool for allowing your people to concentrate on customers’ needs – having both hands free ensures maximum use of on- screen information. We have a broad range of corded, cordless (both wireless and Bluetooth) and PC headsets. There’s one that’s just right for your circumstances. Campaign dialler Run telemarketing campaigns from your PCs with this application, providing everything you need – scripts-on-screen, dialling and simple mouse-click recording of responses. Voice recording for training Vital for training, as well as providing a detailed log of all calls, this PC application has extensive search and retrieve functions. Music on hold Business Our solution to the inevitable fact that sometimes you do have to put customers on hold. It provides five tracks of copyright-free music and Communications generic courtesy announcements. We can provide a music contract service if you prefer to use copyright material. Manager Voiceover on hold Greeting callers with a bespoke voice message is a good way of creating – accessories to suit the the right impression from the start and is a marketing tool in its own right. We can handle all the details for you – working with you to develop the way you like to work right script, the recording itself, engaging a professional voice-over artist and mixing music into the message if required. External paging Allows every handset on the system to deliver a voice-page to every system speaker. The package comes with a choice of speakers to match the environment, as well as all required cabling and connections. Door intercom Enhance the physical security of your premises with the intercom package. Call detail reporting A feature-rich tool for monitoring your communications costs and operational efficiency with lots of flexibility to customise what’s measured and how it’s reported. Call centre wallboard Complementing the call centre packages, this facility gives call centre agents and managers alike immediate visual feedback on quality of service.
  10. 10. Structured cabling The best way to maximise effectiveness from your BCM system is to ensure that your premises has a unified cabling infrastructure that can support all your voice and data needs now and into the future. Structured cabling allows you to: • Handle voice and data in any format. • Change office configurations without the cost and inconvenience of recabling. • Get the best quality from your BCM system. BT is an ideal choice for supplying your structured cabling needs: • We are one of the largest cabling installers in the UK, with a substantial, expert and nationwide presence and the largest research and development facility in Europe. BT supporting services • Our solutions are backed by a 20 year component warranty and an overall performance guarantee. BT can provide you with a range of supporting services to help you • We’re a one-stop-shop with a comprehensive portfolio of gain even more value from your investment in BCM. products and support services. IT services The way to simplify the management of your unified communications is to have one provider for all your IT systems and services. BT offers a range of IT services designed to enhance and support your Business Communications Manager, including hardware provision and installation, a 24/7 helpdesk, a managed antivirus service and critical security updates. We will even offer to monitor and manage your IT systems 24 hours a day to ensure maximum availability for your business. Power services Business relies on communication and computing systems being available at all times. One of the most common interruptions to service is through disruption of the public electrical power supply. The easiest and most effective way of protecting your services from this problem is with an uninterruptible power supply, which provides backup power to keep you going and closes your equipment in an orderly way when that becomes necessary. BT PowerSentry provides clean and uninterrupted power with key BCM features including: • A range of models to provide protection from 20 minutes up to 2 hours for a variety of equipment configurations. • Power supply monitoring and controlled shutdown of critical equipment. • Automatic pager and email alerts to keep you aware of what’s going on. • Event logging for later investigation. • Full analysis of your needs and expert advice. Professional services We offer a professional consultancy service covering every aspect of your communications services. The projects we work on are all different but we adopt a common three step approach to working with you: • Assessment – we listen so that we understand your needs thoroughly, create a solution tailored to your needs and outline the tangible benefits you can expect. • Plan and design – we agree a full statement of requirements with you and produce a detailed design, costing and equipment list. • Implement – we install the solution, integrate it with what you already have and support you through the go-live stage.
  11. 11. Finance options – Flexibility to match your business needs BT Finance* offers you greater control over how you spend your business capital. You can now choose to buy your solution or rent it to reduce your capital outlay. Subject to status you can opt for a regular single, flexible payment to cover your equipment, software, installation and connection charges. With BT Finance there’s no deposit to pay and you choose a rental term from two to seven years and a payment frequency to suit your preferred schedule. As well as being easier on your cash flow, it’s a hedge against inflation with payments guaranteed not to increase. Depending on how your auditor treats the payments, you may be able to allocate them as business expenses, helping to reduce your tax bill at the end of the year. Assurance options There’s an in-built technology refresh option whereby you can upgrade or add new equipment during the term of the contract Keep your business up and running without penalty and, if you wish, replace it at the end of the payment term. Choosing communications products by price, quality and the range of features offered doesn’t give you the full picture. Without first *BT Finance is a registered trademark of British Telecommunications plc, used under licence by a panel of Funder and Banks which includes GE Capital Equipment Finance class maintenance and support services, you may find yourself cut Ltd, 2630 The Quadrant, Aztec West, Bristol BS32 4QG. off from your employees, customers, suppliers and data by even a trivial problem. BT Assurance is a comprehensive support service that will take care of your communication systems and local area network 24/7, from as little as 20p per user per day.* Why BT? • Excellent performance – with our nationwide team of network Delivering the communications your business needs engineers, 95% of faults are fixed by the end of the next working day. And with our advanced system access facilities, we can often • BT is a principal supplier of business communications and is one of work remotely to get your network back online fast. the market leaders in system sales and service provision. • Peace of mind – BT offers contracts from one to seven years on • We are a one-stop solutions shop – from telephony to data; most communication systems, with discounts for long term infrastructure to mobility; small office business systems to fully contracts and a range of service levels to meet the precise needs of converged solutions; and from packaged applications to managed your business. services. • Cost savings – BT Assurance services are available to all customers • Our expertise covers everything you need – from the cabling and BT has helped many customers who are tied into existing under your feet to the applications on your desk; from agreements to move their maintenance to BT. Get IT Assurance consultancy, systems development and installation through to from BT now and save up to 30%** on your existing spend for maintenance, technical support and account management. Phone Assurance, LAN Assurance or both together. • We offer a complete and consistent service wrap, with a service * Based on a BCM50 8 + 12 BRI Voice system with BCM50 Unified Contact for 12 users. portfolio spanning the life of your solution. And we offer you a Full charge is £222.70 per quarter or £18.56 per quarter per user. This assumes a five tangible local partnership for ownership and accountability, and a year contract on BT Total Care. Prices exclude VAT. national partnership to ensure true scalability. **Offer ends 31 March 2008 and is available to new customers only and subject to survey (maintenance acceptance test). 30% saving is subject to production of proof of • BT has teamed up with world-class suppliers to give you access to customer’s existing maintenance bill and contract. Minimum 3 year term. Offer applies the widest range of quality products and services – from systems to selected communication systems from the following suppliers: Alcatel, Avaya, SDX, integration and logistics to product development, technical Ericsson, Goldstar, Nitsuko, Panasonic, Plessey, Samsung, Siemens, Toshiba, Nortel (all support, customer service and sales and marketing support. models), Cisco (all models), Lake (all models). • BT has been awarded the highest possible partnership status by IT Services – First class protection for your communication Nortel, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and Avaya – proof that we meet systems and exceed the standards set by the world’s top communications companies. BT provides world class IT services to help protect and secure your infrastructure: • Antivirus and critical security updates automatically installed • Remote monitoring and management, 24/7 • Technical support and Microsoft application advice, 24/7 • Next business day on-site repair and maintenance • Hardware provision and installation
  12. 12. To find out more about buying a communication system for the first time, visit: For more technical details, visit: To find out more visit: Offices Worldwide The services described in this publication are subject to availability and may be modified from time to time. Services and equipment are provided subject to British Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditions of contract. Nothing in this publication forms any part of any contract. © British Telecommunications plc 2007 Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ Registered in England No. 1800000. BT and the connected world logo are registered trademarks of British Telecommunications plc. Designed by H&P Graphics Limited. PHME 53530/08/07 IT • communications • support Bringing it all together