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TeenLife Boston: 2011-2012 School Year Edition
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TeenLife Boston: 2011-2012 School Year Edition


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A guide featuring businesses and organizations with services for teens and their families in Greater Boston.

A guide featuring businesses and organizations with services for teens and their families in Greater Boston.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Boston 2011-2012 SCHOOL YEAR EDITION Options for Teens to Study Away from Home Spotlight on Sports Things to Do this Year A T E E N L I F E M E D I A P U B L I C AT I O N W W W. T E E N L I F E . C O MFREE
  • 2. Get Involved and Make a Difference! Sunday, February 12th 12- 4 pm The Mall at Chestnut Hill Students, parents and teachers are invited to attend the fifth annual TeenLife Boston Community Service Fair. Meet face-to-face with representatives from local nonprofits and find out about a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for students in Grades 7-12.Find out more at
  • 3. Introducing theTeenLife Boston: School Year EditionThe only free comprehensive resource of its kind. e know that area In addition, we take a deep dive into the parents and teens, like benefits of sports and where students can find you, are just getting exactly what they are looking for in terms of fulfill- back into the swing of things. By ing activities. Yes, you can think beyond your alma now students have gotten their mater for fun! Look for a full list of options at supplies and classroom assign-, but may still be anxious about the start ofschool, their academic goals for the year, and about We also have two student profiles about localwhat activities or sports they might pursue. teens highlighting their past summer internships and how these jobs have shaped what they’d like But trust me, as a parent of two teens (now both in to study in, everything quickly falls into place. Especially,when you have a trusted resource like TeenLife on I encourage you to frequent our site—andyour side. read our printed and digital guides, blogs, and newsletters on a regular basis—as TeenLife Whether its an after school club, a sport outside continually adds new content and resources toof school, or volunteer group that suits your interests, make your job as a parent or student easier.our goal at TeenLife is to provide information andideas on what students can do to complement their We have lots of fresh ideas brewing. And ifstudies all year long. There are more than 300 you can believe it, we are already working onopportunities in Greater Boston alone. summer programs for next year! In this guide—TeenLife Boston: School YearEdition—you’ll find a feature about the differentoptions for residential schooling, including semester Marie Schwartz, President & Founderschools and study abroad programs, that parents and TeenLife Media, LLCstudents may want to consider. BIG NEWS! TEENLIFE HAS WON TWO PARENT CHOICE AWARDS! We are ecstatic that our growing audience of parents, teens, and educators continues to recognize that TeenLife is delivering top-of-mind resources and information for middle and high school students. And now the industry is, too! TeenLife has just been awarded two esteemed parent choice awards, a Gold Award from the National Association of Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA), and accolades from the Mom’s Choice Awards®. Each of these organizations acknowledges the best family-friendly, innovative resources for parents. Yes, we are all N AP PA A WA R D S . C O M patting our backs at TeenLife, but as active, involved parents preparing for your child’s future, you should, too.
  • 4. bfa dual degree with tufts university mfa mat, art education post-baccalaureate certificate Teens charting a new course canoing with COASTAL STUDIES FOR GIRLS. See listing and ad on page 17.230 The FenwayBoston, MA 02115To schedule a visit,call 617-369-3626.A school for artists, by artists, since 1876. TEENLIFE BOSTON: 2011-2012 School Year Edition PUBLISHED BY TeenLife Media, LLC 1330 Beacon St., Suite 268 Brookline, MA 02446 (617) 277-5120 Presents FOR PARENTS Copyright © 2011 by TeenLife Media, LLC Brookline, Massachusetts Published by TeenLife Media, LLC Brookline, Massachusetts V.P., Marketing and Business Development: Cara Ferragamo Murray A new digital Managing Editor: Camille Heidebrecht Graphic Design: Kathryn Tilton magazine with articles, tips and LIMIT OF LIABILITY resources to help you TeenLife Media, LLC (TL) takes no responsibility for any of the descriptions of the various programs listed. TL is not familiar with all of the organizations guide, nurture and listed. We edit the descriptions only to achieve a consistent format. TL inspire your teenager. presents all descriptions without any warranty of any kind, express or implied. TL is not responsible for the accuracy of any description, or for mistakes, errors, or omissions of any kind, and is not responsible for any Coming in August 2011 to loss or damage caused by a user’s reliance on the information contained in this guide. All the information contained herein is subject to change without notice, and readers are advised to confirm all information about an organization and obtain references before making any commitments. For more information call 617-522-1515 Trademarks: TeenLife Media, LLC and related trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of TeenLife and/or its affiliates in the United States and may not be used without written permission.
  • 5. Table of Contents HAVE YOU CONSIDERED CLASSES & INSTRUCTION 4 SCHOOLING AWAY FROM HOME? Residential and study abroad options 23 28 23 Arts 23 Fashion in high school. 23 Music STUDENT PROFILE 23 Theatre 7 Dan Weiner shares what inspired him most during his summer internship. RECREATION & ENTERTAINMENT FOR LOVE OF THE GAME 24 TUTORING & TEST PREP 8 Participating in sports both in and out of school. VACATION WEEK STUDENT PROFILE 25 PROGRAMS10 Jacob Zhang highlights how his five-week internship prepared him for college. PHOTOGRAPHY SIMON MALLS11 10 THINGS YOU AND YOUR TEEN SHOULD DO THIS 26 SCHOOL YEAR The Bucket List for parents and teens. ABOUT TEENLIFE PRIVATE SCHOOLS 28 Find out more about what we offer and how to register on our site.12 12 Day Only 14 Day & Boarding TEENLIFE.COM 15 Gap Year 16 Semester Schools 30 A Resource for Families with Teens INDEPENDENT ADVISORS18 18 College 20 Internship 31 INDEX 31 Listings by Name 32 Advertisers 21 Secondary School 22 Gap Year 22 Financial TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 3
  • 6. Have you consideredschooling away from home?Residential and Study Abroad Programs for Teens in High School. by Hilary Dobel igh school is a wonderful time to expand your horizons, but most students stick close to home. However, with an increasing number of educational programs offering residential and travel options, teens today can learn and grow by studying away from home before ever setting foot on a college campus. Boarding schools, semester schools, study abroad programs, and post-graduate years provide an exciting range of academic and geographic options, from exotic homestays in Vietnam to traditional boarding programs all across the United States. TRADITIONAL BOARDING SCHOOLS Students can attend traditional board- ing schools as early as fourth grade, though most start in sixth or ninth. David Grossman, a graduate of Philips Exeter who went on to attend Princeton University, remembers be- ing attracted by the idea of boarding because he loved “being able to bond with my friends Teens experiencing high school at sea with OCEAN CLASSROOM. See listing page 17. every night all summer long” at camp. This dorm-like experience ended up being his favorite thing about Exeter. Grossman also cites the Harkness Plan, which employed
  • 7. an intimate and rigorous classroom style of very small, STUDY ABROADdiscussion-based classes “with no ‘back row’ in which Study abroad programs are also increasingly popular,to hide.” Indeed, many students have noted the rigor of and some schools even have their own exchange pro-boarding academics. A recent graduate of Groton School grams. Noble and Greenough School, a Boston-says that her friends who attended day school had “more area day and boarding school, runs its own travel andcarefree” lives, but she continues to be grateful for the experiential learning programs in locations as diverse as“fantastic pressure cooker” of boarding life: “It’s an amaz- New Orleans and Vietnam. The school also encouragesingly valuable experience to have had, the certainty that...I students to travel, and the website notes that ten to fifteencan handle just about anything.” Boarding is a wonderful students study off-campus for a year or semester annu-option for students with learning differences, too; there ally. As with semester programs, summer study abroadare many programs that specialize in preparing students offers a fantastic opportunity for foreign language im-with dyslexia or ADD/ADHD for the return to traditional mersion, as well as community service and a chance forclassrooms. For more information on accredited boarding a unique encounter with another nation’s culture. Someschools, check out The Association of Boarding Schools at involve a student exchange where American students with families in another country, such as those arranged by Boarding School is an amazingly valuable experience to have had. I now know that I can handle just about anything.SEMESTER SCHOOLS the Center for Cultural Interchange. Others are based Semester schools give students the chance to get around institutions, usually secondary schools or universi-a taste of boarding life for a single academic term, com- ties abroad. There’s no doubt that these programs can bemonly during a student’s junior year. These programs are pricey, but they offer truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences.also great for special interests; students who don’t have Some offer financial aid or scholarships.the opportunity to pursue their passions in traditional dayschools might appreciate these specialized programs. For students who can’t get enough world travel, SchoolOcean Classroom, for example, is an experiential educa- Year Abroad, founded at Phillips Academy, is a one-of-tion program that takes place at sea! The Oxbow School, a-kind program that allows American students to spendmeanwhile, has an arts focus, while others emphasize their junior or senior year of high school in China, France,community service or politics. Many semester schools Italy, Spain, Vietnam, or Japan. Like semester schools,take advantage of the natural beauty of their surround- School Year Abroad matches up with standard high schoolings to offer an environmental bent with lots of time spent curricula, so students don’t fall behind in their course-outdoors. International semester schools are also avail- work during their exciting, often with a chance for intensive study of a languageor cultural immersion. And there’s no need to worry about POST-GRADUATE YEARfalling behind in a student’s regular studies. These pro- The post-graduate or “PG” year may be the leastgrams are designed for students currently enrolled in familiar of these options. Many boarding (and someday or public schools and generally match the standard private day) schools offer an additional year of study forhigh school curriculum. For more information go to students who’ve graduated from high school but, TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 5
  • 8. HAVE YOU CONSIDERED SCHOOLING AWAY FROM HOME?whatever reason, feel the need for additional time be- Studying away from home can be a great experience for afore college. Athletes or those pursuing admission to wide variety of teens. Students who want an exciting changean extremely competitive university may need an ex- of pace will appreciate being in a new place with new people.tra year to bolster their resume or improve academic Those who might be more independent-minded or who wantperformance to become more attractive candidates. to become more independent will learn to care for themselvesOthers might have had a successful high school and set their own schedules. And students seeking a unique andcareer but feel emotionally unprepared for college often demanding preparation for college will enjoy more timedue to their own maturity level or to a traumatic event and space to focus on their academics. Residential programssuch as illness or a death in the family. In these cases, aren’t for everyone, but for some students, they can make all thea PG year is a chance for them to live away from home difference in the a safe, well-monitored environment before takingthe next step. As with boarding schools, students with For more information about any of these program types,ADD or learning differences may also benefit from an visit to see extensive listings of boarding schools,extra year to improve their study habits or to prepare semester schools, study abroad programs, and PG years allthemselves for the intensity of college academics. across the United States and the world.RIVERSIDE MILITARY ACADEMY Campus Open Houses: October 7 December 4
  • 9. STUDENT PROFILE I would encourage “ students to talk toIn His Own Words everyone they know. ”Tell me a little bit about your internship. What were your responsibilities?Last summer, I interned on Deval Patrick’s I split time doing administrative work in the office and attend-campaign for re-election. When he won ing committee meetings. It was all fascinating. I opened mailagain, I knew I wanted to experience his and would read and input data about the hopes and wishes ofrole and actions as Governor first-hand. particular officials and their constituents—regular people lookingI’ve always been interested in the for direction from their government. For example, one constituentdemocratic process. wrote about how a particular construction project would impact the quality of his life negatively—and he wanted some answers.My prior experience on his campaign allowedme to interview for other internships with I also attended committee meetings. Committees are essentiallythe State House. So, this past summer, I small groups of elected officials and senators with similar inter-worked in the Legislative Affairs Office for ests, like transportation or public health. When a bill is brought upthe Governor. in the State House that falls under their jurisdiction, it is brought to a hearing room where individuals, companies, and lobbyists,For those of us who need some brushing can give testimony in favor or in opposition of the bills.up, what exactly does the Legislative AffairsOffice do? How did you obtain your internship?This department serves as a liaison between I did research on the Internet and through the resources providedthe Governor and the legislative body of MA. at my high school, which were very useful, but the best way was toIts role is to not only communicate Patrick’s network. A friend of my family served at a high level in the Devalpolicies, agenda, and what bills he’s pushing Patrick campaign, which provided me with significant access tothrough to the elected state senators and get both internships.representatives—but is also the avenuewhere these elected officials could relay What would you recommend other teens do when lookingto the Governor the issues, concerns, and for an internship?priorities effecting their constituents (citizens I would encourage students to talk to everyone they their particular districts). Ask family and friends to see if they know anyone looking for an intern in your particular area of interest. Look to your teachers, relatives, parent’s colleagues, etc. What was the most valuable thing you got out of your internship? My internship provided me with excellent learning and perspective for my college admissions essays. My take away this past summer was a renewed confidence in DAN WEINER Arlington, MA the ability of local government to function for the people. That the Former day student Governor and the whole legislative body strive to meet the direct at Concord Academy, needs of real individuals, regular people. It provided me with Concord, MA. a first-hand look at how influential citizens on the state Freshman at Yale University this fall. and local level can be regarding policy. The do have a voice; it was empowering. TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 7
  • 10. For Love of the Game by Hilary Dobel he benefits of participating in a sport are numerous. A report from Iowa State University shows that many student-athletes display superior time-management and orga- nizational skills, as well as a lower incidence of depressive symptoms. Women and girls who play sports demonstrate higher levels of self- esteem and well-being. Sports can offer teens a healthy attitude towards competition, self- discipline, and personal achievement, as well as a unique camaraderie with their teammates. As students get older and sports become more competitive, sometimes a day comes when a player’s skill set doesn’t match up with the expectations of a school’s team. It can be tough to realize that not everyone gets to be an all-star, but fortunately there are plenty of options to continue pursuing sports outside of school. Students don’t have to be starters on the varsity squad to keep playing the sports they love. There are so many opportunities to stay with their favorite sport in settings outside of school, that everyone can pursue some form of athletics. Student enjoying his passion for fencing with the BAY STATE FENCERS.8 | TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  • 11. As we’ve said, participating in athletics is incred- Team sports aren’t everyone’s thing—and that’s ok.ibly beneficial—physically, emotionally, and mentally. To Some students might prefer an activity that’s a little morecontinue reaping those rewards, teens can check out their solitary, or maybe they just aren’t into competition. Theylocal parks and recreation website; many cities offer a can pick and choose the aspects of athletics that they dohuge array of teams for all ages and skill levels. Joining enjoy to find an activity that’s right for them. Prefer notthese teams is free or reasonably priced, and they often to compete? Try dance, weightlifting, or yoga. Or, take uppractice and play close to home. skating, running, or swimming, which can be done solo or as part of a team. For students who like to compete but prefer things one-on-one, tennis, golf, skiing, or martial If busy students want something less formal, many arts might be a good fit. Everyone can still experience thegyms and community centers host casual pickup games, physical and mental benefits of the activity, not to mentionwhich are great if a teen’s schedule is too packed for a great personal habits that last a lifetime.bigger commitment. Another way to stay involved with afavorite sport is to coach a kids’ team—teens get to keeptheir skills sharp, and they get the satisfaction of helping Any teen can find a way toothers and sharing their passion. It’s a completely differ- approach his sport in a wayent way to experience the game! that makes sense for his lifestyle and priorities. Of course, making the team is the least of their There are also great options for teens that just aren’tconcerns if their school doesn’t offer the sport they want feeling this whole sports business. Lots of different socialto play. If their school doesn’t offer water polo or a swimteam, for example, check with the local pool. The same activities can give them that great sense of community agoes for ice hockey and skating rinks. Private club teams team provides. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts aren’t just forare great options, too. Although they cost money, clubs kids—high school students can participate in scoutingprovide opportunities for travel and exciting tournaments. until they’re eighteen. Youth groups at a local communityMany of them run during the summer, too, which is great center or place of worship are also great places to hangif teens want to be able to play year-round. out and make new friends. Signing up for a recurring community service obligation can also introduce teens to other students who share their interests. And at school, For other students, the big question is what kind of there’s everything from writing for the newspaper totime they want to spend on athletics. For some, part of auditioning for plays.the fun is playing at the very highest level of skill andcompetition possible—which can require a tremendousamount of dedication. Many scholar-athletes find, though, What matters most is that teens are enriching themselves with new experiences and forming friendshipsthat the fun of the sport itself and the social aspect of that’ll last for many years to come.spending time with the team are what make it worthwhile.Any teen can find a way to approach his sport in a way thatmakes sense for his lifestyle and priorities. If a school’sfield hockey team is legendarily cutthroat, a student witha more laid-back personality might prefer a similar sportwith a less-intense team, like track or soccer. TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 9
  • 12. STUDENT PROFILE In His Own Words “ The opportunity to watch how medical students practice their craft was pretty remarkable. JACOB I wasn’t expecting to get to do ZHANG Junior at Boston Latin School. that when I took the internship. ” What was your key “take away” from this internship? By observing actual clinical procedures, I got a true sense of what it takes to be a doctor in the surgical profession. Not only is it extremely demanding since you are always on call, but it is also not an exact science. From what I can tell, good surgeons have the courage to trust their instincts when performing on a patient—and that on-the-job experience is really the most important part of practicing medicine. SUMMER INTERNSHIP Where and when did you do your internship? For fellows especially, the longer time spent in I spent five weeks working in the plastic and reconstructive the hospital, the better judgment they can make surgery department at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. when treating a patient. You can’t necessarily learn everything in medical school. What were your responsibilities? For the most part, I helped enter medical records into How has it shaped your goals for this school year? the hospital database. But I was also able to observe experi- Boston Latin is a demanding school. Since it is mental surgical procedures practiced on animals in the lab. an exam school, it has high-expectations. A lot of students can’t handle the workload. But studying Can you elaborate? in medicine will also be like that. The fellows practiced surgical skills on pigs including incisions, removing bones, etc. The opportunity to watch how How did it impact your future goals in college or medical students practice their craft was pretty remarkable. life in general? I wasn’t expecting to get to do that when I took the internship. I am not sure if I will be a surgeon; it is too early for me to determine. But it was a good way for How did you get the internship? me to see if being a doctor is the right thing for Since I’ve always been curious about a career in medicine, I me. Now I will definitely consider med school. was lucky to have a family friend who could set me up with I would also like to get an internship at a hospital this type of opportunity. I am very fortunate. again next summer, too.10 | 2011 TEENLIFE GUIDE TO COLLEGE ADMISSIONS
  • 13. Things You and Your Teen Should Do This School YearTHE BUCKET LIST FOR TEENS THE BUCKET LIST FOR PARENTSHeadgear Headgear 1. Be a role model 1. Be a mentor Lend your knowledge to help someone else. Guide your student to academic and personal success. 2. Get a job Make some money, and learn some skills. 2. Network with colleaguesHeadgear Talk to everyone who might need interns. 3. Volunteer Headgear Spend some time on a cause you like. 3. Join the causeHeadgear Two volunteers are better than one. 4. Learn a new skill Headgear Glass blowing or martial arts? Try a new hobby. 4. Encourage your child to try something new 5. Freshen up your resume Could fencing or water polo be their new sport? Keep it updated with all that’s new.Headgear 5. Edit their resume 6. Camp out with your friends Always useful to take a peek. Bond with classmates outside of class. 6. Camp out with your kids 7. Start your own blog Its a fun bonding experience. Share your personal experiences with other teens. 7. Blog for a teen-parenting site 8. Spread the word about TeenLife It’s nice to share parent perspective. Join our Student Advisory Board at 8. Spread the word about TeenLifeHeadgear Join our Parent Advisory Board at 9. Make a collage Doc the year with memories and friends. 9. Make a photo album 10. Check everything Create long-lasting memories. off this list! 10. Check everything off this list! TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 11
  • 14. Schools, Activities, and Advisors in Greater BostonBoston offers so many great resources and opportunities for active parents and teensin this area—many of which are featured in this edition of TeenLife Boston. As you flipthrough its pages, you’ll find a plethora of information on everything from after-school andvacation-week programs to specialized advisors and tutoring services. PRIVATE SCHOOLSDay Only BUCKINGHAM BROWNE & NICHOLS (BB&N) BB&N is a co-ed day school with three campuses inBOSTON UNIVERSITY ACADEMY Cambridge, Pre-K through 12, where bright, curiousBU Academy provides an unparalleled secondary students aim for a bar set high in an atmosphere ofeducation, optimizing the respective strengths challenge and support that brings out their best asof its small community and its inclusion within a learners and as research university. Academy students Location(s): Cambridge, Massachusettsregularly earn up to 40 college credits prior to Contact: Geordie Mitchellgraduation. Phone: (617) 547-6100Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts Email: admissions@bbns.orgContact: Nicole White, Admission Coordinator Address: 80 Gerry’s Landing Road,Phone: (617) 358-2493 Cambridge, MA 02138Email: Website: www.bbns.orgAddress: One University Road, Boston, MA 02215Website: www.buacademy.org12 | TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  • 15. PRIVATE SCHOOLSCATHEDRAL HIGH SCHOOL MOUNT ALVERNIA HIGH SCHOOLPhone: (617) 542-2325 Mount Alvernia High School is committed to instillingAddress: 74 Union Park Street, Boston, MA 02118 the spiritual and intellectual values young girls willWebsite: need in order to navigate a lifetime of challenges. The goal is to not only educate their minds, but to give them vital tools to help them make the right choices.CLARK SCHOOL Location(s): Newton, MassachusettsClark School offers a stimulating learning environment and Contact: Elizabeth Buckleyis particularly appropriate for those who demonstrate high Phone: (617) 969-2260intellectual, creativity, or leadership abilities. The school Email: ebuckley@mountalverniahs.orgemphasizes high achievement and meaningful participation Address: 790 Centre Street, Newton, MA 02458in the community. Website: www.mountalverniahs.orgLocation(s): Danvers, MassachusettsContact: Heather Tripp, Admissions OfficePhone: (978) 777-4699 MOUNT SAINT JOSEPH ACADEMYEmail: Mount Saint Joseph Academy promotes academicAddress: 487 Locust Street, Danvers, MA 01923 excellence, cultivates respect for all people, fostersWebsite: unity and reconciliation, and educates young women for compassionate leadership and service. Location(s): Boston, MassachusettsGERMAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BOSTON (GISB) Contact: Mary EspositoThe GISB is a young, dynamic school, that celebrated Phone: (617) 254-8383its 10th anniversary in the Summer of 2011. GISB offers Email: mary.esposito@mountsaintjosephacademy.orgclasses ranging from Preschool, starting at age three, Address: 617 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02134through Grade 11 for the school year 2011-12. Website: www.mountsaintjosephacademy.orgLocation(s): Boston, MassachusettsPhone: (617) 783-2600Email: info@gisbos.orgAddress: 57 Holton Street,Boston, MA 02134Website: Teen practicing golf at BUCKINGHAM BROWNE & NICHOLS (BB&N). See listing on opposite page. TEENLIFE BOSTON | 13
  • 16. PRIVATE SCHOOLS Day & Boarding NOBLE AND GREENOUGH RIVERSIDE MILITARY SCHOOL ACADEMY (RMA) The Noble and Greenough School For over 100 years, Riverside Military is a rigorous academic community Academy has produced young men of dedicated to inspiring leadership purpose, integrity, and character. RMA for the public good. Nobles is a is easily accessible and located one hour coeducational, nonsectarian day and north of Atlanta’s International Airport. five-day boarding school for students Location(s): Gainesville, Georgia in grades 7 through 12. Phone: (800) 462-2338 Location(s): Dedham, Massachusetts Email: Contact: Jennifer Hines Address: 2001 Riverside Drive, Phone: (781) 320-7100 Teen students at the NOBLE Gainesville, GA 30501 AND GREENOUGH SCHOOL. Email: Website: Address: 10 Campus Drive, Dedham, MA 02026 Website: ADVE R T I SEMENT How to Know When Your Child Needs a Tutor By Andrew Magliozzi, Founder and President, Veritas Tutors Students often come to us for tutoring well after they’ve fallen behind.Although we can help, we always say to ourselves, “If only they had come sooner…”As a parent, how do you know when it’s time to DISORGANIZATION: If your child is disorganized,get outside help? Here are some early indications: he may be underperforming, missing assignments, or stressed from his own mess. Tutors can structure classwork whileLOW GRADES: Check in with your child’s teachers often teaching the essential life-skill of staying see trends. Anything more than a letter-grade drop isa sign that extra help is necessary. NOT REACHING THEIR POTENTIAL: Even if your child has decent grades, she may not reaching full potential.A LOSS OF MOTIVATION: If your child loses interest Engage a tutor that inspires her to take a greater interest inin a subject, it may mean he doesn’t understand the mate- her academics.rial. Instead of waiting, take action to prevent your childfrom creating a mental aversion to a subject. Watch for these signs. The longer a student struggles, the more difficult it is to build confidence and performance.A LACK OF CONFIDENCE IN THE SUBJECT: Ifyour child does well in a class but doesn’t have a sense ofconfidence about the subject matter, a tutor can develop For individualized academic solutions including face-to-face and onlinemore creative ways to both enjoy and excel in that class. tutoring, call 617-395-4160.
  • 17. PRIVATE SCHOOLSTHE GLENHOLME SCHOOL Gap YearA therapeutic boarding school for youngpeople who are often considered fragile CARPE DIEM EDUCATIONand complex, diagnosed with Asperger’s Carpe Diem offers semester and year-long international gapSyndrome, ADHD, depression, anxiety as programs for high school seniors and college students. Throughwell as learning differences. Our learning environmental and community service, adventure travel,environment supports and enhances the language study, homestays, and authentic cultural exchange,ability to succeed. students receive insight into themselves and the cultures inLocation(s): Washington Depot, which they travel. The spring semester programs are ideal forConnecticut high school seniors who are graduating early.Contact: Kathi Fitzherbert Location(s): Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ecuador,Phone: (860) 868-7377 Fiji, Guatemala, Hopi Nation, India, Navajo Nation, New Zealand,Email: Nicaragua, Peru, Rwanda, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, VietnamAddress: 81 Sabbaday Lane, Contact: Ethan KnightWashington, CT 06793 Phone: (503) 285-1800Website: Email: Address: 710 North Alberta Street, P.O. Box 17427, Portland, OR 97217 Website: Better tutors. Real results.Harvard Square In-Home Online subject tutoring admissions consultation standardized test prep Call us today at 617 395 4160 to set up a free consultation at our office in harvard square or visit us at
  • 18. PRIVATE SCHOOLS COASTAL STUDIES FOR GIRLS students in the field collect samples on Quadrants Beach, ME. Semester Schools See listing and ad on page 17. CENTER FOR CULTURAL INTERCHANGE: HIGH SCHOOL ABROAD A high school exchange program is an exciting opportunity to experience life overseas. Participants live with host families and attend a local high school, living the life of a teen in their host country. Three-month, semester, and year-long programs are available. Location(s): Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden Contact: Anna Kacyn Phone: (888) ABROAD1 (227-6231) Email: Address: 746 North LaSalle Drive, Chicago, IL 6065416 | TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 Website:
  • 19. PRIVATE SCHOOLS NOBLES High academic standards •Innovative teachersCOASTAL STUDIES FOR GIRLSCoastal Studies for Girls is the country’s first A commitment to diversity • Strong programs in theresidential science and leadership semester arts, athletics and community serviceschool for 10th grade girls. Coastal Studiesgirls have a love for learning and discovery, an Noble and Greenough School 10 Campus Drive • Dedham MA 02026 • • www.nobles.eduadventurous spirit, and a desire to challengethemselves.Location(s): Freeport, MaineContact: Whitney Conway Are you a Coastal Studies girl?Phone: (207) 865-9700 Ready for learning and discovery?Email: whitney@coastalstudiesforgirls.orgAddress: 308 Wolfe’s Neck Road,Freeport, ME 04032Website: www.coastalstudiesforgirls.orgCONSERVE SCHOOLA semester-long immersion for high school studentsin environmental studies and outdoor activitiesthat deepens their love of nature, reinforces their www.coastalstudiesforgirls.orgcommitment to conservation, and equips them totake meaningful action as environmental stewards.Location(s): Land O’ Lakes, WisconsinContact: Phil Delong Admissions.Phone: (715) 547-1300 Motivation.Email: Guidance.Address: 5400 North Black Oak Lake Road,Land O’ Lakes, WI 54540 Worried about the college admissions process? AMG Educational Consultants can help increase yourWebsite: child’s motivation and provide the guidance you both need... Contact Andrea Glovsky for a consultation.OCEAN CLASSROOM: DISCOVERY $200 off signed contract if you mention this ad.HIGH SCHOOL SEMESTER AT SEAVisit new lands, gain new perspectives, build strength AMG Educational Consultants www.findingcolleges.comand confidence, make life-long friends, and help the 978-526-7809 amg@findingcolleges.comenvironment. Marine science, maritime history andliterature, and applied math are taught as you sail aschooner from Maine to the Caribbean.Location(s): Maine to the CaribbeanContact: Susan HodderPhone: (207) 633-2750Email: agraham@oceanclassroom.orgAddress: 1 Oak Street,Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538Website: bringing out the best in teens (continued on page 19)
  • 20. INDEPENDENT ADVISORS AMG EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS INDEPENDENT ADVISORS Counseling in the college and placement field since 1988, Andrea Glovsky has successfully helped hundreds College of students match their interests and abilities to the most appropriate school. Andrea provides guidance to families in Massachusetts, the Northeast, across the AHP EDUCATIONAL CONSULTING country, and around the world. AHP educational consultants are committed to personalizing each student’s admissions process through Location(s): Prides Crossing, Massachusetts knowledgeable, hands-on guidance. They help each Contact: Andrea Glovsky student develop organizational and decision-making Phone: (978) 526-7809 skills for a more rewarding admissions experience. Skype: andrea.glovsky Email: Location(s): Sudbury, Massachusetts Address: P.O. Box 44, Contact: Timothy Lee Prides Crossing, MA 01965 Phone: (978) 443-0055 Website: Email: Address: 490B Boston Post Road #200, Sudbury, MA 01776 Website: Teen student gets one- on-one counseling from18 | TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 an independent advisor.
  • 21. INDEPENDENT ADVISORS Dance students attending an audition workshop hosted by THE ARTS EDGE. See listing this page.THE ARTS EDGE COLLEGEAPPLICATIONESSAYCOACH.COMThe Arts Edge is an educational consulting firm Owner Mindy Pollack-Fusi works one-on-one withspecializing in helping high school and college transfer students to coach them on their college application essaysstudents in the performing arts navigate through the in person and online. She helps students refine topics tounique college application and audition process. best depict their unique strengths in their own passionate, polished voices.Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts andNew York City, New York Location(s): Bedford, MassachusettsContact: Jen Bewerse Contact: Mindy Pollack-FusiPhone: (855) 778-ARTS (2787) Phone: (781) 275-7301Email: Email: mindy@theplaceforwords.comAddress: 400 Hunnewell Street, Needham, MA 02494 Address: The Place for Words & WorkshopsWebsite: 200 Great Road, Suite 254A, Bedford, MA 01730 Website: www.collegeapplicationessaycoach.comCHERI BARAD EDUCATION CONSULTINGCheri Barad assists students navigate through the KOSIEROWSKI EDUCATION GROUPcomprehensive college admissions and matching process. Avoid feeling stressed, overwhelmed or disorganized.One-on-one individualized, working with athletes, interna- Keith is a Life Coach and Certified School Counselor.tional, learning issues, and transfers students. “Finding Specialties: reduce parent/family stress, ADHD, children,the right match, not just admissions.” college admissions, student home organization, and anger. Complimentary consultations.Location(s): Medfield, MassachusettsContact: Cheri Barad Location(s): Hingham, MassachusettsPhone: (508) 359-8889 Contact: Keith KosierowskiEmail: Phone: (978) 239-2193Address: 425-1 Main Street, Medfield, MA 02052 Email: keithkos1@gmail.comWebsite: Address: 5 Craig Lane, Hingham, MA 02043 Website: TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 19
  • 22. INDEPENDENT ADVISORS ONE-ON-ONE COLLEGE CONSULTING One-on-One College Consulting works with Internship high-school students and families on the college TEC-THE EDUCATION COOPERATIVE admissions process, offering services for both INTERNSHIP PROGRAM individuals and groups. Our specialty area is TEC offers unique opportunities to students who have guiding student-athletes with the athletic- completed two years of high school. TEC’s internship recruiting process. programs provide a meaningful experience in a professional Location(s): Wakefield, Massachusetts environment, ensuring that students are able to realize Contact: Kim Penney their potential. Phone: (781) 246-4111 Location(s): Dedham, MA Email: Contact: Sherri Sigel Address: 146 Lowell Street, Suite 300C-1, Phone: (781) 326-2473 Wakefield, MA 01880 Email: Website: Address: 1112 High Street, P.O. Box 186, Dedham, MA 02027 Website: POPP & ASSOCIATES, LLC Popp & Associates provides expert admissions guidance to college-bound students of all ages. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your college counseling needs. Location(s): Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts Contact: Mindy Popp Phone: (781) 859-9116 Email: Address: 354 Washington Street, Suite 225, Wellesley Hills, MA 02481 Website: STARR & CHAPMAN, INC. Starr & Chapman, Inc. is a full-service educational consulting company with over 15 years of experi- ence successfully placing more than a thousand students at competitive colleges across the United States. Location(s): Plymouth, Massachusetts Contact: Christine Chapman Phone: (774) 413-7227 Email: Address: 1073 Long Pond Road, Plymouth, MA 02360 Website: Student conducting research with OCEAN CLASSROOM. See listing page 17.20 | TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  • 23. INDEPENDENT ADVISORSSecondary School AMG EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS Counseling in the independent school placement field since 1988, Andrea Glovsky hasAHP EDUCATIONAL CONSULTING successfully helped hundreds of students by matchingAHP educational consultants are also committed to interests and abilities to the most appropriate school.assisting students at the secondary school level through Andrea provides guidance to families in Massachusetts,knowledgeable, hands-on guidance. They help each the Northeast, across the country and around the world.student develop organizational and decision-making skillsfor a more rewarding admissions experience. Location(s): Prides Crossing, Massachusetts Contact: Andrea GlovskyLocation(s): Sudbury, Massachusetts Phone: (978) 526-7809Contact: Timothy Lee Skype: andrea.glovskyPhone: (978) 443-0055 Email: amglovsky@comcast.netEmail: Address: P.O. Box 44, Prides Crossing, MA 01965Address: 490B Boston Post Road #200, Website: www.findingcolleges.comSudbury, MA 01776Website:
  • 24. INDEPENDENT ADVISORS STARR & CHAPMAN, INC. Starr & Chapman, Inc. is a full-service educational consulting company with over 15 years of experi- ence successfully placing more than a thousand students at competitive boarding schools across the United States. Location(s): Plymouth, Massachusetts Contact: Christine Chapman Phone: (774) 413-7227 Email: Address: 1073 Long Pond Road, Plymouth, MA 02360 Website: Gap Year THE CENTER FOR INTERIM PROGRAMS The Center for Interim Programs has designed creative gap-year opportunities for more than 5,700 students. Rather than going straight to college, students take a gap year to immerse themselves in other cultures, explore specific interests, or volunteer. Location(s): Northampton, Massachusetts; Princeton, New Jersey Contact: Holly Bull Phone: (609) 683-4300 Email: Address: 195 Nassau Street, Suite 5, Princeton, NJ 08542 Website: Financial MVP COLLEGE FUNDING MVP College Funding is dedicated to providing Flameworking at DIABLO GLASS. your family with the information and guidance you See listings on page 23 and 25. need to affordably send all of your students to their college of choice. Location(s): North Andover, Massachusetts Contact: Richard Joseph Phone: (888) 315-5829 Email: Address: 1600 Osgood Street, Suite 2-31, North Andover, MA 01845 Website: www.mvpcollegefunding.net22 | TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  • 25. CLASSES & INSTRUCTIONCLASSES & INSTRUCTION Music BOSTON CHILDREN’S CHORUSArts Our singers transcend social barriers in a celebration of shared humanity and love of music. Through intensiveDIABLO GLASS SCHOOL: choral training and high-profile public performanceAFTER SCHOOL CLASSES experience, they learn discipline, develop leadershipPlay with fire! Broaden your intellectual horizons skills, and proudly represent the city of Boston.after school at Diablo’s friendly glass community, withhands-on instruction and experience (you may even be Program Location: Boston, MAable to apply to receive academic credit). Contact: Ben Hires Phone: (617) 778-2242Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts Email: info@bostonchildrenschorus.orgContact: Doris Martinez Address: 112 Shawmut Avenue, Suite 5B,Phone: (617) 442-7444 Boston, MA 02118Email: Website: www.bostonchildrenschorus.orgAddress: 123 Terrace Street, Boston, MA 02120Website: TheatreTHE INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART (ICA) WHEELOCK FAMILY THEATREBe a part of something new! Pick from a variety of art Wheelock Family Theatre offers an extensiveand new media classes, join Boston area teens at a Teen number and variety of acting classes after schoolNight, or become a part of the Teen Arts Council. There and during public school vacation weeks that areis always a world of possibilities for you at the ICA. open to all skill levels.Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts Location(s): Boston, MassachusettsContact: Leah Kandel Contact: Charles G. BaldwinPhone: (617) 478-3136 Phone: (617) 879-2147Email: Email: cbaldwin@wheelock.eduAddress: 100 Northern Avenue, Address: 200 The Riverway, Boston, MA 02215Boston, MA 02210 Website: www.wheelockfamilytheatre.orgWebsite: www.icateens.orgFashionSCHOOL OF FASHION DESIGN (SFD): StudentsWEEKEND PROGRAMS from diverseSFD emphasizes classic apparel as well as communitiesinnovative fashion design; preparing students for singing with“The Industry” (ready-to-wear/mass production), the BOSTONThe Boutique (limited editions), and the Haute Couture CHILDRENS(exclusive custom design) aspects of fashion. CHORUS.Location(s): Boston, MassachusettsContact: James HannonPhone: (617) 536-9343Email: sfdboston@aol.comAddress: 136 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116Website:
  • 26. RECREATION/ TUTORING & TEST PREPTHE GIFTCARD WITH NOTHING TO LOSE NOW NO FEES AFTER PURCHASE FUNDS DO NOT EXPIRE RECREATION & ENTERTAINMENT BOSTON PAINTBALL, EVERETT - INDOOR FIELDS Valid Thru Boston Paintball is New England’s largest state- of-the-art indoor paintball playing field. Located in © AMEX Everett, MA with over 50,000 square feet and two playing fields. What you give is what they get. Plus, it can be used at any Simon mall and the millions of merchants that accept American Express Cards in ® Location(s): Everett, Massachusetts the U.S. Available in denominations from $20–$500, it’s just one more Contact: John Vitale way Simon malls make it easier for you to shop smarter. Purchase your Simon Giftcards today. ® Phone: (617) 941-0123 Email: Address: 111 Boston Street, Everett, MA 02149 617.965.3038 Website: Use only at US merchants that accept American Express Cards except cruise lines and casinos. Not for use at ATMs or for recurring payments. Not redeemable for cash. No fees after purchase. For more information, customer service, or Cardholder Agreement visit or call 1-800-331-5479. Issued by AEPCMC by license from American Express Travel Related Services Co., Inc. BOSTON PAINTBALL, MAYNARD - OUTDOOR FIELDS Boston Paintball is New England’s best-known name in paintball and our outdoor playing field in Maynard, MA encompasses all that makes the game what it is. Location(s): Maynard, Massachusetts Contact: John Vitale Phone: (617) 941-0123 Check out Email: Address: 1 Tavern Circle, Sudbury, MA 01776 Website: WWW.TEENLIFE.COM for information on: TUTORING & TEST PREP Summer and Gap Year Programs Community Service ADVANTAGE TESTING OF BOSTON College Admissions For over 20 years, Advantage Testing tutors have helped students achieve their academic, Independent Schools professional, and personal goals. Jobs & Internships Location(s): Newton Centre, Massachusetts Contact: Daniel Kusik, Director TeenLife Local Phone: (617) 630-8680 Email: Address: 10 Langley Road, Suite 403, Newton Centre, MA 02459 Website: CO N NE CT I NG BRINGING FAMI L I E S TO OUT THE BEST O PPORT UNI T I E S24 | FORTEENS IN T E EBOSTON TEENLIFE NS.
  • 27. VACATION WEEK/PHOTOGRAPHYHARVARD STUDENT AGENCIES: VACATION WEEK PROGRAMSSAT PREMIER PREP BY HSA TUTORINGGet ready for the SAT with expert Harvard studentinstructors. Group lessons and private tutoring are DIABLO GLASS SCHOOL:available for the SAT, SAT II Subject Tests, and APs. TEEN VACATION WORKSHOPSSign up online by November 30th for $20 off any package The MFA and Diablo Glass School havewith the discount code: WWW11. collaborated to offer Teen Vacation Camps, aLocation(s): Cambridge, Massachusetts creative solution for school vacation weeks. TeensContact: Lauren Xie choose between glassblowing and flameworking,Phone: (617) 496-1506 and work in the kiln-forming studio to createEmail: fused glass pieces.Address: 67 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 Location(s): Boston, MassachusettsWebsite: Contact: Doris Martinez Phone: (617) 442-7444 Email: info@diabloglassschool.comLEXINGTON LEARNING CENTER, INC. Address: 123 Terrace Street, Boston, MA 02120Phone: (781) 674-9777 Website: 329 Massachusetts Avenue, summercamps.htmLexington, MA 02420Website: PHOTOGRAPHYTENMARKS EDUCATIONTenMarks is a new education initiative which aims PORTRAITS BY ANGELA PHOTOGRAPHYto change the way kids learn. TenMarks offers a Creates fun and unique studio or outdoor highsupplemental online math program that is effective, school senior yearbook photos in the centralconvenient, and affordable for Grade 3 through and eastern part of the state.High School. Location(s): Boston, MassachusettsLocation(s): Newton, Massachusetts Contact: Angela NapolitanoContact: Andrew Joseph Phone: (617) 838-0698Phone: (617) 383-4999 Email: portraitsbyangela@gmail.comEmail: Address: 188 Spring Street, Boston, MA 02132Address: 46 Glen Avenue, Newton, MA 02459 Website: orWebsite: www.pbasenior.blogspot.comVERITAS TUTORSVeritas Tutors specializes in subject tutoring, testpreparation, and admissions consulting. With outstandingeducators from Harvard, MIT, and other top institutions,Veritas Tutors provides the best possible instruction toeach of its students.Location(s): Cambridge, MassachusettsContact: Stefanie FeldmanPhone: (617) 395-4160Email: info@veritutors.comAddress: 1132 Massachusetts Avenue,Cambridge, MA 02138Website: TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 25
  • 28. MALLS With stores like Gap, Hollister, Game Stop, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Macy’s, and Nordstrom’s, the 15 Simon Malls in Greater Boston offer a mix of specialty shops, national retailers, anchor stores, and off-priced shopping—where parents and teens can find everything they need all school year long. TeenLife would like to thank Simon Malls for its continued support of our Community Service Fairs, as well as for distributing our info-packed guides, like this one, each spring and fall. TeenLife Boston is available at each malls guest services, so grab and pass along some more! ARSENAL MALL COPLEY PLACE MALL NORTHSHORE MALL Guest Services: (617) 923-9944 Guest Services: (617) 262-6600 Guest Services: (978) 531-3441 Address: 485 Arsenal Street, Address: 100 Huntington Avenue, Address: RT-128N and RT-114E, Watertown, MA 02472 Boston, MA 02116 Peabody, MA 01960 Website: Website: Website: ATRIUM MALL EMERALD SQUARE MALL SOLOMON POND MALL Guest Services: (617) 527-1475 Guest Services: (508) 699-4100 Guest Services: (508) 303-0204 Address: 300 Boylston Street, Address: 999 South Washington Street, Address: 601 Donald Lynch Boulevard, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 North Attleboro, MA 02760 Marlborough, MA 01752 Website: Website: Website: AUBURN MALL GREENDALE MALL SOUTH SHORE PLAZA Guest Services: (508) 832-2314 Guest Services: (508) 856-9401 Guest Services: (781) 843-8201 Address: 385 Southbridge Street, Address: 7 Neponset Street, Address: 250 Granite Street, Auburn, MA 01501 Worcester, MA 01606 Braintree, MA 02184 Website: Website: Website: mall/?id=332 LIBERTY TREE MALL SQUARE ONE MALL BURLINGTON MALL Guest Services: (978) 777-0795 Guest Services: (781) 231-9087 Guest Services: (781) 272-8668 Address: 100 Independence Way, Address: 1201 Broadway, Address: 75 Middlesex Turnpike, Danvers, MA 01923 Saugus, MA 01906 Burlington, MA 01803 Website: Website: Website: THE MALL AT CHESTNUT HILL WRENTHAM VILLAGE CAPE COD MALL PREMIUM OUTLETS Guest Services: (617) 965-3038 Guest Services: (508) 771-0201 Address: 199 Boylston Street, Guest Services: (508) 384-0600 Address: 796 Iyannough Road, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 Address: One Premium Outlets Hyannis, MA 02601 Website: Boulevard, Wrentham, MA 02093 Website: Website: outlets/outlet.asp?id=1026 | TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  • 29. MALLSHelp Support the Simon Youth FoundationSimon Youth Foundation (SYF)Simon Youth Foundation, established in 1998, operatesin partnership with local public school districts—andhas established 23 academies in 13 U.S. states that giveat-risk students the same education they would receivein a traditional classroom while offering the flexibilitythat their individual circumstances require.Recipient of the Crystal Star Award of Excellence inDropout Prevention from the National Dropout Preven-tion Center, the foundation has helped more than 8,000students earn their high school diploma and providedmore than $9.7 million in college scholarships throughits Simon Youth Scholarship Program to 3,300 studentsin 42 states. The Education Commission of the UnitedStates has recognized the foundation with its Corpo-rate Award for sustained and substantial investment inimproving public education.Simon Youth AcademiesSimon Youth Academies are alternative schools thatprovide at-risk youth the opportunity to earn their Upcoming TeenLifehigh school diploma. Each academy is a partnership Community Service Fairs!between SYF and one or more public school districts. We are so happy to announce that our annualAcademy students receive job and life skills training,are able to set the pace of their education, and upon Community Service Fair, which we’ve hostedgraduation they earn a diploma from the public successfully in Boston for the past four years,school district. will be held in several additional communitiesThe Simon Youth Peabody Learning Academy at in 2012.Northshore Mall opened in 2010 and immediatelycut the local school districts drop-out rate in half, This signature TeenLife event brings togetherjust by opening its doors. more than 50 local non-profits that specifically take teen volunteers. Since most schools areSimon Properties Support SYF requiring up to 40 hours of community service work to graduate, it’s a wonderful opportunity forSimon® properties nationwide support SYF through students to learn more about a cause they areon-mall collection vehicles and local events. Theoutpouring support of local mall communities and interested in and even sign up to volunteer on-site.the tireless efforts of Simon mall teams have enabledSimon Youth Foundation to change the lives of so many The Mall at Chestnut Hill, Chestnut Hill, MAyouth across the country. South Shore Plaza, Braintree, MA White Plains, NYFor more information New York, NYon donating and Philadelphia, PAvolunteering, go to Check for details.
  • 30. About TeenLife Visit WHO WE ARE TeenLife is the "go to” resource for parents, teens, and educators actively looking for meaningful learning experiences—regionally, nationally, and internationally—for students. Our award-winning site, handy guides, and face-to-face events feature an extensive number of opportunities, programs, and services that "bring out the best” in teens. WHAT WE DO Few students, parents, and educators have the time, resources, or knowledge to research interesting, experiential learning opportunities for teens. So, we do it for them. TeenLife scours the Internet and teen resources for new information and ideas on a continual basis. Our proprietary database containing thousands of listings for teens is unmatched by any other source.28 | TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  • 31. Students at theTEENLIFE COMMUNITYSERVICE FAIR hostedin February. We are the "go to” resource for students, parents, and educators who are seeking programs, products, and services geared to teens aged 13-19 in the United States. BECOME A MEMBER. ITS FREE! Information is offered online at and through monthly e-newsletters, email communications, and printable guides in a number of categories. Families and their teens can also explore opportunities at live events, school and student fairs, and corporate meetings. Students, parents, and educators are encouraged to register for free and experience the comprehensive nature of our resources! For more information about TeenLife, email or call (617) 277-5120. Programs, schools, service providers, and other organizations who want to be listed on our site should contact TEENLIFE.COM NOW!
  • 32. TeenLife BostonA Resource for Families with addition to the wide variety of listings in this guide, lists hundreds more schools, programs,services and after-school activities just for teens in the Greater Boston area, including those listed below.And be sure to also look on the site for information about college admissions resources, gap year programs,overnight summer programs and how to find a job or internship.GREATER BOSTON SCHOOLS, PROGRAMS, AND SERVICESPrivate Schools Horseback Riding Greek Party RentalsBoarding Ice Hockey Italian Party SuppliesBoarding & Day Ice Skating Japanese PhotographersDay Only Lacrosse Russian VenuesSemester Schools Martial Arts Spanish Mountain Biking Recreation &Advisors Pilates College Resources EntertainmentCareer Rock Climbing College Admissions Amusement ParkCollege Roller-Blading College Funding BowlingGap Year Rowing College Research Cultural EventsInternship Sailing EntertainmentSpecialized Education Scuba Diving Community Service Mini-GolfSummer Skiing Paintball Soccer Health & Sports ArenaClasses & Instruction Squash Behavioral Services ToursAcademic Swimming Dentists Water Park Astronomy Tennis Orthodontists Zoo Enrichment Yoga Pediatricians Language Arts Physical Therapy Summer Programs Learning Disabilities Other Psychological & Math DJing Educational Services Travel Driving Vision AirlineArts Entrepreneurship Bus Service Dance Environmental Prom & Event Services Cruise Music Conservation Catering Group Travel Theatre Filmmaking & Dresses & Formal Wear Travel Agency Visual Arts Digital Media Entertainment Financial Literacy Event Planning Tutoring & Test PrepSports First Aid Florists Baseball Robotics Invitations Vacation Week Programs Basketball Self Defense Limousine Services Cross Country Diving Language Fencing Arabic VISIT TEENLIFE.COM/BOSTON! Field Hockey Chinese Golf French Gymnastics German To recommend additional listings, go to: For up-to-date information about local events visit:
  • 33. IndexThere are plenty of instructive classes and activities, tutoring and testprep options, and residential programs of study in and around Boston.FEATURED LISTINGS 19 CollegeApplicationEssayCoach.com24 Advantage Testing of Boston 17 Conserve School18, 21 AHP Educational Consulting 26 Copley Place Mall18, 21 AMG Educational Consultants 23 Diablo Glass School: After School Classes26 Arsenal Mall 25 Diablo Glass School: Teen Vacation Workshops19 The Arts Edge 26 Emerald Square Mall26 Atrium Mall 13 German International School Boston (GISB)26 Auburn Mall 15 The Glenholme School23 Boston Childrens Chorus 26 Greendale Mall24 Boston Paintball, Everett - Indoor Fields 25 Harvard Student Agencies:24 Boston Paintball, Maynard - Outdoor Fields SAT Premier Prep by HSA Tutoring12 Boston University Academy 23 The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)12 Buckingham Browne & Nichols (BB&N) 19 Kosierowski Education Group26 Burlington Mall 25 Lexington Learning Center, Inc.26 Cape Cod Mall 26 Liberty Tree Mall15 Carpe Diem Education 26 The Mall at Chestnut Hill13 Cathedral High School 13 Mount Alvernia High School16 Center for Cultural Interchange: 13 Mount Saint Joseph Academy High School Abroad 22 MVP College Funding, LLC22 The Center for Interim Programs 14 Noble and Greenough School19 Cheri Barad Education Consulting 26 Northshore Mall13 Clark School17 Coastal Studies for Girls TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 31
  • 34. INDEX 17 Ocean Classroom: ADVERTISERS Discovery High School Semester at Sea 17 AMG Educational Consultants 20 One-on-One College Consulting 2 Boston Parents Paper 20 Popp & Associates, LLC 21 Carpe Diem Education 25 Portraits by Angela Photography Back Cover Citizens Bank 14 Riverside Military Academy (RMA) 17 Coastal Studies for Girls 17 Noble and Greenough School 23 School of Fashion Design (SFD): Weekend Programs 6 Riverside Military Academy (RMA) 26-27 Simon Malls 2 School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 24 Simon Malls 26 Solomon Pond Mall 15 Veritas Tutors 26 South Shore Plaza 26 Square One Mall 20, 22 Starr & Chapman, Inc. 20 TEC-The Education Cooperative 25 TenMarks Education 25 Veritas Tutors 23 Wheelock Family Theatre 26 Wrentham Village Premium Outlets Fashion student brings her sketch to life at the SCHOOL OF FASHION DESIGN: WEEKEND PROGRAMS. See listing on page 23.32 | TEENLIFE BOSTON: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  • 35. Finally… a resource for families with teens.Not babies. Not little kids. Teens.Register now and get these free member benefits: • Full access to thousands of local, national and international listings • A monthly newsletter featuring an upcoming calendar and articles tailored to families with teens • Special offers from our partners • Access to “Teen Help-Wanted” listingsTeenLife features activities that families with teens care about, including: Summer Community Gap Year College Independent Jobs & Local Programs Service Programs Admissions Schools Internships Resources www.teenlife.comREGISTER NOW! GO TO WWW.TEENLIFE.COM AND CLICK ON “REGISTER.”
  • 36. THE RIGHT BANKFOR STUDENTS.BANKING AND LOAN OPTIONS THAT FIT. Unexpected expenses like books, computers and travel can come up during any semester. A school-certified private loan, like our TruFit Student Loan®, helps fill the financial gap and picks up where grants, scholarships and federal loans leave off. ENJOY THE FOLLOWING FEATURES AND BENEFITS: • No fees • Low interest rates – fixed and variable options • Only takes 15 minutes to apply • Make no payments for up to 6 months after you graduate • Education finance specialists available Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM. • Applying with a co-signer may help reduce rates • Check out better checking with our Student Money Bundle™ For more information please call our education specialists at 1-800-708-6684 or visit Member FDIC. Citizens Bank is RBS Citizens, N.A. and Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania. EFAD11081M0