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Terral River Service's barges, fleet, and barge-related services.

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Marine Services | Terral River Service

  1. 1. Marine Services
  2. 2. Our Barges Marine Services 1/29/2014
  3. 3. Marine Services Terral owns a growing fleet of covered hopper barges that operate on the nation’s inland waterway system. 1/29/2014
  4. 4. At any given time our barges are moving fertilizer north out of New Orleans to St. Louis, hauling coal off the Illinois River to Lake Charles, Louisiana, or carrying corn from Wisconsin to New Orleans for export. Marine Services 1/29/2014
  5. 5. Barge Fleeting Marine Services 1/29/2014
  6. 6. Marine Services 1/29/2014 Terral operates three fleeting and harbor services on the Lower Mississippi River, at Lake Providence (Mile 484 LMR), Tallulah (Mile 456 LMR) and Old River (mile 304 LMR).
  7. 7. We provide various services at these spots: + Mid-stream switching + Dock switching + Fully insured fleeting + Barge cleaning + Above-water barge repair Marine Services 1/29/2014
  8. 8. Our largest harbor service is at Old River, where we regularly fleet in excess of 100 barges. Marine Services 1/29/2014
  9. 9. Push Boats Marine Services 1/29/2014
  10. 10. We specialize in towing barges on five waterways: + Red River + Ouachita River + Atchafalaya River + Lower Mississippi River + The Intracoastal Waterway Marine Services 1/29/2014
  11. 11. Marine Services Our extensive knowledge of these complex river systems makes us a great shipping partner. 1/29/2014
  12. 12. Through our Old River Fleet, we provide spot towing services to most of the major inland ports of Louisiana. Marine Services 1/29/2014
  13. 13. Barge Cleaning Marine Services 1/29/2014
  14. 14. Marine Services We are permitted by the U.S. Coast Guard to clean most dry-bulk cargo barges. Our personnel at fleeting locations can sweep, wash barges and repair cover tops. 1/29/2014
  15. 15. Cleaning services are available at: + Lake Providence Port (Mile 484 LMR) + Madison Parish Port (Mile 456 LMR) + Pointe Coupee Parish Port (Mile 304 LMR) + Mermentau Port (Mile 31 Mermentau) Marine Services 1/29/2014
  16. 16. Barge Repair Marine Services 1/29/2014
  17. 17. We offer full-service topside barge repair at our Old River Fleet location at Pointe Coupee Parish Port (Mile 304 LMR). Marine Services 1/29/2014
  18. 18. Terral is a bulk material handling and river transportation service company operating on the Mississippi River System, the inland waterways of Louisiana and southern Arkansas, and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.
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