A Complete Roof Replacement Guide
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A Complete Roof Replacement Guide



There are different types, materials and styles need to keep in mind while planning to replace your roof. An experienced roof contractor can assist you to get affordable, stylish and long lasting ...

There are different types, materials and styles need to keep in mind while planning to replace your roof. An experienced roof contractor can assist you to get affordable, stylish and long lasting roofing.



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A Complete Roof Replacement Guide A Complete Roof Replacement Guide Presentation Transcript

  • A Complete Roof Replacement Guide
    • Are you looking for a great deal on roofs repairs and replacement projects?
    • Or you may just want to get your roof inspected.
    • Whatever your roofing needs are, it is very crucial to consider some significant details.
    • Let us discuss a few major pointers regarding your roofing essentials.
    Attention Homeowners!
  • How to Know When You Need a New Roof?
    • No roof lasts forever. A time would come in every homeowner's life when the roof of their home would need replacement.
    • The longevity of the roof depends on the type of material it is made from.
    • Durability is influenced by the location of the shingles. (Sun exposure shortens the lifespan of a roof, therefore, shingles facing north can last longer than those facing south.)
    • Watch out for the signs such as torn shingles, buckling, sagging, discoloration, termite inspection, and rotting shingles.
  • Selecting a New Roof Made Easy
    • Choosing a new roof can be tough job, but you can make it less complicated by making note of these points:
    • Know the type of shingles you are looking for.
    • There should be a coordination or blending with the colors of your house.
    • Consider the weather patterns of your surroundings. ( Organic asphalt can wrap in wet and humid climates, whereas fiberglass shingles do well in humid environment and are much less flammable.)
    • Buy algae resistance coating shingles.
    • Check the packing label to know the compliance. (Organic shingles ASTM D-225 compliant, fiberglass ASTM D-3462 compliant)
    • (According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, the longest lasting roof type is the slate which can last from 30 years to a century, Asphalt can last 15 to 20 years, wood 10 to 40 years, and clay 20 years or more. Metal lasts from 20 to 40 years )
  • Things to Consider in Buying Roof Replacements
    • You can save your roof replacement contractor’s valuable time if you know the things he will require for construction.
    • Purchasing the roof starts with calculating how many squares of shingles you will need.
    • Take into account the ridge cap which is basically a foot wide.
    • Decide on how many squares of tar paper and ice shield are needed for construction.
  • Hiring a Roofing Contractor
    • Although hiring a contractor depends mainly on the style of your home and of course, your budget, there are other factors as well.
    • Contact several roofing contractors and ask your friends or neighbors for referrals.
    • Search the web sites which give contractor estimates, city or country wise.
  • Getting a Roofing Estimate and What to Look For
    • It’s time to get rid of your traditional method of searching contractors, seek help from the Internet. You will surely find the sites that offer free estimates from local roofers.
    • Look for the site that provides contractors’ details of your area.
    • Get more than three estimates to compare and catch the best deal.
  • Who can Help You?
    • Want to get competitive estimates from local, professional and pre-screened roofers? Go and visit http://www.roofreplacementestimates.com/
    • Why Us?
    • We are a large network of roofing contractors all across the country that is willing to provide free estimates.
    • We provide quick and easy source.
    • We are a team of certified prescreened roofing replacement contractors .
    • We accept up to three roof replacement estimates.
    • We offer a second level of selection to deliver the best and most unbeatable choice.
    • Thanks For Visiting