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Organizational Behaviour Brochure


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Organizational Behaviour Brochure

  1. 1. for more information about our learning options, please contact Weatherhead today: BOLd IdEAS. Phone: 216/368-6413 fax: 216/368-0200 Web: LASTInG IMPACT. ORGAnIzATIOnAL BEhAvIOR creAtIng eXtrAordInArY orgAnIZAtIonS About the WeAtherheAd School of MAnAgeMent through reVolutIonArY leAderShIP Since its inception, the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University has received international acclaim for developing bold ideas that redefine the way management The context of organizational development has shifted education is taught. This spirit of innovation has elevated its management programs to global radically within the last 20 years. As technology accelerates, Weatherhead cultivates prominence, earning Weatherhead a reputation as one of the most innovative business schools markets expand, organizations become distributed and in the world. global forces make a local impact, leaders need to be extraordinary organizations The Weatherhead School is bold in idea generation, creative in thinking and nimble in adapting prepared to embrace an increasingly complex world. to the rapidly changing business environment. Weatherhead’s teaching approach delivers a unique by building leadership Case Weatherhead’s innovative approach to positive blend of functional competencies and interpersonal skills that organizations increasingly need. leadership and organization change equips leaders with new The input we ask for and receive from industry, corporate sponsors and alumni is critical to designing capacity and advancing the curricula that advance our graduates’ careers and the objectives of their sponsoring organizations. competencies and capabilities in strategic-level change As a result, the people we teach are ready to add immediate value to their organizations, their management to enable value creation that capitalizes on communities and the world. It is this approach that has earned the school a place in the top 10% science of human strengths. human and organizational potential. of the world’s business schools for decades. Using a positive focus to change the way we view ourselves The home of the Weatherhead School of Management is the Frank Gehry-designed Peter B. Lewis and the way we engage our organizations may seem like a Building. The Lewis Building reflects the spirit of Weatherhead’s innovative approach and clearly places radical theory, one that is not easily embraced. Nevertheless, Weatherhead in the vanguard of business education. It redefines the way a business school should look just as Weatherhead redefines the way management education should be taught. the research, teaching and consulting carried out by Case Weatherhead’s Organizational Behavior department continually shows that a positive orientation leads to superior results. “ The Weatherhead School Case Western Reserve University of Management is among Peter B. Lewis Building the world’s best business 10900 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7235 schools and a leading catalyst for advancing bold ideas is your organization that prepare the leaders of positive change? a force for tomorrow to have a lasting impact on society.” lead? weatherhead’s organizational behavior department has been ranked #1 in the world for three consecutive years — Myron Roomkin are you prepared to Dean and Albert J. Weatherhead, III Professor of Management by the financial times. CASE WESTERn RESERvE UnIvERSITy
  2. 2. cASe WeAtherheAd emotional intelligence orgAnIZAtIonAl behAVIor fAcultY appreciative inquiry “ With the war for talent LEARnInG OPTIOnS Igniting Positive Change in Business and Society A Leadership Development Tool diana bilimoria, Ph.d., Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, raging, we knew that if we has published over 35 articles and book chapters on management and discover a powerful methodology for strategic change and sustainable growth. Appreciative Inquiry redefines the way companies Strong leadership is an organization’s most powerful competitive advantage human relations. dr. Bilimoria is a recognized leader in organizational and individuals experience transition by focusing on core strengths and leveraging them to reshape the future. Rather than were to have strong and for driving the necessary changes that will overcome challenges and achieve behavior and serves extensively as an organizational consultant and deficit-based approaches which outline only problems, resistance or obstacles, Appreciative Inquiry asks all stakeholders to rediscover effective performance. Leaders are needed at every level in an organization masters in positive organization development and change management educator for public, private and non-profit organizations sustainable leadership in and as an executive coach for individuals focusing on areas of leadership the best of “what is” in order to dream boldly about—and initiate—“what could be.” The result is an engagement by all stakeholders in and in every capacity and great leadership requires more than technical development. her research focuses on corporate and non-profit governance creating both a shared vision of the future and sustainable change. Organizations from all over the globe are using this powerful approach knowledge or functional expertise. Creating Extraordinary For organizational development and human resource professionals, managers and aspiring change agents and leadership; women leaders, directors and entrepreneurs; diversity the organization, we would to transform themselves for the future: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters; Fairmount Minerals; Greater houston Mental health Association; around the globe, the Masters in Positive Organization development and Change provides a unique graduate-level Organizations and in organizations; and management education. dr. Bilimoria received her Great leaders move us through basic human process—our emotions. Roadway Express; World vision; John deere; Mcdonald’s; the U.S. navy; the Un Global Compact; BBC; Boston Bank, Chile; nutrimental experience. Based on Weatherhead’s pioneering leadership in Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Advancing the Science Ph.d. in Business Administration from the University of Michigan. Research has shown that exceptional leaders, executives and managers need to take a much more Foods, Brazil; the American Red Cross and the United Religions Initiative. sustainability and the Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, the program enables professionals to of Human Strengths are not just smart or lucky, but more frequently rely on their Emotional richard boyatzis, Ph.d., Professor of Organizational Behavior and create a better world with strength-based methods for initiating and leading positive change in human systems. Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand, motivate deliberate approach to Psychology, co-authored the best-selling international book, Primal Leadership: and develop yourself and others. The curriculum provides an intensive learning experience in the theory and techniques of organizational development and change management. Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence and most recently Resonant “ I have had the opportunity to apply Leadership: Renewing Yourself and Connecting with Others through Mindfulness, leadership development. It spans a 16-month period of study in six, concentrated residential sessions, including a 10-day international study tour. The program combines Although leaders talk of strategy and competition, great leaders establish Hope and Compassion and has authored more than 125 articles on behavioral a core curriculum in the applied behavioral sciences with a variety of action learning projects. Appreciative Inquiry to a very large a deep emotional connection with others called resonance. They are, change, leadership competencies and Emotional Intelligence. his research We never anticipated how literally, in tune with others around them. Their own levels of Emotional focuses on how people develop capacity and Emotional Intelligence throughout the center for business and previously daunting project. It their lives and careers; the impact of advanced professional education on Intelligence allow them to create and nurture these resonant relationships. strongly our executive team development of leadership capacity, especially Emotional Intelligence; and They use their Emotional Intelligence as a path to resonant leadership through as an agent of world involved building a five-year vision the development of new assessment methods. dr. Boyatzis earned his Ph.d. weatherhead executive seminars and certificate programs mindfulness, hope and compassion. These competencies distinguish superior benefit (b·a·w·b) would embrace Emotional in Social Psychology from harvard University. leaders from average leaders by fostering outstanding performance and An Investment in Continuous Learning for an organization of 20,000 people Executives, leaders and managers from all sectors: public, private and non-profit will find organizational effectiveness. Fortunately, Emotional Intelligence can be learned david cooperrider, Ph.d., Professor of Organizational Behavior and Intelligence as an important opportunities at Weatherhead for continuous enrichment through our seminars and certificate The Call of Our Time and change can be sustained. founder of the Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, is a dispersed across 90 countries in over programs in Appreciative Inquiry, Emotional Intelligence and Women in Leadership. These co-creator of Appreciative Inquiry and an expert in positive organizational “ The Weatherhead vehicle for leadership Weatherhead’s teaching approach to creating and strengthening Emotional Is it possible for businesses to act for the greater good change. he has served as a researcher and consultant for numerous businesses programs are designed to increase participants’ leadership capability with opportunities for 700 local offices. By applying the Intelligence in leaders occurs through the exploration of Emotional and organizations including American Express, BP America, the United while increasing the bottom line? not only is it possible, Executive Seminars are direct application and exploration. development.” nations, and the U.S. navy. he is the co-author of several books, including Intelligence’s guiding principles: self-awareness, self-management, social it’s good business. With the unprecedented challenges Appreciative Inquiry outlook and an integral part of our the Appreciative Inquiry Handbook and has been published in numerous awareness and relationship management. Individual and group coaching further our world faces, it is clear the future of society and the journals. dr. Cooperrider earned his Ph.d. in Organizational Behavior from facilitates learning. Approaches include one-on-one analysis and instruction Management Development natural world is ultimately linked to the future of the — Jeff Darner methodology, we were able to build Case Western Reserve University. on coaching Emotional Intelligence in others. As a result of applying these world economy and business organizations. The Center Senior Vice President, HR Development, at Medical Mutual of Ohio. learning methods, Weatherhead was selected as one of 15 model Emotional for Business as an Agent of World Benefit applies the weatherhead custom programs ronald fry, Ph.d., Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, is a a clear and ambitious vision that has KeyCorp Intelligence programs, based on a worldwide search, by the Consortium for co-creator of Appreciative Inquiry and director of the Masters Program The topics of the various Appreciative Inquiry model for organizational change to Bring Positive Organizational Change to Your Organization in Positive Organizational development and Change. dr. Fry has been Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations. massive organizational support in help organizations discover and dream a new, compelling seminars directly support involved in research and consulting with industrial, service and public sector image of their business future in these uncertain times. Weatherhead custom programs have a client-driven approach to program design that organizations in the areas of human resource development and organizational an unprecedented period of time. our core leadership change. Fieldwork has involved a variety of systems including Ford, General links your organization’s needs with the dynamic specialties of our world-renowned Additional resources The goal of B·A·W·B is to advance sustainable business Electric, northern Telecom, the U.S. navy and Roadway Express in projects competencies and integrate organizational behavior faculty. Customized programs can be designed for your organization So, it works!” Under the direction of dr. Richard Boyatzis—Weatherhead Professor and societal innovation, rethinking the world economy related to employee involvement, participatory management systems, of Organizational Behavior, acclaimed Emotional Intelligence expert on an exclusive basis to address organizational change and leadership issues related to well with our internal fundamental cultural change, team building and executive development for the benefit of everyone. Through the Center and and author—Weatherhead is the only business school in the world and strategic planning. dr. Fry earned his Ph.d. in Organizational Psychology affiliated networks of institutions and partners, the hope specific cultural characteristics and desired leadership outcomes. — Brodie Boland that teaches these competencies with a proven track record. leadership curriculum. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. of advancing corporate responsibility, sustainable enterprises, President, AIESEC International Resonant Leadership: Renewing Yourself and Connecting with Others Our managers also find social entrepreneurism and global human cooperation “Through a customized Appreciative Inquiry experience designed david Kolb, Ph.d., Professor of Organizational Behavior, is best known through Mindfulness, Hope and Compassion (harvard Business School can become a reality. Press, 2005 with Annie McKee) – Richard Boyatzis, Ph.d. Professor for his research on experiential learning and learning styles described in much value in attending by Weatherhead, Fairmount Minerals was able to achieve true, of Organizational Behavior. Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development. these seminars with other whole-system collaboration and establish the vision of the future Other works include: Conversational Learning: An Experiential Approach to Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence (harvard women in leadership Knowledge Creation, Innovation in Professional Education: Steps on a Journey Additional resources Business School Press, 2002 with dan Goleman and Annie McKee) for our organization. Since our AI summit, involving 70% of our companies to network and from Teaching to Learning, Organizational Behavior: An Experiential Approach – Richard Boyatzis, Ph.d. Professor of Organizational Behavior. Appreciative Inquiry was founded at the Weatherhead School of Management by drs. david Cooperrider and Ronald Fry. Developing Power and Influence and many journal articles and book chapters on experiential learning. employees, the energy and enthusiasm with which we are pushing learn their best practices.” As the thought leaders in the study, development and teaching of Appreciative Inquiry, Weatherhead organizational behavior his current research focuses on team learning, experiential learning in Sustaining leadership effectiveness through coaching and compassion: faculty have authored groundbreaking books and articles on Appreciative Inquiry and have an immeasurable wealth of forward a dozen high-impact initiatives around this vision has conversation and learning-focused institutional development in higher real-world expertise. It’s not what you think; Academy of Management Journal on Learning As women advance in their careers to positions of leadership, they need — Patty Hartmann, and Education (in press, with n. Blaize) – Richard Boyatzis, Ph.d. Professor education. he is the recipient of four honorary degrees recognizing his been tremendous.” to cultivate personal strengths, build networks and develop new skills. Appreciative Inquiry and Organizational Transformation: Reports from the Field (Greenwood Publishers, 2002 with Frank Barrett, of Organizational Behavior, Melvin Smith, Ph.d. Assistant Professor of contributions to experiential learning in higher education. dr. Kolb earned Jane Seiling and diana Whitney) – Ronald Fry, Ph.d. (Editor) Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior. Manager of Corporate Grounded in current research on Emotional Intelligence, Weatherhead’s Organizational Behavior. his Ph.d. in Social Psychology from harvard University. — Jenniffer Deckard Training and Development, Appreciative Inquiry Handbook (Lakeshore Communications, 2003 with diana Whitney and Jacqueline M. Stavros) – david Cooperrider, approach to women’s executive development focuses on the opportunities, Medical Mutual of Ohio Ph.d., Professor of Organizational Behavior. Vice President, Finance and CFO, challenges, trade-offs and organizational dynamics experienced by women eric neilsen, Ph.d., Professor of Organizational Behavior, established the Fairmount Minerals Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Approach to Capacity Building (Taos Institute, 2005 with Frank Barrett) – Ronald Fry, Ph.d. Associate Master of Science in Organization development and Analysis program at in work organizations in order to develop effective individual behaviors Professor of Organizational Behavior. the Case Weatherhead School of Management. his research interests include and organizational practices. organization development and change, industrial history (U.S., Latin America Appreciative Management and Leadership (Williams Custom Publishing, 1999 with Suresh Srivastva) – david Cooperrider, Ph.d. (Editor) Professor of Organizational Behavior. and Europe) and management interfaces between north and South America. dr. neilsen earned his Ph.d. in Sociology from harvard University.
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