Better than being there


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Better than being there

  1. 1. xx Financial Technology  January-February 2009 Better than being there 2008 saw corporate environmental responsibility move into the mainstream, beyond marketing spin to actual in-depth green programs that affect real improvement to companies’ environment impact. But can carbon initiatives continue when budgets are slashed with economic downturn? Lee Ann Lim of Tata Communications investigates When businesses calculate their carbon footprints, the conferencing, instant messaging which all help people work key components are usually energy consumption and better together from their respective locations. transportation. For multi-national companies with offices around the world, the international travel component High definition collaboration can be particularly high. Consider this – the average CO2 However, for a technology that comes closest to simulate face to emissions for a person living in the UK is 8.8 tons per year. A face meetings, companies are looking at telepresence. The arrival single return flight between London and New York itself emits of telepresence technology takes collaboration across dispersed 1.4 tons of CO2. Sixteen percent of an average annual total can geographies to a whole new level. Telepresence is high-definition be taken up in just a single relatively short intercontinental immersive conferencing with brilliant audio quality. flight. For companies which have major sites across multiple “The people at the other end look life-sized, there’s no continents, the environmental impact of their executives’ delay or distortion in the sound of their voice and you really business travel is even more dramatic. feel like you are speaking to them in person,” says Peter Aside from this impact, travel costs also make up a big Quinlan, Director of Managed Telepresence Services at Tata percentage of companies operational expenses. As travel Communications. budgets get slashed, alternate solutions for collaboration need Fulfilling the potential of video conferencing, participants in to be found. a telepresence session see and hear their counterparts like they These include technologies like audio conferencing, web were in the same room, making the experience very positive
  2. 2. January-February 2009  Financial Technology xx The people at the other end look life- sized, there’s no delay or distortion in the sound of their voice and productive. Participants can focus fully on the discussion or work at hand rather than be distracted by any challenges with The company the technology – like delays, blurred visuals and dropped sound. Tata Communications Limited is a leading global provider of the They can also employ their whole body language to get their new world of communications. message across, and communication is so much more natural The Tata Communications’ portfolio includes transmission, IP, and as a result – effective. converged voice, mobility, managed network connectivity, hosted data center and communications solutions to global enterprises Metcalfe’s Law and service providers. The Tata Global Network encompasses one Tata Communications is leading the field by offering a of the most advanced and largest submarine cable networks. Tata comprehensive managed Telepresence service and opening the Communications serves customers from its offices in 80 cities in first public Telepresence rooms to businesses across the world. 40 countries worldwide. This means that Tata Communications can provide turnkey Tata Communications is the first service provider in the world Telepresence facilities to enterprises at their headquarters and to launch public Telepresence rooms. other major locations. Then the public Telepresence rooms enable their smaller sites, partners, suppliers and customers to access this groundbreaking Hotels properties or at Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) service – at an affordable, pay-per-use hourly rate. The more offices. people are connected to Telepresence, the more valuable the Tata Communications have plans to open additional rooms service is to the company. in Hyderabad, Gurgaon, and New York later this year, with a more extensive global rollout of 100 rooms planned to be One stop shop deployed by 2009. Tata Communications’ complete portfolio of Telepresence network and managed services offers companies a reliable, Seeing is believing highly secure and easy-to-use facility. Tata Communications’ Telepresence has enabled companies to cut down up to global network ensure robust and optimum quality 30 percent of their international travel because it is a truly connectivity. The costs of implementation the Telepresence viable alternative to face to face meetings. People who have service are lowered by providing managed infrastructure in experienced Telepresence leave the sessions energised with the Tata Communications network cloud. The Telepresence many ideas of additional ways to utilise the cutting edge managed service includes a concierge service that takes care technology. of reservations, scheduling, customer support, monitoring, Aside from saving significant tons of CO2 emissions and management, reporting and billing capabilities, making it costs from the reductions in international flights, there are easy for customers to deploy and manage a highly effective the very considerable benefits of improving the quality of life collaboration tool. of users by saving them the time and hassles of international travel. n First public telepresence rooms in the world The public room offering creates a larger network of Lee Ann Lim is Marketing Manager for Telepresence Services at interconnected rooms and expands the Telepresence market to Tata Communications. She can be reached at small and mid-sized businesses. Tata Communications has now leeann.lim@tatacommunications opened six public rooms around the world – in India: Mumbai, Tata Communication’s Bangalore (two facilities) and Chennai; in Europe: London; and For further information email:; Peter Quinlan in the United States: Boston. They are currently located at Taj