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  1. 1. Cognos 8 and Cognos 10: Its Importance in a BusinessBuilding a multi million business requires a lot of business planning and strategies. As an ownerof such, relying on mere man power to analyze your data could generate more cost and moreerror. Aside from a good team of people who will handle such task, good and reliable businessintelligence (BI) is one of your company’s necessities. Because of this BI’s, you can save a lot ofmoney, time and effort thus allow you to spend on more important matters regarding yourbusiness.Business Intelligence such as Cognos 8 and 10 will definitely make your decision on toughmatters with your company become easier because using such systems can give you a backdropof realistic statistics and can also allow you to predict future trends based from real numbers andcharts from your business itself. Business Intelligence is a reliable way to cut costs, prepare forimpending loss, can give you more strategically ways to solve your problems and most of all, itgives you accurate database from your company’s performance.Since big companies have a large number of data stored in their system, they need a tool that issecure enough yet, very easy to use for the people to understand and the efficiency of such toolcould only be maximized if people know how to operate it well. That makes Cognos 10 and 8stand out from other business intelligence software. It’s efficient yet user friendly thus allowseven the newbie’s to easily access it and make use of it. May not be as good as an advanceperson does but because of its flexibility and versatility, it can give them the gist of the importantdetails thus, their strategies could easily be formulated.
  2. 2. Using this could also make you organize your files for future references and reviews. It’s ITinterface is not only easy to use but are secured enough to keep your files in place for years.Small companies who plan to take a higher step in their business must start to check this type ofsoftware for if they are planning to expand and grow their business, this would be of great helpfor them and their booming company. It may be costly at first but if you try to get a keenobservation on it, it will save you even more because of its wide variety of functions fromanalyzing your present sales to giving you statistical data that can predict your company’s futureperformance and problems that can help you well on decision making.Cognos 8 and 10 may have slight difference when it comes to functionality because both are ofdifferent version of each other nevertheless, has a common ground of keeping up with yourprecious business’ whereabouts. Though you must start by contacting a professional to workthings with you at first which can be time consuming if you are a newbie, with this type ofsoftware, knowing the difference of the two may not be difficult from there and you can decidewhich of the two should you utilize. Both could be overwhelming but are worth it for yourbusiness.