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Tariff outlook 26th april 2012

Tariff outlook 26th april 2012



Free tariffs newsletter from Teligen's tariffs expert.

Free tariffs newsletter from Teligen's tariffs expert.



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    Tariff outlook 26th april 2012 Tariff outlook 26th april 2012 Presentation Transcript

    • Tariff OutlookFree newsletter from Teligen
    • PSTNUK – TalkTalk Announce Rental Price RiseTalkTalk have announced this month that they are to increase their line rental. The new price of GBP 14.50 permonth is an increase of 5% on the old price. TalkTalk is not alone in increasing its pricing for phone services, most UKproviders have been gradually raising the price of fixed line services, in TalkTalks case the last price rise was inOctober 2011. TalkTalk customers are offered an alternative to reduce the cost by prepaying the line rental. Anycustomer, who takes the “Value Line Rental” service which involves paying for 12 months line rental in advance at aprice of GBP 114, will make a saving with the monthly price equivalent to GBP 9.50.TalkTalk have also announced changes to a selection of their standard international call rates. These come intoeffect from the 1st June.Details of available fixed voice plans are available in Teligen’s Fixed Voice Online Price DatabaseBernadette Finn – Associate Director – Tel: +44(0) 20 8185 0402
    • MobileCzech Republic – T-Mobile Introduces New TariffsThe new tariffs, called “With Us”, include six tariffs with monthly rental ranging from CZK 390, to CZK 3290. MobileInternet ranging from 20MB to 1GB is included. Furthermore, free on-net calls and SMS at off-peak hours areincluded, as well as that higher tariffs offer free communications on weekends or to all networks. The highest optionincludes free nonstop any network communications.Customers who sign up to these tariffs before August 31st receive a 30% discount on their monthly rental for theduration of the contract.Details of these plans will be available in the next update of Teligen’s OECD Voice Price BenchmarkingJóhanna Helgadóttir – Senior Consultant – Tel: +44(0) 20 8185 0403Australia – Vodafone Releases AUD 39 Infinity Plan With Unlimited TextThe new Infinity plan, priced at AUD 39 per month, includes unlimited standard SMS and MMS, national andinternational calls, in addition to 500MB of mobile Internet data. The offer is for a limited period and ends June18th, 2012. The plan is available on 12 or 24 months contract.A SIM-only version is also offered at AUD 30 per month. The SIM-only plan, offers AUD 300 plan value for standardnational and international calls, MMS, 500MB data and Infinite standard SMS, both nationally and overseas, on aone-month contract.Catherine Arteaga Tellez – Tariff Analyst – Tel: +44(0) 20 8185 0404
    • MobileThe Netherlands – Vodafone Introduces New Plans in May 2012As of May 14th 2012, Vodafone is introducing new tariff plans, where customers can choose how many minutes andwhat data limit they want in their plan. All plans will include free unlimited SMS.The cheapest plan, including a mobile phone, 90 minutes of calling and 200MB will cost EUR 32.50 a month. Thesame plan with 1000MB will cost EUR 42.50. Customers can choose a maximum of 425 minutes.Customers that prefer more free minutes can choose a plan with 750 minutes (EUR 100) or 1250 minutes (EUR 140).These plans include 2GB and 4GB respectively.Vodafone also offers similar plans as SIM-only, which vary from EUR 21.50 for a 2 year contract with 75 minutes and200MB to EUR 48.50 for a 1 year plan with 350 minutes and 1000MB.Details of these plans will be available in the next update of Teligen’s OECD Voice Price BenchmarkingJeroen Stenveld – Junior Tariff Analyst – Tel: +44(0) 20 8185 0405UK – 3 Announces Ultimate Internet Plans3 UK are now offering four new ‘Ultimate Internet’ plans. The plans come with ‘All-You-Can-Eat-Data’ with no fair usepolicy and, therefore, no hidden or extra charges above the monthly fee.There are four different plans available; Ultimate Internet 100, 300, 500 and 1000. Each offer a premium phone, themonthly fee varies depending on the phone chosen; free, anytime, any network minutes, ranging from 100 to1000, again dependent on the phone chosen, 5000 free texts and ‘All-You-Can-Eat-Data’. Prices start at GBP 13 permonth.Adrian Barrett –Tariff Analyst – Tel: +44(0) 20 8185 0411
    • MobileUSA – AT&T Changes GoPhone Data PricingAT&T has increased the amount of data offered in packages for customers of its pre-paid GoPhone mobile voiceservice: Charge Allowance Old New USD 5 10 MB 50 MB USD 15 100 MB 200 MB USD 25 500 MB 1 GBThese data packages are available with the USD 50 Unlimited Monthly Plan and the USD 25 Monthly Plan. Since April18th users on the pay-as-you-go 10 cents per minute plan can no longer add data packages to their monthlyplans, but they can continue paying 1 cent for every 5KB of data used. However, the option of pay-per-use data is notavailable for smartphone users, so these customers must pay between USD 30 and USD 75 per month, depending onwhich rates they choose.Details of these plans will be available in the next update of Teligen’s OECD Voice Price BenchmarkingAngela Toal – Senior Tariff Analyst – Tel: +44(0) 20 8185 0408
    • Mobile BroadbandPoland – Plus Introduces New LTE Plans For Mobile BroadbandSince 17 April, Plus Poland offers 6 new LTE plans for both individual and business clients. For the first time Plusoffers fixed monthly LTE plans with data allowance where the allowance may be extended with top-ups betweenPLN10 and PLN100, based on client’s needs. The basic 6 monthly plans offer data allowance from 3GB to 35GB to beused during day (8:00-24:00) with additional data allowance of 50GB for use at night (24:00-8:00) for a monthly feeranging from PLN40 to PLN160. The maximum download speed offered varies from 21Mbps (HSPA+) to 100Mbps(LTE or HSPA+). The overage usage is charged at a fixed rate of PLN0.02/1MB (VAT included) and is paid by the top-ups.Details of available mobile broadband offers can be found in Teligen’s Mobile Broadband Price Benchmarking service.Pawel Kmiec – Tariff Analyst –Tel: +44(0) 20 8185 0407Hungary – Vodafone Doubles Data Transmission RatesVodafone Hungary has recently announced that it has doubled maximum data transmission rates on parts of itsnetwork from 21Mbps to 42Mbps, through the deployment of DC-HSPA+ technology. Initially, this higher speedservice will be offered in around 100 locations, including main cities.Vodafone Hungary is covered within Teligen’s Mobile Broadband Price Benchmarking service.Josie Sephton – Senior Consultant – Tel: +44(0) 20 8185 0410
    • MultiplayUK – John Lewis Offers Broadband And PhoneThe UK retailer is entering the home broadband market. John Lewis is offering its customers two DSL packages;Standard and Unlimited, as well as a Fibre package. The monthly rental for these packages is GBP 11, GBP 18 and GBP25, line rental is GBP 13.5 per month. Included data is 20GB, unlimited and 100GB per month respectively.In addition customers must choose a phone package. Again there are three calling plans available. The Evening &Weekends plan is free of charge, The Anytime plan has a monthly rental of GBP 5.00 and Anytime International costsGBP 7.00 per month. Speeds for the services are 16Mbps for the DSL and 38Mbps Fibre. Wireless router is includedand minimum contract term is 12 month.Details of available fixed broadband and multiplay offers can be found in Teligen’s Fixed Broadband PriceBenchmarking.Jóhanna Helgadóttir – Senior Consultant – T el: +44(0) 20 8185 0403
    • RegulatoryIndia – Regulator Insists On Per Second BillingIn India the Telecoms Regulatory Authority (TRAI) has issued amendments to the Telecommunications Tariff Order(TTO) which requires operators to charge all calls by the second. With this amendment it is now mandatory forservice providers to offer at least one tariff plan, in each service area, for post-paid and prepaid customers with auniform pulse rate of one second.Furthermore, a ceiling has been put on tariffs for calls and SMS for participating in contests and games. Such calls andSMS shall not exceed four times the applicable local call/SMS charges.Jóhanna Helgadóttir – Senior Consultant – Tel: +44(0) 20 8185 0403
    • On the Teligen Blog• Teligen’s tariff blog is where we follow telecoms tariff developments around the world, developments in price benchmarking and other issues related to the analysis of prices for telecoms services. Below is a taste of the most recent entries.• Just Want Unbundled Broadband? Be Prepared To Pay A Premium• The announcement earlier this month that Verizon in the US would no longer be selling DSL services to new users unless they also purchased a landline garnered strong reactions from the market. Yet the decline in genuinely unbundled broadband services is something the Teligen division of Strategy Analytics has been observing for some time. Data from the March 2012 update of Teligens Fixed Broadband Price Benchmarking Service reveals that half of all residential fixed broadband packages are bundled, i.e. they are combined with telephony, television or both.• Click here for more
    • Need detailed tariff information on fixed voice?Why not consider Fixed Voice Online Price Database.Fixed Voice Online Price Database provides a global view of fixed voice tariffs, providing clients with in-depth tariffand service information from over 50 countries and across a wide range of operators. This interactive database isdesigned to allow clients to easily find and extract the most important data directly to Excel for inclusion in reportsand presentations. Clients trust the quality of Fixed Voice Online Price Database data to formulate their competitivetariffs and tariff plans against national and international competition. The database is updated continuously.To find out more or to request a demonstration, click here