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Assign.1 due

  1. 1. GBS 233 1 Fall 2007 GBS 233 Section 8080: Business Communication Thursday: 7:10 – 9:50 p.m. Room BP2S August 23 – December 13 Andrea Parsons Office Hours: Before class (6:45 p.m.) and by appointment Telephone: 602-427-3207 Email: Required Materials: Book: Essentials of Business Communication 7th ed., by Mary Ellen Guffy Two scantrons from the bookstore (any color) Recommended: A writer's handbook Description: Internal and external business communications, including verbal and nonverbal techniques. Prerequisites: ENG101 or ENG 107 Objectives:  Identify general characteristics of  Plan and participate in an efficient and language and meaning. effective business meeting.  Identify ways of processing messages  Describe common uses of visual aids to and evaluating their success. convert quantitative and qualitative data  Write coherent sentences and into meaningful summaries. paragraphs, using fundamental writing  Prepare a visual aid for a business techniques. situation.  Describe the process of sending and  Prepare and present an oral business receiving professional quality electronic presentation using visual aids. mail.  Describe how to modify  Identify and write business letters for communication behavior in selected favorable, unfavorable, and persuasive cases to overcome barriers arising from situations. interpersonal, and organizational  Identify and write business memos for sources. favorable, unfavorable, and persuasive  Prepare a resume of employment situations. credentials, and write an application  Identify and state the purpose of the letter to accompany the resume. major parts of the inductive  Describe how the technology organization for reports. revolution - national and international -  Compose a report. affects the employee and the company.
  2. 2. GBS 233 2 Attendance: Attendance, Classroom Activities, and Homework: Students must be registered for the class in order to attend. Students are expected to be present for all classes. Students who miss the first day of class may be withdrawn from the course by the instructor. Attendance will be taken at the start of every class session. You are expected to attend all lectures. If you will not be able to attend a lecture, please contact me ahead of time so you may receive handouts and assignment instructions. If you miss three or more lectures without notice, you will be withdrawn from the class. Cell phones, PIDs, and portable music devices are prohibited during class time. Grading: Exercises..........................................35 points *Note: In business, your Assign 1: Persuasive letter...........30 points credibility depends on Assign 2: Memo .............................20 points communication that is Assign 3: Meeting summary.........25 points error-free. If your letters, Assign 4: RFP .................................40 points resume, or memo Assign 5: Resume/cover letter....30 points assignment contains Oral presentation I........................15 points misspellings or sentence Oral presentation II .....................30 points fragments, five points will Visual aid..........................................5 points be deducted for each error. Visual aid..........................................20 points Mid-term exam...............................45 points Final exam........................................75 points Total points available 370 plus any in-class points. At the end of the semester, your score will be compared to the student with the most points in the class. This will set the grading curve. Your grade will correlate to the percentage of that score as follows: A 90-100% B 80-89% C 70-79% D 60-69% F 59% and below There are no make-up quizzes. For in-class exercises, you must attend class to get credit and you cannot make up these activities. All assignments are expected on their due dates. Approved extensions may be granted depending on the circumstance. Otherwise, assignments turned in after the due date are considered late and a 5-point penalty will apply. If you send your assignment via e- mail, it must be in a Word attachment. Grammar, punctuation and writing style are taken into consideration for all grades, including quizzes. Classroom Policies:  Academic Honesty: Students may work in small teams during class at various times throughout the semester at the beginning of most large projects. In addition, students are encouraged to work with each other to develop solutions to the various assignments. However, every student must develop their own documents and programs, and students should not share soft or hard copies of their work with other students. If very similar assignments are turned in by two or more students, I reserve the right to question whose original work was turned in. In some cases I may ask for the
  3. 3. GBS 233 3 students' storage devices for verification of the softcopy. The first offense may result in a written warning, with subsequent offenses leading to withdrawal from the course for all students involved. If you find yourself in such a situation, and you are not sure how to handle it, please feel free to see me. An instructor may remove a student from class meetings for disciplinary reasons resulting from academic dishonesty or disrupted behavior (MCC Catalog, 2000).  Copyright infringement: is expressly prohibited by the US Copyright Act. Anyone who infringes another's copyright in a creative work is subject to liability, and could be required to pay large sums in damages. Violations of this law may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension or expulsion for students. Copyright Policy:  The General Standards Governing Use of Maricopa County Community College District Computing Resources Handbook with regards to use of Maricopa's computing resources specifically prohibits: "Transmitting, storing, or receiving data, or otherwise using computing resources in a manner that would constitute a violation of state or federal law, including (but not limited to) obscenity, defamation, threats, harassment, and theft." Violation of any provision of the Standards, which are detailed in the Handbook, could result in immediate termination of a user's access to Maricopa's computing resources, as well as appropriate disciplinary action. Computing Resources Standards:  The policy of the Maricopa Community Colleges is to provide an educational, employment, and business environment free of unwelcome sexual harassment as defined and otherwise prohibited by local, state and federal law. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension or expulsion for students. Sexual Harassment Policy: I am willing to make any reasonable accommodations for limitations due to any disability, including professionally diagnosed learning disabilities. Please see me after the first class of the semester to address your concerns.
  4. 4. GBS 233 4 Assignments: Refer to assignment sheet for instructions. Class Period Assignments Aug. 23 For next class read: 1, 2 and bring an example of something poorly written- it should not be your own writing Aug. 30 For next class read: 3, 4; prepare excerises1-15 on page 76 and 1-15 on page 93. Only indicate if correct or incorrect. If incorrect, list the proper word Sept. 6 No class: Submit exercises by e-mail to Exercises due (deadline 9 p.m.) For next class read: 6, 7; bring in your own writing sample for next class Sept. 13 For next class read: 5, 8; prepare assignment 1 Sept. 20 For next class read: 11, 12; prepare assignment 2 Assign.1 due Sept. 27 No class: Submit assignment 2 by e-mail to Assign. 2 due (deadline 9 p.m.) For next class prepare assignment 3 Oct. 4 Student presentation drafts- Go to Room VCN2 in audio visual department Assign.3 due Oct. 11 Student presentation drafts- Go to Room VCN2 in audio visual department Oct. 18 For next class read: 9, 10 Mid-term exam Oct. 25 For next class read 13, 14 and prepare assignment 4 Nov. 1 Assign. 4 due Nov. 8 Student presentations- Go to Room VCN2 in audio visual department For next class prepare assignment 5 Nov. 15 Student presentations- Go to Room VCN2 in audio visual department Assign. 5 due Nov. 22 No class – Thanksgiving break Nov. 29 Dec. 6 Prepare for final exam Last day late assignments accepted Dec. 13 Final Exam
  5. 5. GBS 233 5 GBS Assignments Assignments 1-3 As a manager you must communicate with your employees on a regular basis. You are usually very eager to communicate good news. Unfortunately, you must now communicate news you are certain your employees will regard as negative. The office is relocating 30 miles north of your current location. The company is hoping employees won’t be so upset by commute that they decide to quit. The company is creating ways to compensate employees for their extended drive (be creative with your ideas). The incentives may also act as a way to keep employees happy overall. It is your job to communicate the news and make it as positive and persuasive as possible. Assignment 1: Write a persuasive letter, which will be sent to the employees' homes. Spouses will read this as well. Use semi-block for your letter format. Assignment 2: Write a memo to employees, which will be distributed at work. This is the second communications about the move that employees will receive. Keep in mind, some employees may not have read the first one (the letter). Consider the kind of details that should be included in an inter-office memo. Assignment 3: Write a one-page summary to your supervisor describing how you will handle your weekly department meeting. Include the steps you would take to prepare for the meeting, facilitate the meeting and follow up after the meeting (logistics). Make sure to describe the content and the order in which you will present it. Additional requirements for each assignment:  Typed (12 point font)  Single spaced  1 page in length
  6. 6. GBS 233 6 Assignment 4: Request for Proposal Retail Incorporated is looking to hire a training company to help teach its employees better customer service skills. Currently, customers complain that paperwork is misplaced, employees ignore them when they visit the stores and they receive different answers to the same question when they call. You believe your company could provide the training necessary to help Retail Incorporated, so you eagerly respond to the RFP. Background of Retail Incorporated: Retail Incorporated is sending out a RFP to outsource its services. In other words, they want to contract with another company to help them. The service they need help with is teaching their employees proper business etiquette and professional customer service when waiting on customers in person and on the telephone.  Retail Incorporated must find a vendor within 30 days to begin training in 60 days.  There are 1200 employees. About 900 are part-time employees who work nights or on the weekend. The remaining 300 are managers and full-time employees working the weekday shifts. All employees speak English as their primary language.  Retail Incorporated has 50 stores in five states. Because Retail Incorporated also takes orders by phone, they have a call center.  There have been 100 complaints in the last 30 days and sales are starting to decrease. Retail Incorporated believes its competitor is picking up the extra business.  The company who wins the bid must ensure employees’ behavior will improve.  The contracted company cannot charge excessively for its services. Background of "your" company: You know your company can meet Retail Incorporated's requirements. Not only does your company have skilled staff, you have successfully solved this problem for other companies in the past. Requirements: Minimum of six pages Typed, 12-point font, single-spaced The six pages should include the following:  Title (1 page)  Table of contents (1 page)  Body (4 pages) (You may add any details necessary about your company or Retail Incorporated to complete the proposal.)  NOTE: Clearly stating your points and proper formatting are vital in a proposal. This will be taken into consideration when determining your grade.  HINT: You are trying to sell your services. Persuasion is the essence of sales.
  7. 7. GBS 233 7 Assignment 5: Resume and Cover Letter Create a resume and write a cover letter for the job of your dreams. You desperately want to get an interview! Hint: Remember to tailor your information to the industry and position. Requirements:  Follow appropriate format  A one-page cover letter (you choose letter format style)  Resume one page  Typed, single spaced, 12 point font
  8. 8. GBS 233 8 Assignment 6: Student Oral Presentations Requirements: You are required to give a seven-minute presentation. You will have the opportunity to use feedback from your first presentation to adjust or enhance it before giving your second (final) presentation. In essence, your first presentation is a verbal draft. The topic must address an aspect of international business. The company, custom or business trading practice must stretch beyond the U.S. border. Because this is a communication class, we need to think about cultural differences and how they affect business. How do we adapt our products and communication style to deal with other countries? Likewise, how have foreign countries adapted to our ways? A few examples include:  How does conducting business in Australia differ from Japan?  How has Disney adapted its theme parks for European visitors?  How does a city prepare for the Olympics? What kind of impact does it have on business?  The business of caviar…who are the customers? What is the business behind it?  OPEC  Black market  Global housing market  North American Free Trade Agreement  When Kentucky Fried Chicken went global, what changes did they make to their food and marketing tactics? You must use create and present one visual aid during your presentation. It may be one of the following: poster board, sign, poster, white board, transparencies, PowerPoint, other (discuss this with me). *You may use no more than two visual aids within your presentation. If you use PowerPoint, you may only use three slides. Visual aid grading criteria include:  Format  Spelling  Illustration of main point or complex information  Professionalism  Size (Can the audience read or see what you are referring to?)  Presentation of visual aid during final presentation You will be allowed to use notes. However use may not use more than four, 4 x 6 inch note cards. Lastly, you will be expected to ask questions of the presenter. That means you must be prepared to answer questions during a Q&A. Grading criteria:  Effectiveness of introduction  Organization of material  Supporting materials (facts, stories, statistics)  Use of visual aid  Conclusion, Q & A period
  9. 9. GBS 233 9 Writing Checklist Stop! Before you turn in your paper, make sure you have proofread it. Consider the following items: Assignment follows requirements o Topic covered in detail (you don’t make assumptions the reader knows) o Overall length is appropriate o Name is on the paper Proper formatting is used It contains the information the reader/audience needs to know Overall paper is organized logically Spelling is correct Sentences are short and concise Paragraphs are broken up based on the specific points Active verbs are used whenever possible String of adjectives are avoided Unnecessary phrases and “fluffy” descriptions are eliminated