Leading to graduates degrees
l 12 Advanced Masters including 3 executive tracks combined
with trainees professional activi...
Telecom ParisTech has the ambition to become the European
Reference Pluridisciplinary Research Center in the Digi...
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Education, Research, Innovation : Key Figures


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Education, Research, Innovation : Key Figures

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Education, Research, Innovation : Key Figures

  1. 1. Leading to graduates degrees l 12 Advanced Masters including 3 executive tracks combined with trainees professional activity l 1st «virtual fair» for Advanced Masters www.salon-paristech.com/portail/ Leading to training certificates l Specialized Professionalization curriculum l ParisTech Professionnalization Curriculum l 120 training courses of 2 to 5 days 2,000 interns per year 97% of Telecom ParisTech graduates find a job in less than two months after they get their degree. 3.5% of them start their own company. 9,156 engineers from Telecom ParisTech are currently working. 27% of Telecom ParisTech graduates are working overseas. 97 international partnerships in more than 30 countries 48% of foreign students, from more than 40 nationalities 31 joint-degrees at the grad level (master of science) are open with foreign institutions in more than 16 countries Innovate & foster Entrepreneurship in a Digital World Key figuresCAREER SUCCESS TELECOM PARISTECH WORLDWIDE 47,750 € Hiring Salary (yearly gross salary, 1st job after Telecom ParisTech graduation) INNOVATION RESEARCH EDUCATION Telecom ParisTech is located in Paris, France, and has an English speaking campus (EURECOM) in Sophia Antipolis in the first European Technopole; it also shares a campus in Shanghai (China) CONTINUING EDUCATION TELECOM PARISTECH BUDGET 66.2 M€ operating budget in 2014 with 30% of self financing. Our graduates are offered very competitive salary packages Paris Sophia Antipolis Télécom ParisTech 46 rue Barrault 75013 Paris www.telecom-paristech.fr
  2. 2. RESEARCH Telecom ParisTech has the ambition to become the European Reference Pluridisciplinary Research Center in the Digital field, based on Fundamental and High Level Expertises. Its A+ rated Research laboratory, LTCI jointly staffed and driven with the French CNRS is split into 4 departments: l INFRES: Networks and Computer Science, l TSI: Signal & Image Processing, l COMELEC: Digital Communications and Electronics, l SES: Social & Economical Sciences STANDARD GRADUATE EDUCATION INNOVATION 66 728 328 in Master of Engineering «Diplôme d’ingénieur» Others in Doctorate 356 in Advanced Master 62 in Masters ParisTech 50 15 Post-doc & Visiting Scientists Invited Professors 26 Full time Researchers (CNRS) 287 PH.D Students 134 Professors & Associate-Professors 2013 120 Grants in 2013 - 2014 3 Innovating and challenging Education projects, achieved by small teams of students during their 3 years curriculum PACT Focused & Collaborative Learning Project PIM Master Innovation Project PAF Application-driven Termination Project *(2013/2014 academic year, without the Research Master students) 1,540 students, distributed as follows* Awards ceremony for the PACT projects Telecom ParisTech Research is internationally recognized and receives regularly prestigious awards such as «Médailles d’Argent CNRS», «Prix de l’Académie des Sciences», etc. At the same time its activities are strongly connected to Industry. To do so, Telecom ParisTech leverages all the relevant tools, such as partnership contracts with Companies, European Projects, Chairs and Joint Labs. Telecom ParisTech scientific positioning in the Digital Field is focused on 6 Strategic Axes : l Big Data : Data & Knowledge Dynamics lVery Large Networks & Systems (Internet of Things, Smart Grid, Cloud) l Digital Trust : Security, Relaibility and Risks l Real and Virtual Interactions l Modelization l Pluridisciplinary Approach to Innovation 62 360 45 Defended Ph.Ds Books International Magazine papers 11 Patents 218 International conference communications 2012 9 Research Chairs funded by Enterprises 9 Joint Research laboratories with big companies LTCI actively contributes to 3 Labex (Research Laboratory of Excellence) : DigiCosme in ICTS, SMART in Human/Machine interactions and LMH in Maths TelecomParisTechEngineeringDegreeCursus social programs staffing in paris scientific outcomes 255 Engineering Degree graduates per year 13% of the graduates undertake a Ph.D 30 apprentices 60 job focused meetings per year with Industry More than 500 lecturers from Enterprises 15 «jointly delivered» Masters Compatible with various double-degrees: HEC (ParisTech), IFP, Universities... On site student lodging: 530 beds Telecom ParisTech is the French leader amongst national graduate schools of Engineering and universities in terms of innovation and technology transfer. 1st is the national rank in 2012 of Telecom ParisTech’s incubator, amongst all the French incubators hosted by French grad engineering schools. 3 new start-up are launched every month by Telecom ParisTech’s incubator. 100 Telecom ParisTech graduates have started their own company the last 5 years. 220 enterprises have been launched by Telecom ParisTech‘s incubator between 2000 and 2011. They represent agreggated earnings of 78M€, a staff of 2000 employees and a 100 patents portfolio. 16.6M€ is the amount of contracted Telecom ParisTech research activities with enterprises in 2012. Telecom ParisTech has been granted the Carnot Label and is a partner in the Carnot Institute for developing information technologies and their applications for the Digital Society. 12 patents are filed in average every year by Telecom ParisTech researchers. Telecom ParisTech, 1st french Digital graduate school, a part of three prestigious french scientific clusters: Institut Mines-Telecom is one of the leading higher education forces in Engineering in France, with: l 12 Grad Schools of Engineering and Management (including Telecom ParisTech). l 12,555 students with 1,725 Ph.D students. ParisTech is a consortium gathering 12 of the most famous French “Grandes Écoles” in Engineering and Management, such as École Polytechnique, Mines ParisTech, Telecom ParisTech, HEC, etc. ParisTech is a brand of excellence, continuity between Education, Research and Innovation, as well as proximity to business and International Involvement. Université Paris-Saclay situated close to Paris and Versailles, is poised to be the biggest Scientific and Technological European campus, gathering more than 20 Research organizations & universities (including Telecom ParisTech). This cluster will host: l 3 Nobel Prizes in Physics and 6 Field Medals l 17,000 academics and researchers l 60,000 students including 5,000 Ph.Ds
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