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  • 1. Business Communications Manager Network convergence strategies designed to empower organisations of all sizes SOLUTION OVERVIEW
  • 2. Network convergence strategies for a broad range of markets The powerful synergy created by converging traditional data networks with breakthrough IP telephony applications offers significant benefits to businesses. Whether it’s using Internet Protocol (IP) By supporting both digital and IP Network solutions that can networks to handle telephony traffic, telephony in a single, easy-to-manage, help grow the bottom line establishing Interactive Voice Response cost-effective unit, this scalable platform and Auto Attendant applications to enables organisations to adopt IP-based Business Communications Manager provide higher levels of customer service, solutions at their own pace. delivers a complete, stand-alone solution or network management tools that that provides a smooth migration path deliver streamlined global solutions, to the IP-enabled networks of the future. Business Communications Manager Whether a company wants to establish can help businesses gain a strategic IP telephony on-site, extend the service edge over their competitors. to remote sites, or to home offices, Nortel Networks can help. Unlike digital telephony equipment, IP phones are connected directly to the data network. This enables companies to capitalise on the economies of a single, simplified wiring system for both data and voice networks. Business Communications Manager also supports a full range of flexible wireless IP solutions to streamline their operations. Retail and eCommerce Business Communications Manager helps deliver new levels of customer service that can set organisations apart from the competition. For example, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enables customers to save time by reordering products simply through entering information via the touchtone keys on their phone. If they have a question that needs personal assistance, Auto Attendant gives them the option to be routed to a staff member, request a callback, or receive other information. This can cut customer on- hold times and increase employee efficiency. Business Communications Manager
  • 3. delivers cost-effective IP Telephony access Finance and Insurance Healthcare to as few as ten users. As a company’s When security is a priority, Virtual Staff can have instant access to medical business grows it can be expanded to Private Networks (VPNs) create records via their laptops from anywhere support up to 200 users. Powerful encrypted data tunnels between corporate in their facility, accessing and updating management solutions are available that sites over the Internet, delivering Triple patient records as they make their help companies configure new units with DES security without the need for costly rounds. Wireless phones also increase ease, and make quick, efficient global leased lines. IP telephony, voicemail, and efficiency by keeping staff in constant changes to all the units on their network. four-digit dialling between branches contact with their co-workers. By improve operational efficiency and reduce eliminating the need for purchasing, Government and Education costs. Security is also enhanced by using cabling, managing, and maintaining For central and local government and for file transfers, email, and unified legacy telephony equipment, facilities education, Business Communications voice/data/fax messaging. can cut costs through simplification of Manager offers a robust, stand-alone their internal network. solution that provides virtually seamless Telephony costs are effectively contained voice networking capabilities. Centralised by consolidating incoming lines and voicemail and four-digit dialling can be rerouting traffic over available bandwidth extended to all branch locations over the on the corporate IP network. Incoming wide area network (WAN). Advanced customer calls can be routed through a telephony features – such as call transfer main or regional facility and distributed between branches, conference calling, to Business Communications Manager call centres, universal/co-ordinated units at branch locations manually or dialling plans, and wireless telephony – using the integrated Auto Attendant. Call streamline internal operations and Detail Recording allows companies to increase efficiency. track telephony usage patterns across the network, delivering a precise picture of how network resources are being utilised. Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager 400 and Business Communications Manager 200
  • 4. Solving business challenges with hybrid digital/IP solutions Today’s competitive marketplace demands that organisations Nortel Networks has brought adopt new technologies that can help deliver improved eight key capabilities into a customer service, reduce operating expenses and increase single, affordable device revenues by expanding market reach. that’s designed to help businesses offer exciting new services while simultaneously A member of the Nortel Networks • Business Communications reducing costs. Succession converged IP telephony Manager 400 is designed to bring portfolio, Business Communications the benefits of converged voice/data Manager is available in two different networking to small- to medium-sized Digital and IP telephony from a models: sites of 16 to 200 users. single, cost-effective device. Business Communications Manager can support • Business Communications Both models offer key technologies up to 160 digital telephones (or up to Manager 200 is designed to supply that can help businesses compete more 200 telephones, using a mix of digital the benefits of converged voice/data effectively, including support for both and IP phones) and can offer a level of networking to smaller sites, typically IP and digital telephony, Interactive flexibility and usability that is unmatched of 10 to 24 users and more (up to 64 Voice Response, Auto Attendant, Unified by any other product in today’s market. using a mix of digital and IP phones). Messaging, and more – all from a single, cost-effective, easily-managed device. IP-enabled or pure-IP networks? The choice is yours. Whether a company is creating a hybrid digital/IP telephony environment, or creating a new IP-based voice network, Nortel Networks has the solutions to ensure its success. For customers interested in a traditional digital telephony implementation, Business Communications Manager supports the requirements of sites with up to 160 telephones. Nortel Networks Business Series Terminals provide a full-featured option for traditional digital phones. Full interoperability and support are also offered for Nortel Networks Norstar and Meridian equipment.
  • 5. Centralised configuration and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) Unified messaging increases management for networks of all sizes. for enhanced security. Intra-site Virtual productivity by consolidating all In addition to an intuitive application Private Networks (VPNs) enable incoming messages – including email, that’s ideal for configuring a single unit organisations to use the public Internet voicemail and faxes – on to the screen or small networks, Nortel Networks for secure communications, reducing of a user’s PC. delivers Network Configuration Manager, the need for costly leased lines. Contivity a powerful, global, template-based clients can now be loaded on to users’ Hybrid environment leverages solution that simplifies the management remote PCs and laptops, delivering existing investments in Meridian and of large networks containing hundreds secure access from any location. Norstar systems, offering a future-proof of units. migration strategy. Call centre applications combine Interactive Voice Response (IVR) personalised agent interaction and Simplified network infrastructure for improved profitability. Now smaller customer support with advanced web- cuts costs by connecting IP phones over companies can cut down on customer based solutions. The silent monitoring the LAN wiring system, streamlining hold times, increase the efficiency of feature enables supervisors to listen to network management and extending their employees, and improve customer calls as they occur, helping to ensure connectivity to multiple sites over the service by offering information and high levels of customer service. IP network. ordering capabilities from the keypad of any touchtone phone. Business Communications Manager campuses without the distance effective IP telephony infrastructure, is also ideal for supporting IP limitations of digital systems. or a pure-IP solution capable of telephony in hybrid digital/IP In addition, wireless IP telephony delivering advanced network and pure-IP environments. The provides companies with services, Nortel Networks can help. Nortel Networks i2002 and i2004 exciting new ways of meeting Internet Telephones combine the their business requirements. Today’s increasingly competitive functionality of the popular Wide-area connectivity over IP marketplace poses a challenge to Meridian handsets with the power extends advanced call centre single-site and multi-site businesses: and flexibility of IP telephony, and and messaging applications to to adopt technologies that will help the Nortel Networks i2050 Software both branch and home offices, businesses grow and compete Phone brings complete telephony creating a more cohesive structure more effectively. functionality to a Windows PC. that will maximise the efficiency of personnel. Nortel Networks understands that new hardware investments need to IP telephony – A technology Best of all, Business Communications deliver tangible benefits. Business whose time has come Manager is a flexible, future- Communications Manager is Until now, it’s been impossible to proof solution that will enable designed to help organisations find an affordable platform that’s organisations to adopt new achieve the strategic edge they are capable of handling both data technologies at their own pace. looking for, reduce operating costs, and IP telephony in a converged Whether a company is interested improve customer service, and environment. Telephony can now in a gradual migration from digital increase revenues by expanding be easily extended across large PBX phone systems to a more cost- market reach.
  • 6. Finding the strategic edge for businesses Hybrid digital/IP telephony • sufficient bandwidth. For example, IP telephony offers a truly portable solutions a user can connect his laptop at solution. Any port with sufficient any branch office, plug in the bandwidth on the LAN/WAN will Unlike some competing products that Nortel Networks i2050 Software Phone, provide the connectivity needed – just require companies to make an ‘either/or’ and place or receive calls exactly as if plug in a configured phone or laptop choice, Business Communications located at his home office. and a user is ready to go. And if wireless Manager gives them the option of IP connectivity is required for a phone, continuing to support, or even expand, laptop, or scanner, the equipment will • Flexible connectivity options that allow their digital telephony network, while work anywhere on the network where companies to deploy handsets across the simultaneously deploying IP telephony there’s an 802.11b access point installed. data infrastructure, including wireless where it suits the needs of their organisation. 802.11b connectivity and extended fibreoptic cabling runs. Business Communications Manager Business Communications Manager delivers a fully integrated solution that provides an elegant, self-contained does not require external devices – such • Unlike digital phones, which are solution that is simple to deploy and as application servers or voicemail servers hardwired to the PBX base unit, the manage. Unlike complex chassis-based – to realise the benefits offered by IP Nortel Networks i2002 or i2004 products that can only be deployed at telephony. These capabilities are native to Internet Telephones or Nortel Networks the central site, this cost-effective solution the unit, improving network reliability i2050 Software Phone will work can be installed in the branch office and resiliency because there are fewer anywhere on the data network, even environment and easily managed from devices to manage and keep online. over a remote connection. In addition, any remote location. To ensure prioritisation of latency- the Contivity VPN capabilities of sensitive network traffic such as voice, Business Communications Manager Business Communications Manager the Nortel Networks BayStack 460-24T- extend secure voice services over the enables the network of companies to PWR Switch or other DiffServ-capable public Internet. be extended economically without device should be installed on the network. sacrificing features or functionality. • Toll-free telephony between branch Both units deliver the unique benefits offices eliminates toll charges. By using of IP telephony, including: the extra bandwidth on the wide area network (WAN) for IP telephony, • Portable connectivity options that enable companies can leverage the untapped a configured handset or computer to be capabilities of their existing data connected to any LAN/WAN port with infrastructure to maximise the return on their current network investment.
  • 7. Nortel Networks i2004 Internet Telephone Nortel Networks i2002 Internet Telephone Data services Even for small sites, Nortel Networks Many small-and medium-sized delivers a solution capable of meeting all businesses, as well as larger enterprises, In today’s challenging business the data and voice networking needs of a can’t afford a full-time receptionist at environment, the fast, secure exchange company from a single, easily managed every site. The Auto Attendant feature of information between the users in a device – Business Communications solves that problem with customer- company is a prerequisite for success. Manager. The unit includes on-board controlled routing that gets callers where Until now, achieving this level of routing capabilities and is capable of they need to go – fast. This ensures that connectivity has required the purchase extending Internet connectivity to all customers can always reach the company, of multiple devices, posing financial users, enabling them to communicate via eliminating busy signals and the potential and network management challenges email, access web sites, and share files for missing an important call or message. that small-and medium-sized businesses between remote locations. were not prepared to meet. Business Communications Manager Voice messaging will help organisations create a flexible, For organisations that need to establish scalable solution that will improve secure communication between sites, Up to 75 percent of business calls are customer service and streamline Business Communications Manager not completed on the first try, and that is internal and external communications. supports the creation of Triple DES why efficient voice messaging is essential These enhanced voice-processing encrypted Virtual Private Networks to a company’s success. To maximise applications are an incredible time saver, (VPNs). Contivity software clients can efficiency, Business Communications and will dramatically simplify companies’ be loaded on to a user’s laptop or PC, Manager CallPilot unified messaging message management. and costly leased-line connections can solution enables employees to manage be reduced or even eliminated by their voicemail, email, and incoming establishing secure, encrypted tunnels faxes directly from any multimedia over the public Internet, corporate Windows PC. Users can listen to intranets, and extranets. Ideal for voicemail, save or forward messages, protecting sensitive data, VPNs use the view faxes on the screen and forward most powerful IPSec encryption and them as email, or even use Caller ID authorisation technologies available, and to go straight to the message they have can be extended to a Nortel Networks been waiting for. Contivity Extranet Switch, a Nortel Networks Shasta 5000 Broadband Service Node, or another Business Communications Manager.
  • 8. Call centre number by the next available agent. Special offers can be provided via the web When customers pick up the phone, while they are waiting; and if they just what happens next can make the need a quick question answered, they can difference between the success and failure ‘chat’ online when their message reaches of a business. Whether customers are the head of the queue. calling to place their first order, to reorder, or for support with an existing Business Communications Manager order, Business Communications also supports Computer Telephony Manager can help deliver the top-flight Integration (CTI), which enables call customer service that leads to success. centre agents and other users to have access to caller information before the Through the power of IP telephony, conversation begins. Recent purchases Business Communications Manager are displayed on the screen, enabling enables agents in multiple locations to agents to provide improved customer support the same queue – even agents service and more efficient call handling. working from home can receive calls as if By giving customers rapid access to sales they were at the central site. Customers and support personnel via the phone, browsing the website of an organisation the web, and email, businesses can can enter the queue simply by clicking a deliver the highest levels of customer button and entering their phone number. service – even better than larger When their request reaches the front of competitors who haven’t adopted the queue, they are called at the specified these advanced techniques. What is a converged • Simplified networking architecture. networking environment? A single infrastructure is capable of carrying both data and telephony In a converged environment, both traffic, saving money by eliminating telephony and data signals are the need to install separate cables transmitted as packets over the data and manage two networks. This network. This approach delivers approach reduces repair time and several advantages, including: streamlines system installations and reconfigurations. • Cost-effective IP telephony. Bandwidth resources that have • Portable, flexible solution. Network traditionally been restricted to deployments and reconfigurations data can now be used for telephony, are simplified, and service can be maximising the efficiency of a extended to remote sites and home company’s network and simplifying offices over cost-effective IP links. network management. Digital voice circuits can be relegated to back-up status or even eliminated, and toll charges between branch offices can be reduced.
  • 9. Network architecture voice connections can now be transmitted Prioritising network over the same fibre connection as the traffic with the BayStack Business Communications Manager LAN. This eliminates the need for dual delivers a flexible, scalable solution for 46D-24T-PWR Switch cabling plants, dramatically increases growing businesses. Ideal for creating Now there’s a way to make a company’s cabling distances, and provides a network branch office connectivity between network priorities mirror those of their architecture that is both more efficient multiple sites, the hybrid digital/IP-based business. By installing the BayStack 460 and easier to manage. solution delivers multiple benefits in Switch with Business Communications terms of creating a more unified, Manager, the network becomes an Key benefits are realised by enabling cohesive, and cost-effective network for intelligent partner that can prioritise personnel at different sites to reside on businesses. Capable of supporting a business-critical traffic, helping to get the the same network. Companies of all hybrid environment of digital telephony, most out of the existing infrastructure. sizes can use Business Communications IP telephony, and 10/100 Ethernet data DiffServ ensures that latency-sensitive Manager to create a unified networks, this innovative platform applications and selected users will communications network that supports maximises the utility of a company’s receive platinum-level service, while less multiple branches – and even home existing equipment while providing a urgent traffic is allocated bandwidth on offices – over IP connections. Companies smooth migration to the IP-enabled a lower-priority basis. with a Meridian 1 PBX phone system networks of the future. installed at the central site can extend CallPilot and Meridian Mail services Traffic prioritisation is especially Until now, companies of all sizes have important for businesses that support to remote offices where a Business traditionally used separate cabling mission-critical IP applications – Communications Manager is installed, installations to support their data including IP telephony – but do not optimising their existing investment by network and PBX phone systems. Each want to incur higher costs by over- extending unified voice/fax/email telephone needed its own twisted-pair provisioning the network to ensure messaging to the remote site. Both copper connection to the central PBX bandwidth availability. approaches provide centralised voice unit, and typically had to be located no services, and offer four-digit extension more than 1,200 metres away. In the dialling to any point on the network – converged environment created by including home offices connecting over Business Communications Manager, broadband or cable.
  • 10. Whether your business is transitioning from digital to IP telephony, or you're creating a new IP-only environment, Nortel Networks delivers the only integrated solution that supports either approach. Figure 1: Business Communications Manager single-site solution Figure 2: Business Communications Manager multi-site solution
  • 11. Putting the power of IP telephony to work for businesses In an increasingly competitive marketplace, companies of all sizes need to find a strategic edge. Business Communications Manager To learn more about how Business helps companies compete more Communications Manager can put effectively by delivering new technologies the power of IP telephony to work designed to increase the efficiency of for businesses, contact your local their personnel, maximise the viability of Nortel Networks representative, or call their existing resources, and reduce 00800 8008 9009 for more information. operating costs.
  • 12. Nortel Networks European Customer Fax Maidenhead Office Park Information Centre +44 (0) 20 8945 3060 Westacott Way Telephone 00 800 8008 9009* Email Maidenhead, Berkshire +44 (0) 20 8920 4618 SL6 3QH * Number accessible from most Internet United Kingdom European countries For more information, please call your Nortel Networks representative or visit our website. © 2003 Nortel Networks. All rights reserved. Nortel, Nortel Networks, The Nortel Networks corporate logo, the globemark design, BayStack, CallPilot, Contivity, Meridian, Norstar, Shasta and Succession are trademarks of Nortel Networks plc. All third-party trademarks are recognised and acknowledged. Information is subject to change since Nortel Networks reserves the right to make changes, without notice, in equipment design or components as engineering or manufacturing methods may warrant. The description of features and services in this document does not imply availability in all markets. Published by Nortel Networks. Printed in UK. Publication ref: ENT101Br1003En Printed October 2003