2013 + Overview From a Local Perspective


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Consumer Trend Seminar Istanbul 2012 Presentations

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2013 + Overview From a Local Perspective

  1. 1. TRENDDESK Trend Briefing 2013+trendwatching.com Seminar6 September 2012, İstanbulBackground:During trendwatching.com seminar in Istanbul, TRENDDESK presented a selection oftrends that will shape year 2013 and beyond. We presented each trend with at least 5symptoms – new products/services, business models, marketing initiatives and designalternatives from different sectors and geographies. We evaluated growth potentialfrom a local perspective. Finally, we concluded each trend with 5 critical questions inorder to help the audience evaluate relevancy and create concrete ideas.This document summarizes the main body of our trend briefing. You are welcomed toshare it with your colleagues... and if you share partial content, please make areference to the source. Thank you!Future trends, symptoms, critical questions:Without doubt, there are countless trends that shape consumer choices and businesspractices. This section included five of them – those that have not reached maturitystage yet and carry significant growth potential. In other words, those companies thatrealize the potential of these trends have an opportunity to leapfrog beyond presenttime and competition. Of course, you know your business much better than we do andyou are the best decision maker when it comes to evaluating which trend is the bestleverage for a specific endeavor. It may be none of the below, or more than one canfunction as potential growth catalysts in your business.1) Back-to-The Future (“Geçmişteki Gelecek”)Past carries warm feelings and security that is most needed in times of uncertainty.Childhood memories reincarnate with the power of nostalgia. Nostalgic tastes, designand communication styles are welcomed. Whereas gourmet milk shakes are beingrelaunched in the US, “Alaska Frigo” (taste legend of movie breaks before 1980s) gainsnationwide penetration in Turkey. Back-to-the-Future trend merges with the specifichistory of the county and morphs into “Ottomanism” - celebration of iconicpersonalities, stories, and motives from the past. Those who intend to leverage thetrend should be aware of this opportunity as well.Ask yourself these critical questions: Do you have a nostalgic aspect in your business that you can bring forth (i.e., package, anniversary, recipe...etc.)? TRENDDESK Trend Briefing 2013+ Synopsis, September 2012
  2. 2.  What do consumers in your target group remember as childhood memories? How about images… Are there iconic people or cartoon characters from the past and can you associate your brand with them? Are there specific designs, patterns or color combinations from the past that can be carried to communication? Is there an opportunity in the glorious Ottoman past that you can utilize?2) Let’s Play! (“Oyuna Gel!”)The need to give break to daily worries and concerns, combined with the power oftechnology, give rise to play. Let’s Play trend goes beyond digital games. Products,spaces, promotions transform to more fun/interactive formats with the integration ofplayful elements. For example; users can interact with and customize the face ofPentax Optio NB1000 camera. Furthermore, retail experience transforms radically.In Turkey, “Let’s Play” trend is in its infant phase: It exists extensively in the form ofdigital gaming, QR codes…etc. The real opportunity will reveal itself as companiesdiscover more creative ways of leveraging the trend. The starting point is to leavebehind the literal meaning of play. Please spend some time on critical questions tocome up with potential ideas.Ask yourself these critical questions: How can you integrate play into each contact point with the consumer? Think about the retail experience that you provide to consumers. How can you make it more playful? Can (generic price) promotions be fun? What sorts of games are popular nationwide? Can you connect with them? Move to bigger ideas that involve product innovation: How do you make your products more playful? TRENDDESK Trend Briefing 2013+ Synopsis, September 2012
  3. 3. 3) EcoLogical (“EkoLojik”)Of all the trends that we covered during Trend Briefing, “EcoLogical” is the one withbiggest growth potential. Perhaps because it rises from a concrete fact: Naturalresources are limited and increase in their cost is inevitable. Ecological is aboutenvironmentalism being logical. What is good (or less harmful) to the planet is goodfor the pocket, too. Hence the new solutions that help decrease from carbon emissionsfind a wide open space in the hearts and minds of savvy consumers. Energy-savingdevices are the star-category of the coming years. Since we coined the term“EcoLogical” at TRENDDESK three years ago, we continuously observed the increasingrelevancy of this trend globally and in Turkey. See if the critical questions ‘click’. Ask yourself these critical questions:  Think about the effects that your products have on environment AND on consumer pocket. That overlap is your playground.  How can you help consumer save from energy & water?  E-waste is a huge topic. Do you have a role to play there?  Design from scratch: If you were to create a totally new package for your products, what would they look like? What would they turn into, after products are consumed?  A new production paradigm: From linear to cyclic production processes TRENDDESK Trend Briefing 2013+ Synopsis, September 2012
  4. 4. 4) (re)Connect with Source (“Kaynağına Bağlanmak”)Industrialization made life easier. On the other hand, massive scale of productionalienated end-users from the source – the land, animal, farmer, craftsman.“(re)Connect with Source” trend rises from the need to make that connection again.Reconnecting turns into a way of adding back the authenticity that has been lost overthe centuries in Europe and US, and in Turkey only a few decades. Furthermore, thistrend has a significant growth potential in Turkey due to food security issues.Ask yourself these critical questions: Is it relevant and technically do-able to set up a traceability system that would allow consumers know the source of each and every product? How can you “humanize” your products: Adding human stories and human visuals from the source…? How about organizing factory tours? Does it make sense to link products to specific locations/towns? Is this trend limited to products?5) Power of Simplicity (“Basitliğin Gücü”)Abundance of choice triggers a longing for simplicity. We believe that in Turkey thistrend is relevant for specific groups of consumers – upper middle and/or high incomesegment professionals who travel frequently, receive information all the time and havelong-term experience in shopping. It is likely that these individuals suffer fromabundance of all sorts and show interest in solutions that would simplify life. If this isthe target segment of your business/brand, think about leveraging power of simplicity.Ask yourself these critical questions: How do you simplify life for your consumers? Think about where your brands/products function, and all the complexities consumers are facing in those areas. What is your solution? Less is more. Are you saying what you want to say, or are you dancing around it? Especially in food; can you simplify ingredients and make them understandable? Especially in technical areas; how can you simplify delivery of information? Consider both the content and the process. About 2013+ What we presented at trendwatching.com seminar is a sample Trend Briefing focusing on the “key trends that shape 2013 and beyond”. Starting from October we will be holding extensive workshops around the same topic, this time for our clients. Called “PlayShop 2013+”, workshops will offer a unique ideation experience that we have developed at TRENDDESK over the past years in the light of creativity research and brainstorming techniques. It will start with a detailed trend briefing as the key stimulus and continue with ideation sessions supported with unique creativity tools. Top management, marketing and new business teams who want to develop/revisit medium- term business plans or have a specific project to develop will be typical participants. Content as well as creativity tools will be customized for the company and brief in hand. Contact with TRENDDESK if you are interested in “PlayShop 2013+”. TRENDDESK Trend Briefing 2013+ Synopsis, September 2012
  5. 5. About TRENDDESK and Zeynep Arhon: Zeynep Arhon is a future trends consultant and accredited Biomimicry professional based in Istanbul. She drives the innovation process in the corporate world by leveraging a unique combination of future and nature. Predicting what is to come in the next 3-5 years, identifying how to best integrate future foresights into business, and answering business questions with solutions inspired by nature are at the core of her work. The end result is a future- ready company.Her company TRENDDESK pioneers in future trends in Turkey. Trend briefings andPlayShops inspire management teams with new product ideas, business models, brandplatforms and marketing initiatives. Furthermore, TRENDDESK pioneers in the field ofBiomimicry globally. Biomimicry (from "bios" meaning life, and "mimesis" meaning toimitate) is a new innovation field that develops sustainable solutions (products,processes, designs, business models) by emulating nature’s strategies. This rareexpertise enables TRENDDESK find innovative answers to business questions such as“how do we survive in a new field?” or “how can we develop the packaging of future?”TRENDDESK cooperates with an international network of biologists, designers andengineers in answering these questions.Zeynep contributes to innovation thinking in Turkey with a wide range of publications:A weekly newsletter with a reach of about three thousand business professionals("Masadakiler"), a weekly column at national business newspaper Dünya (“GelecekBurada”), an exclusive trends section at monthly business magazine Platin, andBiomimicry articles at “İş’te Kobi” portal of İş Bankası…Her corporate background includes strategic leadership and brand management at TheCoca-Cola Company and Eczacıbaşı conglomerate of Turkey. She holds an MBA and aBA Degree in International Relations & Political Science (Boğaziçi University, Istanbul).Finally, she is the first European graduate of Biomimicry Group’s two-year professionalprogram (Montana, US). She maintains a close relationship with the group as a co-trainer of the next cohort.Zeynep believes in the power of business in shaping the future, and the power ofnature in shaping business. She is passionate about a future when business will createconditions conducive to life. This passion is the fuel of her work. TRENDDESK Trend Briefing 2013+ Synopsis, September 2012