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Technical Speaking


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How to Deliver a Technical Presentation? …

How to Deliver a Technical Presentation?
The website and all video materials language is Bulgarian

Know your Audience
Know the Content
Know the Territory
Before Presentation
The Presentation
Things to Avoid
Speaker's Tools
Tips and Tricks

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  • 1. Technical Speaking How to Deliver a Technical Presentation?Svetlin NakovTechnical Trainerhttp://www.nakov.comTelerik Software
  • 2. Table of Contents Preparation  Know your Audience  Know the Content  Know the Territory Before Presentation The Presentation Things to Avoid Speakers Tools Tips and Tricks 2
  • 3. PreparationWhat to do Before the Actual Presentation?
  • 4. Preparation The preparation consists of three stages 1. Get to know your audience 2. Get familiar with the territory 3. Know the content 4
  • 5. How many are the attendees?Do they like funny or seriouspresentations? Know your audience! 5
  • 6. Know your audience!Find out what they know Level of expertise What is their age range? 6
  • 7. PreparationWhat you will betalking about?The interesting pointsof the topicGet familiar with thecontent on the slides Know the content 7
  • 8. Preparation Projector Presentation hallKnow the territory Presentation tool Audio 8
  • 9. Before the PresentationWhat to do Before the Actual Presentation?
  • 10. Before the Presentation Build bridges  Meet with some of the attendees beforehand 10
  • 11. The Presentation
  • 12. Manage the time Speak loud and clearMind… The position Be consistent The beginning The content The ending 12
  • 13. Manage the time Best managed with rehearsalsMind… 1. In front of the mirror 2. Talking to a friend Rehearse with somebody! 13
  • 14. Speak loud and clearMind… 14
  • 15. Mind… Be consistent 15
  • 16. 1. Greet the audience 2. Introduce the topicMind… 3. Try to connect with previous topic The beginning 4. Introduce yourself 16
  • 17. Forget "I dont know","I am not sure" Introduce each new sectionMind… Constantly ask questions Forget what is obvious to you The content 17
  • 18. Dont sprint through the slides Look confident!Remember! even if are not… Try not to use jargon phrases The content 18
  • 19. Watch "Death by PowerPoint"! Remember! Monotonousness makes people sleepy! Almost kills them! The content 19
  • 20. Thank the audience for the attention Make a frame with theMind… beginning Try to connect with the next topic The ending 20
  • 21. Look at everybody and nobodyEverybody should see youMind… The position You must see everybody 21
  • 22. Things to AvoidWhat Should We Not Do?
  • 23. More complicated concepts than necessary Speak unclear Avoid! Speak too fast / too slow Speaking silently 23
  • 24. Speakers Tools
  • 25. [Ctrl]+[1] ZoomIt Tools [Ctrl]+[P] [Win]+[+]MS Power Point Windows Magnifier 25
  • 26. Speakers Tools Live Demo
  • 27. Tips and Tricks for a Better Technical Speaking
  • 28. Better influence Give Real-Life ExamplesBetter remembered 28
  • 29. Dont just answerRepeat it out loud Show it! Use Google if necessary When a Question pops out…Teach to handle things on their own! 29
  • 30. Drink when you need a second to rest Always bring water!The throat gets dry 30
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