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Life @ TeleTech - Here's a comprehensive presentation - sharing to you what it's like in TeleTech.

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  • Life @ TeleTech

    2. 2. Why TeleTech?
    3. 3. Why TeleTech?As a global leader in business processoutsourcing, TeleTech helps organizationsaround the world grow, manage, and optimizetheir most valuable assets: customerrelationships.
    4. 4. Why TeleTech?TeleTech is actually more than just one company. It is a familyof businesses, each of which has its own unique identity.
    5. 5. Why TeleTech?Grow your career with TeleTech. There are literally countlessstories of those that started with the company at an entry-level and have steadily moved up within TeleTech to fullyreach their personal potential.Because TeleTech a global organization, careers at TeleTech isnot a one size fits all. Rather success is built on an individualbasis. Please visit our Videos page to hear from someTeleTech success stories about their movement within theorganization.
    6. 6. A Day in a Life of aTeleTech Employee
    7. 7. A Day in a Life of a TeleTech Employee 8:00am - 8:10am Warm – up for Success! 1:30pm – 2:00pm •Do Re Mi Coaching with Danielle aka Princess Boss Lady •Practice opening in different “You’re doing awesome, as I expect of you. Go tones / accents for fun sit with this person and make them awesome •System Start Up too, please! ” 8:10am – 10:30am 2:00pm – 4:30pm Phone Calls! More Phone Calls!Mathieu •I’m gonna fix everything, because •Laughter → Customer Delight → Happy EndLancaster we’re awesome! to Another Day!21 years old •Make faces at the associates 4:30pm around meStarted as a •Dance around my cubicle Homeward Bound! Customer ServiceRepresentative, m 10:30am – 10:45am TeleTech Trivia!oved his way up Break Time! Kalispell site is located at 1203and became a 10:45am – 1:00pm Highway 2 West Suite 5Talent Acquisition Phone Calls! – 2 nd Wave! Kalispell, MT 5990. They areAssistant. continuously hiring for CustomerToday, he is one •Still Awesome! Service Representatives. Applyof the high 1:00pm – 1:30pm now! performing TeamLeaders of Lunch timeKalispell ServiceDelivery Center. Running high-fives on my way out and back! FUN FUN FUN! 
    8. 8. FAQ’s
    9. 9. FAQQ: As a CSR, am I required to do telemarketing?A: No. Here in TeleTech, we are very transparentand we are truthful. We inform our candidates theactual functions of the position that they are applyingfor. And if you are a Customer ServiceRepresentative, all you got to do is to keep up thatExcellent Customer Service you have in you. 
    10. 10. FAQQ: As an employee of TeleTech, am I allowed tovoice out my sentiments with regards to work?A: TeleTech knows how to value its employees.Their thoughts and their opinion is valued too, and wehave a proper venue for our employees to expresstheir work-related concerns.We Hear You is a convenient and confidential way for you to report potential violations ofTeleTechs Code of Conduct. It is hosted by a third party, to maintain confidentiality and anonymitywhen requested. We Hear You is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to give everyemployee, contractor, or third-party the ability to report any Code of Conduct violation.
    11. 11. FAQQ: Are there possible career growth opportunities forcall center agents?A: Definitely! There are lots of possible growthopportunities for TeleTech agents. The company isopen to internal hiring and if you are an agent, and youare exemplifying highly competitive skills that may befit for other roles for other departments, you mayimmediately apply for a promotion or for a lateraltransfer. Therefore, the company is practicing EOE andalso gives priority to its own employees.
    12. 12. Enjoy your Job!
    13. 13. 5 Reasons Why TeleTech isAlso Defined as FunLet me ask you this. What is a perfect workplace? A place where you arehappy or loving what you are doing? Mainly, yes and there are a lot offactors that define your perfect workplace such as careergrowth, interpersonal relationships, and all others. Here, I present to youfive influencers that TeleTech is not just a workplace in its strict sense butI must say a place for career building. TeleTech goes beyond just being aworkplace.1. RecognitionAwarding programs are usual in TeleTech whether you are an associateor general and administrative employee. It feels great to be rewardedfor your hard work and dedication, and you know it’s a careeraccomplishment as an individual.
    14. 14. 5 Reasons Why TeleTech isAlso Defined as Fun2. OutreachLike a community organization, TeleTech gives us a chance to give back tothe community. From food drives to book-reading sessions to kids, it’s athing you will always enjoy doing.3. ContestsThis is what I’m talking about! Are joining sports league, dance andsinging competitions are your type? You might meet your match orestablish your talent supremacy here.4. WellnessWe are all part of TeleTech and the force behind its continuous success.Because of that, we are taken care of too as much as we take care of theorganization. Needless to say, health and medical benefits are things wenever worry about. Take advantage of the additional activities we havelike exercise sessions and StayHealthy kiosks in our sites.
    15. 15. 5 Reasons Why TeleTech isAlso Defined as Fun5. PartiesWhile we work hard, we party harder… in a modest way. Other thancompany events, each team arranges their own parties (You know wehave thousands of team members worldwide). I enjoy the Halloweenevents the most and part of it is because of our funny costumes at work.These are all the activities we enjoy doing with the people here. To sumit all up, it’s a fun place to build your career with friends. There arethousands of employees out there and I’m sure they have their owndefinition of TeleTech too. What about you? 
    16. 16. •Apprenticeship Program •40-Hour Work Week•Full Time Employment •Registered Retirement Savings Plan•Tuition reimbursement •Vacation Time•Learn new skills •Medical / Dental Benefits•Build your career •Friendly, positive and optimistic •World class training team •Opportunities for advancement •World class training •Discounts from local partners •Relaxed work environment •Performance and attendance based incentives
    17. 17. Work – Life Balance
    18. 18. Work-Life Balance At work: The place where we work together, meet friends, get rewarded, share fun stories, work as a virtual team, play games, eat food we like and grow careers
    19. 19. Work-Life Balance Social Responsibility: We had so manyactivities that each of our sites independentlyinitiated their own community programs
    20. 20. Work-Life Balance Giving back to the community: Food drives, school outreach, day of caring, and earning for learning activities
    21. 21. Work-Life BalanceGiving back to the community and veterans support
    22. 22. Work-Life BalanceTeleTech Sports League 2011
    23. 23. Testimonials
    24. 24. TestimonialsSource:
    25. 25. TestimonialsSource:
    26. 26. TestimonialsSource:
    27. 27. TestimonialsSource:
    28. 28. Move up with TeleTech
    29. 29. Move up with Teletech
    30. 30. Move up with TeleTech
    31. 31. Application Process
    32. 32. Application Process It may be easier than you realize to start your career at TeleTech. Just take some time to explore current positions available that match your experience, skills and career goals, and then just follow the steps below. The first step starts with you - and it leads to a future of success at TeleTech.
    33. 33. Application Process Apply Find the position / opportunity youre interested in and fill out our online applicationStep 1
    34. 34. Application Process Assessments Once your credentials have been reviewed, if they are deemed a match for a current opening, you will be invited to come in to the center to take TeleTechs proprietary job-related pre-hire assessment, “MatchPoint”. The MatchPoint assessments may measure a variety of skills from communication to technical skills, based on the nature of the job we areStep 2 seeking to fill.
    35. 35. Application Process Interview Youll be contacted by one of our talent acquisition specialists to learn if youre a candidate for the position. If so, well schedule an interview at TeleTech.Step 3
    36. 36. Application Process Job Offer If you are the candidate of choice for the position, you will receive a verbal offer. In many of our locations, this offer will be contingent upon successfully completing a criminal background check and drug screen.Step 4
    37. 37. Application Process Acceptance A written offer will be sent to you for your review and signed acceptance.Step 5
    38. 38. Application Process Orientation Last but not least, our representatives will schedule your orientation at TeleTech to welcome you to our team.Step 6
    39. 39. Questions
    40. 40. Questions?For further questions or information, please go to or Apply Now! Go to Join the TeleTech conversation at