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Business Communications Manager

  1. 1. Product Overview Advanced IP Communications Solutions for Single-Site and Multi-Site Businesses Business Communications Manager
  2. 2. Network Convergence Strategies for a broad range of markets The powerful synergy created by When security is a top priority, Virtual In addition to these converging traditional data networks with Private Networks (VPNs) create secure exciting new capabilities, breakthrough IP telephony applications data tunnels between corporate sites over Business Communications offers significant benefits to your business. the public Internet, delivering security Manager also provides support for Whether it’s using Internet Protocol (IP) without the need for costly leased lines. breakthrough wireless IP telephony networks to handle telephony traffic, Customer service is also enhanced by solutions. Whether you are a retailer establishing IP-based Call Centers to supporting e-mail and voice mail access that needs to control merchandise levels, a provide higher levels of customer service, to corporate personnel, and PC kiosks network manager that needs to inventory or using breakthrough IP wireless in branch lobbies add the convenience office equipment, or the shipping technologies to streamline operations, of quick, personalized account access. and receiving department of a growing Business Communications Manager can e-business, inventory tasks are simplified help your business gain a strategic edge Healthcare Facilities by the convenience of wireless technologies. over your competitors. By supporting By delivering both wireless high-speed data Your personnel can move freely throughout both digital and IP telephony, this and voice services over the same network, the workplace with headset phones, converged solution enables companies Nortel Networks is revolutionizing the accessing the Internet with their wireless to adopt IP-based solutions at their way medical facilities operate. Staff will laptops and using wireless barcode scanners own pace, and also preserves existing have instant access to medical records via to do their jobs more efficiently. investments in Norstar* telephony their mobile laptops from anywhere in your equipment. facility, quickly accessing and updating Government Facilities patient records as they make their rounds. In the public municipality/government Financial/Insurance Institutions Wireless phones also increase efficiency by market, Business Communications Ideal for providing the security and keeping your staff in constant contact Manager reduces costs by creating a flexibility required by multi-site financial with their coworkers. By eliminating the converged data/telephony network institutions, Business Communications need for purchasing, cabling, managing, and architecture. In environments where a Manager also offers a 20 to 32 percent maintaining legacy telephony equipment, Meridian* 1 PBX is already installed at cost savings over purchasing separate facilities can cut costs through simplification the central site, centralized voice mail voice and data networking equipment. of the internal network. Additional savings and four-digit dialing can be extended IP telephony, voice mail, and four-digit can be realized by using the IP network to to all branch locations over the wide area dialing between branches improves support cost-effective intersite telephony. network (WAN). Advanced telephony operational efficiency and reduces costs, features such as call transfer between and security is enhanced by using file Retail and e-commerce Companies branches, conference calling, Call transfers, e-mail, and unified voice/data/ Nortel Networks understands that the key Centers, universal/coordinated dialing fax messaging. Incoming customer calls element in a successful retail business is plans, and wireless telephony streamlines can be routed through a main or regional customer service. Business Communications internal operations and increases efficiency. facility and distributed to branch locations Manager offers a wide range of advanced This scenario is also ideally suited to other by a live attendant or the integrated Auto solutions, including support for agents at multi-site organizations within the local Attendant feature. This approach reduces remote sites connected over IP. Operators metropolitan environment. costs by consolidating incoming lines. can be added at peak times, even if they’re working from home, with seamless transfers from a single call-in number. And your online customers with questions can click on a “Call Me” button, enter their phone number, and receive a call from a call center agent who can answer their questions and take their order on the spot. Nortel Networks Business Communications 2 Manager.
  3. 3. IP Enabled or Pure IP Networks ? Solving The Choice is Yours Business Challenges Whether you’re transitioning from a digital telephony environment to a hybrid with advanced IP solutions digital/IP environment, or creating a new IP-only network, Nortel Networks has the Today’s increasingly competitive marketplace poses a challenge to single-site and products you need to make your installation multi-site businesses: to adopt technologies that will help your company grow a success. In addition to supporting your and compete more effectively. Nortel Networks understands that new existing Norstar equipment, Business Communications Manager enables you to hardware investments need to deliver tangible benefits, and has enhance digital telephony environments designed Business Communications Manager to help your company by adding high-quality Nortel Networks achieve the strategic edge you’re looking for, reduce operating Business Series Terminals. costs, improve customer service, and increase revenues Business Communications Manager also by expanding market reach. supports IP telephony in hybrid digital/IP and pure IP environments. The Nortel Networks i2004 Internet Telephone combines all the functionality of the popular Meridian handsets with the power and flexibility of IP telephony, and the Nortel Networks i2050 Software Phone brings complete telephony functionality to your How does Business Communications Manager Windows PC. achieve this complex goal? Nortel Networks has brought seven key capabilities into a single, affordable device that’s designed to help your business offer exciting new services while IP Telephony — simultaneously reducing costs. A Technology Whose Time Has Come Until now, it’s been impossible to find IP Telephony supports powerful Simplified Network an affordable platform that’s capable of new e-business applications that level Infrastructure cuts costs by handling both data and IP telephony the playing field with larger competitors, connecting IP phones over the LAN in a converged environment. Telephony extend network services to remote wiring system, seamlessly extending can now be easily extended across large workers, increase portability, simplify features to multiple sites through IP campuses without the distance limitations moves and changes, and eliminate connectivity and streamlining network of digital systems. In addition, wireless toll charges on site-to-site calls. management. IP telephony provides your company Call Center applications combine Wireless e-mobility* with exciting new ways of meeting the reach of the Web with personalized Solutions break the chains that tie your business requirements. Wide-area agent interaction and customer support. users to their workstations, giving Call connectivity over IP extends advanced Center agents hands-on access to samples, Call Center and messaging applications to Hybrid Environment leverages supporting wireless scanners for efficient both branch and home offices, creating a existing investments in Meridian and inventory procedures, and ensuring more cohesive structure that will maximize Norstar systems, offering a future-proof that personnel are never “away from the efficiency of your personnel. migration strategy. their desks.” Best of all, Business Communications Universal Internet Access Browser-based Management Manager is a flexible, future-proof solution for all connected users and workstations, simplifies installations, and provides an that will enable your company to adopt including access to corporate intranets, intuitive, wizards-based method of new technologies at its own pace. Whether support for intra-site Virtual Private managing the network from any you are interested in a gradual migration Networks (VPNs), and remote connectivity Web-enabled workstation. from digital PBX phone systems to a more for mobile or home users. cost-effective IP telephony infrastructure, or a pure IP solution capable of delivering advanced network services, Nortel Networks can help. 3
  4. 4. Finding the Strategic Edge for your business Data Services VPNs can be easily established to a phone number. When their request In today’s competitive environment, Nortel Networks Contivity* Extranet reaches the front of the queue, Business the fast, efficient exchange of information Switch, a Nortel Networks Shasta* 5000 Communications Manager places a call between your users is a prerequisite for Broadband Service Node, or another to their location, and automatically success. Until now, achieving this level Business Communications Manager. connects them to the next available agent. of connectivity has required the purchase Customers can even receive special offers of multiple devices, posing a management Multimedia Call Center via the Web while they wait for their challenge that small and medium-size When customers pick up the phone, callback. When they just need a quick businesses were not prepared to meet. what happens next can make the difference question answered before placing their Only Nortel Networks delivers a solution between the success and failure of your order, like “Can you get it here by capable of meeting all your data and business. Whether customers are calling Friday?,” shoppers can simply send a voice networking needs from a single, to place their first order, to reorder, or for text message over the Internet, and then easily managed device – Business support with an existing order, Business chat online with an agent when their Communications Manager. Communications Manager can help you message reaches the head of the queue. deliver the top-flight customer service This flexible device delivers Internet Business Communications Manager that leads to success. connectivity to all of your users, enabling also supports Computer Telephony them to communicate via e-mail, Need to compete head-to-head with larger Integration (CTI), which enables Call access Web sites, and share files between competitors? Nortel Networks can help Center agents and other users to have remote locations. you set up a Multimedia Call Center that access to caller information before the puts up to 80 active and 250 configured conversation begins. The caller’s recent For companies who need to establish agents at your customer’s fingertips. purchases and favorite products and secure communication between sites, Operating out of several locations? services are displayed on screen, enabling support for secure Virtual Private No problem. Through the power of IP agents to provide improved customer Networks (VPNs) provides encrypted telephony, Business Communications service and more efficient call handling. tunnels over the public Internet, corporate Manager enables agents in multiple intranets, and extranets. Ideal for protecting By giving your customers rapid access locations to support the same queue – your most sensitive data, these VPNs to sales and support personnel via phone, even agents working from home can use the most powerful encryption and the Web, and e-mail, your business can receive calls as if they were at the central authorization technology available. provide better customer service than ever site. Call processing is seamless, enabling before — even better than your larger you to get the maximum efficiency from competitors who have yet to adopt these your employees. advanced techniques. And that’s not all. Customers on your Web site can enter the queue simply by clicking a button and entering their 4
  5. 5. What is a Converged Networking Environment? In a converged environment, both telephony and data signals are transmitted as packets over the data network. This approach delivers several advantages, including: 1. Cost-effective IP telephony. Bandwidth resources that have traditionally been restricted to data can now be used for telephony, maximizing the efficiency of your network. Digital In addition, IP telephony offers a truly voice circuits can be relegated to back-up portable solution. Unlike digital phones status or even eliminated, and toll which are hardwired to the PBX base charges between branch offices can IP Telephony unit, your Nortel Networks i2004 be reduced. Business Communications Manager Internet Telephone and Nortel Networks 2. Simplified networking architecture. provides a smooth migration path to i2050 Software Phone will work anywhere A single infrastructure is capable of the IP-enabled networks of the future. on the network, even over a remote carrying both data and telephony traffic, When coupled with the Nortel Networks connection. Any port with sufficient saving money by eliminating the need to bandwidth on the LAN/WAN will give pull separate cables. This approach reduces Business Policy Switch, this powerful repair time and streamlines network unit provides a fully integrated solution. you the connectivity you need — just installations and reconfigurations. Unlike products from other networking plug in and you’re ready to go. And if you companies, you won’t have to purchase need wireless IP connectivity for your 3. Portable, flexible solution. phone, laptop, or scanner, your equipment Network deployments and reconfigura- additional external devices such as tions are simplified, and service can be routers, applications servers, or voice will work anywhere on the network where extended to remote sites and home mail servers to realize the benefits offered there’s a Nortel Networks Access Point offices over cost-effective IP links. by IP telephony. Just to start, eliminating installed. Even if you’re at another branch these additional expenses can provide office on the same LAN or WAN, your your company with savings of $20,000 devices will connect just as they do at your main office. Many businesses can’t afford a full-time or more, not to mention the simplicity of receptionist at every site. The Auto a network with fewer devices to manage. Voice Processing Attendant feature solves that problem The savings continue when Business with customer-controlled routing that Up to 75% of business calls aren’t Communications Manager is installed gets your callers where they need to go — completed on the first try, and that’s at a multi-site business. IP telephony fast. This ensures that your customers can why efficient voice messaging is essential delivers toll-free telephone service always reach you, eliminating busy signals to your company’s success. Business between your branch offices, enabling and the potential for missing an important Communications Manager provides a your employees to make phone calls and call or message. rich suite of enhanced voice processing send faxes without incurring long-distance applications that go far beyond simple To maximize efficiency, Business charges. This is especially beneficial voice mail services. This advanced Communications Manager provides between international offices. By using platform will help you create a flexible, unified messaging solutions that enable the extra bandwidth on your wide area scalable solution that grows with your you to manage voice mail, e-mail, and network (WAN) for IP telephony, you business, enabling you to improve incoming faxes directly from your multi- leverage the untapped capabilities of your customer service and streamline your media Windows PCs. Now you can listen existing data infrastructure to maximize internal and external communications. to voice mail, save or forward messages, the return on your current network view faxes on screen and forward them investment. Depending upon your avail- Nortel Networks as e-mail, or even use Caller ID to go able bandwidth and configuration, i2004 Internet straight to the message you’ve been wait- Business Communications Manager is Telephone. ing for. These enhanced voice-processing capable of supporting over 30 simultane- applications are an incredible timesaver, ous IP telephony connections. and will dramatically simplify your company’s message management. 5
  6. 6. Figure 1: Business Communications Manager Single-Site Solution. over IP connections. Companies with a Meridian 1* PBX phone system installed at the central site can extend CallPilot* Internet Public Switched and Meridian Mail services to remote Service Provider Telephone Network offices where a Business Communications (PSTN) Manager is installed, optimizing their existing investment by extending unified Business Communications voice/fax/e-mail messaging to the remote Manager site. Both approaches provide centralized Business Series voice services, and offer 4-digit extension Ternminals Printer dialing to any point on the network — Business including home offices connecting over Policy Switch DSL, BRI ISDN, or cable. Warehouse with complete telephony functionality Prioritizing Network Traffic at 6,000 feet. with Business Policy Switch Workstations with i2004 Unified Messaging Internet i2004 Internet i2004 Now there’s a way to make your network’s Internet Telephone Telephone Telephone priorities mirror those of your business. Workstation with Workstation with By installing the Nortel Networks Web-based management i2050 Software Phone Business Policy Switch with Business Communications Manager, your network Network Architecture Until now, companies of all sizes have becomes an intelligent partner that can Business Communications Manager traditionally used separate cabling prioritize business-critical traffic, helping delivers a flexible, scalable solution for installations to support their data network you get the most out of your existing growing businesses. Ideal for creating and PBX phone systems. Each telephone infrastructure. Your latency-sensitive branch office connectivity between needed its own twisted pair copper applications and mission-critical users multiple sites, the IP-based solution connection to the central PBX unit, will receive platinum-level service, while delivers multiple benefits in terms of and typically had to be located no more less urgent traffic is allocated bandwidth creating a more unified, cohesive, and than 4000 feet away. In the converged on a lower-priority basis. cost-effective network for your business. environment created by Business Capable of supporting a hybrid environ- Communications Manager, voice Prioritization is especially important for ment of digital telephony, IP telephony, connections can now be transmitted over businesses that support mission-critical and 10/100 Ethernet data networks, this the same fiber connection as the LAN. IP applications, including IP telephony, innovative platform will provide your This eliminates the need for dual cabling but do not want to incur higher company with a smooth migration to plants, dramatically increases cabling costs by over-provisioning the IP-enabled networks of the future. distances, and provides a simpler, more the network to ensure efficient network architecture. bandwidth availability. Key benefits are realized by enabling personnel at different sites to reside on the same network. Companies of all sizes can use Business Communications Manager to create a unified communica- tions system that supports multiple branches, and even home offices, 6
  7. 7. Whether your business is transitioning from digital to IP telephony, or you're creating a new IP-only environment, Nortel Networks delivers the only integrated solution that supports either approach. Figure 2: Business Communications Manager Multi-Site Solution. Location 1 Location 2 Migration to IP Pure IP Frame Relay Business Business Communications Communications Manager Manager Business Policy Switch Public Switched Business Telephone Network Policy Switch (PSTN) Server Server Fiber Station Printer Fiber Module Printer Trunk Module i2004 i2004 Internet Internet Telephone Telephone Workstation with Unified Messaging Web-based management Workstations with Unified Messaging Business Series Terminals Workstations with i2050 Software Phone i2004 Internet Telephone 7
  8. 8. Putting the power of IP telephony to work for your business In an increasingly competitive marketplace, companies of all sizes need to find a strategic edge. Business Communications Manager helps your company compete more effectively by delivering new technologies designed to increase the efficiency of your personnel, maximize the viability of your existing resources, and reduce operating costs. To learn more about how Business Communications Manager can put the power of IP telephony to work for your business, contact your local Nortel Networks reseller today, or pick up the phone and call 1-800-4-NORTEL for more information. For more information, contact your Nortel Networks representative or call 1-800-4-NORTEL. United States Europe, Middle East, and Africa Nortel Networks Nortel Networks EMEA, S.A. 4401 Great America Parkway Les Cyclades-Immeuble Naxos Santa Clara, CA 95054 25 Allee Pierre Ziller 1-877-655-2ASK Valbonne, 06560 France Canada 00-800-8008-9009** Nortel Networks 44(0)-20-8920-4618 8200 Dixie Road, Suite 100 Asia Pacific Brampton, Ontario Nortel Networks L6T 5P6 Canada 27/F City Plaza One 1-800-466-7835 1111 King’s Road Caribbean and Latin America Quarry Bay Nortel Networks CALA Inc Hong Kong 1500 Concord Terrace 852-2100 2888 Sunrise, FL 33323-2815 954-851-8000 **Number accessible from most European Countries Copyright © 2001 Nortel Networks. All Rights Reserved. *Nortel Networks, the Nortel Networks logo, the Globemark, CallPilot, Contivity, e-mobility, Meridian, Meridian 1, Norstar, and Shasta are trademarks of Nortel Networks. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Nortel Networks assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions that may appear in this document. 92001.06/05-01