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  • BUS 209-WI: WRITTEN COMMUNICATION IN BUSINESS Spring 2009, Section 4 W F Noon – 1:15 p.m. Room E 201 Instructor: Bill Moylan Phone: 956-7681 Office Hours: TWRF 8:00 – 8:45 AM, and Office location: BUSAD C502H by appointment E-mail: wmoylan@hawaii.edu Class website: http://faculty.shidler.hawaii.edu/wmoylan Course Description: An interactive writing class stressing persuasive writing in the context of memos, letters, and business reports This is an extremely important course. The ability to write well is critical for success in business. Course Objectives: By the end of this course, you should understand: • The essential elements of grammar for business writing. • The process of writing: ideation, free writing, editing. • The common business documents. • The difference between good writing and bad writing. • How to write persuasively. • How to use technology to give your writing more impact and make it more successful. • Shortcuts to writing better, faster. Course Methodology: We will use three methods to make you a much better writer: • Written assignments • Class Exercises • Lecture Text: Locker, Kitty O. and Stephen Kyo Kaczmarek, Business Communication; Building Critical Skills, McGraw- Hill Irwin, Fourth Edition, 2009. ISBN-13: 978-0-07-337772-8 Class Grade Components: 30% Take Home Written Assignments (6 total @ 5% each) 20% Final Project 20% In Class Written Assignments (2 total @ 10% each) 15% Unannounced Quizzes (2 total @ 7.5% each) 5% Polish Your Prose 11% Final Exam Attendance*** (can LOWER grade) 100%
  • BUS 209-WI WRITTEN COMMUNICATIONS IN BUSINESS Spring 2009 Written Assignments Details for method and timing of written assignments will be discussed on the first day of class. Two assignments will be completed in class. Unannounced quizzes There will be three unannounced quizzes at the beginning of class on the material that was assigned for reading that day. Only two will count; your lowest score will be thrown out. Polish Your Prose Grammar exercises at the end all 30 modules (including those not covered in class) are your individual responsibility. Your Polish Your Prose should be typed, and will be handed in at the end of the day on “Polish Your Prose” days. Attendance and class participation Attendance is MANDATORY!!! Students are expected to show up prepared for this class— there are only 30 class meetings and they are all crucial. If you miss a class, download the “Absence Report” from the class website, and fill it in and hand it in when you next come to class. If it is a legitimate excused absence (doctor’s visit, student-athlete travel, etc.), it will be an “excused” absence. After three unexcused absences, the course grade will be lowered 1/4 grade for each class missed. Tardies will count as ½ an absence. Final Exam A final, comprehensive exam will be given on Friday, May 15, from Noon – 2:00 p.m. Disability Access Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the KOKUA Program for information and services. Services are confidential and students are not charged for them. Contact KOKUA at 956-7511 (voice/text), kokua@hawaii.edu, or Queen Liliuokalani Center for Student Services, Room 13. Also, feel free to ask the instructor if accommodations are desired. BUS 209 Honor Code Students are expected to conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity. Students are on their honor to NOT violate the honor code. All work MUST be the student’s own. Of course, plagiarism will result in dismissal from the course and a grade of “F.” I cannot stress the importance of turning in YOUR OWN WORK. I don’t like to do it, but I don’t hesitate kicking out and failing cheaters! Please download the honor code sheet from the class website, read it, sign it, and turn it in at the next class meeting.
  • BUS 209: Business Writing Spring 2009 Course Outline Class Date Topic Required Reading (prior to class) 1 1/14 Intro to course 2 1/16 ASSIGNMENT: Personal description memo due! The writing process Mod. 1 Adapt message to your audience Mod. 2 Planning, writing, and revising Mod 4 3 1/21 Resumes Mod. 27 4 1/23 ASSIGNMENT 1: Informative memo (A) due! Polish Your Prose 1 5 1/28 Grammar Mod 14 6 1/30 Finish grammar; Visual Appeal Mod. 5 You attitudes Mod. 6 7 2/4 Catch up day 8 2/6 ASSIGNMENT 2: Resume due! Positive emphasis Mod. 7 Reader benefits Mod. 8 9 2/11 Letters and memos Mod. 9 e-MAIL Mod. 13 Persuasive messages Mod. 12 10 2/13 Informative and positive messages Mod. 10 Negative messages Mod. 11 11 2/18 Polish Your Prose 2 12 2/20 Proposals and Progress Reports Mod. 21 ASSIGNMENT 3: Informative memo (B) due! 13 2/25 Revising Mod. 16 14 2/27 Working & Writing in Teams Mod. 18 15 3/4 ASSIGNMENT 4: Recommendation due! Polish Your Prose 3
  • Class Date Topic Required Reading (prior to class) 16 3/6 Use the right word Mod. 15 17 3/11 Brochures, Newsletters 18 3/13 In Class Written Assignment #1 19 3/18 Short Reports Mod. 23 Long Reports Mod. 24 20 3/20 ASSIGNMENT 5: Brochure due! Reports (CONTINUED) 21 4/1 Polish Your Prose 4 22 4/3 Information Analysis Mod. 22 23 4/8 ASSIGNMENT 6: Analytical report due! Final Project Discussion (see website) 24 4/15 Visuals Mod. 25 25 4/17 Catch up day 26 4/22 Presentations Mod 20 27 4/24 Building Critical Skills (see website) 28 4/29 Researching jobs Mod. 26 Resumes Mod. 27 Job Application Letters Mod. 28 Job interviews Mod. 29 Follow up letters Mod. 30 29 5/1 FINAL PROJECT ASSIGNMENT due! In Class Written Assignment #2 30 5/6 Review 5/15 FINAL EXAM: Noon – 2:00 p.m.