Tej kohli Grafix E-commerce Application


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Grafix Softech is Costa Rica based e-commerce solution & software providers headed by Tej kohli .This presentation dedicated to provide information about e commerce history ,future & innovations .

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Tej kohli Grafix E-commerce Application

  1. 1. e-commerce
  2. 2. The Definition of E-Commerce E-commerce is the short form of Electronic commerce. E-commerce is the overwhelming buzzword of the online business transformation The development of e-commerce has given birth to new terms such as electronic funds transfer, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), Internet marketing, automated data collection systems, etc.
  3. 3.  1989 : Peapod carries the supermarket to the home PC 1992 : Phone-based 1-800-Flowers plants itself on the web 1994 : Netscape reveals SSL encryption, upgrading web security 1995-2000 : time ruler of e-commerce , Amazon.com, launches, yahoo launches pushing stage yahoo stores, Internet retailer magazine makes a big appearance in march , wal-mart presents purchase online/pick up in store customize.
  4. 4.  2001-2005 : Amazon.com pioneers a trail, starting a versatile commerce website , Annual online retail deals up 25.6% to $54 billion, Congress passes the CAN-SPAM Act, setting leads for showcasing message , Credit card associations make PCI information security gauges , Web 2.0 takes hold as additional retailers join client-created substance and new advances that make destinations more intelligent. 2005-2009 : Google introductions Google Checkout to rival any semblance of PayPal , Apparel deals surpass PC bargains online outside of the norm , Google Sites produce 85 billion pursuits, Yahoo Sites just 25 billion and Microsoft Sites 10 billion, Amazon.com and Overstock.com lose New York online deals charge combat.
  5. 5. WhyPeople Usee-commerce ?
  6. 6.  Improvement of Business Transaction Reduction of Friction Facilitating for Organizational Model Greater Economic Efficiency Exploitation of New Business
  7. 7. Essential e-commerce processes E-commerce or electronic commerce is basically a propelled manifestation of working together through web as its major medium to furnish the focused on group of onlookers on a planet wide scale. While beginning an e-commerce business, it is exceptionally indispensible to first get a magnetic and totally engaging in addition to an utilitarian e-commerce site, with a master search for your online business. (1) Good impression : (2) Easy to navigate : (3) Quality traffic and Positioning : E-commerce web advancement is consequently undoubtedly the best stage of showcasing your utilities and items on the web.
  8. 8. Let take a look at each essential process category : Access Control and Security Profiling and Personalizing Look Management Content and Catalog Management Workflow Management Occasion Notification Cooperation and Trading
  9. 9. Types ofe-commerce systems
  10. 10.  Business-to-consumer (B2C) Business-to-business (B2B) Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) Consumer-to-Business (C2B) Sometimes, We add two additional classifications: Business to Employee (B2E) B2E services are typically offered by Intranet Applications to provide all the needed information to the employees of an organization.Business to Government (B2G) B2G is similar to B2B except Governments operate under own set of rules that may have to adhered by other businesses.
  11. 11. B2B or Business-to-business : It needs two or more business substances collaborating with one another straight or through a go-between. The B2B electronic commerce could be – Supplier-Centric, – Buyer-driven, or – Intermediary-driven. ---B2C or Business-to-consumer
  12. 12. C2B or Consumer-to-Business : The business substance is wanted to match the prerequisites of the buyers to the best conceivable degree. The Consumer to Business (C2B) empowers a buyer to confirm the value of an item or alternately fix offered by a association.
  13. 13. C2C or Consumer-to-consumer : It elevates chance for customers to transact products or utilities to other customers exhibit on Internet. The C2C in numerous a scenarios models the trade frameworks with a changed type of bargain making.
  14. 14. Electronic Commerce: Benefits Global Distribution of Information Expands the Market Reach-past Geographic borders Small Business can moreover access worldwide commercial center Amazon.com, Ebay.com, BaZee.com HP, Cannon and so forth can furnish download for driver programming safeguarding Efficient and brisk conveyance of qualified data needs of clients Federal Express-Customer can track status of a shipment IndianRailways.com – Customer check situate accesability, trains tracks, make reservations online
  15. 15. Effect of Electronic Commerce : Financial qualities— - Restructuring of Distribution and Supply Chain Strategic qualities— - aggressive point of interest -business techniques - Customer Relationship Management
  16. 16. E-COMMERCE APPLICATION : Electronic Auctions Electronic Banking Electronic Searching Education & Learning Marketing Electronic Trading
  17. 17. For More information Join us ontwiiter , Linkedin & crunchbase