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19. Part III Introduction - C# Fundamentals

19. Part III Introduction - C# Fundamentals



Simple introduction for the 3-rd part of the C# Fundamentals course....

Simple introduction for the 3-rd part of the C# Fundamentals course.
Telerik Software Academy: http://www.academy.telerik.com
The website and all video materials are in Bulgarian

C# Programming Fundamentals Course @ Telerik Academy



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    19. Part III Introduction - C# Fundamentals 19. Part III Introduction - C# Fundamentals Presentation Transcript

    • Fundamentals of C# Part III – Introduction What is Changed? What is New?Doncho MinkovTechnical Trainerhttp://www.minkov.itTelerik Software Academyhttp://academy.telerik.com
    • Table of Contents Whats Next? The Upcoming Program New Forums New Bonuses  Team Work: C# Book Exercises  PC Magazine Contest Best Students from Fundamentals of C# Part II  Some Awards to Give
    • Fundamentals of C# Part III Finally to the Last Module
    • Whats Next? Pretty much the same  Lectures two times a week  Final exam after month and a half The final exam?  5 problems  8 hours  Automated testing  Manual code review
    • The Upcoming Program What Will We Cover Next?
    • Course Program Linear Data Structures  Abstract Data Types  Linear Data Structures  Generics in C# Trees and Graphs  Trees. Defining, Creating and Traversing Trees. Traversing the File System  Binary Search Trees. Balanced Trees  Graphs and Graphs Traversal Algorithms
    • Course Program (2) Dictionaries, Hash Tables and Sets  The Dictionary Abstract Data Structure  Hashing and Hash Tables:  Dictionary<TKey, TValue> Class Algorithms Complexity and Efficiency of Data Structures  Complexity of Algorithms  Efficiency and Comparison of Data Structures  How to Choose the Right Data Structure?
    • Course Program (3) Extension Methods and LINQ  Extension Methods  Anonymous Types, Lambda Expressions  LINQ OOP Fundamental Principles  Inheritance, Abstraction  Encapsulation, Polymorphism  Cohesion and Coupling  Object-Oriented Modeling
    • Course Program (4) High-Quality Programming Code – Part I  What is High-Quality Programming Code?  Code Conventions  Naming Identifiers in the Source Code: Classes, Interfaces, Structures, Namespaces, Methods, Fields, Constants, etc.  Formatting the Code: Formatting Methods, Classes, Loops and Conditional Statements, Using Empty Lines, Breaking Long Statements  High-Quality Classes: Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Reasons to Create a Class
    • Course Program (5) High-Quality Programming Code – Part II  High-Quality Methods: Method Intension, Method Behavior, Strong Cohesion and Loose Coupling, Method Length, Method Parameters  Efficiently Using Variables: Declaration, Initialization, Scope, Span and Lifetime  Efficiently Using Constants  Efficiently Using Conditional Statements  Defensive Programming: Exceptions, Assertions  Documentation and Self-Documenting Code  Refactoring: Improving the Existing Code
    • Course Program (6) Methodology of Problems Solving  Principles of Problems Solving  Breaking the Problem into Smaller Sub-Problems  Implement the Algorithm Step by Step: Write -> Test -> Correct -> Write -> Test -> …  Test the Solution: Nominal Case, Border Cases, Performance Test Case Problems Solving Practice #1, #2 and #3  Solving sample exams for preparation
    • Changes to the Course
    • New Forums We have new forums system  http://forums.academy.telerik.com Our new forums support voting  Give "+1" for the best forum posts!  Give "-1" for spam or unrelated posts
    • C# Game & Homework You need to submit your activity once per day  All the things you did that day  You can find it here: http://bit.ly/CSharpGame Homework is mandatory!
    • Lecture Attendance From the Fundamentals of C# Part II  The attendance is required  Students with less than 70% attendance will be expelled  Attendance will be marked at every lecture  As will delays  Two delays are equal to absence from lecture
    • Team Work Everyone will be involved in team work  Document the exercises from the C# book  Problem analysis  Solution (source code)  Tests  Teams of 4 students (2 devs, 1 QA, 1 support)  2 chapters from the book per team You will be given a template
    • EvaluationThank God there are bonuses
    • Second Exam Evaluation Exam – 80% Homework + C# game – 20% (15% + 5%) Forums activity – bonus up to 10% Bug submissions in the Book – bonus 10% Helping the other students – bonus up to 10% PC Magazine contest – bonus up to 5% per submitted task (10% for Chinese torrents) Team work – solve and document the exercises from the C# book + prepare tests – 15%
    • Champions of the First Part The Usual Telerik Academy Champions
    • Best Exam Scores Victor Bukurov  First day – 335 points Lachezar Tsonov  Second day – 470 points Kristian Tashkov  Third day – 470 points
    • Most Active Student In The Forum Stefan Chonov
    • Most C# Game Posts Momchil Stefanov
    • Most Bugs Found In The Book Vasya Stankova
    • Most Helpful Student Ventsislav Shterev
    • Best C# Book Chapter Translation Vasya Stankova
    • PC Magazine Contest Anton Bogdanov Stanislava Bogdanova
    • C# Fundamentals Part III Introduction курсове и уроци по програмиране, уеб дизайн – безплатно BG Coder - онлайн състезателна система - online judge курсове и уроци по програмиране – Телерик академия форум програмиране, форум уеб дизайн уроци по програмиране и уеб дизайн за ученици ASP.NET курс - уеб програмиране, бази данни, C#, .NET, ASP.NET http://academy.telerik.com програмиране за деца – безплатни курсове и уроци ASP.NET MVC курс – HTML, SQL, C#, .NET, ASP.NET MVC безплатен SEO курс - оптимизация за търсачки алго академия – състезателно програмиране, състезаниякурсове и уроци по програмиране, книги – безплатно от Наков курс мобилни приложения с iPhone, Android, WP7, PhoneGap уроци по уеб дизайн, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop Дончо Минков - сайт за програмиране free C# book, безплатна книга C#, книга Java, книга C# Николай Костов - блог за програмиране безплатен курс "Качествен програмен код" безплатен курс "Разработка на софтуер в cloud среда" C# курс, програмиране, безплатно
    • Introduce Yourself! Now introduce yourself to the others  Who are you, what is your background, why you came at the Telerik Software Academy, …?
    • Free Trainings @ Telerik Academy Fundamentals of C# Programming Course  csharpfundamentals.telerik.com Telerik Software Academy  academy.telerik.com Telerik Academy @ Facebook  facebook.com/TelerikAcademy Telerik Software Academy Forums  forums.academy.telerik.com