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Number Portability Conference Brochure

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Number portability conference brochure

  1. 1. e T on ven he co t t f on N u h o um n e cu ly be trie nee ssi r P s n ds ng or ew of ta t bi o lit y20th – 22nd June 2011, Sheraton Park Lane, LondonLearn how to develop the technical and operational processes required toimplement a cost-efficient and sustainable Number Portability solution whilstensuring optimal collaboration amongst all stakeholders in your market Save up to 7500 if yo u register and pay before 13th May 2011Your key challenges addressed: Gain invaluable> Identify the most effective database and routing option insights from: to use in your Number Portability implementation Surender Singroha, Assistant> Learn how to minimise the costs of implementing Manager, Legal & Regulatory, Number Portability to ensure the best ROI whilst BHARTI AIRTEL providing a good customer experience Philip Micallef, Chief Executive,> Determine how to ensure effective collaboration between MALTA COMMUNICATIONS AUTHORITY all the operators and the regulator Majid Ehsan Khan, Project Manager,> Establish how to manage the impact of Number DTAC (Affiliate of Telenor ASA) Portability on your business and operational systems and processes James McEwan, Head of Billing & Provisioning, CABLE & WIRELESS> See how to leverage Number Portability as a tool to CHANNEL ISLANDS, ISLE OF MAN“ attract high value customers & BERMUDA Aldis Ciekurs, Manager Domestic“Implementing Number “A terrific opportunity Carrier Business, LATTELECOMPortability is a major to learn best practice on Nauman Arshad, Project Manager,undertaking. It is of great regulatory affairs, benefit Number Portability, TELENORimportance to be at Telecoms from the experiencesIQ’s Number Portability of countries that have Thorleif Herrstrom, Principal Regulatory Advisor, TELIASONERAConference to learn and share implemented NP and learnexperience with industry how to avoid unnecessary Dieter Staudacher, Seniorprofessionals regarding this mistakes” Analyst, AUSTRIAN REGULATORYcomplex subject’’ AUTHORITY FOR BROADCASTING & TELECOMMUNICATIONS Aldis Ciekurs, Surender Singroha, Manager Domestic Carrier Erkut Erkut, Chief Telecoms Business Assistant Manager, Legal & Business, LATTELECOM Regulatory, BHARTI AIRTEL Officer, MOBILERA TURKEY Produced by:REGISTER NOW
  2. 2. If you are: Why must you attend?> Looking into implementing Number Portability> Preparing to roll out Number Portability •See how BHARTI AIRTEL have overcome the challenges of rolling out Number Portability across a> Have recently implemented Number Portability large and ageing telecoms network… this conference is for you! •Hear from DTAC how to develop an effective value proposition to capitalise on the implementation of MobileFocusing specifically on the needs of countries that are new Number Portability whilst being cost sensitive and risk averseto Number Portability, this event will equip you with the toolsand know-how to ensure the development of a successful, •Examine with MALTA COMMUNICATIONS AUTHORITY the role of the regulator in raising the profile of, andcost-effective and sustainable NP solution. Find out how to: driving demand for, Number Portability> Identify and minimise all the costs associated with implementing and •Understand from TELIASONERA how to minimise the costs associated with Number Portability implementation managing Number Portability> Ensure optimal co-operation and collaboration between all •See how LATTELECOM determined the pre-requisites for implementing Number Portability in fixed networks stakeholders in the market •Learn how CABLE & WIRELESS CHANNEL ISLANDS,> Effectively implement Number Portability in markets with high multi- ISLE OF MAN & BERMUDA overcame the challenges SIM usage of managing differential billing and ensuring interconnect> Analyse the role of the regulator in facilitating a fast and effective billing for ported numbers Number Portability solution •Establish how MOBILERA TURKEY have leveraged the> Carry out internal and inter-operator testing to ensure the operational market intelligence generated by Number Portability to readiness of your solution attract new customers with high ARPU> Minimise porting times to optimise the customer experience Who will you meet at the NumberLed by global operator and regulator case studies, the programme willenable you to benefit from the lessons learnt by those countries that Portability Conference?have just implemented Number Portability themselves – including India Telcoms IQ’s Number Portability Conference will bringand Malta – and gain expert advice from countries that have years of together operators and regulators from around the world.experience in this field, such as Austria and Sweden. Come and meet Heads / Directors / Managers of:In addition to all the case studies and two in-depth Masterclasses, make • Number Portabilitysure you take advantage of the final “You set the agenda” session and • Carrier Relationsget answers to your specific Number Portability challenges and concerns. • Competition & Regulatory AffairsDelegates are invited to submit questions in advance or on-site so that the • Legal Affairssession leader can develop a tailored agenda for you. • Routing Save upWe look forward to seeing you at the event in June. to 7600 if yo u • Interconnection register and pay beforeZoe Squires 25th March Eastern Europe 40%Conference Producer, Telecoms IQ 2011 Middle East 16%P Take advantage of our exclusive media centre where you will find .S. Africa 25%podcasts, articles and case studies on Mobile Number Portability in South America 4%India, Africa & Eastern Europe. Western Europe 5% Other 10%Sponsorship opportunites: Meet prospects for yourNumber Portability Solution!Position yourself as a leading solution provider to global network operatorsand regulators with Telecoms IQ’s Number Portability Conference. 80% of Media partnersattendees will use this event primarily to network – don’t miss the opportunityto raise the profile of your company and the solutions you provide.For sponsorship opportunities please contact Kerisia Powell on+44 (0) 20 7368 9344 or Follow us on Twitter Join our LinkedIn group Systor @TelecomsForum ‘Telecoms Networking Forum’ PANTONE DS 18-1 C PANTONE DS 2-7 C H:40, S:91, B99 H:55, S:29, B:98
  3. 3. CONFERENCE DAY ONE: Monday 20th June 201109:00 Registration and coffee • xamining how to balance the costs of incurring regulatory E penalties with the need to take more time to develop a09:25 Welcome address sustainable and robust solution Zoe Squires, Conference Producer, Telecoms IQ • everaging your Number Portability implementation as an L09:30 Opening remarks from the Chair followed by a speed opportunity to introduce operational efficiencies across networking session your business and therefore reduce your operational costs • illing BSETTING THE SCENE MASTERCLASS • ustomer Relationship Management C • eveloping a central porting order process / porting D09:50 SESSION 1: Understanding the basics of Number administrative platform Portability Thorleif Herrstrom, Principal Regulatory Advisor, • efining the general aspects to consider when D TELIASONERA implementing Number Portability • dentifying the stakeholders within a Number Portability I 12:30 Determining how to effectively implement and manage implementation a Centralised Reference Database (CRDB) • reparing your regulatory documentation ahead of your P • valuating the advantages and disadvantages of using a E Number Portability implementation CRDB • efining the vocabulary for Number Portability D • uantifying and minimising the costs of setting up and Q • stablishing the general requirements for Number Portability E maintaining a CRDB • nalysing solution design and the main alternatives to A • etermining who should manage the CRDB and why D consider for a successful implementation of Number • ne of the operators O Portability • he regulator T • entralised versus decentralised/distributed solution C • third party A • utomated versus manual order handling A • stablishing who should have access to the database and E • ntegrating new actors into the market I when • anaging the customer process during Number Portability M • nderstanding and overcoming the specific challenges of U • eveloping a simple, one-stop process D implementing a CRDB in smaller markets • ssessing time-triggered versus event triggered procedures A For speaker updates, please visit • eviewing your options for routing R • nalysing the relationship between fixed and mobile A 13:10 Lunch Number Portability • etermining if it is possible to develop a single “best D 14:10 Understanding how to prepare your National practice” solution for Number Portability Numbering Plan for Number Portability • efining Number Portability success factors D • Determining what changes need to be made to ensure that your National Numbering Plan is ready for Number SESSION 2: Learning from the technical and Portability operational strategies behind Number Portability • Identifying the key questions that need to be addressed and deployments worldwide to ensure the success of your establishing how to manage them own implementation • ow do people dial their numbers? H • xamining the status of Number Portability implementation E • ow do regulators allocate numbers? H worldwide • ow do operators issue numbers? H • xamining the main drivers for implementing Number E • ow do operators market their services? H Portability • ow do people perceive their numbers? H • nderstanding how to use Number Portability to improve U • Evaluating and minimising the implications of a number quality of service and to drive increased competition in change the marketplace and deliver more customer choice • efore number portability B • nderstanding the business, technical and marketing U • fter number portability A preparation required Les Oliver, Senior Consultant, INTERCONNECT • valuating the effectiveness of using a centralised E COMMUNICATIONS reference database versus a distributed database • nderstanding how to select a suitable routing solution U 14:50 Understanding and minimising the impact of Number • etermining how to increase customer awareness of D Portability on your interconnect and billing systems and Number Portability processes Led by: Carin Johansson, Managing Director & Senior • nderstanding how to address the challenges presented U Regulatory Expert, BOCA CONSULTING by the loss of number range distinction in managing and processing differential billing of on-net and off-net traffic11:20 Morning refreshments • etermining how to ensure interconnect billing for ported D numbers11:50 Understanding and minimising the costs associated • valuating the operational, commercial and financial E with Number Portability implementation and ensuring impact of Number Portability routing options on inter- your return on investment operator interconnect agreements • stablishing all the costs involved in setting up and E • crutinising the pros and cons of using third-party managed S maintaining a Number Portability solution service providers versus in-house billing solutions for • nderstanding how to manage these costs to get the best U Number Portability ROI • iscussing best practice in providing on-net and off-net D • etermining who is responsible for the costs of Number D tariff transparency to consumers Portability implementation • dentifying and implementing the changes in your business I • egulator R and billing systems required to effectively support Number • ominant operator D Portability • hallenging operator C James McEwan, Head of Billing & Provisioning, CABLE & • ustomer C WIRELESS CHANNEL ISLANDS, ISLE OF MAN & • xamining the revenue streams involved E BERMUDA • etermining the right time to implement Number Portability D • valuating the pros and cons of using a Number Portability E 15:30 Afternoon refreshments service provider For your booking enquiries contact us on +44 (0) 20 7368 9300
  4. 4. 15:50 Examining the role of the regulator in raising the profile • nderstanding how to work with, and positively engage U of, and driving demand for, Number Portability to with, the media, politicians and customers to promote optimise the success of your implementation Number Portability • stablishing how to work with all the operators in the E • etermining how to leverage Number Portability to enhance D market to develop realistic timeframes for implementing and enable competition in the telecoms marketplace Number Portability Philip Micallef, Chief Executive, MALTA • nderstanding how to overcome resistance to U COMMUNICATIONS AUTHORITY implementation and gain the necessary buy-in from all the 16:30 Analysing the role of the regulator in facilitating a fast operators and customer-friendly Number Portability solution • etermining how to ensure effective and clear D • ssessing the Austrian regulator’s role in the A communication of regulatory requirements with all implementation of Number Portability operators in the market • etermining how to optimise the collaboration between the D • valuating the extent to which the regulator should be E regulator and the operators in the market involved in establishing the business rules for Number • tilising Number Portability to drive Quality of Service and U Portability a competitive marketplace • etting porting charges S • xamining the ongoing role of the regulator in ensuring E • stablishing rules for inter-operator payments E public awareness of Number Portability • eveloping bi-lateral agreements D Dieter Staudacher, Senior Analyst, AUSTRIAN • anaging customers who break contracts with their M REGULATORY AUTHORITY FOR BROADCASTING & operators TELECOMMUNICATIONS • nderstanding how to build interest across Net Donors U and Net Recipients ahead of your Number Portability 17:10 Closing remarks from the Chair launch 17:20 End of Conference Day One • xamining how to promote the benefits of Number E Portability to customers that use multiple SIM cardsCONFERENCE DAY TWO: Tuesday 21st June 201109:00 Registration and coffee implementation will have across the different business functions • Examining the changes required to your technical processes09:30 Opening remarks from the Chair • Determining how to review your IT systems and ensure that they are ready for Number Portability09:40 Understanding the steps that were taken to optimise • Identifying the changes that will need to be made to your the success of the Mobile Number Portability billing systems implementation in India • nderstanding what internal business changes are required U • xamining how the operators have overcome the E to support your Number Portability implementation challenges of rolling out Number Portability across an • etermining how to accurately predict the volume and D ageing telecoms network speed of Number Portability take-up to avoid bottlenecks • stablishing how the solution was implemented to manage E and manage workflow customers on both CDMA and GSM networks Aldis Ciekurs, Manager Domestic Carrier Business, • nderstanding how the operators and the NRA established U LATTELECOM a cost-effective implementation of Number Portability (Awaiting final confirmation) • etermining how the operators are managing the large D volumes of porting data 12:10 Establishing what determines a successful Number • stablishing how the deadlines for Number Portability E Portability implementation implementation were met • Understanding the impact on the telecoms market of using Surender Singroha, Assistant Manager, Legal & Number Portability as a regulatory solution Regulatory, BHARTI AIRTEL • Identifying the key success factors for a Number Portability implementation10:20 Examining and effectively managing the legal issues • Minimising the porting time surrounding Mobile Number Portability implementation • Delivering a good Quality of Service • Examining how to develop the necessary regulator/ • Examining the need for a central database of ported numbers operator business rules • Determining how to minimise churn when implementing • Establishing how to implement compensation schemes Number Portability for when operators fail to meet their porting times • Evaluating the role of the operators and the regulator in • Identifying and overcoming the challenges surrounding the successful implementation of a Number Portability solution credit on transfer Bostjan Makarovic, Chief Consultant & Director, Aphaia • Determining how to manage customers who break Regulatory Consulting & Former Head of Regulation, APEK contracts when they leave one operator for another • Understanding who should maintain and have access to 12:50 Panel Discussion: How should you measure the success the porting records of your Number Portability implementation? Peter Stahelin, Solicitor, AFR ADVOCATES & Former Following on from the previous presentation, take an active Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, CABLE & role in this interactive session to determine what constitutes WIRELESS CHANNEL ISLANDS & ISLE OF MAN a successful Number Portability solution for all stakeholders in the market. What parameters and Key Performance11:00 Morning refreshments Indicators should you use to measure the success of your implementation and how can you implement and monitor11:30 Determining the pre-requisites for implementing them in a cost-effective way? Number Portability in fixed networks • nderstanding the timeframes for implementing Number U 13:30 Lunch Portability and determining how to minimise them • valuating the impact that your Number Portability E Register now at:
  5. 5. MASTERCLASS14:30 Understanding how to minimise porting times to achieve excellent customer service and grow your customer base • Examining the different porting times around the world: what are the technical, legal and commercial constraints? • Understanding the drivers behind reducing porting times and the role of the regulator, service providers and customers in achieving this • Identifying the pre-requisites for enabling faster porting times for • Fixed and Mobile Number Portability • Prepaid and post paid customers • Determining how to minimise porting times in order to support business objectives for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones • Establishing what other Key Performance Indicators are required to ensure the success of your Number Portability solution • Evaluating the influence of the central Number Portability solution on the ability meeting minimum porting times and other Key Performance Indicators • Learning from case studies and best practice examples of effective porting procedures and quick porting times Led by: Raymond Bouwman, Director, RABION CONSULTANCY17:00 Closing remarks from the Chair17:10 End of Conference Day TwoCONFERENCE DAY THREE: Wednesday 22nd June 201109:00 Registration and coffee • nderstanding how Telenor carried out internal testing U and effective inter-operator testing of their solution09:25 Opening remarks from the Chair • xamining the training and marketing campaigns E09:30 Understanding how to develop an effective value implemented by Telenor to ensure the successful roll-out of proposition to capitalise on the implementation of Number Portability Mobile Number Portability whilst being cost sensitive • nalysing the key lessons learnt during the roll-out of A and risk averse Mobile Number Portability in Pakistan and how they have This presentation is based on the speaker’s experiences of been applied to the roll-out in Serbia implementing Mobile Number Portability across three competitive Nauman Arshad, Project Manager, Number Portability, mobile markets in Asia TELENOR • stablishing the effects of Mobile Number Portability on market E 12:00 Determining how to carry out operational and dynamics commercial testing of your Number Portability solution • nderstanding the customers’ expectations of Mobile Number U to optimise launch readiness and minimise operator risk Portability • stablishing the key requirements for carrying out E • etermining how to transform the threats presented by Mobile D acceptance testing for central porting order handling Number Portability into opportunities platforms and systems • nderstanding how to find the balance between providing a U • dentifying the key elements for testing internal and I good customer experience and minimising your costs inter-operator network routing and Number Portability • everaging customer segmentation to optimise customer L operational readiness acquisition and ARPU after the implementation of Mobile James Wild, Director/Principal MNP Consultant, Number Portability LAURASIA ASSOCIATES Majid Ehsan Khan, Project Manager, DTAC (Affiliate of Telenor ASA) 12:40 Lunch SUBMIT YOUR qUEST IONS AT10:10 Establishing how to increase customer awareness of WWW.NUMBERPORTA BILITYEVENT.COM Number Portability and how to leverage your solution MASTERCLASS to attract high value customers 13:45 “You set the agenda!” • nderstanding how to ensure the co-operation of the U Your issues and challenges take centre stage for this incumbent operator when implementing Number Portability dynamic and accessible session. Tell us what you want and • stablishing how Turkey raised customer awareness of E need to know about implementing Number Portability and Number Portability we will ensure that you get the answers during this session. • etermining how to leverage market intelligence D You can submit your questions on-site during Conference generated as result of Number Portability to attract Days One and Two or in advance of the event by emailing: customers with high ARPU Seasoned Number Portability expert, • xamining the lessons learnt from the implementation of E Carin Johansson, will then develop the agenda just before Mobile Number Portability and Fixed Number Portability in this session to ensure that you are equipped with the tools Turkey and knowledge to manage your specific concerns and Erkut Erkut, Chief Telecoms Business Officer, MOBILERA challenges before you leave the event. TURKEY Led by: Carin Johansson, Managing Director & Senior10:50 Morning refreshments Regulatory Expert, BOCA CONSULTING11:20 Understanding the internal changes and testing 16:45 Closing remarks from the Chair procedures that Telenor carried out in order to optimise the roll-out of Number Portability in Pakistan 17:00 End of Conference • xamining the internal changes that Telenor made in E preparation for Number Portability • Establishing the Mobile Number Portability team • Conducting internal research © Telecoms IQ 2011. Due to unforeseen circumstances the • Developing an internal corporate and commercial strategy programme may change, and IQPC reserves the right to alter • Determining the scope of the project the venue and/or speakers. • stablishing the functional and technical specifications that E were used in the development of the Number Portability solution For your booking enquiries you can email us now:
  6. 6. 20th - 22nd June 2011, 5 WAYS TO REGISTER Sheraton Park Lane, Tel: +44 (0) 20 7368 9300 London Fax: +44 (0) 20 7368 9301 Learn how to develop the technical and operational processes required to Post: your booking form to implement a cost-efficient and sustainable Number Portability solution whilst IQPC UK, 2nd Floor, ensuring optimal collaboration amongst all stakeholders in your market 129 Wilton Road, London To speed registration, please provide the priority code located on the mailing label or in the box below. SW1V 1JZ my registration code is IGC_NP_SLIDE PdFW Online: Please contact our database manager on +44 (0) 20 7368 9300 or at quoting the registration code above to inform us of any changes or to remove your details. Email: monday 20th June 2011 – Conference day One Tuesday 21st June 2011 – Conference day Two Wednesday 22nd June 2011 – Conference day Three Team discounts* IQPC recognises the value of learning in teams. Groups of 3 or more Package Tick book & Pay by book & Pay by book & Pay by Standard booking at the same time from the same company receive a 10% 25th march 2011* 13th may 2011* 10th June 2011* Pricing discount. 5 or more receive a 15% discount. 7 receive a 20% discount. Full Access Pass Save €600 Save €500 Save €200 Only one discount available per person. Three-Day Conference €2,199+VAT €2,299+VAT €2,599+VAT €2,799+VAT Two Conference days ** Save €350 Save €250 Save €150 Venue & Accommodation €1,549+VAT €1,649+VAT €1,749+VAT €1,899+VAT One Conference day Only ** Save €400 Save €250 Save €150 VEnUE: Sheraton Park Lane,Piccadilly, London, W1J 7BX €949+VAT €1,099+VAT €1,199+VAT €1,349+VAT Website: Phone: +44 (0) 20 7499 6321 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7499 1965 Email: *To qualify for discounts, payment must be received with booking by the registration deadline. Early booking discounts are not valid in conjunction with ACCOmmOdATIOn: any other offer. VAT will be charged at 20%. VAT Registration #: GB 799 225 967. All prices are exclusive of VAT. Travel and accommodation are not included in the conference fee; **Please select which day(s) you wish to attend: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 however we have put together a HotelMap that displays discounted accommodation for hotels in the area to the Sheraton Park Lane. The delegate details map displays live availability and allows you to book directly with each hotel: Please photocopy for each additional delegate Alternatively, if you would like to book your accommodation by phone, 6 Mr 6 Mrs 6 Miss 6 Ms 6 Dr 6 Other you can call Daniel Spinner, our dedicated London concierge, on 020 7292 2335 (if outside UK +44 20 7292 2335) quoting Special First Name Family Name Reference Code M4X2C. He will be happy to help you with your hotel Department Mobile No. booking and provide assistance organising your time in London. Job Title Tel No. Free Online Resources Email To claim a variety of articles, podcasts and other free resources please visit 6 Yes I would like to receive information about products and services via email Organisation digital Conference On Cd-ROm Nature of business A digital version of the conference proceedings, including all Address presentations, is available to buy. Postcode Country 6 I cannot attend the event, please send me the CD Rom priced at £599 plus VAT Telephone Fax 6 Please send me conference materials indicated above. Approving Manager 6 I have filled out credit card details below Name of person completing form if different from delegate: For further information Please call: +44 (0) 20 7368 9300 Signature or email: To search IQPC’s archived conference documentation visit: 6 I agree to IQPC’s cancellation, substitution and payment terms Special dietary requirements: 6 Vegetarian 6 Non-dairy 6 Other (please specify) Please indicate if you have already registered by Phone 6 Fax 6 Email 6 Web 6 Terms and Conditions Please read the information listed below as each booking is subject to IQPC Ltd standard terms and conditions. Payment Terms: Upon completion and return of the registration form full payment is required no later than 5 business days from the date of invoice. Payment of invoices by means other than by credit card or purchase order Payment method (UK Plc and UK government bodies only) will be subject to a €65 (plus VAT) processing fee per delegate. Payment must be received prior to the conference date. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the conference if payment has not been received. Total price for your Organisation: (Add total of all individuals attending): IQPC Cancellation, Postponement and Substitution Policy: You may substitute delegates at any time by providing reasonable advance notice to IQPC. Card Number: VISA 6 M/C 6 AMEX 6 For any cancellations received in writing not less than eight (8) days prior to the conference, you will receive a 90% credit to be used at another IQPC conference which must occur within one year from the date of issuance of such 6666666666666666 credit. An administration fee of 10% of the contract fee will be retained by IQPC for all permitted cancellations. No credit will be issued for any cancellations occurring within seven (7) days (inclusive) of the conference. Exp. Date: 6 6 6 6 Sec: 6 6 6 6 In the event that IQPC cancels an event for any reason, you will receive a credit for 100% of the contract fee paid. You may use this credit for another IQPC event to be mutually agreed with IQPC, which must occur within one yearConference code 20032.001 from the date of cancellation. In the event that IQPC postpones an event for any reason and the delegate is unable or unwilling to attend in on the Name On Card: Signature: rescheduled date, you will receive a credit for 100% of the contract fee paid. You may use this credit for another IQPC event to be mutually agreed with IQPC, which must occur within one year from the date of postponement. Except as specified above, no credits will be issued for cancellations. There are no refunds given under any Billing Address (if different from below): circumstances. IQPC is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration or cancellation/postponement of an event. IQPC shall assume no liability whatsoever in the event this conference is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed due to a fortuitous event, Act of God, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders performance City/County/Postcode Cheque enclosed for: € (Made payable to IQPC Ltd.) of this conference impracticable, illegal or impossible. For purposes of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, (Please quote 20032.001 with remittance advice) but not be limited to: war, fire, labour strike, extreme weather or other emergency. Please note that while speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of publishing, circumstances beyond the IQPC Bank details: HSBC Bank, 67 George Street, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1HG, United Kingdom. control of the organizers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers and/or topics. As such, IQPC reserves the right to alter or modify the advertised speakers and/or topics if necessary without any Sort Code: 40 05 15 Account No: 59090618 IBAN Code: Gb98 mIdL 4005 1559 0906 18 liability to you whatsoever. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on our web page as soon as possible. Swift Code: mIdLGb22 Account name: International Quality & Productivity Centre Ltd. discounts: All ‘Early Bird’ Discounts require payment at time of registration and before the cut-off date in order to receive any discount. Any other discounts offered by IQPC (including team discounts) require payment at time of registration. Discount offers cannot be combined with any other offers. PAYmEnT mUST bE RECEIVEd PRIOR TO ThE COnFEREnCE 6 Please do not pass my information to any third party