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Graduate Engineering School for Information & Communication Technologies
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Graduate Engineering School for Information & Communication Technologies


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Telecom ParisTech, top Graduate Engineering School for …

Telecom ParisTech, top Graduate Engineering School for
Information & Communication Technologies :
Communication & Electronics, Computer Science & Networking, Signal and Image processing
Economics, Management & Social Sciences

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Graduate Engineering School forInformation & Communication TechnologiesCommunication & ElectronicsComputer Science & NetworkingSignal and Image processingEconomics, Management & Social SciencesMaster of Engineering – Master of Science – PhD – Advanced MasterAll degrees are nationally accredited
  • 2. 2Welcome to Telecom ParisTechEDITORIALThe school was founded more than ahundred years ago, in 1878, and hascontinuously innovated from creating the word« telecommunications » in 1904, to having thebiggest ICT incubator in France today.Telecom ParisTech is one of France’sleading graduate engineering schools andis considered the leading school in the field ofinformation technologies.Its disciplines include all the sciences andtechnologiesthatfallwithintheterm«Informationand Communications » : Computer Science,Networks, Communications, Electronics, Signaland Image Processing, Social and HumanSciences as well as the study of the economicand social aspects associated with moderntechnology.•The leading Engineering School in ICT, in France•Top 3rd to 5th in national rankings of Engineering Schools inFrance (among 250)•Highly international : 50% international students, 96 partneruniversities•High professor / student Ratio : 1/7205 full-time professors for 1500 students•Innovating : 180 sustainable companies & 1600 jobs created since 1999•Strong links with industry•Part of Institut Mines-Telecom, a major player in the field of ICTYves PoilaneDirector
  • 3. 3Optimizinginformation transportNetworks and mobilityHigh speed links and optical systemsDigital communicationsAeronautic and satellite systemsAlgorithm / Architecture matchingImprovinginformation processingStatistical automatic learningmethodsSpeech, images and audio processingMultimedia content productionand processingInformation systemBringingservicesLocal access and proximitycommunicationsAmbient intelligenceServices creationVirtual communities : games,education, citizenshipSafeguarding and enriching ourcultural heritageDatabases, indexing, consultation, dataminingSignal, images, music, text processingVirtual reality, creation on-lineArt and information technologiesEstablishing and restoring userFRQÀGHQFHRegulationCryptography, security, biometricidentificationPrivate life, sociability, culture, ethicsNew technologies and society :electronic trade, teleworking, CALFields of Teaching and ResearchTelecom Paris Tech5 teaching and research chairs with industry and research partners• Complex Systems• Social networks: economic and social value creation• Innovation and Regulation of Digital Services• Media and Brand Economics (ParisTech)• Modelling of Imaginary Environments for Innovation and Creation
  • 4. 4TeachingProgramme ObjectivesTwo guiding principles• providing engineering training ofthe highest standards• developing centres of excellencein research.Training and education in all the sciences andtechnology related to Information Technologies.Example ElectivesVirtual reality, Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Embedded information systems,Imagery analysis, Mobile radio networks,Speech, Sound, Music and Video equipment, Numerical Production,Micro processors and electronic cards, Microwave Radio Frequencies,Mathematical methods and finance, Starting a company,Management and Accountancy, Global Economic Relations.Telecom ParisTech students develop the skills neededto design, develop, operate and manage informationprocessing and transmission systems, skills that arealso necessary to access networks and informationsystems strategically.Both training and education are stimulated by thehigh level research activities conducted by the schoolwhich also places great emphasis on developing thehuman and social qualities of the future engineers itproduces. Students acquire skills and knowledge ofeconomics and management, as well as English andat least one other foreign language, preparing themfor the multi-cultural environment of their futureprofessional life.A wide variety of post graduate programmes areoffered in keeping with these principles.Telecom ParisTechbenefits from internships in prestigious companies likeALCATEL-LUCENT, BEARING POINT, BNP PARIBAS,ORANGE (France Télécom), IBM, MICROSOFT,MOTOROLA, ST MICROELECTRONICS, THALESRESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY, TOSHIBA Corporation,YAHOO! Inc R&D, GOOGLE, ....
  • 5. 5Master of EngineeringDiplôme d’ingénieurA professional Master’s degree, normally the finalyears of a five year programme, mostly taught inFrench.Admission: Highly selective: top 3% of Frenchscience students. Candidates may apply according totheir academic degrees, either for a transition year,or directly for admission to the Master of engineeringprogramme.Programme: Includes theoretical and scientificteaching, with extensive coverage of social, cultural,economic and management issues, and periods ofindustrial or laboratory internships.The programme provides students with both broadspectrum and in-depth abilities, implying in generala heavy teaching load of more than 700 hours peryear.Master of ScienceMaster’s programmes...A professional, postgraduate degree with twosemesters of taught course and one semester ofinternship. Courses are in English for one semesterand in French for the second semester in Paris andtotally in English in Eurecom.Admission: A minimum requirement of a fouryear bachelor’s degree in the scientific field of theMaster.O Communication SystemsO Networked Computer SystemsO Computer Security (Eurecom)O Mobile Communications (Eurecom)O Multimedia Communications (Eurecom)
  • 6. 6Careers forTelecom ParisTech graduates91 % have an employmentcontract within 2 monthsof graduating and morethan two-thirds beforefinishing their studies:KHUH WR ÀQGTelecom ParisTech graduatesAltran,Thales,BouyguesTelecom,TF1,Schlumberger,CapGemini,Ernst&Young,PeugeotCitröen,Michelin,BNP, Alcatel, IBM, Crédit Agricole, France Télécom,Renault, France Boissons, Butagaz, EDF, GroupeDanone, L’Oréal, Nortel Networks, Sony, Google,HSBC, Mc Kinsey, Accenture, Amadeus, Hitachi,Cisco...Business Start-UpsResearch-TeachingNetworksFinanceCommerce& ManagementElectronics& TelecommunicationsComputingConsultancy1%2%6%10%14%15%17%35%First Job
  • 7. 77The Fondation Telecom brings togetherindustrial partners from the fields oftelecommunications and multimedia to poolfunding for training initiatives and researchconductedbyInstitutMines-Telecom:scholarships,innovation prizes, project incubation, chairs,incentive projects or funding for specific projects.ResearchCompetitive ClustersSet up in 2005 by the French government, this scheme aims to bring forth centers of excellence on a national andinternational level through the creation of consortia. Telecom ParisTech together with Eurecom have steppedup their partnerships with large-scale companies, SMEs and academic laboratories, becoming key players insix competitive clusters:• System@tic Paris Région• Cap Digital Paris Région• Secured Communicating Solutions• Medicen Paris Région• Aerospace Valley• E-secure transactions (TES)TelecomParisTechispartofInstitutMines-Telecom.In 2006, the Institute was awarded the Carnot label,in recognition of the quality of all the Institute’sindustrial partnership relations. This scheme aimsto bring forth centers of excellence on a nationaland international level through the creation ofconsortia.
  • 8. 8Advanced Master...A professional course of one to one and a half years,taught entirely in French.Admission: Essentially after a Master’s degree, butpossibly also after a bachelor’s degree supported byseveral years of professionnal experience.For French speaking candidates.Post-Master’s ProgrammesPhD...The programmes train students through innovativeresearch work and taught courses, developing theircreative, technical and managerial capacities.Admission: PhD students are chosen among theMSc., MEng graduates of recognised world classmaster programmes.Programme: The PhD programme lasts about threeyears. Research work may respond to industrial oracademic objectives. PhD students are attachedto specific laboratories in different schools undersupervision of professors according to their fields.Information technologyTelecommunicationsDigital and mobile communicationsElectronicsComputer scienceSignal & Image ProcessingNetworksSecurityEconomicsDigital societyProgramme: A taught and project oriented Master’s,including an industrial internship followed by aprofessional thesis. It aims to assist students infurther specialisation, conversion, reorientation, witha clearly defined professional objective.Application: through an admission board.
  • 9. 9FacultyRatio Professor/Student : 1/7205 full-time professors for 1500 students, 500part-time professors from industry.At Telecom ParisTech, professors are alsoresearchers. Students benefit thus of direct access toResearch labs.InnovationTechnology Transfer and EntrepreneurshipResearch activities build up close ties betweencompanies and laboratories, the major playersin STIC on the international level. These links arestrengthened by long-term partnerships, technologytransfers and platform sharing, etc. Industrialplayers can therefore access laboratories’ resultsand expertise to create new economic activities.Through support programs for business start-upsand its two incubators, students, graduates, doctoralstudents as well as teaching and research staffare encouraged to propose and become involved inbusiness start-up projects.With one hundred eighty five businesses startedsince 2000 and more than forty-five hosted at anygiven time, the Telecom ParisTech incubator is thelargest in France for the field. It is presently extendedto become the incubator of ParisTech.STREAMEZZO is a software publisher for the RichMediamobilemarket.Foundedin2004,itisthefruitof joint spin-off between an Institut Mines-Télécom/ Telecom ParisTech professor and researchersfrom France Telecom R&D. It raised capitalof € 11 million in 2006. www.streamezzo.comSTRIBE, launched on september 09, enables anywebsite to easily create a branded, customizedsocial network. Stribe provides an innovativeservice that connects a community of site visitors,and gives them the ability to talk and shareinformation across all areas of a site. Stribe helpscompanies easily integrate a robust social networkon their existing site.Number 1 Incubator in the field
  • 10. 10Angel Mercado. Peruvian. Class of 2009.One of my goals was to study at a prestigiousinstitution specialised in telecommunications. Whenwe speak of telecommunications, we think of Franceand Telecom ParisTech, a school recognised bothfor its demanding standards and for the quality of itsstudents originating from all over the world and evenall over France ! Study at Telecom ParisTech providedme with solid and specialized knowledge in the field ofmobile networks as well as offering me the possibilityof working in major companies specialised in thefield. Having completed my former background withnewly acquired knowledge at Telecom ParisTech, Inow feel able to achieve my main goal : « Manage abig company and, why not, own and manage my owncompany. » To study at Telecom ParisTech is to entera « mini-world », as we meet our counterparts fromall over the planet. Its a very pleasant multicural environment wherewe can compare our experience and receive invaluable advice forour private and professional lives. And one certainly must mentionthe qualities of the faculty and administrative staff, always ready tomeet our needs.Simon Maalouf. Lebanese. Class of 2007. Analyst at MorganStanley UK.Telecom ParisTech is one of the best French engineeringschools. You can benefit from a world-class education that youcan customize according to your needs and interests, benefitfrom the knowledge of exceptional professors, high achievingprofessionals and renowned researchers, and connect intoa large network of Alumni actively present in multinationalcompanies all over the world. This makes Telecom ParisTecha unique school. I thus managed to carry out two internships,one in London and another in Barcelona, in Spain, and thensign a work contract with Morgan Stanley to work in theirLondon office, six months prior to graduation.Integrating with the French and international students ispretty simple and easy. You can enjoy a week-end in SouthFrance, organised by the Students Club, join the Englishdebating Club, carry a project for Telecom carriers throughthe Junior Company of Telecom ParisTech or even attendSpanish courses. This allowed me to enjoy my time and workwith self-motivated and enthusiastic people in a multicultural environment,which prepared me to successfully start my first employment, nailing anomination for the “Morgan Stanley IT Europe Monthly Recognition Award”on my second month on the job.Students’ Words
  • 11. 11TurkeyBogaziciUniversityBilkentUniversityVMasterofScienceDoubledegreeinengineeringQGermanyTUDarmstadtUniversitätStuttgartTUMünchenQQQBrazilPontificaUniversidadeCatólicadoRiodeJaneiroUniversidadedeSãoPauloUNICAMPUniversidadeFederaldeRiodeJaneiroUniversidadeFederaledoRioGrandedoSulQQQCanadaÉcolePolytechniquedeMontréalQChinaBeijingUniversityofPostsandTelecommunications(Pékin)JiaoTongUniversity(Shanghai)SoutheastUniversity(Nankin)TongjiUniversity(Shanghai)QVQVQVQSouthKoreaKoreaAdvancedInstituteofScienceandTechnology(KAIST)QSpainUniversidadPolitécnicadeMadrid-ETSITUniversidadPolitécnicadeMadrid–FacultaddeInformaticaUniversitatPolitécnicadeCatalunyaBarcelonaTechUniversidaddeZaragoza(Saragosse)QQQQFinlandAaltoUniversitySchoolofScienceQItalyPolitecnicodiTorino(Turin)UniversitàdegliStudidiGenova(Gênes)QQLebanonÉcoleSupérieured’IngénieursdeBeyrouth,Saint-Joseph(ESIB)UniversitéLibanaise(Beyrouth)QQPolandCracowUniversityofTechnology(AGHCracovie)QRomaniaUniversitateaPolitehnicadinBucuresti(Bucarest)QRussiaNovossibirskStateUniversityQSingaporeNationalUniversityofSingaporeQSwedenKTHRoyalInstituteofTechnology(Stockholm)QTunisiaÉcolesupérieuredescommunications(SupCom)(Tunis)QVVVietnamVietnamNationalUniversity(HoChiMinhVille)QVDegreeawardingcourseNewYorkUniversityColumbiaUniversityUnitedKingdomUniversityofBristolUniversityofOxfordImpérialCollegeQueenMaryLondonSchoolofEconomicsStanfordUniversityUniversityofSanDiegoTsinghuaUniversityWuhanUniversityBelgiumKatholiekeUniversiteitLeuvenTohokuUniversityJapanUniversitàBocconiUnitedStatesQLocalizationofmobilityopportunitiesleadingtoadegreeQ
  • 12. 12One Degree Telecom ParisTechTwo campus location, Paris and Sophia AntipolisAs well as studying in Paris, students have theoption to study in Eurecom in the second and thirdyears of their degree. Eurecom* founded in 1991 issituated on the French Riviera in Sophia-Antipolis,the leading European Technology Park, providinga unique environment in the field of InformationTechnologies.The goal of the founding schools was to pool theirresources to create a small structure of highereducation and research in communication systems.- Close links with industry and the professional world:training courses in France and abroad, partnershipswith companies- Eurecom is the first school outside the United Statesto receive the Major Educational Innovation Awardawarded by the IEEE.Based in Europe’s top science park, Institut Eurecomhosts permanent facilities for many leadingtelecommunications companies providing the perfectenvironment for practical research whilst immersedin an industrial environment. Students carry outprojects in conjunction with firms. An internationaldimension: 70% of professors are of foreign origin.100% of courses are taught in English. 70% ofstudents are of foreign origin, 80% of placements aredone abroad. More than 50% of previous studentshave gone on to work abroad.*Eurecom is a subsidiary of Institut Mines-Télécom.The Paris campus created in 1878 is the birthplaceof the term « telecommunications », coined in 1904by Edouard Estaunié, the school’s director at thetime. The Paris campus offers courses which coverthe full range of information and communicationtechnologies. Students can also take courses ineconomics, management and entrepreneurship. Thestructure of the offer is modular. Students are free tocreate their professional profiles according to theirsinterests and aspirations.The courses offered are in direct response tothe increasing diversity of professions in today’sinformation society. The human dimension isemphasised, developing managerial skills, the abilityto work in a multicultural context, and a sense ofresponsibility with regard to the technologies TelecomParisTech graduates will master.With 50% foreign students of 40 different nationalities,the international environment is experienced on adaily basis on the Paris campus. What’s more, itscentral location in the capital city facilitates closelinks with research and innovation.
  • 13. 13Campus ParisTechParisTech is the French member of the IDEA Leaguenetwork, which brings together five of Europe’s finesttechnical universities:• Imperial College London (United Kingdom)• TU Delft Technische Universiteit Delft(The Netherlands)• ETHZ Eidgenössische Technische HochschuleZürich (Switzerland)• RWTH Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule, Aachen (Germany)International NetworksSome of the firms which financially support theMaster and PhD courses of ParisTech are: Danone,France Télécom, Lafarge, Renault, Thales, Total,Société Générale, Véolia…Industrial PartnershipsCampus ParisTechParisTech is the French mmmemeemembmbmbmbmbmmbbbbereereeerer oooooofffffff thththeeeeee IIDIDII EAEA LLeaeaguguenetwork, which brings togeeeeeeethththhhhhhhheeerererr fifififiveveveevee ooff EuEuEEE roropepe’s’s fifineessttetechchchninin cacall universities:•• ImImImImmI pepepepepepp ririririririr alalalalalallala CCCCCCCColololollolollloo leleleleleeleleleleleegegegegeegeggg LLLLLLLonooononnnndododododonnnnnnn (U(U(UUUUUUUnnnninin teteett ddd KiKiKiKiKKKiK nnngngnngdodd m)m)••••••••• TUTUUUUTUTU DDDDDDDDDDDDDeeeleleelleleelftftfftftfttft TTTTTTTTTTTececececccecccccchhnhnhnhnhhnhnhnnhnisisisisiiisisschchchchchhchhhhhhhchchhhhccheeeeee UnUUnUnUUnUnivivivivivvverereerererererrrerersississsss ttteetet itititti DDDDDeelellelellllftftftf((TThTT eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee NeNeNNeNeNeNeNNeethththtthhherereeeerereeeeree lalalaaalandndndndndndndnnddnddddd )ssssssss)s))ssssss•••••• ETETETETETETETETETETETEEE HZHZHZHZHZHZHHZHZHHHZ EEEEEEEEEEEEididididdididdiidiidddgegegeenönönöönöönööööööön sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssisisisissisisssssssschchchchchcchchchhchhhheeeeeeee TTTeTeeTeTeTeTeTeTTT chchchchchchchchchchcc nininininiiininniscscsscscscscccscsssss heheheheheeeeeheeh HHHHHHHHococo hshschchuleZüricicicccicicicicicicciccci hhhhhhhhhhhh (SS(SSSS(SSS(SSS(S((( wwwwiwiwwwwwwwwww tztztzzeerereerereeerrrereeree lalalalaalalaaalaaaandndnndnddndnndnnnndndndn ))))))))))••••••••••••• RWRWRWRWRWRWWRWRWRWRWRWRWRWWTTHTTTHTHTHTTHHTTHTHTTHTHH RRRRRRRRRRRRheheheheheeheheheheeheheeheininininii isississssssssssschchchchchchchhhchhchh-W-W-W-W-WWW-W-W-WWW-WWWWWWeseseseseseseeeeeeee tftftftfftffffääläläälälääläälällälisisisisissschchchchchchchchhcheeeeeeeeeeee TeTTeTeTeTeeeeTTT chchchchchchhhc nininnin scscschehe Hochschhuh lllllee,ee,e,,eeeeeeeee,e,e, AAAAAAAAAAAAacaaacaccacacacaacacaaaaaachehehhhehehehheh nnnn (G(G((G(G(GGG((GGGGGGGereerrerererererrermamamamamamam nynynynyy)))Internationnaaalllll NNNNeeeeetttttttwwwwwworrkkkkssSSSoSoSoSoSSSSSSSoSoSomemmemmmemmmmm ooooooooooooooffffffff thhhhhhhhhhhhe fifirfirrrrrrrfi ms wwwwwwwwwwwwwhihhhhhhhhhhhh chhh fififififififififinananananancncncncnnciaiiiaiaiii llllyy support ththeMMMMMaMMMMMMMM ster aaaaand PhhhDhDD ccouourrssees of PaP risTech arare:e: DDananone,France Télécécomom, LaLafafargrgee, RRenenauaultlt, Thales, Total,Société Générale, Véolia…IIIIIIIIInnnnnnnnndddddddddduuuuussssssssssstttttrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaallllll PPPPPPPPPPaaaaaaarrrrrtttttnnnnnneeeeeerrrrsssssshhhhhhiiiiiiipppppppppsssInstitute of Technology situated in Paris, Francewww.paristech.frFacts and figures19,600 studentsMore than 2,000 PhD students3,650 professors and lecturers165,000 alumniTelecom ParisTech is a founding member ofParisTech, a research and higher education clusterof excellence.ParisTech is composed of twelve French GrandesÉcoles (Engineering and Business Schools) that covera sweeping spectrum in science, technology andmanagement. Many of them were founded back inthe 18th century, and are located in Paris or nearby.ParisTech offers top Master of Engineering, Masterof Science, MBA and PhD courses covering everyarea of science and engineering. Students receivescience and managerial training preparing them tohold key positions in companies, in civil service or inacademic research institutes. By joining one of theseprogrammes, students meet international studentsand researchers and are in constant contact with thebusiness world.
  • 14. 14For incoming students,Telecom ParisTech offers innovative online servicesBefore your arrival and to help you quickly integrateinto the academic environment, Telecom ParisTechinvitesyoutoacquaintyourselfwiththe«methodologyof the French academic and scientific milieu and therequirements of the teaching staff ».This web-based course draws on our multiculturalexperience to familiarize you with types of academiccommunication typical at Telecom ParisTech - howto effectively follow a lecture and actively participate,read and exploit course materials with a view to takingexaminations, working in small groups, etc.An interactive intranet:· gives access to information concerning studies:timetables, catalogues of electives or modules,sites and pedagogical documentation, student andadministrative records, etc.· allows interaction with other students, putting workon line, taking part in online discussions, acquiringaccess to directories, etc.Finally, as a partner of the OpenCourseWareConsortium, Telecom ParisTech provides a fullonline set of pedagogical supports by its researchand teaching staff via the Paristech Graduate School( portal as well as thatof the Institut Mines-Télécom Shared Courseware( provides/in situ/digital working environmentModern languages & culturesTo succeed in an increasingly internationalprofessional context, Telecom ParisTech providesstudents with unusual and exciting language classeslike the English theatre club, debating sessions basedon the British parliamentary debate system, bilingualcourses (in two foreign languages), recruitingsimulations, videoconferencing, etc.They all contribute to developing communicationskills which enable students to interact fully in thecontext of a foreign culture. Because engineers haveto operate in an international context (work within amulticultural team, carry out missions abroad, use aforeign language as a working language), training inforeign languages and intercultural communicationoccupies a significant place in the education of ourstudents.To obtain the degree, they must have a command ofthreelanguages,atdifferentlevels,withacompulsorymastery of French and English. The departmentof Languages and Cultures offers classes in tenlanguages, from native teachers:French as a foreign language (FLE), English, German,Spanish, Japanese, Polish, as well as Chinese,Italian, Arabic, Russian.
  • 15. 15Accommodationnear Telecom ParisTechThe Maisel (Maison des Elèves de Telecom ParisTech)is the Halls of Residence used by Telecom ParisTechstudents. Students benefit from affordable rents andmay be eligible for an accommodation allowance.The Maisel offers 530 beds located across three sitesAdmissionfor international studentsMaster of Engineering / diplôme d’ingénieur :By on-line application for students having completed3 to 4 years of undergraduate studies in Scienceor Engineering, or through joint programme withpartner universities.Master of Science:By on-line application for students having a 4 yearsBSc of Science or Engineering DBy contacting our labs or professors 2012 - 2013600 k€from industryand governmentswith 13 Eiffelscholarships
  • 16. 2ContactsJean-François NavinerDirector of International Relations+33 (0) 145 817 809Catherine Vazza+33 (0) 145 818 149international@telecom-paristech.frTELECOM ParisTech46, rue Barrault75634 Paris cedex 13FRANCEwww.telecom-paristech.frTwo campus locationsUlrich FingerDirectorPascale Castaing+33 (0) 493 008 162pascale.castaing@eurecom.frEURECOM2229, route des CrêtesBP 19306904 Sophia Antipolis cedexFRANCEwww.eurecom.frStudents choose TELECOM ParisTech for :• wide choice of electives in ICT• quality of research and teaching• international paid internships• halls of residence• highest salaries in first job• French taught as a foreign language• rich urban and cultural environment• dynamic student community life