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Learn how the Tendenci CMS for Non-Profit Websites can improve your email marketing:
1. Why Email Marketing is Important to You?
2. How to create and send email newsletters using Tendenci's Newsletter Module
3. Tendenci’s Tools to Increase Your Email Marketing Success, including:
List Management and Segmentation
A/B Split Testing and Other Email Tests to Try
Understanding Reporting Features
How to Improve Your Email Marketing Results

Come find out how Tendenci can improve your web marketing results and generate more revenue:
Sign-Up for your Free 30 Day Trial today:

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  • Presented February 16th, 2012 via Tendenci’s Free Online Web Trainings. Register for upcoming Tendenci trainings online at
  • Your Organization Benefits: It’s Inexpensive – According to DMA email marketing brings in an average of $40.56 for every dollar spent on it. To compare this: Search marketing’s return is $22.24 Online display ads return is $19.72 Social media marketing’s return is $12.71 Mobile’s return is $10.51 (mobile is still a growing market and this number may dramatically shift up or down)2. It’s Effective - it moves the conversation about your business or information product to your subscribers’ inbox, a personal environment for them. 3. It’s Immediate 4. It’s MeasurableIt’s Easy Your Subscribers Want to Hear from You:* Let your subscribers know what is going on at your organization/business.* An email allows you to send your subscribers a call to action they can take immediately.* Your subscribers signed up and expect and want to hear what you are doing.
  • Now we are going to go through the integration features we’ve developed between our Tendenci Content Management Software platform and Campaign Monitor’s email marketing software. I’ll demonstrate how to create and send email newsletters from your Tendenci Admin Dashboard.
  • Each new Tendenci website is set-up with the ability to integrate Campaign Monitor and access your email marketing dashboard from your website’s admin navigation menu. This allows you to quickly access your email marketing campaigns and templates directly from any page on their Tendenci website.
  • When you click on “Campaign Monitor” on the Navigation Menu, you can access your Tendenci Newsletter Dashboard to add, sync, and view campaigns. Tendenci’s Integrated Newsletter Dashboard lets you view saved campaign drafts and sent campaigns with a link to view the newsletter you sent out with that campaign or saved drafts you haven’t finished editing and sent out yet. You are still on your Tendenci website – we bring your email campaigns to you from your Campaign Monitor account.
  • Select “Add Campaign” to create a new email newsletter campaign. For our Tendenci 5.0 clients, we design integrated newsletter templates that allow them to select content and events from their Tendenci website based on type: Events, Job Listings, Website Pages, News Announcements, and Articles. For each content type, you can chose to include new website content added within 1, 3, 5, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90, 120 or ALL days and the content will automatically be added to your newsletter template.For Events on your website calendar – we have made it even easier to include specific date ranges based on months, days, and year. You can also select Event Types from your calendar to include in your email newsletter.
  • After you select type and date ranges for content on the Tendenci newsletter dashboard, the next click takes you to your Tendenci-Campaign Monitor account where you can name the campaign, enter your subject line, and update the sender’s name and email addresses.
  • Watch the Tendenci Email Newsletter Features video: and see how fast you can create and send an email newsletter.
  • You can download a PDF containing all the rules and regulations for complying with the law at: are the FTC’s Top Recommendations for Following the CAN-SPAM Act from their website:Don’t use false or misleading header information. Your “From,” “To,” “Reply-To,” and routing information – including the originating domain name and email address – must be accurate and identify the person or business who initiated the message.Don’t use deceptive subject lines. The subject line must accurately reflect the content of the message.Identify the message as an ad. The law gives you a lot of leeway in how to do this, but you must disclose clearly and conspicuously that your message is an advertisement.Tell recipients where you’re located. Your message must include your valid physical postal address. This can be your current street address, a post office box you’ve registered with the U.S. Postal Service, or a private mailbox you’ve registered with a commercial mail receiving agency established under Postal Service regulations.Tell recipients how to opt out of receiving future email from you. Your message must include a clear and conspicuous explanation of how the recipient can opt out of getting email from you in the future. Craft the notice in a way that’s easy for an ordinary person to recognize, read, and understand. Creative use of type size, color, and location can improve clarity. Give a return email address or another easy Internet-based way to allow people to communicate their choice to you. You may create a menu to allow a recipient to opt out of certain types of messages, but you must include the option to stop all commercial messages from you. Make sure your spam filter doesn’t block these opt-out requests.Honor opt-out requests promptly. Any opt-out mechanism you offer must be able to process opt-out requests for at least 30 days after you send your message. You must honor a recipient’s opt-out request within 10 business days. You can’t charge a fee, require the recipient to give you any personally identifying information beyond an email address, or make the recipient take any step other than sending a reply email or visiting a single page on an Internet website as a condition for honoring an opt-out request. Once people have told you they don’t want to receive more messages from you, you can’t sell or transfer their email addresses, even in the form of a mailing list. The only exception is that you may transfer the addresses to a company you’ve hired to help you comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.Monitor what others are doing on your behalf. The law makes clear that even if you hire another company to handle your email marketing, you can’t contract away your legal responsibility to comply with the law. Both the company whose product is promoted in the message and the company that actually sends the message may be held legally responsible.
  • At Tendenci – we go a step above and beyond the law because we want your email marketing to succeed! Emailing someone you don’t have permission from isn’t going to be very happy with you or your organization.
  • In order to send email newsletters through Tendenci, you will need to adhere to our guidelines. Find out more online and download a copy of our policies:
  • Our Tendenci software is built to enable organizations to manage events and memberships all within their website, easily. When a new User Group or Membership Type is created on your Tendenci website – a new subscriber segment list is automatically created. When a new user or member is added to your website or added to a User Group or Membership type, they are instantly added to the corresponding subscriber segment list.
  • Get to Know Each of Your SubscribersEach subscriber has their own profile page showing which campaigns they have opened, what links they click on, which lists they are on, and more so you can provide your subscribers with personalized newsletters and content.
  • Segmentation FTWSegmented Lists enable you to better engage your subscribers with targeted messagesUse segmentation for things like:Sending product information based on a client’s interests and past purchasesSend your sponsors and donors a different email newsletter than your membersA segment is a subset of one of your existing subscriber lists. For example, instead of emailing everyone on your ‘Donations’ list, you might only want to send an email to the subscribers that have donated a certain amount or live in a certain state.Using Rules with Segments, you can divide up your subscribers based on who they are and what interests them, and customize the message you send in your newsletters to each segment. Segments can be used in lots of different ways to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Ideas for using segments:Send a special thank you offer to your old school members, who signed up before a certain date.A second chance offer to people who did not click through on your last campaignOffer special prices to frequent purchasersSend emails to people interested in certain topics
  • Manage your suppression listYour suppression list ensures you never contact a person who has previously unsubscribed or bounced out of your subscriber lists. Whenever you add new subscribers, we'll automatically scrub it against this list. You can manage how unsubscribes are handled on a list-by-list basis by clicking on "Unsubscribe settings" for each list in your account.Create Autoresponders and drip campaigns:
  • View your email campaign reports to find out what is working and what isn’t. Your Tendenci newsletter dashboard includes all the reporting and analytics tools you need, including:Compare multiple campaigns to determine what works and what didn’tSee which email clients are your subscribers viewing from and how many are mobileFind open rates, click throughs, most popular links Use the Worldview to see real-time, location-based campaign activitySocial Sharing reporting to tweet, “Like”, and +1 your newslettersAnd more….
  • Using Tendenci’s newsletter testing features like A/B, segments, design and spam testing (additional cost) landing pages and subscribe forms for different offers/testing interestA/B Split Testing has never been this simple before. what content you’d like to test: Subject line, Email Content, or who the From Name is on your newsletter campaign.Then enter the content for each version A and B, and create your newsletter like you normally would.Once your newsletter is created, you’ll select to send the A/B versions to a percentage of your total subscriber lists and you can watch the results in real time. Once the test has selected a winner, Tendenci’s Newsletter Dashboard will automatically send the winning version to your full subscriber list.
  • Campaign snapshotSee how your email campaign has performed at a glance. Find out how many recipients opened your email, clicked a link, unsubscribed, forwarded your email to a friend and loads more.
  • Opens Over TimeOur simple Opens Over Time Report shows exactly who is checking out your email, how many times they’re doing it, and when they did it. You can get an overview for the life of the campaign or drill down all the way to minute by minute detail.
  • Recipient ActivityOur recipient activity report lets you get down to some serious detail on your campaign. Easily see who opened, who clicked, who bounced and who unsubscribed. You can even search for a specific subscriber to see exactly what they did with your email.
  • Link activityThe Link Activity Report makes it very easy to see what your subscribers found most interesting, as well as who clicked and who did not.
  • Bounce SummaryAs well as automatically processing any bounced emails for you, we also tell you exactly why that subscriber bounced out of your list. Maybe we got an out of office reply, or perhaps their mailbox was full - whatever the reason, they didn’t get your email and we’ll tell you why.
  • Compare campaignsEasily compare any of your email campaign with each other. Is your open rate improving? Are you seeing less bounces over time?
  • Link Overlay - Improve your email marketing results by looking at the link overlays after you’ve sent out a campaign and see more than just your most popular links – see if where the link was placed matters too.Most Popular Links – See the links your subscribers are most interested in and see which subscribers clicked on each linkGet In-Depth Reports or Stay at the Overview – At a glance, you can see all the important numbers for your newsletter campaign: open rates, unsubscribes, top links, social shares and more. Or – go in-depth and drill down into the analytics and see everything that happened in your campaign.
  • How to Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns:1) Define your objective(s) for the campaign: is it to get more registrants at an upcoming event, to let them know about a new product that’s available, inform them about changes in your organization? 2) Create a value exchange and send content that your subscribers want to know – ask yourself “what are my clients/members asking my organization the most often?” and answer those questions. 3) Avoid spam phrases and keywords in your newsletter content.4) Make it Social – include links to your social networking sites.5) Get permission first – and make it easy for them to opt-out later.6) Measure, Test, Change it up and compare 7) Keep reading/learning about what’s best practices. Other online resources to improve your email marketing results: Campaign Monitor Resources: Profs (tons of resources at the free membership level):
  • Open rates:What is an open rate? Open rates measure how many subscribers open your email newsletter. Calculated as a percentage of # of subscribers who opened your email divided by total subscribers that were sent the email.Not 100% accurate – text-only emails and clients with html viewing turned off will not be included.
  • Other things to know about Open Rates: * The larger your subscriber list – typically the lower your open rate will be. * Associations like churches, sport teams and non-profits typically have higher open rates because their subscribers are passionate and emotionally involved.Specific niche topics will also typically have higher open rates than broader topics.
  • Tendenci has a 30-day free trial you can sign-up for online: (just in case you want Tendenci AND the email newsletter tools).Campaign Monitor’s full list of platform integrations is online:
  • Monitor Addon for Contact Form 7This addon to Contact Form 7 provides the capability to automatically send information collected from form submissions to Campaign Monitor.Features includeSends email and optionally a name.Can either use “subscribe” checkbox or submit all email addresses.Submit to any list on Campaign Monitor.Works silently. Does not alert subscriber to errors or duplicates, and does not send a welcome email.This plugin is hosted in the WordPress Plugins Directory. Visit to download.
  • for multiple lists.Automatically fetches lists and fields.Asynchronous pushing of subscription and unsubscription requests. Reduces load and makes it more reliable and faster. Subscription statuses are locally available though.Map fields to Drupal tokens, profile fields and PHP code.Provides block per list. Provides block to subscribe to all lists at once.Custom field values for authenticated users are automatically calculated an not asked again.
  • Tendenci offers Campaign Monitor’s pricing directly to our clients. Learn more: a quote for one of our custom newsletter template designs: or download a free newsletter template online:
  • Need a little more information or have a question about Tendenci for your nonprofit? I want you to love using Tendenci as much as I do and am here to help!
  • Create your own Tendenci nonprofit website and learn how easy it is to grow your association online and offline today!
  • Improve Your Email Marketing Results with Tendenci

    1. 1. Improve Your Email Marketing Results with Tendenci Connect and Communicate Using Tendenci’s Email Marketing Dashboard Sarah M. Worthy @Tendenci //sworthy@tendenci.comGet More at
    2. 2. What We’ll Cover in this Training: • Why Email Marketing is Important to You • How to create and send email newsletters using Tendencis Newsletter Module • Tendenci’s Tools to Increase Your Email Marketing Success, including: – List Management and Segmentation – A/B Split Testing and Other Email Tests to Try – Understanding Reporting Features – How to Improve Your Email Marketing Results • Q&A Time@Tendenci
    3. 3. Look At This Image! Why Email Marketing? Chart/Survey from:
    4. 4. Tendenci’s Newsletter DashboardWe Found the Most AwesomeEmail Marketing Software: and Integrated it with Your Awesome Tendenci Website – Come See How it Works…@Tendenci
    5. 5. Access Your Email Marketing Dashboard From Tendenci’s Admin Navigation Menu:@Tendenci
    6. 6. Tendenci’s Newsletter Dashboard View Campaigns You’ve Created and Sent as well As Saved Drafts from the Tendenci Newsletter Dashboard. Select a Campaign to see date sent, recipients, and view the newsletter template@Tendenci
    7. 7. Tendenci’s Newsletter Dashboard Add a New Email Campaign From Tendenci’s Newsletter Dashboard and Select Content to Automatically Include in Your Email Newsletter.@Tendenci
    8. 8. Tendenci’s Newsletter Dashboard Now that You’ve Selected Content and Events from Your Website – Head over to the full Newsletter Dashboard to finish Editing Your Newsletter and Send to Your Subscribers.@Tendenci
    9. 9. The Newsletter Editor with Side-by-Side View@Tendenci
    10. 10. Subscriber Permissions and What You Need to Know Before You Send Spam is any email you send to someone who hasn’t given you their direct permission to contact them on the topic of the email. EACH separate violation of the CAN-SPAM Act is subject to penalties of up to $16,000!@Tendenci
    11. 11. Who Can You Email? People who have specifically signed up through your website For example, by ticking a checkbox (not checked by default) on your signup or sales form People who completed offline forms & indicated they wanted to be emailed Eg: By filling in a competition or survey form where they specifically agree to receive email People who gave you their business card and asked to receive email If someone gives you their business card and you have also explained to them that you will be in touch by email, you can contact them. They purchased something off you in the last 2 years By making a purchase from you they have provided their permission implicitly, although it is much better to explicitly ask them.@Tendenci
    12. 12. Who Can’t You Email? Lists or email addresses received from a third party Includes any list you bought or rented, got from a partner or membership organization. No matter the claims of the source of this list, you cannot send email to them. Addresses you collected or "copy & pasted" from the Internet Even if they look like ideal customers for you, you cant email someone just because you found their address. Addresses you havent emailed in the last 2 years Permission doesnt age well. Even if you got their permission legitimately, they wont remember giving it to you. If you havent sent something to that address in the last 2 years, you cant start now.@Tendenci
    13. 13. Tendenci Simplifies Subscriber List Management I created this Group on Tendenci… … And This List Was Automatically Created!@Tendenci
    14. 14. Learn and Engage with Your Subscribers@Tendenci
    15. 15. Personalize Your Message with Segments@Tendenci
    16. 16. More Ways to Manage Your Subscribers • Create New Lists • Search for Subscribers • Add and Remove Subscribers • Create Autoresponders • Auto-Supresses Duplicates@Tendenci
    17. 17. Tendenci Reports to Improve Your Results Campaign Reports Tell You What Your Subscribers Want to Open, Read, and Click to Get Them on Your Website and Coming Back!@Tendenci
    18. 18. Create and Analyze A/B Segments@Tendenci
    19. 19. Your Campaign Snapshot@Tendenci
    20. 20. Opens Over Time Report@Tendenci
    21. 21. Recipient Activity@Tendenci
    22. 22. Link Activity Report@Tendenci
    23. 23. Bounce Summary@Tendenci
    24. 24. Compare Your Campaigns@Tendenci
    25. 25. Discover What Your Subscribers Are Clicking On@Tendenci
    26. 26. Now Let’s Improve Our Results! What Makes Your Newsletters More Effective? Content that is: • Social • Personalized • Relevant • Visually Awesome@Tendenci
    27. 27. Get Read: Increase Your Open Rates• Start with a Great Subject Line• Send it when your Subscribers have time to read it• Share Content that Matters to Your Subscribers@Tendenci
    28. 28. Look At This Image! • Chart provided by:
    29. 29. We love Campaign Monitor’s Email MarketingSoftware and totally understand – Here aresome other website platforms that integrateand let you send awesome email newsletters! Don’t Have Tendenci and Want the Newsletter Features?
    30. 30. WordPress Integration@Tendenci
    31. 31. Drupal Integration@Tendenci
    32. 32. Affordably Priced Email Marketing@Tendenci
    33. 33. Questions? Contact Me!Sarah M. Worthy@tendencisworthy@tendenci.com