Social Media Week Chicago #SMW9Tools4Fame


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This was a presentation given during Social Media Week Chicago with Elly D., and Tori D. We include some great tips for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs looking to get started in Social Media. Bloggers, Busines owners, and Professionals attend this workshop.

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Social Media Week Chicago #SMW9Tools4Fame

  1. 1. CHICAGO 9 Beautiful Tools to Become Internet Famous #SMW9Tools4Fame September 25, 2013 6-8pm Opening Music #SMWCHICAGO
  2. 2. PANELISTS CHICAGO Elly Deutch Terez Baskin Social Media Author D’Babetta Tori Dorsey COO / Director of Digital Strategy Fashion & Tech Blogger Glasses and Glitter Convometrics #SMW9Tools4Fame
  3. 3. We will teach you how to be a ROCKSTAR! 1. About.Me Page 2. About Page (Blog/Business) 3. Google+/G+ Pages 4. Facebook Pages 5. Branded Twitter Account 6. Youtube 7. Podcasting 8. Pinterest for Business 9. Linkedin Bonus: Flickr vs. Instagram
  4. 4. • Builds Brand – expose who you are to people. • Exposure – way to build a following for you business or social media presence • Connections - comes with this great little “View Random Profile” feature. • SEO rich – indexed by Google Tori Dorsey Creator/Editor @glassesnglitter
  5. 5. • • • • • This is your businesses Most important page Don’t talk about your brand in the third person I am… or We are Come up with a brand mission statement People buy your story not your product Terez Baskin Social Media Author @TerezBaskin
  6. 6. ELLY DEUTCH COO/ Director of Digital Strategy @deutchE
  7. 7. ELLY DEUTCH COO/ Director of Digital Strategy @deutchE
  8. 8. - 600 million users, 200 million active & 400 million tweets per day - Real-time news feed from around the globe - Connection to resources you’ve never had access to before - Instantaneous transparency and authenticity - Real time customer service - Standard for mobile marketing ELLY DEUTCH COO/ Director of Digital Strategy @deutchE
  9. 9. • Creating your own media channel • You control your message • Did you know 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? • Over 800 Million unique users visit YouTube each month Terez Baskin Social Media Author @TerezBaskin
  10. 10. Terez Baskin Social Media Author @TerezBaskin
  11. 11. • • • • • • According to on average Pinterest users spend $80 Are you services more or less than $80 Have a verified Business Account Inspire uses for your products and services Add the “Pin It” button all over your site Brand your pins with your company logo Terez Baskin Social Media Author @TerezBaskin
  12. 12. • LinkedIn made 10 years old. It is the oldest and only social media site for business • Here you get to brag on your business accomplishments • More interactive • GROUPS are Golden (Tribes) Terez Baskin Social Media Author @TerezBaskin
  13. 13. • Upload thousands of pictures (1TB space free) and get feedback on your shots • Create a “Pinterest like” idea file simply by marking favorite • Social sharing – you can easily share your Flickr photos to more social networks, unlike with facebook or twitter. • Amazing communities where you can learn and network. Tori Dorsey Creator/Editor @glassesnglitter
  14. 14. THANK YOU!