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Vehicle Electrification in China; Rare Earth Magnet Motors

Vehicle Electrification in China; Rare Earth Magnet Motors



David Reeck presents General Motors' strategy for displacing petroleum trough energy diversity at the Metal Pages' Rare Earths Conference in Beijing Sept. 2011

David Reeck presents General Motors' strategy for displacing petroleum trough energy diversity at the Metal Pages' Rare Earths Conference in Beijing Sept. 2011



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    Vehicle Electrification in China; Rare Earth Magnet Motors Vehicle Electrification in China; Rare Earth Magnet Motors Presentation Transcript

    • Vehicle Electrification in China Rare Earth Magnet Motors GM Strategy:Displace Petroleum Through Energy Diversity 1
    • Vehicle Electrification in China Rare Earth Magnet Motors NEVs can be propelled by several types of motors 1. Permanent Magnet Synchronous - PMSM 2. Induction 3. Switched Reluctance 4. Separately Excited Synchronous Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors are efficient  High power density Alternative motor types are replacing PMSM 2
    • Energy Diversity – Blending Strategy 能源多样化战略 “Liquid Fuels/Electricity/Hydrogen” as the In-Vehicle Energy Carriers Energy Carrier Propulsion System Energy Resource Conversion Petroleum Fuels Conventional ICE: Oil (Conventional) Liquid Gasoline/Diesel 1st & 2nd Gen. Biofuels FuelsOil (Non-Conventional) Synthetic fuels (XTL) Regional Niche Regional Niche ICE Syngas Gaseous Fuels CO, H2 (e.g. CNG) Biomass ICE Hybrid Natural Gas Electrification Plug-In Hybrid ICE Battery Coal Electricity Range-Extended EV: IC Engine/Fuel-Cell Renewables (Solar, Wind, Hydro) Battery Electric Nuclear Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Electric 3
    • GM Advanced Propulsion Technology Strategy 通用汽车先进驱动技术战略 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Improved FE Displace Petroleumreduced Emissions Battery Electric Vehicles (EREV) Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) IC Engine and Transmission Improvements Time Petroleum (Conventional & Alternative Sources) Energy Alternative Fuels (Ethanol, Bio-diesel, CNG, LPG) Diversity Electricity (Conventional & Alternative Sources) Hydrogen 4
    • Comprehensive Range of New-Energy Products新能源车型种类位列在华跨国车企之首 5
    • New-Energy Products Already Offered in China已在中国推出的新能源车型 2008 BeiJing Olympics Cadillac Escalade Buick LaCrosse Eco-Hybrid Two-Mode Hybrid 别克君越混合动力 凯迪拉克凯雷德双模式混合动力 6
    • 2012 Buick LaCrosse 2.4L Ecotec with eAssist™Launched in China , Aug 2011, with no compromise in both performance and fuel economyMild Hybrid System:  Start/Stop + Regenerative Brake +Power Assist
    • Buick LaCrosse “eAssist” - 22% FE Improvement Motor/Generator – High Performance Induction Motor – Liquid Cooled – 11 kW Motoring – 15 kW Generating – 150 Nm Torque Battery + Electronics 6-speed Automatic – Compact 115V/15kW Li-Ion Battery – Low Spin Loss – 500Wh Energy – Fast Shift Response – Inverter + DCDC Converter – Aux Oil Pump – Air cooled – Torque Capability for – Rear Package Enables Electric Boost 60/40 Pass Thru 8GM Confidential
    • Buick LaCrosse “eAssist” hybrid:Continental Induction Motor-Generator Unit – Manufactured in China 9
    • Chevrolet Volt雪佛兰沃蓝达• Will be launched in China later this year 今年下半年引进中国市场• First electric car to travel from Shanghai to HongZhou 中国首个实现不插电长距离行驶的电动车 10
    • The First E-REV Sold In China- Chevrolet VOLT The Most Technologically Advanced NEV in the Market
    • Chevrolet VOLTUp to 80 km 490 km Battery Extended Range Electric Driving Driving
    • RaRe eaRth Magnet PRoduction 3.5 kg 4.5 kg1 kg REE 1 kg 13
    • Typical IPM Bar Wound Motor Arrangement High Saliency, Double Row “V” constructionBarriers and StatorTeeth Stepped SkewOptimized for RotorTorque Ripple andStator Forces
    • Motor Development Themes Improved High Speed Efficiency Lowered Torque Ripple and Stator Forces without Reduced Performance Design for Recyclability Total Cost Reduction  Labor  Materials:  Insulation systems, hub design, stator mount design, steel core waste, labor  Rare Earth Magnet Optimization
    • Possible New Machines – Switched Reluctance Prior work shows major breakthroughs are needed:  Noise  Actual Complete Cost  Efficiency  Power Density  Motor companies like Nidec are working the issues
    • Possible New Machines - Synchronous  Reduced Magnet IPM  Less energy, lower high temp coercivity  Higher Saliency  Demag mitigation concerns, Rotor structure concerns  Non-Rare Earth PM  Higher Saliency, Ferrite magnets  Torque and power density concerns, Rotor structure concerns  Synchronous Reluctance  Highest Saliency  Efficiency concerns, Rotor structure concerns, Torque and power density concerns  Separately Excited Machines  Axial Length – Brush or transformer package  Brush or transformer life concerns  Rotor winding structural and durability concerns
    • Possible New Machines - Induction  Efficiency Concerns for most applications  Higher Conductivity Rotor Bars  Improved design and fabrication  Pure Aluminum and Copper  Process costs (especially copper)  Rotor structure and durability concerns  Insulated Rotor Bars  Process costs  Optimized Rotor Winding  Process costs  Rotor structure and durability concerns
    • Summary GM is working on Rare Earth Magnet Optimization GM is working on Magnet waste reduction GM is developing alternative types of motors to complement the permanent magnet motors GM has a Make + Buy Motor Plan GM is working with China’s Supply Base to Develop a Strong Local Capability for high-quality components 19
    • Thank you for your attention Enjoy the Gala Dinner !!!