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Terral RiverService Brochure


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This is the brochure for Terral RiverService, a river transportation service and bulk materials handling company.

This is the brochure for Terral RiverService, a river transportation service and bulk materials handling company.

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  • 1. NOTE FROM THE CEO / Service is the cornerstone principle of our business. We at Terral RiverService believe in going the extra mile to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Our attention to detail distinguishes us from our competitors and has helped develop long-term business relationships. In addition, we are proud of our people, their work ethic and the long heritage of being a family business built on superior service and integrity. We look forward to continuing our growth through sound business practices and efficient operations. HISTORY / The company’s roots stretch back to 1946, when John Terral founded a small farm supply business in Lake Providence, Louisiana. That company evolved into a network of several larger businesses that included a seed company, a farm supply company and a grain trading company. Terral RiverService was formed in 1992 and has grown steadily, adding and upgrading facilities throughout the Lower Mississippi region. Terral RiverService, Inc. is a river transportation service company specializing in the bulk storage and handling of dry and liquid materials along the Mississippi River system, the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and the inland waterways of Louisiana and southern Arkansas. With our increasing capacity for bulk liquid and dry storage, fleets of push boats and river barges, and state-of-the-art dock operations strategically located throughout the Lower Mississippi River Valley, we are outfitted to serve the needs of your agricultural, industrial or local business.
  • 2. PRODUCTS Aggregates Limestone Rock • All sizes of Base Grades • Rip Rap • Agricultural Lime Cottonseed • Feed-grade whole cottonseed AGGREGATES / Through our five conveniently located sites, we are able to provide customers with quality limestone rock of all grades and sizes, including ag lime. We also unload rock and other products shipped by barge on virtually any navigable inland waterway with our custom unloading rigs. Jimmy Gunter, who manages our aggregate sales, has years of experience in the rock and transportation industries, and he will work hard to get the aggregates you need at a good price, regardless of the size or scope of your job. COTTONSEED / Terral operates two origination points for cottonseed, with a combined total storage capacity of 23,000 tons. Our facility at Tallulah, Louisiana, in the Lower Mississippi River Valley specializes in transporting cottonseed by barge. Our other facility is located at Columbia, Louisiana, on the mainline Union Pacific Railroad, where we load boxcars and gondolas for transport by rail. Both facilities allow us to originate cottonseed from Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana. Aggregates Sales Jimmy Gunter (318) 559-1500 Cottonseed Sales Greg Clement (318) 574-4487 AGGREGATES & COTTONSEED
  • 3. PRODUCTS Dry Bulk • Urea (46-00-00) • Ammonium Sulfate (21-00-00-24s) • K-Mag (00-00-22-11mg-22s) • Diammonium Phosphate (18-46-00) • Triple Super Phosphate (00-46-00) • Potash (00-00-60) • Boron (14.3%) • Zinc (20%) • 110,000 tons storage space • Transported via truck, rail or barge Liquid • 32% N Sol (32-00-00) • Ammonium ThioSulfate (12-00-00-26s) • Poly-N (11-37-00 or 10-34-00) • Liquid Urea Foliar (22-00-00) • Clear Liquid Blends (N-P-K) • 105,000 tons storage space • Transported via truck, rail or barge
 FERTILIZER / With five dry fertilizer warehouses and four liquid fertilizer facilities strategically located in heavy farm-use areas, we provide easily accessible blends of dry and liquid fertilizers to dealers throughout the Lower Mississippi River and beyond. Through years of experience in the fertilizer business, we have earned a reputation for our fairness and convenience. We are happy to accommodate the atypical schedules of industrial companies or the specific demands of local farm supply dealers. Our salespeople and location employees are knowledgeable, professional and easy to deal with. We offer competitive prices to go along with service that cannot be matched by larger, less coordinated competitors. Contact one of our fertilizer specialists below to see how Terral RiverService can assist you. Fertilizer Sales Don Philley (318) 559-1500 Fertilizer Sales Buddy May (318) 559-1500 Fertilizer Sales Chad Henson (662) 335-4999 FERTILIZER
  • 4. OUR BARGES / Terral RiverService owns a growing fleet of covered hopper barges that operate on the nation’s inland waterway system. At any given time our barges are moving fertilizer north out of New Orleans to St. Louis, hauling coal off the Illinois River to Lake Charles, Louisiana, or carrying corn from Wisconsin to New Orleans for export. BARGE FLEETING / Terral RiverService operates three fleeting and harbor services on the Lower Mississippi River. We provide mid-stream switching, dock switching, fully insured fleeting, barge cleaning and above-water barge repair. Our harbor services are located at Lake Providence (Mile 484 LMR), Tallulah (Mile 456 LMR) and Old River (mile 304 LMR). Our largest harbor service is at Old River, where we regularly fleet in excess of 100 barges. PUSH BOATS / Our ever-growing fleet of push boats offer towing services on the nation’s inland waterway system. We specialize in towing barges on the Red River, Ouachita River, Atchafalaya River, Lower Mississippi River and the Intracoastal Waterway. Our extensive knowledge of these complex river systems makes us a perfect partner for moving your river barges. Through our Old River Fleet, we provide spot towing services to most of the major inland ports of Louisiana. MARINE The Terral Marine Solution
  • 5. TERMINAL DOCK OPERATIONS / Terral RiverService maintains terminal dock operations at Lake Providence Port (Mile 484 LMR), Madison Parish Port (Mile 456 LMR), Pointe Coupee Parish Port (Mile 304 LMR), Alexandria Port (Mile 91 Red River), Natchitoches Port (Mile 155 Red River) and Mermentau Port (Mile 31 Mermentau River), all of which are equipped for the loading and unloading of aggregates, fertilizer, cottonseed, salt, corn, soybeans, other grains, tire chips, coal, petroleum coke and steel, as well as specialty cargo. Docked cranes and conveyor systems allow fully customizable transportation of cargo from river to warehouse or truck. CUSTOM BARGE OPERATIONS / Terral RiverService offers custom unloading at virtually any riverbank on the river system. Equipped with excavators and hydraulic clam buckets or cable cranes, our barges are capable of specialized unloading or lifting directly onto trucks. Trucks can be loaded quickly; each rig is capable of unloading up to six barges of product in a day. We maintain custom rigs throughout the region—on every waterway in Louisiana—and in our partnership with Gulf Coast Bulk Handling, LLC, we have increased our capabilities in the Gulf Coast region, including Texas, Mississippi and Alabama. BARGE CLEANING / We are permitted by the U.S. Coast Guard to clean most dry-bulk cargo barges. Our personnel at fleeting locations can sweep, wash barges and repair cover tops. These services are available at Lake Providence Port (Mile 484 LMR), Madison Parish Port (Mile 456 LMR), Pointe Coupee Parish Port (Mile 304 LMR) and Mermentau Port (Mile 31 Mermentau). BARGE REPAIR / Full-service topside barge repair is offered by Terral RiverService our at Old River Fleet location at Pointe Coupee Parish Port (Mile 304 LMR). BULK MATERIAL STORAGE / Our extensive physical resources and well-grown infrastructure allow us to offer numerous destination storage options for nearly all agricultural and industrial products. BULK MATERIAL HANDLING / We load, unload and store agricultural and industrial commodities of all kinds. This year we will handle over three million tons of aggregates, fertilizer, cottonseed, salt, corn, soybeans, grain, tire chips, coal, petroleum coke and steel. We provide shipping, handling, storage and sales solutions for any or all of your business’s bulk materials. SERVICES
  • 6. 01 Pine Bluff 4113 Emmett Sanders Rd Pine Bluff, AR 71601 02 Greenville 2635 Harbor Front Rd Greenville, MS 03 Lake Providence Corporate Headquarters 10100 Hwy 65 South Lake Providence, LA 04 Tallulah 466 Port Rd Tallulah, LA 71282 05 Columbia 102 Breston Ln Columbia, LA 06 Natchitoches 5690 Hwy 486 Campti, LA 71411 07 Vidalia 106 Hwy 131 Vidalia, LA 08 Alexandria 608 Port Rd. Alexandria, LA 09 Lettsworth Marine Headquarters 19255 Port Rd Lettsworth, LA 10 Mermentau 187 Port Rd Mermentau, LA 11 New Orleans New Orleans, LA SERVICES PRODUCTS TRANSPORTATION
  • 7. Terral RiverService, Inc.
 10100 Highway 65 South
 Lake Providence, LA 71254
 P (318) 559-1500 TF (800) 228-1961
 F (318) 559-1524