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6th International Conference on Asynchronous Learning ... 6th International Conference on Asynchronous Learning ... Presentation Transcript

  • Ukrainian Distance Learning System: American-Ukrainian Cross-Cultural Approach Presented by Dr. George Gamota 4 November 2000
  • Contributors:
    • Alistair Brett, Ph.D.
    • George Gamota, Ph.D.
    • Ihor Katernyak, Ph.D.
    • Robert Margenthaler, Ph.D.
    • Robert D. Shelton, Ph.D.
    • Mykola Tomyn (Technology coordinator)
    • http://web.uar.net/~webct/en/
  • Ukraine
    • Independent since 1991
      • Size of Texas with 52 million people
      • Largest country totally in Europe
      • Highly technically educated population
      • 50% of the people live in urban areas, BUT rural areas hard to get to, and need major modernization efforts.
      • Access to e-mail widely available, Internet usage is still limited due to poor telecommunication systems
      • Political system is stable, economic reform slow
  • “ Distance Learning System for Business Development”
    • Joint Project of the Loyola College in Maryland and Lviv Institute of Management supported by the U.S. Department of State
      • Background
      • Goals
      • Objectives
  • Background
    • Loyola College has been working in Ukraine since 1992 – helping scientists and engineers
    • Business development efforts funded by USAID
      • Business incubators
      • Training
      • Loan program
    • Web based interactivity & training
  • Goals
    • Broaden the scope of educational services in Ukraine by implementing the WEB technologies to make education and research more efficient, accessible, and more interactive;
    • A ssist universities and businesses in using and telecommunications networking technologies to promote their services in the Internet environment.
  • UDL System objectives are to:
    • Create a common on-line course portfolio, develop professional certificate programs, and distribute them to students, entrepreneurs, corporations and universities ;
    • Provide professional development in distance education, web course design, on-line course delivery, teaching/learning support;
    • Create a web-based learning environment
  • Partnership for Distance Learning Development (PDLD) in Ukraine
    • PDLD consists of:
      • 6 universities,
      • 9 business schools,
      • 8 business support centers,
      • 1 bank,
      • 1 ISP, and
      • 2 leading research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine.
  • Virtual learning environment
    • Added value of educational process:
    • flexibility (anytime, from anywhere),
    • interactivity (e-mail, chat, bulletin board),
    • new approaches to the assessment of knowledge building dynamics (quizzes, self-tests, assignments) and
    • skills mastering through case study, simulation games and group work.
  • Advantages for stakeholders
    • Students:
    • flexibility
    • networking
    • Universities:
    • access to faculty and other resources
    • wider student audience
    • Teachers:
    • new workplace and flexibility
    • professional development, keeping the course easily improved and updated
    • competitiveness and expanding clientele
  • Professional Development
    • Training in Distance Education with on-line support:
      • (a) principles and technologies of distance learning;
      • (b) how to create a course for Web-based distance learning;
      • (d) effective communication with students through up-to-date telecommunications and information technologies;
      • (e) distance teaching and students’ knowledge assessment.
  • The Training in Loyola college
    • To prepare attendees to create Asynchronous Learning Network (ALN) Courses for Ukrainian Distance Learning System (UDL System)
  • Training Participants: U.S. Trainers
    • Feasibility Study of the UDL System Project
    Prof. R.D.Shelton Prof. R. Margenthaler Prof. G.Gamota
  • Training Participants: U.S. Trainers
    • Alistair Brett
      • “ The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” of Distance Learning and analysis of what makes the difference. Is it too much technology push and not enough of market pull?
  • Training Program
    • On-line Learning Pedagogy and Methodology
    • Interaction with On-line Learning Course for Professionals, KPMG
    • Introduction to WebCT
    • IntraLearn Distance Learning Software Presentation and Demonstration
    • CISCO e-Learning Presentation and Discussion
  • UDL System Team At Work Having Fun
  • Progress Review
    • Brainstorming and Performance Measure Assessment
    Dr. Ihor B. Katernyak
  • Training Participants: Ukrainian Trainees
    • Anatoliy Furda Senior Coordinator/Deputy Director SBEDIF Business Center Ivano Frankivsk
    • On-line Course Firm Start-up and Business Management
    • The course is aimed at acquisition of business start-up skills in the context of up-to-date Ukrainian legislative and organizational requirements. The potential consumers of the course are: a) individuals and groups, interested in opening a small business, b) students of universities and business schools majoring in business administration c) business instructors and consultants of different organizations and institutions dealing with entrepreneurship and business training.
  • Training Participants: Ukrainian Trainees
    • Ruslan Braginets Program Coordinator Center for Innovation Development
    • On-line Course Project Expert™ as Financial Modeling Tool
    • The goal of the course: to facilitate the process of business planning and creating financial reports. Target audience: managers of small and medium-size enterprises, investment project managers, consultants in business-planning.
  • Training Participants: Ukrainian Trainees
    • Iryna Karasyova Team Manager Business Development Agency, Slavutych
    • On-line Course Marketing for Beginners The course is aimed: to learn primary ideas of the marketing, marketing conception and marketing philosophy; to learn components of marketing system, their role in it, to interrelate all its parts, their influence on the profit; to develop the practice strategy of the advertising campaign; to study techniques and methods of the marketing investigations for marketing strategy developments; to study marketing strategies for practical application on business; to learn the marketing document examples for the practical work; to work out the practical marketing plan; to develop practical guide for production of new goods or up-dating of the existing ones, or for the marketing position change.
  • Training Participants: Ukrainian Trainees
    • Oleksandra Baklanova Project Manager Kyiv Mohyla Business School
    • On-line Course Advanced M@rketing The goal of this course is to help students satisfy the growing need in professional approach by companies to products and services. We would like to give our students the conceptual basis and practical means for analysis, which is critical for successful marketing. Taking into account the level of students' grounding, we try to create an atmosphere in which they will analyze, discuss and learn from the experience of managers in global business environment and Ukrainian business, comparing possibilities of application of similar approaches under various conditions.
  • Training Participants: Ukrainian Trainees
    • Olena Kanishchenko Associate Professor National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”
    • On-line Course Global Marketing This course anticipates getting up-to-date theoretical and practical information on modern development of international business from various sources and its use for elaborating international marketing strategy in order to increase the international business efficiency.
  • Training Participants: Ukrainian Trainees
    • Ihor Goncharov Junior Lecturer Kharkiv State Polytechnic University
    • On-line Course Decision Making and Risk Analysis
    • Objectives of the course are to give introduction to principles of decision making under risk and uncertainty and to introduce students to the modern methods of problem solving. Although the course is rather introductory it covers a few new topics of high practical interest for people dealing with risk analysis and risk management. The goals of the course are to introduce the basic set of knowledge needed to improve a decision making process and to provide students with modern techniques to model a complex management problems.
  • Training Participants: Ukrainian Trainees
    • Ihor Shylo Head of the Department of Information Systems in Management Azov Regional Institute of Management
    • On-line Course Operation Management in Marketing: New Product Development The Course Objectives are: 1). To describe importance of new product development project's management for participants; 2). To describe modern effective process of new product development as combining of efforts of specialists of operations, marketing and information technologies; 3). To describe Simultaneous Engineering concept on the bases of usage of SADT modeling.
  • Training Participants: Ukrainian Trainees
    • Olexandr Skripnik Vice-rector of International Affairs and Business Education Dnipropetrovsk Academy of Management, Business and Law
    • On-line Course Project Management and Management by Projects The purpose of the course is to give the participants the powerful tools of project management for solving problems of business development.
  • Training Participants: Ukrainian Trainees
    • Victoria Loboda DL Curricula Coordinator Lviv Institute of Management
    • On-line Course Business Communication This course is for a wide range of people interested in life-long self-development for success, improvement of communication skills and own career development .
  • Portfolio of Courses (Each course/program is designed and taught by Professional Teams formed by Partnership) Focus Groups Academic Program N (Professional Certificate) Academic Program 1 (Professional Certificate) Portfolio of Courses Market needs (Demand for Programs)
  • Sample of Programs/Courses Program/Course Ready U C Future #Students “ L earning in INTERNET” X X   93           MARKETING         Mktg for Beginners X       International Mktg X       Advanced Mktg X X   58 Advertising & P R     Х   Sales Management     Х  
  • Status of Programs
    • Marketing (3 out 5 courses completed)
    • Business Development (2 out 7 completed)
    • Management (5 out 13 completed)
    • Finance ( 3 TBD)
    • Business Communication (1 out 5 completed)
    • Information Technologies (TBD)
  • Next Steps
    • Identify 20 additional teachers to convert their courses into DL format – complete programs
    • Formalize the creation of the UDL, and develop system of collecting fees
    • Market courses on a fee based system
    • License courses to selected educational organizations throughout Ukraine
  • Client Comments: Distance Learning attracts me, first and foremost, with the possibility to communicate with others irrespective of their location... And certainly, it is very important that I can obtain necessary knowledge without leaving my native city and changing my working schedule dramatically. Tetyana Sych, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine   I can obtain necessary knowledge, consultations, assistance and contacts without interrupting my main work, i.e. I save both money and time. Vyacheslav Mizin, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine    
  • Client Comments: continued Distance learning attracts me due to several reasons. First, it gives a possibility to communicate objectively (i.e. you are able not to pay attention to people’s appearance, voice tremble and so on). Second, fluent written language gives you advantages during study process. Third, learning through the Internet is isolation from the real life, which is sometimes very necessary. Lyudmyla Ostrivna, Sumy, Ukraine .    
  • Client Comments: continued I have to admit that the possibility of virtual communication is very attractive and useful type of work in distance learning. I've enrolled in courses "Business Communication" and "Firm Start-Up". I am looking forward to Monday, when the study will start. Olena Sobajeva, Sumy, Ukraine . Why do I prefer distance form of instruction? - Because of mobility of study and additional possibility to master up-to-date communication methods. Artem Afanasyev, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine .
  • Client Comments: concluded Distance form of learning allows me to study at a suitable time. The advantage of distance learning is independence (only technical dependence) and freedom of choosing. Svitlana Furda, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine   Distance form of learning attracts me with its availability at any time. Right now I have some free minutes and I am studying, and tomorrow, probably, I will have no free time at all. Though sometimes I have problems with access :-( But I think this is a matter of time. Sometime it will be better :-). Volodymyr Ostrivnyj, Sumy, Ukraine
  • Welcome to the UDL System
    • URL: http://web.uar.net/~webct/ua/