The Top 7 Things You Need to Know About Marketing


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Are you interested in getting a job in marketing? Are you just graduating college and looking for a job in marketing? If so, you need to know all there is to know about marketing. This slideshare will give you the top 7 things you should know as you journey into the world of marketing!

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The Top 7 Things You Need to Know About Marketing

  1. 1. W H Y I S M A R K E T I N G S O I M P O R T A N T ? The Top 7 Things You Need to Know About Marketing
  2. 2. Why does marketing matter?  Whether you’re a fresh college graduate or you’re working toward becoming the CEO of your company, marketing should be important to you.  Why? Marketing is what gets you a job and it’s what gets businesses noticed by people. It’s an important part of the economy because it keeps businesses successful.  If you’re on the marketing team in your company, keep your eyes wide open. The next seven slides show you what you need to know about marketing:
  3. 3. 1. Always have a budget.  When developing a marketing plan, come up with a specific budget. Know where every dollar is spent and should be spent so that you’re not wasting both time and money.
  4. 4. 2. Know the difference between SEO and PPC.  Both SEO and PPC are important parts of marketing. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Both are important marketing terms that everyone in the marketing field should know.
  5. 5. 3. Find the best strategy for your company.  There are several different marketing strategies but not all of them will work for your company. Figure out which strategy will be most beneficial in the long run and not just in the here and now.
  6. 6. 4. Use social media.  Companies who don’t use social media to promote their content are not doing themselves any favors. If you want your company to get noticed by people in all industries, use social media. You’ll reach a much larger crowd.
  7. 7. 5. Know what inbound and outbound sales are.  Inbound marketing tends to not only be more successful but more cost-effective, too. Inbound sales come from people seeking your services. Outbound sales come from you seeking out customers.
  8. 8. 6. Know B2B and B2C differences.  B2B means business to business and B2C means business to consumer. These are different types of businesses that require different types of marketing plans. If you don’t know what type of business you’re working for, you may want to fix that fast!
  9. 9. 7. Track your advertising.  Always keep track of how your marketing campaigns are doing. This is the only way to know if your strategies are successful or if they need work. No matter what, it’s always important to find room for improvement.
  10. 10. Get a Free Leads Analysis  If you’re interested in finding out how your business is doing with its marketing strategies, contact Sprint Marketing today to get a free leads analysis.  You can visit Sprint Marketing online at or you can call them at (801) 251-6855.  Don’t wait any longer to see how you can improve your marketing plan!