Technology for Tomorrow: Turning Customer Experience Into Action

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  • There are New market realitiesMobile and cloud computing are driving the disruption Customers are fickle and have no long term commitment to brandsCompanies are tangled in legacy systems and can’t respond effectively
  • This change is reeking havoc with business as usualWhich creates opportunities for usCustomers are fickleRevenue growth has stalledThe existing technology is complicated and the emerging technology is still unknown
  • And research is supportign What I’ve been saying93% see customer experience as a strategic priority (Forrester)49% think customer insight, segmentation, and targeting will improvertheir performance (McKinsey)And 63% say increasing loyalty is their primary focus of their contact center over the next 5 years (ICMI)
  • And research is supportign What I’ve been saying93% see customer experience as a strategic priority (Forrester)49% think customer insight, segmentation, and targeting will improvertheir performance (McKinsey)And 63% say increasing loyalty is their primary focus of their contact center over the next 5 years (ICMI)
  • StrategyArticulate the customer experience strategyEnsure alignment with your Contact Center StrategyProcessProcesses should be consistent across all media typesNeed to design process to support how customers want to interactTechnologyChoose technologies that empower your agents User experience to drive contact center architecturePeopleTools to provide outstanding Customer experienceIncorporate the CE into your values as you look for fit
  • We help solve these problems for our clients – We help to ubiquitously connect many complex, multi-channel applications and databases, as a method for helping businesses have “one view” of their Customer..Three decades of contact center experience has helped us develop a knack for integrating aging and ailing infrastructure and core applications, into a more modernized “socially enabled” and “connected” enviornment
  • We continue to see a common theme within some of the world’s largest companies and most powerful brands: 1. Many Legacy Systems, dated applications, fragmented information & databases and aging and ailing architecture..


  • 1. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 1Technology for Tomorrow:Turning Customer Experience into Action
  • 2. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 211:15 AM -11:20 AM Introductions11:20 AM -12:00 PM Strategy Barriers12:00 PM -12:30 PM Technology Barriers12:45 PM -1:00 PM Box Luncheon1:00 PM - 2:15 PM Top 3 Barriers - DiscussionAgenda
  • 3. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 3NEW WORLDWe are at the center of a seismic shiftin the relationship and connectionsbetween and amongpeople, apps, companies, and data.Welcome to a
  • 4. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 4NOT PREPAREDCompanies areNew market realitiesTechnology disruptionCustomer engagement challengesCompanies aren’t wired to deliver
  • 5. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 5Bankers’ hours: 9-3SERVICE: 24/7/365Mobile hours: 24/7
  • 6. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 6Physical copies of maps in carTV, radio reporting of traffic infoUser-generated Digital MapLive crowd-sourced traffic dataNAVIGATION: Crowd Sourced
  • 7. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 7Paper PrintoutsHEALTHCARE: at your fingertipsInstant Digital Access
  • 8. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 8“Thank you for calling…”“Thank you for calling, clicking,touching, tapping, speaking,Tweeting, texting, swiping…”COMMUNICATIONS: Diversifying
  • 9. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 9ALL ESTABLISHED NORMSCustomers are fickleRevenue growth has stalledLegacy technology is complicated and siloedEmerging technology is unknownDisruption is Shattering
  • 10. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 10Differentiate on priceHow low can you go?Differentiate oncustomer experienceThe Days of Competing on Product and PriceDifferentiate on productToday’s innovation istomorrow’s knock offAREOVERThe new differentiatorDifferentiate oncustomer experience
  • 11. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 1163%see Customer Loyalty as the primary focus ofthe contact center in five yearsInternational Customer Management Institute (ICMI)93%customerexperience is astrategic priorityForrester’s 2012 GlobalCustomer Experience PeerResearch Panel Survey49%Executives who say their companies arefocusing their efforts on customerinsights, segmentation, and targeting toimprove overall performanceMinding Your Digital Business, McKinsey Global Survey, 2012BECOMING TOP PRIORITYCustomer Experience is
  • 12. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 12OF THE ISSUEThe Crux8Source: “Customer Service Hell” by Brad Tuttle, Time, 2011
  • 13. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 131. The organization still too often sees customer care as a cost centerrather than a customer experience strategic imperative2. The organization doesn’t have the strategic or technological capabilitiesto treat different customers differently3. The multi-channel environment makes interactions more complex, lessseamless and disconnected4. The agent desktop experience is hindering the customer experience5. Information is not readily available for agents to deliver an optimalexperience for the customer6. Voice of the Customer is not infused into the customer experience7. The organization is too focused on operational metrics that don’t benefitthe customer and measure the overall customer experience8. It’s perceived to be costly to optimize the customer experience9. Technology isn’t flexible enough to meet customer needs10. Management doesn’t have the necessary tools to forecast, manage andoptimize workflowTop 10 Barriers Blocking CE Initiatives
  • 14. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 1424%Use alignment with customer experiencestrategy as a criteria for evaluatingfunding and prioritization decisions.International Customer Management Institute (ICMI)<50%Stated that theircontact centerstrategy wasaligned with theircustomerexperiencestrategyForrester’s 2012 GlobalCustomer Experience PeerResearch Panel Survey>30%Said their organization consistently thinksabout the impact on customers whenmaking business decisionsForrester’s 2012 Global Customer Experience Peer ResearchPanel SurveyIT ISN’T A COST CENTERCustomer Care
  • 15. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 15• New Paradigm –contact centers are akey element ofexecuting a customerexperience strategy• Forrester states thatoptimal customerexperience is acoordinated effortacross four dimensionsThe Organization Still Too Often Sees Customer Care as a CostCenter Rather than a Customer Experience Strategic ImperativeStrategyPeople ProcessTechnology
  • 16. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 16Our Experience in Creating the New ParadigmWe help clients create more valuable businesses by buildingthe value of their customer base• Define their customer-based strategies• Build their customer-centric capabilities• Deliver their customer-focused programs• Measure their customer-driven impactTeleTech‟s Integrated Customer Experience
  • 17. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 17The Customer Experience Ultimately Drives BrandPerception as well as Business PerformanceBRAND PROMISEBRAND REALIZATIONCUSTOMER EXPECTATIONCUSTOMER EXPERIENCEBUSINESS / FINANCIAL GOALSCustomerDeliverConsistentInteractionsCreateRelevantExperiencesOfferExceptionalProductsEnableChannelIntegrationLeverageVoice ofCustomer
  • 18. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 18The Contact Center Stands at the Forefront of Customer ExperienceDelivery and Customers Expect Higher Levels of Service than Ever Before“Knows Me” Identify and recognizecustomers as addressableindividuals Recall historical transactions andinteractions“Is there forme” Provide easy ways for customerto contact and reach the bank Respond to direct customerrequests within a channel“Listens tome” Ask relevant questions, probe forneeds Hear customer concerns toprovide appropriate solutions“Helps me” Resolve, not pitch Be proactive, suggest Facilitate, educate“UnderstandsMe” Empathize and anticipatecustomer needs Provide seamless, personalizedexperiences based on rationaland emotional connections“Iseverywherefor me” Be available andaccessible, when and wherecustomer wants, acrosschannels Offer alternative ideas and boldexperiences real time“Engagesme” Apply insights immediately toinspire action and advocacy Collaborate with customers toadd immediate and longer termvalue“Does theright thing forme” Proactively protect the bestinterests of customers Fulfill promises and build trustYESTERDAYCustomersWanted toBelieve TheirBrand …So Brands Strived ToBe Able To...TODAYCustomersWant to BelieveTheir Brand…So Brands Must BeAble To...
  • 19. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 19A Strong Contact Center Approach that Aligns to the OrganizationsOverall Strategy is Critical to Meeting Evolving Customer NeedsTechnology ProcessesOperations SupportPerformance Management and TrainingCONTACT CENTER STRATEGYCOMPANY STRATEGYOPERATING MODELHRQualitySLATrnxCallSystemACDCTIIVRWFMCRMDialerInboundOutboundComplaintServiceFinanceHRITPlanningHow well does thecontact center’stechnology supportits vision?What ensures theoperationalefficiency of thecontact center?Where does it standas of today?How much are theSLAs defined andfollowed? Does thecontact center provideinput for continuousimprovement?Is the contact centerstrategy aligned withagent‟ performancemetrics? How are theagents supported?How is contact center positioned inoverall strategy?What is its mission?
  • 20. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 20The Transition to View as a Strategic Elementis a JourneyExpertMatureIntermediateRookieN/AOther9%9%2%25%16%38%How would you characterize the maturity of your company’s experience management efforts?Source: A joint study by Peppers and Rogers Group and TeleTech• Forrester states that in over 40 industries surveyed there is a direct correlationbetween good customer experience and positive business value• However, it is a multi-year journey to get there and companies efforts will matureover that time period
  • 21. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 21Where to start3OptimizationWorkstreams21Current StateDiagnostic Data Analytics review: Voice of theCustomer/NPS, Volume, AHT, FCR, Aux time, schedule adherence, staffingvs. volume, individual performancevariation Benchmark company’s mainoperational and CE metrics againstindustry set Review practices and systems:• Strategic Alignment• Call handling• Workforce management• Knowledge base• Talent acquisition anddevelopment• Technology infrastructure• Call Segmentation & Routing• Customer Experience / VOC Conduct workshop with to review anddiscuss future capabilities Ensure alignment of contact centervision with company’s goals andobjectives for the business & theircustomers Develop the business case for mostimpactful workstream elements and linkthem to previously identified KPIs Finalize measures of success for theinitiative. Prioritize quick wins to build momentumand credibility Draft charters for the workstreamsincluding activities, teams, andobjectives.Business Case& Roadmap• Launch and Execute quick wins andtransformational workstreams tooptimize the contact center operationand the customer experience. Potentialareas of Focus may include:• Operations/PerformanceManagement (DailyOps, KPIs, Coaching andDevelopment)• Workforce Management(forecasting, scheduling, staffingtools and methods)• Social Knowledge Management(one right answer)• Learning Innovation(speed to competency)• Call Analytics (root cause, customersegmentation, , …)• Contact Life Cycle (call routing, callhandling, IVRoptimization, workflow, after-callwork, …)21
  • 22. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 22Change initiatives are predominantly driven by capabilities, while a strategiccustomer centric approach to inform capabilities is preferredThe Organization Doesn’t Have the StrategicCapabilities to Treat Different Customers DifferentlyCustomer Centric StrategyChannel maturity“How do I use my current distribution capabilitiesto create a cohesive customer experience?”“How do I transform my distributioncapabilities to support the customerexperience I have in mind?”Capabilities FocusedApproachChannel maturityStrategic CustomerApproachCustomer Centric Strategy
  • 23. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 23Benefit of a Customer Segmentation Model Self service across channels & segmentsSegment / event drivenSegmentASpecialized service and fulfillmentService / SalesProspectingNew CustomerService 1 Service 2 Service 3Relation-shipSegmentBSegmentCSegmentDRelation-shipRelation-shipRelation-shipBenefits of the model• Higher degree of customer focus• Tailored treatment and customized offerings persegment on the appropriate channel• Optimized channel utilization and fit-for-purpose• Higher degree of operational control due tosecondary split based on sales and servicefunctions• Improved data analysis capabilities enhancetargeting accuracy and improve the quality ofreporting / decision making• Enables seamless integration of CRM strategy andworkflow across the contact center• Customer centric foundation helps incentivize andreward customer centric behavior across theorganization“ Another key process that top performers utilize is segmenting the customer base byprofitability – an activity deployed 59% more widely (62% vs. 39%) in Best in classcompanies as compared to other businesses”- Aberdeen Group
  • 24. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 24“The technology always does its thing – that‟salmost never the issue”- Don Peppers, Founding Partner“When used right, technology becomes anaccelerator of momentum, not a creator of it.The „good-to-great‟ companies never began theirtransitions with pioneering technology, for thesimple reason that you cannot make good use oftechnology until you know which technologiesare relevant.” - Jim Collins, “Good to Great”
  • 25. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 25Implementing the Right Projects and Technologies to Transition tothe Target State must Start with Business Strategy and PlanningPeppers & Rogers Group has worked with clients fornearly 20 years to build customer experiences whichhave often failed as a result of companies believingthat technology alone is the “silver bullet.”Companies with a winning strategy examinecustomer interactions through the “eyes of thecustomer,” and build customer-focused strategiesand processes to establish and maintain long-term, profitable customer relationships.Effectively leveraging technology to enable the strategyand processes is important, but one must keep in mindthat the technology is a tool to support the strategy, andcannot drive customer experience itself.
  • 26. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 26FosteringinnovationFocusing oncorecompetenciesAttractingnewCustomersWith the Rapidly Increasing Use of Technology, OptimizingInvestments has Become more Important than Ever BeforeChanging Role of Customer Engagement• Disparate systems and processes lead to dissatisfied customers and high costsOrganizations are starting to shift away from Contact Center to a the concept of an integrated“Customer Engagement Hub”• Increased customer engagement means that many organizations are creating peer to peer communities Gartner estimates that 40% of these communities get abandoned or become inactive due to a failureto cultivate engagementSource: GartnerRetainingandenhancingexistingcustomersCompany Board Priorities in 2012A Gartner study found that the top five priorities of company boards in 2012 are as follows:Maintainingcompetitiveadvantage
  • 27. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 27With the Rapidly Increasing Use of Technology, OptimizingInvestments has Become more Important than Ever BeforeTo improve customer loyalty and decrease IT costs, technical teams should first ensureunderstanding of current gaps as well as objectives that need to be addressed through theengagement hubCareful planning and business requirements should be determined before implementation togive priority to delivering an exceptional customer experience and meeting customer needs• The IT organization and it’s projects must be well-organized to reduce the time and cost ofintegration• IT organizations should take a longer-term perspective to build up the business andinformation architectures that also allow for flexibility
  • 28. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 28Consumer Transactions and Shifting PreferencesThe contact center of tomorrow requires multi-channel interactionsF o u r Ye a r S p a nSource: TSIA Benchmark and Survey data, Technology Services Industry Association 2010Calls, 60%E-mails, 30%Web Self-Service, 10%Calls, 30%E-mails, 15%WebSelf-Service, 20%Web Chat,10%WebCommunities, 20%SocialMedia, 5%
  • 29. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 29Companies Must Shift from Call Centers toCustomer Collaboration Hubs…Traditional Call Center• Voice-only channel• Cumbersome and reactive• KPI driven• Cost centers• Distributed and redundant infrastructure• Siloed customer dataCustomer Collaboration Hub• Mobile, social and multichannel• Nimble and proactive• Customer satisfaction driven• Profit centers• Centralized and virtualized infrastructure• One view of customer
  • 30. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 30The Agent Desktop Experience is Hindering theCustomer Experience...• Disconnected systems• Multiple knowledge bases• No support for social• No support for mobileInconsistentService AcrossChannels• No context• Not personalized• Slow, inaccurate answers• Low quality of interactionPoor CustomerExperiences• Multiple service screens• No single knowledge source• Not connected to back-office• No collaborationLow AgentProductivityUnhappyCustomers
  • 31. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 31How to Solve for this Problem...A complete solution for driving seamless interactionsCentralizedandVirtualizedInfrastructureCompanies need to bring allinteraction types andknowledge sources togethervia the most effective andefficient channels..Because yourassociatesCAN, SHOULD and WILLknow your customers..
  • 32. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 32Cloud: Combined 8 different LOBsInbound/Outbound with CTITraceable 360° view of customerIntegrated knowledgeReal-time data integrationPortal: Customer self serviceMobile: Mobile self-serviceSocial: Social media engagementIn-channel responseProvides comprehensive information for morethan 21 million customers and16 million vehiclesAHT decreased by 14%Service Level increased by 18%System Integration Practice Case Example
  • 33. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 33Information is not Readily Available for Agents toDeliver an Optimal Experience for the CustomerAnswers to questions and the overall customer experience is not consistent..
  • 34. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 34Provide Consistent Answers to Customers’Questions Regardless of ChannelAnswer EngineCustomer Relationship Management SystemSocial Knowledge Solution
  • 35. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 35Multichannel View of Answered and Unanswered Questions
  • 36. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 36Monthly Reporting On Popular Responses, Along WithReal-Time Notifications When Surges Take Place
  • 37. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 37Cloud: Combined 5 different LOBsEstablished an enterprise-widesocial knowledge managementsolutionEnabled multi-level collaborationand knowledge sharing throughreal-time notificationsCreated a single source ofknowledge throughout thecompanyKnowledge:Enterprise 2.0 collaborationplatformChannels: Voice, email, fax, self-help, social, mobileTraining: Asynchronous on-boarding andcontinual developmentAHT decreased by 17%Quality Satisfaction increased by 19%Social Knowledge Management Case Study
  • 38. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 38Lunch
  • 39. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 39The Top Three Barriers
  • 40. ©2013 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary 40Matt TrebbExecutive Director, Service Deliverymtrebb@teletech.com303.397.9271Macario Gallegos Jr.Vice President – CRM Systems Integration Practicemacariogallegos@teletech.com303.397.8951Jim DickeyVice President and ManagingDirector, Business Intelligence and Simulationfor Peppers and Rogers Groupjdickey@peppersandrogersgroup.com303.397.9375