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Tele-Products Ltd started in York in 1988 as a manufacturer of telecom test instruments.

Our business is the design, manufacture, marketing and sale of test, monitoring, measurement & telecoms equipment and related goods and services.

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Tele-Products 25 years slideshow

  2. 2. Tele-Products Ltd started in York in 1988 as a manufacturer of telecom testinstruments.Our business is the design, manufacture, marketing and sale oftest, monitoring, measurement & telecoms equipment and related goods andservices.We are proud to have contributed to theeconomic life of the city over these last 25years.We have a policy of manufacturing all ourproducts locally where possible. A majority ofour suppliers are within a 50 mile radius of York.
  3. 3. Everyone works for Tele-Products Ltd. All our suppliersknow us as Tele-Products as does the bank and HMRC.We use Crucible Technologies and First Stop Safety astrading names as we sell our products into very differentmarkets.Why three company names and logos?The very first Tele-Products Logo from 1988
  4. 4. From the Archives – Some early products including the Return Loss TestSet, our very first product launched in 1992.
  5. 5. From the Archives - Busy in the workshop and a press cutting from the YorkEvening Press in 1996
  6. 6. Press Business Award winners in 1995 & 2009
  7. 7. The Globecall is a Caller Display simulator withmultiple country specifications. For example itcan generate Caller ID signals for manyEuropean countries as well as for the US.The Duotel Plus is a two-port exchangesimulator, which allows calls to be establishedbetween the two ports. Each port has its ownunique number that can be dialled from theother port to produce a ring signal. If requiredthe user can reprogram this number.Telecom test instrumentsSince 1988, we have launched more than 20 different telecom test instruments.Although many of these are now obsolete, they are still in service throughoutthe world. Here are 2 that are still sold by Crucible Technologies.
  8. 8. We started trading as Crucible Technologies in 1997 topromote our telecom products. These includedtelephone conversation recorders, headsets andtelephone systems.The most popular of this range is the CTI Meteor whichpresents Caller ID information from the telephone line tothe serial port of the PC. This is mostly used bycompanies wanting to identify the caller from theirtelephone number.For example, many takeaways use our product in theirElectronic Point of Sale (EPOS) set up.The Comet is the USB version of the Meteor.Crucible Technologies is 15 years old this year
  9. 9. From the Archives - Some early Crucible Technology productsCID-PC1, the predecessor to the Meteor and the Contact 4 home PBX
  10. 10. Branching out into energy monitoringAt the same time as we have made manyproducts obsolete, we have constantly looked outfor new markets to enter.The Meter Logger 100 is a simple-to-useinterface device which converts the pulse outputsfrom up to 3 utility meters into both a graphicaldisplay on a webpage and formatteddownloadable data.Any utility meters with a volt free pulse output canbe connected to the ML100 and the 3 input facilitymeans that for example gas, electricity and waterusage can be simultaneously monitored.
  11. 11. First Stop Safety is 10 years old this yearWe entered the Portable Appliance Testingmarket in 2002 with our PAT-IT tester. Thiswas so successful that we formed First StopSafety “For everything to do with PortableAppliance Testing”.In 2007 we launched the battery poweredBattPAT to replace the PAT-IT.Last year the MemoryPAT was launched.This included a display and memory to storethe results of 2000 tests.
  12. 12. Responding to customer demandIn supplying testers, we realised that much of thetraining available was of poor quality with very littleopportunity for delegates to gain practical experience.We responded to this by offering training courses aboutall aspects of Portable Appliance Testing around thecountry. These courses cut through many of the mythssurrounding this and presents common sense, practicalsolutions.To complement these courses, we have producedtraining resources such as books and DVDs.
  13. 13. The management teamFrom left to right: Ian Rose (IT & Operations Manager), Seggy Segaran (TechnicalDirector),Karen Swallow (Warehouse Manager), Andy Gurnell (ManagingDirector), Kimberley Stubbs (Sales Director) and Wendy Dixon (OfficeAdministrator).
  14. 14. Company VisionOur vision is to build a strong profitable company in partnership with ourcolleagues, customers and suppliers and become a model organisationin the York area.