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Mar plan


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. Marketing Plans: One SIZE does not fit all
  • 2. Marketing Plans: Outline
    • Marketing 101
    • Market Research
    • Who are your customers?
    • Marketing Methods
    • Tracking Efficacy
  • 3. Marketing 101
  • 4. What is Marketing?
    • Marketing at its very core is…
    The process through which Value is exchanged
  • 5. What is Marketing?
    • Managing the demand for goods and services
    • The Four P’s
    - Product - Price - Place - Promotion - and #5 - People
  • 6. Marketing is...
    • Product
      • Consumer products industry
        • Marketing plays major role in defining product (ex., Crest, Tide)
      • Libraries
        • Marketing plays a different role (ex. BASF - “We don’t make the products you buy, we make the products you buy, better). Marketing helps define consumer perceptions of products.
  • 7. Marketing is...
    • Price
      • Consumer products industry
        • Marketing determines price of product based on a number of factors including costs of manufacturing and “what the market will bear.”
      • Libraries
        • Marketing plays limited role.
  • 8. Marketing is...
    • Place
      • Consumer products industry
        • Marketing determines product placement with store locations and “store shelf” placement in relation to competitors.
      • Libraries
        • Marketing plays major role in product placement on library shelves. Where and how are the products placed in relation to others that create a “point of sale” approach
  • 9. Marketing is...
    • Promotion
      • Consumer products industry
        • Marketing determines promotional strategy in line with business plan and executes same
      • Libraries
        • Marketing determines promotional strategy in tandem with organizational strategic plan and executes same.
  • 10. Marketing is...
    • People
      • Consumer products industry
        • Marketing recruits, trains, and supports and tracks effectiveness of direct sales force.
      • Libraries
        • Marketing has traditionally not instituted direct sales approach but rather uses “soft” sales or indirect sales approach (P.R. events, etc.)
  • 11. What is Marketing?
    • The marketing plan must be linked to the overall goals and objectives of your organization…..your business plan
    customers circulation both
  • 12. What is Marketing?
    • Brand/Image Management
    • How do you manage your library’s brand and image in the minds of your consumers?
    How can you differentiate your library in the marketplace ?
  • 13. What is Marketing?
    • Positioning
    The intentional description of a product or service that creates a meaningful and long-lasting positive impression on the minds of target audiences.
  • 14. What is Marketing?
    • Positioning
      • Positioning Statements
        • Genesys “Intensive Caring”
        • Port of Toledo “Your link to world markets”
  • 15. What is Marketing ?
    • Product Line Marketing
    How does product line marketing fit with brand identity? Product line marketing should work in concert with brand management and should never conflict
  • 16. What is Marketing ?
    • Libraries have product lines
    - Children’s section - Adult learning section
  • 17. What is Marketing ?
    • Product Line Marketing
    Product line marketing for each of your library’s sections may take a different approach One SIZE does not fit all
  • 18. Market Research
  • 19. Market Research
    • Primary Research
    - Quantitative methods Telephone surveys, direct mail surveys - Qualitative methods Focus groups, personal interviews
  • 20. Market Research
    • Secondary Research
    - Existing data sources U.S. Census (demographics) Community-based needs assessments
  • 21. Market Research
    • Market research can help you…
    - Identify new customers - Solidify your current customer base - Understand customer satisfaction - Determine new product offerings - Defines SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • 22. Who are your customers? Target audience identification
  • 23. Target Audiences:
    • Internal audiences
    - Employees - Publishing companies - Other libraries
  • 24. Target Audiences:
    • External audiences
    - Library patrons - Donors
  • 25. Methods
  • 26. Marketing Methods
    • Advertising
      • Television, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Direct mail
  • 27. Marketing Methods
    • Advertising
    • Internal and External Communications
      • Newsletters, Electronic Media (e-mail)
      • Relationship marketing
  • 28. Marketing Methods
    • Advertising
    • Internal and External Communications
    • Public Relations
      • Community-oriented event & program sponsorships, partnerships
  • 29. Marketing Methods
    • Advertising
    • Internal and External Communications
    • Public Relations
    • Media Relations
      • “ free advertising”
  • 30. Tracking Efficacy
  • 31. Tracking Efficacy Contrary to popular belief...
  • 32. Tracking Efficacy … not all methods work with all target audiences!!
  • 33. Tracking Efficacy Well… DUH?! One SIZE does not fit all!
  • 34. Tracking Efficacy
    • You may find that print advertising works best for one product line
    • Or that media relations works best for another product line
    • To learn what works best…use a “call to action”
  • 35. Tracking Efficacy
    • All marketing methods should have a “call to action”
      • Gives you and your audience an opportunity to “exchange value”
      • Could be a simple statement…”for more information call…”
      • Could be a business-reply postcard to receive the next issue of your newsletter
  • 36. Tracking Efficacy
    • The purpose of a “call to action” is to test what works best.
  • 37. Marketing Plans: One SIZE does not fit all
  • 38. Questions?