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11/04 COMPUTER LAB: PROGRESS / INTERIM REPORT due at end of class
11/04 COMPUTER LAB: PROGRESS / INTERIM REPORT due at end of class
11/04 COMPUTER LAB: PROGRESS / INTERIM REPORT due at end of class
11/04 COMPUTER LAB: PROGRESS / INTERIM REPORT due at end of class
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11/04 COMPUTER LAB: PROGRESS / INTERIM REPORT due at end of class


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  • 1. EH 300: Strategies for Business Writing—Fall 2004 Section 05 (TR 9:35-10:55, MH TMC) Section 06 (TR 11:10-12:30, MH 204) Instructor: Diane Singer Office: MH 231 Hours: Mon 11:15-1:15, Tues 12:30-1:30 or by appointment Phone: 824-2368 (W) Email: TEXTS: Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 2nd ed. (Locker and Kaczmarek) EH 300: Business Writing Workbook, 2004-05 Edition ( Diane Singer) Both are available at the UC Bookstore. CATALOG DESCRIPTION: (3 hours) Practical business writing with emphasis on rhetoric, organization, and research. Prerequisites: 6 hours of freshman composition and junior standing. Open to all students in the School of Administrative Science or by permission of the Department of English. Does not count toward an English minor. LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students who have passed this class will have met the following goals: • They have demonstrated their ability to write a variety of business-related documents in a prose style marked by its clarity, conciseness, completeness, and correctness (see proposal, progress / interim report, and final report assignments) • They have demonstrated their ability to conduct secondary research and to document sources according to the rules established by MLA (see proposal, progress / interim report, and final report assignments) • They have used document design and visuals to create works which are useful, readable, and attractive (see proposal, progress / interim report, and final report assignments) • They have demonstrated their ability to adapt messages to the needs of different audiences (see proposal, final report, and letter-writing assignments) • They have demonstrated their ability to present ideas clearly and concisely in one or more oral presentations (see speech assignment) ATTENDANCE: Good attendance and class participation are expected. You are allowed up to four absences without penalty. However, you will lose one letter grade for 5-6 absences. Seven or more absences will result in a failing grade for the course. Note: Students who drop the course are responsible for properly withdrawing. (Note: these numbers correspond to a TR class: for MWF, it would be 6 w/o penalty, lose a letter grade for 7- 9, and failing with 10 or more.) CLASSROOM CONDUCT: All students in the class must treat others with civility and respect, and conduct themselves during class sessions in a way that does not unreasonably interfere with the opportunity of other students to learn. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in points being deducted from a student’s final grade, up to a maximum of one full letter grade. For additional classroom responsibilities, see “The Pledge” – which you are required to read, sign, and return to me. ACADEMIC HONESTY: Your written assignments and examinations must be your own work. Academic misconduct will not be tolerated. To ensure that you are aware of what is considered academic misconduct, you should review carefully the definition and examples provided in Article III, 1
  • 2. Code of Student Conduct, Student Handbook, p. 93. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact me right away. TURNITIN.COM UAH is committed to the fundamental values of preserving academic honesty as defined in the Student Handbook (7.III.A, Code of Student Conduct). The instructor reserves the right to use electronic means to help prevent plagiarism. Students agree that by taking this course all assignments are subject to submission for textual similarity review to Assignments submitted to will be included as source documents in’s restricted access database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism in such documents. The terms that apply to the University’s use of the service, as well as additional information about the company, are described at Note to instructors: you may not include this TURNITIN statement unless you have taken the University-sponsored training session PRIOR WORK: You may not submit in fulfillment of requirements in this course any work submitted, presented, or used by you in any other course except, as noted on page 2 in the Workbook, related to your major project in this class and in another course you are currently taking. Note: while I use this italicized statement, others may not. If a student is currently working on a project in another class that fits the criteria for our project, I allow them to “double up” on the topic. The assignments they turn in must still follow our guidelines; e.g., I will not accept a document using a different documentation style. COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND GRADING: 10% - Proposal * 15% - Letters 10% - Progress / Interim Report 10% - Resume and Job Letter 25% - Final Report 10% - Final Exam 5% - Speech 10% - quizzes and exercises (graded) 5% - exercises (ungraded) Assignments receive both a letter grade and a numerical equivalent: A = 12, A- = 11, B+ = 10, etc. To figure the final course grade, I multiply the numerical equivalent by the percentage, then total. * Note: students will be allowed to revise their Proposals for an “averaged” grade if they earn a C or less. No other revisions will be allowed. LATE PAPER POLICY: A paper is late if it is turned in after 4pm on the day it is due. Except for the Final Report, you are allowed one late paper without penalty. The second late paper loses a letter grade for each class day it’s late. NOTE: I do NOT accept papers from students who are not regularly attending class. COPYRIGHT (Diane Singer, 2004). All federal and state copyrights in my lectures and course materials are reserved by me. You are authorized to take notes in class for your own personal use and for no other purpose. You are not authorized to record my lectures or to make any commercial use of them or to provide them to anyone else other than students currently enrolled in this course without my prior written permission. In addition to legal sanctions for violations of copyright law, students found in violation of these prohibitions may be subject to University disciplinary action under the Code of Student Conduct. ASSIGNMENTS 8/31 Introduction to class 9/02 Discuss Projects (Locker: Mod 1; Workbook: 1-11, Appendix: Sample Proposals 2
  • 3. #1 and # 2) 9/07 Punctuation (Locker: Mod 14; bring Workbook to class) 9/09 Documentation (Workbook 20-29, read only. Do not work the exercises before class) 9/14 WORKS CITED and QUOT-N-DOC exercises due (ungraded). PROJECT MEMO due. 9/16 COMPUTER LAB (in the Library, Room 211): Library Lecture 9/21 Begin STYLE (Locker: Mod 6 and 7; Workbook: 33-40) 9/23 COMPUTER LAB: Work on style exercises 9/28 Continue STYLE (bring Workbook and a sample of your writing) 9/30 COMPUTER LAB: STYLE EXERCIES due (ungraded). Work on Proposal. 10/05 PROPOSAL due. Document Design and Visuals (Locker: Mod 5 and 25; Workbook: 48-50) 10/07 FALL BREAK 10/12 Discuss MLA mini-essay (Workbook: 30-32) and Progress / Interim Report (Workbook: 12; Appendix, Samples #1 and #2) 10/14 COMPUTER LAB: STYLE QUIZ (graded). Work on MLA mini-essay when you finish. 10/19 MINI-ESSAY due (graded). Begin Correspondence (Locker: Mod 9, 10, 11, 12) (Workbook: Appendix, Sample Letters) 10/21 COMPUTER LAB: Work on letters 10/26 LETTERS due. Work on Interim Report in class 10/28 COMPUTER LAB: Work on Interim Report 11/02 Begin Resumes and Job Letters (Locker: Mod 26 -29, skim! Workbook 51-57) 11/04 COMPUTER LAB: PROGRESS / INTERIM REPORT due at end of class 11/09 Continue Resume and Job Letter discussion. Discuss Abstracts, Letters of Transmittal, Speech, and Final Exam (Workbook: 58-61; Appendix, Sample Final Exam) 11/11 COMPUTER LAB: Work on Resume and Job Letter 11/16-18 RESUME AND JOB LETTER due on Tuesday. Conferences on Final Report (BRING A COMPLETE DRAFT FOR REVIEW, Workbook: 13-14) 11/23 FINAL REPORT due (No class: Bring your packet to my office by 1:30 pm or turn it into the English Office no later than 4pm.) 11/25 THANKSGIVING BREAK 11/30 Speeches. Hand out Final Exam 12/02 COMPUTER LAB: Powerpoint Presentations 12/07 Speeches 12/09 COMPUTER LAB: Powerpoint Presentations LAST DAY OF CLASS: TURN IN YOUR FINAL EXAM 3
  • 4. THE PLEDGE Because I truly want to learn and because I understand that professional behavior begins now, in the classroom, I will strive to behave according to the following standards. 1. I will not enroll in a class that I don’t have time to attend or to prepare the work for. 2. I will faithfully endeavor to attend class every time it meets. 3. I will strive mightily to BE ON TIME for class each time it meets. 4. I will not schedule medical appointments, job interviews, or other activities so that I have to leave class early. 5. I will not expect the teacher to bend the rules or make special allowances to accommodate the events of my personal life. 6. If the circumstances of my life become so involved that I miss a large number of classes and/or fall so far behind in my classwork that I cannot catch up, I will drop the class. 7. When my instructor gives instructions, I will actually read or listen to the instructions and endeavor to follow them. 8. I will be sure to ask my instructor questions when I do not understand something, but first I will consult my textbooks and notes to see if the answer to my question has already been given to me.. 9. I will complete and deliver every assignment on time. 10. I will not talk with my neighbors or work on assignments for other courses during class. 11. I will never, when contemplating cutting class, ask my instructor, “Are we going to do anything important today?” 12. I absolutely will TURN OFF MY CELL PHONE before entering the classroom. ________________________________________________________________ Signature Date _________________________________________________________________ Email (please print legibly) Phone number 4