3. Open Your Networks
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3. Open Your Networks 3. Open Your Networks Document Transcript

  • QubeConnect write up for MICCI Main piece: Open your networks. By Dinesh Nair, Chief Technology Officer, QubeConnect Sdn Bhd. Nowhere has this been proven in practice more than the Internet. Everyday tasks like sending an email, reading a blog or online newspaper or even googling something up is made possible because the standards which define how information is sent across the network are mature and have been implemented the same way by everybody. This has resulted in a very connected world. The same revolution is now taking place in the telecommunications industry. We are beginning to see the true convergence of voice and data, as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are now becoming the norm for phone calls. No, I am not talking about using a VoIP provider to save a few sen on your long distance or international calls, but rather as the backbone that would deliver your voice between any two elements of the network. Today, telecommunications operators are increasingly using packet voice networks over Internet Protocol (IP) trunks to deliver even traditional fixed line telephone traffic. Clearly, they're moving away from traditional circuit switched networks to the Internet as a means to connect calls. The shift is more exciting than just discounted long distance and international calls as it enables businesses to finally make that jump across the chasm towards an open network which combines voice, video and information. Over the last few months, mobile phone manufacturers such as Nokia and Research in Motion (maker of the Blackberry) are beginning to incorporate features that would allow the same phone to be used both as a 3G/GSM mobile phone as well as an office phone extension when paired together with IP PBX. For instance, incoming calls, either on my GSM number or my direct line number are delivered to the same phone, and I get to make the choice to either use VoIP or GSM for my outgoing calls. Admittedly, this is still treated like a separate application by the phone device itself, but it heralds the changing mindset among the legacy telecommunications players. They are now beginning to see that being open and allowing seamless interconnection between Internet based devices and legacy telecommunications elements has benefits far beyond the sum of its parts. While at the onset, with so many differing interoperability standards, this may take a while to happen, we will soon however begin to see intermediate technologies which bridge the prevailing telecommunications infrastructure with Internet infrastructure in an invisible way. Invisible because it will be virtually indistinguishable to the user, as voice carriers start ditching
  • their traditional circuit switched backbones and replace them with pure Internet Telephony links. The growing emergence of new protocols such as the IPv6, and the additional options it enables, will accelerate the interconnectivity between the currently disparate networks. This new wave of communications that is sweeping across is most welcome. And in these current dire conditions, the potential cost savings of between 30 and 50 per cent is heaven sent. Sidebar 1: Five reasons to get an IP PBX now 1. Guaranteed savings of up to 50% with lower cost for mobile and overseas calls. 2. Superior sound quality. 3. Low start up and maintenance cost. 4. Plug and play system that is connected seamlessly to existing communications infrastructure 5. Free calls within the community. Sidebar 2: QubeConnect Next Generation Network As businesses around the globe continue to expand beyond its borders, the need for an integrated and unified communications network that meets your business demands is vital to stay ahead of the competition. Currently, any new solution that is adopted by your organization would incur additional, even unnecessary expense. By offering an open selection of communication solutions, QubeConnect is able to offer you a host of products that translates to additional cost- savings to you, yet meets your demands for a fast and efficient message delivery system. QubeConnect’s Next Generation Network (NGN) is a conglomeration of voice, video and data traffic networking system that powers communications and presents a new way for businesses to exchange information and share knowledge. What this means is that users need not worry about location or fixed/set devices to relay their information. By simply channeling their information, the intended information is quickly related and sent no matter what devices is being used or which location the receiver is at. Through a singular point in the network, users can expect an enhanced communication environment that encompasses unified email, voice, fax, instant messaging and video conference services. These applications can be integrated into any platform, providing a greater sense of productivity and reliability for both customers and employees.
  • QubeConnect products and services are aimed at optimizing your communication usage by providing solutions that enable your business communication to extend beyond the norm. What this means is that our products and solutions promote an open standard that helps organizations integrate their telephone, data and applications into a seamless automatic data convergence and productivity engine. The rich diversity of QubeConnect solutions is ably backed by its industrial strength reliability and can be leveraged by small and medium businesses as well as major multinational corporations. This is possible as our solutions are tailored economically to suit businesses current operations with the option and capacity to expand as the business grows. You can be assured of minimal disruption to the business with our easy and rapid implementation progamme. About QubeConnect QubeConnect was established in July 2004 with the goal of simplifying communications. As a fast growing provider of Internet Protocol telecommunications systems for enterprises, QubeConnect has developed a range of solutions that skillfully combine traditional telephone functions with Internet based multimedia communications based on open source architecture. Among its customers are UMW Group, Bandar Raya Developments Berhad, China Mobile, Chinacomm, Loxley Group in Thailand and PT Insan Dharma Nusa in Indonesia. It also partnered Microsoft (M) Sdn Bhd to extend the communication capability of Microsoft’s Office
  • Communication Server (OCS). QubeConnect’s Made-in-Malaysia solutions help customers save up to 50% savings in business communications cost. For more information, go to www.qubeconnect.com