Alcatel-Lucent Business Communication Solutions
for Mid-sized Enterprises
Investing in a new
communication solution?
There must be a reason
The decision to change your communication system is ofte...
Which solution is right for you?
                        When you want to invest in a new communication system, what do yo...
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 efficient eMployees

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4286102 - ENG - 07/ 2007- Alcatel Lucent Enterprise - 32, avenue Kléber - 92707 Colombes
- France - RCS Paris B 602 033 18...
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Alcatel-Lucent Business Communication Solutions for Mid-Sized ...


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Alcatel-Lucent Business Communication Solutions for Mid-Sized ...

  1. 1. Alcatel-Lucent Business Communication Solutions for Mid-sized Enterprises
  2. 2. Investing in a new communication solution? There must be a reason The decision to change your communication system is often due to some type of business growth, whether it be opening new offices, expanding your workforce or simply adding new customer services. Existing solutions can be stretched to the breaking point or, worse, become obsolete. Bringing consistency to your network is another key trigger when considering a new solution. If your company has a number of diverse systems from various manufacturers – and across multiple locations – you might be thinking about how to consolidate everything into a common framework that’s more cost-effective and easier to manage. In either scenario, you want to invest in a system that is flexible, modern and offers you the innovation you need to perform in a fast-paced world. As a worldwide leader in both network infrastructure and telephony solutions, Alcatel-Lucent, along with our global network of Business Partners, will help you design the perfect data or voice communication infrastructure. We will also help you benefit from all the advantages of a fully converged IP voice and data solution while balancing your business goals and practical constraints. The Alcatel-Lucent security strategy is open and secure. Thanks to its standards-based approach, it maximizes interoperability and provides a cooperative approach to the security ecosystem. Gain a competitive advantage INCREASED Whatever the reason for your investment, it must help you gain PRODUCTIVITY Therefore we’ve taken into account a competitive advantage. your objectives and practical constraints to offer you a solution that’s both As a mid-sized enterprise, you’re adaptable and flexible. Find the competing with larger corporations, communication solution that will but probably without the same level help you boost employee efficiency, of IT resources and budget. operate more cost-efficiently and And that’s why you’re pragmatic – you gain a real competitive edge by have to be. Alcatel-Lucent understands Efficient Employees increasing customer satisfaction. your challenge! Efficient employees boost productivity • An ergonomic environment • Being efficient, wherever • Collaborate STRONG CUSTOMER COST OPTIMIZATION LOYALTY GAIN A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Satisfied Customers Smart Operations Quality and responsiveness deliver results Smarter operations ensure rapid ROI • Hard cost savings on telecom bills • Welcoming your customers • Infrastructure mutualization • Faster customer responses • Simplified day to day operations
  3. 3. Which solution is right for you? When you want to invest in a new communication system, what do you look for? • To maximize your investment by meeting different user needs, while staying within budget • To manage a transition to new technologies (such as IP telephony or Wireless LAN) without overloading your IT staff or losing focus on your core business • To take into account your technical criteria in terms of IT systems THE 3-STEP PROCESS FOR SUCCESSFUL DECISIONS Office Team SIGN Worker On-site Worker Roamer Mobile Executive Professional D DE UPDATE RENEW LT AN EFFICIENT EMPLOYEES U CONS MULTI SITE 1 BASE SOLUTIONS High availability Greeting Center Contact Center Security SMART Management 1 OPERATIONS SATISFIED CUSTOMERS 2 USER CENTRIC OPTIONS INTEGRATE AND DEPLOY OPERATE AND MAINTAIN 2 3 SERVICES 3 1 2 3 STEP 1 - BASE SOLUTIONS STEP 2 - USER-CENTRIC OPTIONS STEP 3 - SERVICES CHOOSE YOUR BASE OPTIMIZE YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE ENSURE LONG-TERM SUCCESS • Solution 1: Alcatel-Lucent has designed solutions that Alcatel-Lucent and its network of UPDATE / IP-READY TELEPHONY SOLUTION address your requirements regarding your Business Partners provide a full Not ready to evolve to a full IP telephony employees, customer relationship management range of services to ensure a long solution? This option gives you a future-proof and administration information system. term success throughout the full communication system that supports the latest life-cycle of your communication applications. • Efficient Employees: solutions. Solutions for each user profile • Solution 2: Make the most of your investment by arming All these services are available RENEW / FULL IP SOLUTION your employees with all the tools they need across the Alcatel-Lucent range A good choice if you’re building or moving to to stay productive. To answer to the unique of solutions for enterprise, a new site and want to benefit from greater needs of your users, Alcatel-Lucent has including Data Network network capacity, an all-IP telephony system and/ defined 5 key User Profiles Infrastructure, IP Telephony, or a converged voice and data infrastructure. - Office Worker Unified Communications, Contact - Executive Centers, Network Management • Solution 3: - Team Worker and Security. MULTI-SITE / CONSOLIDATION SOLUTION - On-Site Roamer Eliminates multi-site communication silos and - Mobile Professional Our skilled and highly experienced provides an easy-to-manage and cost-effective, professionals will bring you network and telephony solution across the entire • Satisfied Customers: customized services from: company. Solutions adapted to your business model • Audit and Design, through Whatever base you chose, benefits are the same: - Greeting Center - ability to move forward and grow: - Contact Center • Integration and Deployment, to a flexible and modular system - guaranteed long-term investment: • Smart Operations: • Maintenance and Operations robustness, reliability and high-performance Solutions for each specific IS issue - latest industry innovation: open standards- - Management based solution with IP in the core - High availability - Security
  4. 4. 1 Base Solutions Update Renew Multi-site IP-ready telephony Full IP Consolidation solution solution solution FEATURES • Traditional PBX-type IP infrastructure • Complete LAN and WLAN infrastructure all-in-one hardware • Full range of LAN & Wireless LAN switches • Advanced QoS and CAC (call • Enterprise-class telephony • 10/100/1000 wire speed and PoE administration control) • Integrated voicemail • Stackable or chassis-based solutions • Single system across enterprise • Digital or analog phones IP telephony • Centralized management • Full IP LAN-based voice system • High-availability options per site • Enterprise-class telephony: • Security options at all levels - Integrated voicemail • Access routing - IP phones • Enterprise-class telephony: Converged architecture - digital, analog and/or IP phone • Solutions designed to support converged - centralized voicemail (voice / data) networks • Advanced services (QoS, security for VoIP deployment) BENEFITS • Cost-effective PBX replacement • Easy IP network add-on • Create a homogeneous environment: with a modern, yet familiar, solution • Scalable and flexible deployment: - same level of service for all users • Deploy latest applications, - for wired and wireless networks - users interact as if in one building as required - from access to core IP infrastructure - share applications & human • Future-proof: add IP telephony and • Easy to integrate with other vendors resources additional applications at any time solutions (LAN extension) • Enhance business security • Easy to integrate wide variety • Reduce operation expenses: of applications on phones - centralized management • Soft-phones provide flexible, low-cost - one maintenance contract phone option • Reduce telecom costs: • Single infrastructure for voice and data: - centralize telecom subscriptions - simplified management - eliminate inter-site telecom costs - reduced costs of operations - secure infrastructure - high availability PSTN HQ with OmniSwitch, OmniPCX Enterprise & Mgt server IP Carrier PSTN Network Mono-site Regional-office with PSTN Passive Com. Server OmniPCX Enterprise Application Servers LAN/WLAN WAN/ IPVPN LAN Switch Small branch-office with media OmniPCX Enterprise gateway Very small branch with IP phones Base solutions Access Points are based on Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise Alcatel-Lucent Communication Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess WLAN Server, OmniPCX Enterprise OmniSwitch 6850 OmniStack 6200 Products OmniStack, OmniSwitch Alcatel-Lucent heart of • Layer-3 gigabit ethernet • 10/100 L2+ ethernet Highly scalable, and OmniAccess communication solutions fixed configuration switches workgroup switches comprehensive set WLAN product for enterprises • Stackable • Copper gigabit uplinks of mobile LAN products lines. • PoE • PoE derivative • Upgradable fast ethernet
  5. 5. 2 User-Centric Options efficient eMployees Office Executive Team On-Site Mobile Worker Worker Roamer Professional Most of their workday Top-level managers or In constant communication They’re usually on-site They’re on the move is spent at their desk, so highly autonomous with other employees and but they could be throughout a large this is where they need to employees who spend cross-functional teams, anywhere in the building. part of the workday, gather all their message their day just about they include everyone This profile includes so they need a reliable media in order to provide everywhere and anywhere from project managers nurses, security guards, link to the back office. the fastest, most-efficient – off-site, on-site and at and high-tech workers to service reps and This group can include service possible. Profiles their desks. They have HR staff. Team Workers more. Mobile phone sales reps, consultants, include administrative intensive communication have the most intensive handsets are their field technicians and assistants, office managers, needs and have to be able collaboration needs in key communication many others. In most accountants, webmasters to reach any employee at the organization. device. cases, their main and more. any moment. communication device is their mobile phone. FEATURES • IP and digital phones Unified communications: Collaboration solutions • Voice-only wireless • Cellular extension • Softphone • Softphone including: (DECT/PWT) • Dual-mode phone • Integrated or unified • Unified messaging • Web-based audio • Converged wireless messaging • Advanced routing conferencing (WLAN) • Cellular extension or • Data sharing dual-mode phone • Instant messaging • Instant messaging • Peer-to-peer video • Peer-to-peer video BENEFITS • Wide range of phones • Access to the same tools • Eliminate conference • Business continues while • One cellular phone for adapted to individual as when in the office service fees employees are away from all communications needs • Web-based applications: • Improve virtual team their desks • Single number, single • Intuitive use with alpha cost-effective, simple to productivity • Access to system features: mailbox keyboards and displays deploy and manage • Minimize travel and manager / assistant, • Cost-effective • Easy to deploy: self • All messages retrieved projection of cycle times conference, etc. software-only solutions: labeling, automatic from a single interface • No cellular charges use any phone recognition • Access to office services on-site • Cost savings for • All messages retrieved when on the move long-distance calls from a single interface • Dual-mode for on-site mobility with VoWLAN and off-site mobility with GSM
  6. 6. satisfied custoMeRs Greeting Center Contact Center FEATURES • Automated attendant • Inbound / outbound call distribution • Call distribution with queuing and announcements • GUI-based supervision tool through efficient call handling • Multimedia attendant console • Traffic-based reporting • IP attendant soft phone • Always-on PC-based console • Phone or softphone based Video DoorCam BENEFITS • Wide range of phones adapted to individual needs • Secure high level of customer service • Intuitive use with alphabetic keyboards and tiltable displays • Optimize use of internal resources • Easy to deploy: self labeling, automatic recognition • Minimize training time and need for special skills using graphical management tools sMaRt opeRations Management High Availibility Security FEATURES • Voice and data centralized management • Hardware and software network • Firewall • Network-wide managed QoS redundancy • Virtual Private Network • Single image of multi-site operations • Redundant communication server • Enhanced network security: any user, any • One-touch web interface: configuration, • Branch survivability device, any port directory, accounting, alarms, monitoring, • Passive Communication Server • Attack detection, containment, isolation performance • Auto-sense authentication BENEFITS • Common fault-management • Smart continuous switching • Secure connections for remote sites and home • Manage all users centrally as one group • Cost-effective resilience for main sites and workers • Wired and wireless infrastructure branches options • Protection against viruses, worms, hackers, centralized management • Non-stop operation during network or intruders • Simplified moves, adds and changes hardware failure • Hardware-based solutions for no impact on • Web-based solutions • Disaster recovery with back-up at a voice quality • Proactive management: automatic different site • Contain attacks for any LAN and WLAN device broadcast of events • Centralized security management ensure universal and effective network access control PSTN WAN
  7. 7. 3 Services consult integRate opeRate and design and deploy and Maintain The design of your network project is based We are committed to delivering The successful launch of your new solution on an in-depth understanding of your present trouble-free configuration and doesn’t end our collaborative partnership situation and future needs. We will work with integration. Our experts can also – we’ll stay on the job to ensure its ongoing you to develop an optimal evolution strategy. help you integrate advanced or effectiveness. A portfolio of professional and You will discover the advantages of implementing customized solutions into your dedicated services helps your system to emerging technologies within your existing existing IS environment and get evolve according to your business needs, infrastructure and how to reap maximum business the most out of your investment. both now and in the future. benefits. • Network operating center consulting • Solution deployment assistance Maintain • Architecture audit/consulting: radio network, (IP migrations) • Maintenance contracts on specific VoWLAN, VoIP data network compliance, • Solution integration / highly developments applications, network, security, IP network specialized deployments • On-site / on-line support transformation • Application developments and • Technical advisor customization Support • Architecture design: voice, data, security, • End-user and administration Alcatel-Lucent offers a complete range of applications, radio network, WLAN network training support services for its enterprise solutions: • Network management customization • Software maintenance service This service offering is not exhaustive. • Applications / development design For more information please contact your • Software evolution service Business Partner. • Hardware maintenance service WHY ALCATEL-LUCENT? Industry recognition These experts take the time to listen to your needs to define the right network Alcatel-Lucent is recognized by analysts infrastructure and communication system like Gartner, Inc. for your company. Customized applications • Positioned in Leader Quadrant in report can be designed that are a perfect fit for titled “Magic Quadrant* for Unified your implementation. Most importantly, our Communications, 2006” - published in June Business Partners will work with you to ensure 2006 a smooth transition, and to be sure that your • Positioned in Leader Quadrant in report Alcatel-Lucent solution evolves in sync with titled “Magic Quadrant* for Contact Center your business growth and maintains peak Infrastructure EMEA, 2006” - published in performance. March 2006 * The Magic Quadrant is copyrighted (2006) by Gartner, Inc. and is reused with SECTOR DIVERSITY Alcatel-Lucent, worldwide leader permission. The Magic Quadrant is a graphical representation of a marketplace at and for a specific time period. It depicts Gartner’s analysis of how certain vendors measure against criteria for that marketplace, as defined by Gartner. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in the Magic Quadrant, Alcatel-Lucent is a worldwide leader in • Alcatel-Lucent, industry leader: for more and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors placed in the IP Communications, providing innovative «Leaders» quadrant. The Magic Quadrant is intended solely as a research tool, and than a century Alcatel-Lucent has designed is not meant to be a specific guide to action. Gartner disclaims all warranties, express solutions to mid-sized organizations like or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability yours in over 130 countries. and engineered innovative, best-of-breed or fitness for a particular purpose. technology that won awards and satisfied For example: customers around the globe; Alcatel-Lucent • Colleges and universities is a primary source of new technologies for The Alcatel-Lucent Business • Healthcare centers the communications industry and has over • Industrial companies 25,000 relevant technology patents. Partner Network • Insurance companies • Alcatel-Lucent, technology pioneer: • Local authorities A worldwide resource of Business • Mid-sized hotels our Omni product family is the most highly Partners – accredited through a • School districts awarded set of solutions in the industry. It demanding Business Partner Program – • Real estate agencies continues to be widely acclaimed by the • Regional banks is ready to help you choose the most prestigious industry analysts for its • Retail companies Alcatel-Lucent solution that’s right for vision, its innovation, and its implementation • Travel agencies your business needs. of open standards.
  8. 8. 4286102 - ENG - 07/ 2007- Alcatel Lucent Enterprise - 32, avenue Kléber - 92707 Colombes - France - RCS Paris B 602 033 185. Alcatel, Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent and the Alcatel-Lucent logo, are trademarks of Alcatel-Lucent. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Alcatel-Lucent assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented, which is subject to change without notice. © 2007 Alcatel-Lucent. All rights reserved. Printed in EEC on chlorine-free paper.