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2005 - 2008

  1. 1. Ateneo Professional Schools Library Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City http://apslibrary.ateneo.edu Information Resources Guide on BUSINESS COMMUNICATION 2005 - 2008
  2. 2. Business Communication is any communication used to promote a product, service, or organization - with the objective of making a sale. Business Communication encompasses a huge body of knowledge including Marketing, Branding, Customer relations, Consumer behaviour, Advertising, Public relations, Media relations, Corporate communication, Community engagement, Research & Measurement, Reputation management, Interpersonal communication, Employee engagement, Online communication, and Event management. Whatever form it takes, the objective remains the same - to make a sale. The Business Communication message is conveyed through various channels of communication including The Internet, Print (Publications), Radio, Television, Ambient, Outdoor, and Word of mouth Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_communication Other related topics are: Communication in management Communication in organizations A. BOOKS (Located at the General Collection Shelves near the Circulation Section) Bailey, Edward P. (2008). Writing speaking at work :a practical guide for business communication. 4th ed. HF 5718 B34 2008 Bovee, Courtland L. (2008). Business communication today. 9th ed. HF 5718 B66 2008 Guffey, Mary Ellen. (2008). Business communication : process product. 5th ed. HF 5718.3 G838 2008 Guffey, Mary Ellen. (2008). The practice of business communication. HF 5718 G83 Guffey, Mary Ellen. (2008). The practice of business communication. HF 5718 G83 Hamilton, Cheryl. (2008). Communicating for result :a guide for business and the professions. 8th ed. HD 30.3 H35 2008 Hynes, Geraldine E. (2008). Managerial communication :strategies and applications. 4th ed. HD 30.3 H95 2008 Lesikar, Raymond Vincent.(2008) Business communication :making
  3. 3. connections in a digital world. 11th ed. HF 5721 L37 2008 O’Hair, Dan. (2008). Strategic communication in business and the professions. 6th ed. HD 30.3 O35 2008 Till, John V.(2008). Excellence in business communication. 8th ed. HF 5718.2 U6T45 2008 Angell, Pamela. (2007). Business communication design :creativity, strategies, and solutions. 2nd ed. HF 5718 A746 2007 Argenti, Paul A. (2007). Corporate communication. 4th ed. HD 30.3 A73 2007 Cass, John. (2007). Strategies and tools for corporate blogging. HD 30.37 C33 Cram, Carol M. (2007). New perspectives on communicating in business with technology. HF 5718 C73 Communicating globally : intercultural communication and international business. (2007). HF 5718 C62 Cram, Carol M. (2007). New perspectives in communicating in business with technology. HF 5718 C73 Dickman, Robert. (2007). The elements of persuasion :use storytelling to pitch better, sell faster win more business. HF 5438.25 D53 Gerson, Sharon J. (2007). Workplace communication : process and product. PE 1479 B87G47 Gutierrez, Jairo. (2007). Business data communications and networking : a research perspective. TK 5105.5 G87 Kuiper, Shirley. (2007). Contemporary business report writing. 3rd ed. HF 5719 K84 2007 LoCicero, Joe. (2007). Business communication: deliver your message with clarity and efficiency. HF 5718 L62 Locker, Kitty O. (2007). Business communication : building critical skills. 3rd ed. HF 5718 L633 2007 Rudd, Jill E. (2007). Communicating in global business negotiations : a geocentric approach. HD 58.6 R83
  4. 4. Satterwhite, Marilyn L. (2007). Business communication at work. 3rd ed. HF 5718 S26 2007 Simmons, Annette. (2007). Whoever tells the best story wins: how to use your own stories to communicate with power and impact. HF 5718 S56 Stuart, Bonnye E. (2007). Integrated business communication in a global marketplace. HF 5718 S78 Adams, Katherine and Gloria J. Galanes. (2006). Communicating in groups: applications and skills. 6th ed. HM 736 G33 2006 Barrett, Deborah J. (2006). Leadership communication. HD 30.3 B387 Bell, Arthur H. and Dayle M. Smith. (2006). Management communication. 2nd ed. HD 30.3 B448 2006 Boulger, Carolyn A. and James S. O’Rourke. (2006). Writing and presenting a business plan : managerial communication series. HD 62.5 B67 Brinkman, Rick. (2006). Dealing with difficult people : 24 lessons for bringing out the best in everyone. HM 1106 B75 Coghlan, David and Nicholas S. Rashford. (2006). Organizational change and strategy : an interlevel dynamics approach. HD 58.8 C6 Coombs, Timothy W. (2006). Code red in the boardroom : crisis management as organizational DNA. HD 49 C66 Davis, Jim. (2006). Information revolution: using the information evolution model to grow your business. HD 30.213 D385 The essentials of corporate communications and public relations. (2006). HF 5549.5 C6E87 Flynn, Nancy. (2006). Blog rules : a business guide to managing policy, public relations, and legal issues. HD 30.37 F59 Folkman, Joseph R. (2006). The power of feedback : 35 principles for turning feedback from others into personal and professional change. HD 30.3 F65 Gale, Steven H. (2006). Strategies for managerial writing. HF 5718.3 G35
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  8. 8. B. MULTIMEDIA (Located at the Electronics Resources Section) Hosley, Julie and Elizabeth Molle. (2006). Practical guide to therapeutic communication for health professionals. 1 CD-ROM. R 727.3 H68 Hyden, Janet S. (2006). Communicating for success. 3rd ed. 1 CD-ROM. HF 5718 H93 2006 Roebuck Deborah Britt. (2006). Improving business communication skills. 4th ed. 1 CD-ROM. HF 5718 R63 2006 Adler, Ronald B. (2005). Communicating at work: principles and practices for business and the professions. 8th ed. 1 CD-ROM. HF 5718 A33 2005 Communication skills. (2005). 1 CD-ROM. CD 22 Guffey, Mary Ellen. (2005). Business communication: process product. 4th ed. 1 CD-ROM. HF 5718.3 G838 2005 Lehman, Carol M. (2005). Business communication. 14th ed. 1 CD-ROM. HF 5721 L34 2005 Lesikar, Raymond Vincent. (2005). Basic business communication: skills for empowering the internet generation. 10th ed. 1 CD-ROM. HF 5721 L37 2005 ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE LIBRARY 1. Gale Virtual Reference Library takes research to the next level by delivering great reference print titles electronically. Providing 24/7 access conveniently. Below are the current E-book titles in the library. • Brand New Brand Thinking , 2002 • Brand Royalty , 2004 • BrandChild: Insights into the Minds of Today’s Global Kids , 2003 • Bridging the Culture Gap , 2004 • Business Data Communications and Networking: A Research Perspective , 2007 • Cases on Strategic Information Systems , 2006 • Change Game: How Today’s Global Trends Are Shaping Tomorrow’s Companies , 2002 • Change Management Excellence , 2004 • Corporate Finance Handbook , 3rd ed., 2002 • Customer Management Scorecard , 2002
  9. 9. • Database Modeling for Industrial Data Management: Emerging Technologies and Applications , 2006 • E-Business Innovation and Process Management , 2007 • Effective Writing Skills for Public Relations , 3rd ed., 2005 • Encyclopedia of American Industries , 4th ed., 2v, 2005 • Global Brand Strategy: Unlocking Branding Potential Across Countries, Cultures and Markets , 2003 • Global Logistics and Distribution Planning , 4th ed., 2003 • Handbook of Intellectual Property Management: Protecting, Developing and Exploiting Your IP Assets , 2004 • How to Prepare a Business Plan , 4th ed., 2004 • Inside-Out Marketing: How to Create an Internal Marketing Strategy , 2002 • International Guide to Management Consultancy , 2nd ed., 2003 • Key Account Management , 3rd ed., 2004 • Key Marketing Skills: Strategies, Tools and Techniques for Marketing Success , 2nd ed., 2004 • Knowledge Management Systems: Value Shop Creation , 2007 • Leader’s Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills , 2003 • Learning Maps and Memory Skills , 2nd ed., 2004 • Living the Brand , 2nd ed., 2004 • Making Sense of Change Management , 2004 • Management Consulting in Practice: Award-winning Case Studies , 2004 • Marketing Audit Handbook: Tools, Techniques and Checklists to Exploit Your Marketing Resources , 2002 • Philosophy of Branding: Great Philosophers Think Brands , 2004 • Tales for Change: Using Storytelling to Develop People and Organizations , 2004 • Top Consultant , 4th ed., 2004 • Transforming the Company: Manage Change, Compete and Win , 2nd ed., 2002 • Understanding Facilitation: Theory and Principles , 2002 • Utilizing and Managing Commerce and Services Online , 2007 • e-Procurement in Emerging Economies: Theory and Cases , 2007 2. EBSCO Business Source Complete (http://search.ebscohost.com) A comprehensive, business periodical database that includes scholarly journals and business periodicals covering topics such as management, economics, finance, accounting, international business and much more. It
  10. 10. contains full text sources ranging from general business periodicals such as Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, American Banker, etc. to academic journals such as Harvard Business Review, Journal of Management, Academy of Management Review, Review of Economics & Statistics, etc. and provides cumulative indexing and abstracts for 3,010 business journals and cumulative full text for over 2,740 journals. 3. Westlaw (http://www.westlaw.com) is an online legal research service providing quick, easy access to West’s vast collection of statutes, case law materials, public records and other legal resources, as well as current news articles and business information.