Boots & All images summary 2010/11


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As we head into a new summer, I think it is always good to reflect on and learn from what has been. It is also good to remember how our people tried their best to keep communities connected across this wide land in summers past.

Last summer brought with it some of the most devastating and frightening weather events Australians had ever seen, from bushfires to cyclones, storms and flooding.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, and some wonderful stories were being told about how the Telstra Operations team responded to these natural disasters.

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Boots & All images summary 2010/11

  1. 1. Telstra’s Global Operations Centre provides 24/7monitoring across all Telstra networks, includingworking with emergency services and field groups toestablish restoration priorities during emergencyincidents.
  2. 2. Royston Bruce jointing anew section of 800 paircable damaged in thefloods at Rocklea (Qld).
  3. 3. Road access was a huge issue, a bridge atJugiong, NSW.
  4. 4. John ‘Tack’ Hewett rows a boatacross a customer’s paddock to get to the job (Vic).
  5. 5. During the summer’s inclement weather even thewildlife had to find alternative accommodation (NSW).
  6. 6. The BigPond® branding and the lady diving on theside of the van is quite ironic considering thesituation.Location: Outside the Rochester Post Office, (Vic).
  7. 7. Brad Shaw from Beaufort on theQuambatook-Wychitell Road, BarraportWest, near Boort (Vic).
  8. 8. Peter Hickey from Mildura (Vic) checks out hismud mags.
  9. 9. Peter OLoughlan, wading through water to get to ajob. The water was caused by Lake Boort overflowingand inundating the Yando/Boort area (Vic).
  10. 10. Parked in a paddock near Moore Exchange (Qld) are(l-r) Marshall Watego, Laurie Kipping and Bob Lang.
  11. 11. Dave Webb took this shot of the Black Hawk’sarrival at Theodore (Qld) and was on hand to helpunload equipment.
  12. 12. St George Exchange (Qld) was wrapped inplastic and sandbagged by SteveStrugnell and Shane Golding.
  13. 13. When everything iswet you have to share the dry spots.
  14. 14. Road accesswas a major issue. A road justnorth of Esk, South EastQueensland.
  15. 15. John Parkinchatting with alocal across awashed-out bridgejust outside ofMurphy’s Creek(Qld)."Hows servicesmate? Are you stillconnected?""Yup, no worriesand thanks forasking."
  16. 16. Working to restore services to Mt Sylvia (Qld)residents are (l-r) John Mason and Eric Walsh.
  17. 17. Andrew Greenstreet from Christchurch,one of the 29 NZ volunteers, helps repair aMDF at St Lucia (Qld). Note the watermarkson the wall – well above Andrew’s head.
  18. 18. Radio linesman DaveNoonan finishesmopping out theRocklea (Qld) site. Thewater reached theceiling, quite a featconsidering the hut isthree metres off theground.
  19. 19. At Bushland Beach, Townsville (Qld).
  20. 20. Clint Dickson set upa Satellite Cell onWheels on PalmIsland (Qld).
  21. 21. Matt Totterdell and Roger Williams replacing a 400pair copper cable, Carnarvon (WA).Their team manager at the time advised, “These guyshad just got changed out of their wet clothes fiveminutes before this downpour.”
  22. 22. A 500 kilogram Brahman Bull lying on our cable wasjust one problem the Broome (WA) crew faced.
  23. 23. A Carnarvon (WA) RIM roadside cabinet sits high and dry.
  24. 24. A payphone outside the BP service station in Carnarvon (WA) didn’t fare so well.
  25. 25. Dale Richards undertakingrepairs to burnt outcopper cables, after firesat Lake Clifton (WA).
  26. 26. Techs Craig Liddle and PeterStone trying to securetemporary cable to thetrees to prevent it floatingonto the Great NorthernHighway (WA).
  27. 27. Due to the reoccurring nibbles on the cable, the culprit was christened the ‘Kimberley cougar’ bythe Broome (WA) team. The legend of the ‘cougar’ is right up there with the Loch Ness Monster, Nullarbor Nymph and the Abominable Snowman.
  28. 28. A number of Telstra team members involved inCyclone Yasi recovery efforts were invited to meet HisRoyal Highness Prince William on Saturday, 19 March.Below: Brian Crane meets Prince William.
  29. 29. In recognition of theefforts Telstra teams put in during the Queensland floods and Cyclone Yasi, Telstra has won the Community Contribution award at the 2011 Communications Alliance & CommsDay ACOMM Awards in Sydney on 7 July 2011.
  30. 30. The Australian Institute of Managementrecognised ourNorthern Region Disaster Recovery team at a state-level with a Queensland Project of the Year Award
  31. 31. Telstra Operations thanks families of team members“I am always in awe of the patience and understanding ofour employees’ family members; themums, dads, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, sons anddaughters; who put up with the absence of their loved onefor weeks-on-end during the restoration phase.After crises such as these, it is understood that birthdays,anniversaries and other important family milestones aresometimes missed. Words cannot convey how grateful weare to our people’s families for their support during thistime.”– Mick Cooper, Team Manager, Service Delivery West
  32. 32. Jason Wade, leaving Grantham (Qld), 18/01/11.