Social Media for Non-Profit, Government & Religious Organization Events


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The largest and best Greek Festival in Southern California is the Orange County (O.C.) Greek Fest in aheim. This presentation was shared with their Festival team about how to use social media to drive awareness for their major event. It includes research and marketing strategy and recommendations to fix their social media problems that are applicable to non-profits and government agencies.

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Social Media for Non-Profit, Government & Religious Organization Events

  1. 1. The Power of Social Media for Non-Profits & Religious Organizations1
  2. 2. Teri Thompson
  3. 3. Cuba Austria Canada 3
  4. 4. Consider The Following•One Tweet – a message with no more than 140 characters –turns into $33 million-plus in Haitian disaster relief•A Town Hall meeting on transportation systems inOrange County, California is viewed in real-time in•Russia•Western Europe• Asia•Former struggling competitors are thriving by sharing customers
  5. 5. WHY SHOULD I CARE?IF NOT FOR YOURSELF, THEN FOR YOUR STAKEHOLDERS•100,000 people a day are joining a community somewhere aroundthe world*•Audiences and consumers are relying on each other for buyingdecisions “Reviews are the New Advertising” “Conversation is Currency”•Be aware of how to harness these platforms for professional and personal branding•Stay relevant and connected!*Source: 2009
  6. 6. 2010 United States Library of CongressArchive all tweets from 2006 into the future forhistorical purposes “Plane on the Hudson” “ Arrested” Stanford studentReal-time is simultaneously becoming history
  7. 7. What is Social Media? Defined• Free digital platformsthat support conversationwithin a community• Media that is Social• New Tools• Instead of one-to-one It is one-to-many
  8. 8. What is Social Media? ReachUnited States -Population• Facebook 1 Billion user per month• Twitter 478 Million +• LinkedIn 202 Million+• YouTube 2 Billion videos per/dayInternational• Ren Ren, QQ, Weibo Sina, Kaixin• Xing, StudiVZ• V Kontakte, Odnoklassniki
  9. 9. Facebook
  10. 10. Digital Natives (Mark Prensky – Harvard Univ)•Generation Y, Generation Net redefined•Males /Females under 35 years of age•In U.S. 90 million•Outnumber Baby Boomers 70 million = “Youth Bulge” Beck, John C., Wade, Mitchell. “Got Game: How the Gamer Generation is Reshaping Business Forever.” Boston, Harvard Business School Press, 2004. 1-2.10
  11. 11. Purchase Landscape Friends Family Wikis Consumer Sender Blogs Coworkers As Path Message Comments Podcasts Forums Facebook You Mashup Tube Communication Blanket11
  12. 12. Communication Has Changed Forever• Non-Profit, Fundraising• Businesses - all sizes & categories• Government• Entertainment• Healthcare• Sports• Retail• RestaurantsEverywhere!
  13. 13. No Control!FEAR
  14. 14. Manage the Conversation 14
  15. 15. Social Media Conversation Strategy Rule #1• Start with Listening: – Where the conversation is taking place about 1st, 2nd, 3rd layer – Find the Influencers – Give them relevant content they will want to share
  16. 16. Rule #2 - Social Media Strategy Rules of Engagement• Openness• Transparency• Truthfulness• Authenticity• Adding Value 16
  17. 17. Social Media Strategy Rule #3 Keep the same branding - name & graphics/coloracross all social media platforms for brand consistency & Link them! 17
  18. 18. Social Media Strategy Rule #4Develop a brand “persona” as your voice/image on social media 18
  19. 19. Social Media Strategy Rule #5Develop content YOU would like to receive. Put this shareable content in the hands of influencers 19
  20. 20. Social Media Strategy Rule #6 Measure & adjust along the waySentiment, Volume, Velocity, Activity 20
  21. 21. Strategic Use of Social Media: Media with a PurposeIsaiah Mustafa – Old Spice:“The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”Weiden +Kennedy 21
  22. 22. Charities & Non-Profits
  23. 23. Guide How To Give
  24. 24. Multiple Ways to Donate
  25. 25. Apple Converse MotorolaEmporio Armani Gap
  26. 26. Non-Profit Social Media Trends 2013• Social media starting to edge out email in importance to nonprofit marketers• Nonprofits rely most on – Facebook (94%) – Twitter (62%) – YouTube (42%)• What excites nonprofits: – new chances to reach out – using social media strategically – more communications planning• Nonprofits in the South most likely to rank social media as very importantand love Twitter more than other regions
  27. 27. Twitter for Religious OrganizationsMicroblogging platform - 140 charactersTwitter shared Stats that had previously been kept under wraps• Now has 478 Million registered users.• Twitter users are tweeting an average of 55 million tweets a day.• Of Twitters active users, 37 percent use their phone to tweet. (Source: Chirp, the official Twitter developer conference 4/2010)Two Basic Twitter Strategies- Tweet- Follow
  28. 28. Twitter for The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America @goarch
  29. 29. Twitter: Being Greek Festival – Sydney, Australia
  30. 30. St. John The Baptist Greek Orthodox Church – Social Media PresenceTwitter:
  31. 31. Twitter: @OCGreekFest
  32. 32. Twitter – Search & Follow
  33. 33. Facebook use by Religions Facebook is Social Hub •Links to websites, documents •Post Photos •YouTube video interviews, articles, •Events Go Where People Are “ Fish Where The Fish Are” •FB has 2x+ more viewers than all the newspapers in the U.S. combined each day
  34. 34. Facebook: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
  35. 35. Facebook: Being Greek Festival, Sydney
  36. 36. Greek Food Festival Dallas Texas – Top of Page
  37. 37. Greek Food Festival – Dallas, Texas – Lower Half
  38. 38. Facebook – Orange County Greek Festival
  39. 39. Facebook: Taste of Chicago – High “likes”
  40. 40. Facebook: Bumbershoot -- Seattle’s Music & Arts Festival Also on Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare, Yelp
  41. 41. Chicago Events in Millennium ParkTwitter: @Millennium_Park
  42. 42. YOUTUBE: The Divine Liturgy of The Greek Orthodox Church in English
  43. 43. YOUTUBE: OC Greek Festival Channel
  44. 44. Wordpress site:
  45. 45.• One of the fastest growing social sites• 85% female 15% male• Great site for food, music, fashion, festivals, lifestyleTop Ten Social Sites 03/25/2012 Tips
  46. 46. Pinterest profile: None but photo posted by 3rd party
  47. 47. Pinterest Search: “Greek Festivals”
  48. 48. OC Greek Fest – Social Media Awareness Plan1. What you have already: • Facebook – change from a “profile” to a “page” • Start posting 2 x per day. Minimize the !!!! and CAPS • Post with links to the micro site • Post close-up photos of food • Photos of dancing, show children, teens, parents, dancing, music • TAG with names as often as possible. • No name, then the Festival name, location, activity2. Twitter profile: @OCGreekFest (no tweets since November) • Post tweets with links to the micro site • Post tweets with links to the Facebook status updates • Post tweets with links to photos, Pinterest, YouTube videos • Post 3x per day for three weeks - 4 – 5 times per day leading up to Festival • Create hash tags #OCGreekFest, #OCGreekfood, #OCGreekMusic, etc.3. Start a YouTube Channel specifically for the Festival (Make Playlists by the year) • Channel: O. C. Greek Fest • Description needs to read: Orange County Greek Fest
  49. 49. OC Greek Fest – Social Media Awareness Plan4. Create a Pinterest Profile: Repurpose existing photos of all activities, food, etc. into “boards”5. Write and distribute on-line Press Releases (two) Recommend 24/7 Press Release 1st - $89 level –send to all regions ASAP 2nd - $89 level- more localized
  50. 50. If you need a plan for yournon-profit, government or • Never Stop Learningreligious event, • Move Forwardwe can help. • Lead the World Teri Thompson Rocky Peak Enterprises, LLC @TeriThompson1 FB: Teri.Thompson1 LinkedIn: TeriThompson1