Group Research & Proposal for Fashion Shoe Brand Eighthereal


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Cross Specialism Group Research and Project Proposal for Shoe Brand Eighthereal
Members names: Geraldine, Xiao Ming, Pearl, Ann, Mardiana, Venessa and Jia En

Year 2 for BA(Hons) Degree Fashion Media & Industries Course (Fashion Marketing and Management Specialism) LASALLE College of the Arts

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  • EIGHT shoe lovers with a passion to realize our own dreams in the individualistic creation of a pair of your own statement shoes.Designers Geraldine, Shirley & Xiao MingTextile Designer MardianaWebsite Designers: Nuraini & Pearl Marketing Manager: Venessa & Jia En
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  • Based on our research on the market and our competitors, we have decided to place our Brand in the Premium bracket of the market.Our prices will be low to moderate in the premium bracket but we will strive to deliver quality and design that equals brands in the premium bracket.
  • Price – exclusive – price skimming/competitors pricing
  • The Embrace by Eighthereal features a unique design whereby one’s foot is partially both on and off the sole of the shoe, with there being a gap in the middle of the sole. The heel of the shoe is a of a unique shape, looking like that of the shape of a handle. The shoe is also easy to slip on, having no particular buckles or useful embellishments to hold the shoe together, as the front of the shoe is deep enough for the foot to stay secured. Material: Tinted Acrylic, Fake Animal Hair (*we need opinions)Heel Height: 2” platform, 5 ½” HeelMade in Singapore
  • Group Research & Proposal for Fashion Shoe Brand Eighthereal

    1. 1. Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world!
    2. 2. WHO ARE WE? || love for custom-made products. || || In our search for shoes that fit our dreams. || ||A collective skilled in textile, communication, design & marketing. ||
    3. 3. WHY US? || Passionate about what we do.|| || Exclusive, custom made shoes with innovative fabrics.|| || Professionals sensitive to future fashion trends.||
    4. 4. CONCEPT 21st Century DANGEROU S ROMANC
    5. 5. CONTENT PAGE Objectives Market Analysis PEST Market Segmentation Analysis Target Customer Demographics, Psychographics & Profile Competitors Analysis Market Positioning Product Designs Swatches Website Home Page Product Page Packaging Publicity SWOT & Conclusion
    6. 6. MISSION & VISION || Create unparalleled avantgarde shoes for artistic creatives.|| || To be the leading trend and taste maker for the 21st Century. || ||Heighten and embrace the unexpected, unconventional and dangerous beauty. ||
    7. 7. PEST ANALYSIS POLITICAL •Spring Singapore &EnterpriseOne Local Enterprise Finance Scheme has various financing scheme to support young entrepreneurial start ups. ECONOMICAL •Increase in the disposable income. •The size of the Singapore online shopping market is forecasted to hit S$4.4 billion in 2015, according to PayPal’s research. SOCIAL •Lifestyle changes; increasing fashion awareness and consumers dare to try new styles. •Singapore is top 8th most fashionable city in the world in 2011. •Increase in affluent consumers; tourist & locals. TECHNOLOGICAL •Increase IT literacyof both managers and consumers therefore making online shopping an easily accessible choice.
    8. 8. Materialistic entrepreneur New Age Family Family-oriented traditional The Dreamer Entrepreneurial Strivers The Aspirer Modern Pragmatists The Independent The Dreamers The Aspirer Positioning statement: For forward looking creatives who leads the world trends. Eighthereal is an avantgarde collective that provides bespoke, sublime, dangerously romantic shoes for the 21st Century. Segmentation Targeting Positioning Entrepreneurial Strivers Survey source: Trend Trackers , Published Straits Times 26/03/2009 MARKET SEGMENTATION
    9. 9. GLOBAL SEGMENTATION Target: Singapore, UK and USA. SG 15-65 Females ~ 1.7 Million UK 15-65 Females ~ 20 Million US 15-65 Females ~103 Million Total Market size: ~124.7 Million Assuming a target of the upper middle class –upper class of 16%: ~20 Million Assuming a primary target of innovators of 2.5%: ~500,000 Assuming a target of secondary target of early adopters of 13.5%: ~2.7 Million Statistics according to Diffusion Innovation by Everett Rogers. Target Segmentation Non Target Secondary Target Primary Target
    10. 10. TARGET CUSTOMERS DEMOGRAPHICS & PSYCHOGRAPHICS Primary Consumers Working Female Professionals Appreciates High Fashion & Art Age range from Mid 20s - 30s Stylish Daring & Imaginative High disposable income $3000 Like to flaunt, like branded items and keep up with trends. Secondary Consumers Students & Innovators Early 20s – 40s Creative & Daring Enjoys Photography Attending Concerts and Fashion Events
    11. 11. Leigh Lezark 27 Year Old American DJ and Model 1/3rd of the New York City-based DJ trio the Misshapes Individualistic, Daring & Striking dress sense Inspires many in the fashion and art industries Dresses up for modeling work and fashion events TARGET CUSTOMER PROFILE
    12. 12. COMPETITORS ANALYSIS BESPOKE SHOE WEBSITES Varies from number of model types, variations types, swatches, design panel and gallery choices.
    13. 13. MARKET POSITIONING Price Low High Quality: Low Economy Cowboy High Bargain Premium
    14. 14. COMPETITORS ANALYSIS Milk& Honey Shoes of Prey Atelier Shoes Eighthereal Dsquared Alexander McQueen $250 Price Ranges $195-310 $280 Price Ranges $180-330 $285 Price Ranges $190-285 $300 Price Ranges $300 - $500 $868 $895
    15. 15. MARKET POSITIONING Price Quality Atelier Shoes Dsquared Eighthereal Milk & Honey Shoes of Prey Alexander McQueen
    16. 16. PRODUCT
    17. 17. MOODBOARD
    19. 19. BEHIND THE SCENES Brainstorming and Discussions Snippets of us working in pairs/team – management, communication and design & textile.
    20. 20. BEHIND THE SCENES Development Snippets of designers discussing and explaining concept with the product designer to develop the prototype.
    21. 21. BEHIND THE SCENES Product Prototype Development Product team developing the prototype
    22. 22. PRODUCT Prototype Development
    23. 23. PRODUCT Model 1 Imperfection Perfection Black peroxide constructed acrylic wedge by Eighthereal features geometric/angular sculpted wedge with hollow space within cube which enable change of content according to customer preferences. Dictate your shoe uniqueness through customizing from our wide arrays of colour and fabric swatches. PVC Leather, Acrylic, 5” inches heel with a 2” platform Made in Singapore
    24. 24. Customize
    25. 25. PRODUCT Model 2 The Embrace Geometric Sculpted wedge boot by Eighthereal features a zip across the boot. Unzip it according to your preference and let the soft leather drape revealing your foot. Once fully zip , you will have a boot. Play with the zip to see the different variation of how it drape on your foot. Triangular acrylic Intersection provide the shoe a hollow levitatingffect upon the faceted cut Geometry wedge platform. Customization available . Choose from our wide range of fabric swatch to suit yourself. Material: Leather, Suede, PVC, PU leather, Acrylic Wood Heel Height: 3 ½ ” platform Made in Singapore Angular shoe base Heel Height : 2” platform, 5 ½” Heel Material: Leather, Acrylic Front Side
    26. 26. PRODUCT Model 3 Acceptance’s Handle The Acceptance Handle by Eighthereal features a unique design whereby one’s foot is partially both on and off the sole of the shoe, with there being a gap in the middle of the sole. The heel of the shoe is a of a unique shape, looking like that of the shape of a handle. The shoe is also easy to slip on, having no particular buckles or useful embellishments to hold the shoe together, as the front of the shoe is deep enough for the foot to stay secured. Material: Tinted Acrylic, Fake Animal Hair Heel Height: 2” platform, 5 ½” Heel Made in Singapore
    27. 27. PRODUCT Embellishments Go nasty with our spike studs selection Peroxide fabric place inside acrylic wedge (choice of fabric selection from our arrays of fabric swatch) Acrylic wedge filled with broken CD shards
    28. 28. FABRIC RATIONALE Leather PU Cotton Silk
    29. 29. FABRIC PRINTING TECHNIQUES Print Bleach Marbling Dye
    30. 30. FABRIC DEVELOPMENT SmokeFireworks Aurora Borealis Blood PeroxideShock Wave Aurora BloodlyMarbel
    37. 37. PACKAGING
    39. 39. BEHIND THE SCENES Packaging Development Purchasing, measuring and producing the packaging sample.
    40. 40. PUBLICITY Magazines Celebrities Facebook Twitter Collaborations
    41. 41. SHIPPING & FAQ || International shipping is $25. Regular shipping takes approximately 5-7 business days. || || For the holiday season, all Singapore Local, shipping is FREE. || || All shoes (except rush orders) take approximately 6-8 weeks from the time you place your order until we ship your shoes. ||
    42. 42. Strength •Exclusiveness – First of its kind bespoke unique shoe design. •Accessibility •Variety of innovative fabric and textured swatches. Weakness •Limited to online. No hands (feet) on experience for customers. •Limited financial resources Opportunities •Going global – wider target audience. •Setting up physical stores in the near future. •Affordable advertising with popular fashion bloggers. Threats •Production time likely to be long. •Copy cat designs appearing after launch. •Labour cost likely to be high. SWOT ANALYSIS
    43. 43. CONCLUSION || Continually maintain our strength of exclusiveness with new ideas and designs. || || Turn our weakness into opportunities by branching out into physical stores in the future. ||
    44. 44. Eighthereal empowers women to conquer the world!
    45. 45. References • References for demographics statistics: • Stats for Early Adopters: • Spring Singapore: • EnterpriseOne: efs.aspx • Burberry Website: • Net-a-porter Website: • Urban Outfitters Website: