Introducing the Millennial Leaders - Asia


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Living at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and believing they can make a difference.The Millennial Leaders are the 11% of those surveyed who are the most likely to drive global change through technology. 74% believe they can make a global difference compared to 40% worldwide.

Telefónica in partnership with the Financial Times, commissioned 12,171 online quantitative interviews among Millennials, aged 18-30, across 27 countries in six regions including North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Middle East & Africa.

Read more about the Millennial Leaders here:

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Introducing the Millennial Leaders - Asia

  1. 1. Asia Introducing: Millennial Leaders_
  2. 2. Millennial Leaders: The Global 11% Who Will Drive Change Through Technology We have identified a key subgroup in the Millennial generation. Instead of traditional metrics like socioeconomic status, Millennial Leaders are defined by technology and opportunity. Millennial Leaders are found at the intersection of: “Strongly Agree” I am on the cutting-edge of technology “I believe” I can make a local difference “Strongly / Somewhat Agree” I have opportunities in my country to become an entrepreneur or develop and bring an idea to market 2 2  
  3. 3. Millennial Leaders: Where Are They In The World? Top 14 Countries Country Bottom 13 Countries % of country respondents that are Millennial Leaders Country % of country respondents that are Millennial Leaders Colombia Germany 12% Peru 26% Israel 12% KSA 26% Argentina 10% Chile 22% Venezuela 11% of Global sample = Millennial Leaders 27% 22% Turkey 10% India 22% Egypt 8% China 7% Mexico 21% South Africa 20% Spain 6% Brazil 18% France 6% US 16% Czech Republic 6% Australia 15% Russia 6% Poland 14% Italy 4% Canada 13% Korea 2% Japan 1% UK 13% 9% of Asian sample = Millennial Leaders Global MOE Millennial Leaders 3 N Size 1,600 +/-2.5%
  4. 4. Asian Millennial Leaders: More Influenced By Technology Of the following, which three have been the most influential in shaping your outlook on life to date? Asian Millennials Asian Millennial Leaders Family 86% 82% Friends 56% 50% School/Education 63% 53% Technology 28% 45% Economy 36% 43% Media 15% 10% Religion 7% 10% Government 8% 6% 4 4  
  5. 5. Asian Millennial Leaders: Equipped With Smartphones And Comfortable With Technology How would you describe your personal knowledge and comfort level with technology? Asian Millennials Asian Millennial Leaders “Excellent” 17% 58% What kind of access do you have to the following technological devices? % say “I own it” Smartphone 83% 87% Laptop 77% 84% Desktop Computer 49% 67% Tablet 31% 56% 5 5  
  6. 6. Asian Millennial Leaders: Optimistic And Believe in Making A Difference How optimistic are you about your future? Asian Millennials Asian Millennial Leaders 29% 68% “Very Optimistic” In general, do you think your country’s best days are ahead, or behind? 79% 91% 34% “My country’s best days are ahead” 74% Do you believe you can make a global difference? “I believe I can make a global difference” 6 6  
  7. 7. Asian Millennial Leaders: Career-Oriented And Most Confident In The School To Work Progression How important or unimportant are each of the following life accomplishments to you personally? Asian Millennials “Making it to the top of your career” (very important) 41% Asian Millennial Leaders 69% In your opinion, how easy or difficult is it for your generation to progress from school to the workplace environment? 39% “Easy” (very and somewhat easy) 7 71% 7  
  8. 8. Asian Millennial Leaders: Active Political Participants Through The Use of Technology And Social Media Asian Millennials Asian Millennial Leaders How often do you participate in your country’s political process (e.g. voting)? 17% “Always participate” 40% Technology has made me better informed about political issues in my country 34% “Strongly agree” 72% Social media plays an important role in my current political events and movements in my country 30% “Strongly agree” 67% Technology has made my government more transparent 19% “Strongly agree” 8 60% 8  
  9. 9. Learn more at #TEFMillennials