How To Focus Your Baby Nursery Decor Plan


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How To Focus Your Baby Nursery Decor Plan

  1. 1. How To Focus Your Baby Nursery Decor PlanBaby nursery décor can be extremely overwhelming, especially for new parents. There are manydifferent decorations, furniture items, bedding, wall art, etc. For you to think about. Therefore to helpyou narrow down your decisions, its a good idea to focus on a theme. Keep in mind, a theme doesntneed to be based on a cartoon, teddy bears, clowns, or animals; it can be based on something assimple as a color or be entirely eclectic.Even though a theme isnt necessary for your babys nursery, it can be helpful when it comes tofocusing and organizing your decorating ideas. With that in mind, the following is a step-by-stepmethod of how you can focus your baby nursery décor plan by using a theme.Step 1 - Select a theme. Picking a theme is about focusing on one element and using this elementthroughout all of the items you use to decorate the nursery. Examples of a theme include, but arecertainly not limited to:oClassic cartoon - I.E. "Mickey Mouse", "Winnie the Pooh", "Peter Rabbit", etc.oMagical creatures - I.E. Fairies, dragons, elves, etc. - any characters that can be found in fairytalesand nursery rhymes.oAnimals and Bugs - I.E. Farm animals, marine animals, birds, lady bugs, bumblebees, caterpillars,butterflies, etc.oTeddy bearsoClownsoBalloonsoFlowersoSportsoGeometrical shapesoColoroEtc.The list of themes can go on and on. Thus, its a good idea to pick something you like and want yourchild to respond to. Find out how many different décor items are available to your theme by doingboth an in store and online search.Step 2 - Focus your theme. Once youve decided on your baby nursery décor theme, its time to focusyour theme and give it shape. For instance, if lady bugs are the chosen theme, brainstorm about themany ways you can incorporate lady bugs into the room. This doesnt only mean taking the actualbug into consideration, but also its other characteristics such as its color. If you wish to focus only onred lady bugs with black spots, than the color red and black spots should be a common part of thetheme.Step 3 - Furnish your theme. After your theme is focused, you need to turn your attention to furniture,and furniture placement. You need to decide what furniture is needed, and then set it up in the roomto achieve the best and most convenient and unobstructed layout. Start with the essential pieces (I.E.Crib, dresser, and change table), and if you still have enough room, you can then add more furniture
  2. 2. such as a rocking chair, end table, etc.Since most of the baby nursery décor accessories will be the focal point of your theme, its a goodidea to keep furniture looking simple. Matching wood or white colored furniture goes with just aboutevery theme.Step 4 - Color your theme. Once you know where the furniture will go, the next step is your walls. Youmay choose to wallpaper in your theme, or paint the walls. When painting your walls, regardless ofyour theme, its a good idea to choose a light color to create an open and gentle feeling. Good colorsinclude a warm shade of white, light yellow, green, pink or blue. Paint the wall a solid color and thenadd a thematic wallpaper boarder at the top or middle of the room. If you dont want a boarder,consider painting a few characters from your theme on the wall with the assistance of a stencil, paintyour own design free-hand, or put up a wall mural. Just make sure any designs, artwork, or muralsare placed on the wall that will not be blocked by furniture.Step 5 - Finish your theme. When the walls are taken care of, and the furniture has been moved in,finish off your theme with accessories. This includes wall art, stuffed toys, lamps, music box, babymobile, area rug, nightlight, bedding, quilt, window treatments, etc. Using a farm animal theme as anexample, you can obtain a musical mobile that features different animals, a cat lamp, a bumper withducks, a cow throw rug, a dog nightlight, sheep bedding, piggy bank, wall art of a barn and farmanimals, and so on.No matter the theme you decide for your baby nursery décor, make sure you dont leave yourdecorating for the last minute. You dont want to be putting together the nursery two months or lessbefore your little one arrives.For unique, different and quality wall and home decor products like modern wrought iron candle wallsconces or stylish large metal wall art, shop at Wall Décor and Home Accents.For more home décor and design articles by Jessica Ackerman visit" target="_new">home decor blog at Wall Decor andHome Accents.Learn More About Collecting Vintage Teddy Bears