Lead Analysis: The Balance Between Automation and Human Contact


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Lead analysis is a crucial part of the overall sales process. If companies don’t analyze their opportunities appropriately, they risk losing potential sales revenues. Whatever lead management program you adopt within your business, it must have two major components that work seamlessly together: automation and human contact. For more information about Lead Analysis Companies, visit http://www.Televerde.com today.

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  • Today we will spend the next 30 minutes or so discussing Televerde, our core competencies, and position in the demand creation marketplace and our unique business model and methodologies. Introduce yourself and others from Televerde present for the presentation and thank participants for joining. Over the next 15 minutes or so I’ll tell you about Televerde, our position in the demand creation, lead nurturing and contact data marketplace. I’ll provide an overview of our core capabilities and our unique and innovative integrated methodology which differentiates us from other solution providers. This presentation is intended to give you some context and ideas about how we can help you achieve your sales revenue growth objectives, so if you have any questions or need clarification on anything don’t hesitate to ask at any point throughout the presentation.
  • Lead Analysis: The Balance Between Automation and Human Contact

    1. 1. Lead AnalysisThe Balance Between Automation andHuman Contact
    2. 2. Lead Analysis Crucial part of overall sales process Companies who don’t analyze opportunities, risk losing potential sales revenues Two major components needed to adopting a lead management program that work seamlessly together: Automation Human contact
    3. 3. Lead Analysis Lead analysis programs not integrating either automation or human contact won’t collect valuable prospect information Will lack the warmth personalization human contact can provide. In fact you may not be developing any relationship Human touch in lead management cannot be underestimated. Communicating directly with prospects helps build trusting relationship and further qualifies a prospect
    4. 4. Lead AnalysisHow Lead Analysis Helps Better ManageOpportunities The disconnect between sales and marketingteams when it comes to lead analysis, generateseither sub-par leads or not knowing how tofollow-up appropriately to close business To resolve issue and create a more robust leadmanagement system, automation can assist thelead analysis process
    5. 5. Lead AnalysisHow Lead Analysis Helps Better ManageOpportunities By analyzing leads throughout sales cycle,disposition of each prospect will be known Lead analysis system should also accommodatehuman intervention. Integrating human intelligence into the systemcan greatly improve lead management
    6. 6. Lead AnalysisHow Lead Analysis Helps Better ManageOpportunities Integrating automation and human contact intolead management provides several importantadvantages: You can build better brand awareness -more leads in the pipeline means larger number of people know about your company and its solutions -provides necessary feedback for future product development
    7. 7. Lead AnalysisHow Lead Analysis Helps Better ManageOpportunities You can increase the company’s market share -more leads in your system, the more opportunities you have to close new business -more business you generate, you gain greater market share You can develop better competitive positioning -conducting regular lead analysis, you can more quickly identify why and how customers make their buying decisions
    8. 8. Lead AnalysisAbout the AuthorLarry Fleischman is Director of Marketing forTeleverde, a leading B2B provider of salespipeline development solutions. For moreinformation about Lead Analysis Companies, visithttp://www.Televerde.com today.