FREE             2012 guide to     SpecializedSchools & Programs                               Educating Parents of Studen...
Hazelden’s Tribeca Twelve Collegiate Recovery Residence                                                Hazelden’s Tribeca ...
2012 TeenLife Guide toSpecialized Schools & Programs                        Finding the right specialized school          ...
ALL STYLES         WELCOME         Lynn University’s Institute for Achievement and Learning (IAL)                         ...
Table of Contents                                                                               Teens and                 ...
How an Independent         Educational Consultant         Can Assist Families                                      by Teri...
Independent educational consultants have avariety of backgrounds including school or guidancecounseling, teaching, school ...
schools, boarding schools, therapeutic or emotional     How does a family start working        growth schools, residential...
The consultant then serves as a liaison between        There are thousands of independent educational con-    the program ...
The Top Things Parents of a      Student with LD Should Know                                                   by Pamela T...
Program Descriptions for Teens with                            Emotional or Behavioral DisordersBoarding Schools          ...
2012 Guide to                                   Specialized Schools                                   & Programs There are...
schools and colleges    Lynn University                                                  Mount Ida College                ...
RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT in   schools and colleges                           CENTRAL TEXAS for ADOLESCENTSThe Sage CollegesA ...
THE STAFF ASSISTANT EXPERIENCE A unique, year-round transition-to-independence program                      schools and co...
P=Preservation for Families                                                  R=Reunification for Families                 ...
schools and colleges  Unlocking the      potential of                                                   The Kings Daughter...
A one-to-oneschoollike noother.   For students who need   an alternative to a   traditional school.Fusion Academy is an al...
schools and colleges  Auldern Academy                              Building Bridges Inc.                    Cherry Gulch B...
schools and colleges  Evangelhouse®                                  The Family Foundation  Christian Academy             ...
For Parents who                schools and colleges                                                                       ...
A breakthrough new                                                         college option for                             ...
TheGreenwoodSchool                                                                   schools and colleges             2:1 ...
MOUNT IDA COLLEGEFROM POTENTIAL TO ACHIEVEMENT                                  A personalized approach                   ...
independent educational consultants          independent educational consultants      Dobson Educational                  ...
specialized programs                                                 Preparing                                            ...
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs
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TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs


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With a directory of boarding schools, colleges, summer programs, and advisors for students with special needs, our latest guide will be a valuable tool when researching schools and programs that meet the needs of students with educational and emotional challenges.

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TeenLife 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools and Programs

  1. 1. FREE 2012 guide to SpecializedSchools & Programs Educating Parents of Students with Learning, Emotional or Behavioral Disabilities Published by TeenLife Media in Partnership with the Independent Educational Consultants Association
  2. 2. Hazelden’s Tribeca Twelve Collegiate Recovery Residence Hazelden’s Tribeca Twelve collegiate recovery residence offers a safe, structured, Twelve Step-inspired peer community for young adults, ages 18-29, committed to their recovery from addiction and determined to achieve academic success. Housed in a fully-renovated 1910 building in the historic Tribeca neighborhood, the collegiate program focuses on supporting a recovery lifestyle with: resident advisors who provide individual coaching, academic liaison services, and monitoring individualized recovery care plans drug testing to detect possible relapse and allow for early intervention Tribeca Twelve includes space for up to 30 residents, with six men or six women per floor. The 2,200 square-foot furnished units are designed specifically for college students, featuring a full kitchen, dining room, large living room with fireplace, separate study, two full bathrooms and in-unit laundry. Hazelden is committed to a continuum of care for youths, including residential and outpatient care and treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. For more information on Tribeca Twelve or any of Hazelden’s services for youth and young adults contact Maureen Borkowski, Business Development Director Youth Continuum, at 877-429-5092 or City, Chaska, Maple Grove, Plymouth, St. Paul, Minnesota Chicago, Illinois Naples, Florida New York, New York Springbrook, Oregon 4006-1 ©2012 Hazelden Foundation
  3. 3. 2012 TeenLife Guide toSpecialized Schools & Programs Finding the right specialized school or program for your teenager may be a Young Adult Program challenging task. Thats why TeenLife is pleased to be partnering with the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) to put together our Benchmark Transitions™ is a comprehensive, first-ever Guide to Specialized Schools multi-disciplinary approach to residential transitional & Programs. living for young men and women, ages 18-28. IECA is the nation’s leading professional organizationfor independent educational consultants working in Our dual-diagnosis model combines:private practice. For 36 years, IECA has helped its · Clinical treatment · Job training & life skillsmembers serve families with educational decisions thatinclude colleges, local day and boarding schools, schools · Cognitive behavioral · Structured & nurturingor programs for students with learning or behavioral therapy environmentneeds, international placements, summer opportunities, · Substance abuse recovery · Fosters self discovery &and graduate and professional schools. & aftercare autonomy On page 4, there is an informative must-read by IECA · Education & vocationalMember, Teri Solochek, Ph.D., CEP, that explains how opportunitiesan independent educational consultant can help guidefamilies through the entire research and application Benchmark Transitions™ Dual Treatment options –process as they look into specialized schools or programs. IECA Member, Pamela Tedeschi, highlights The Benchmark Recovery & Aftercare™ students are thoseTop Things Parents of a Student with LD Should Know who have a history of substance use, abuse or addiction,on page 8. You will also find a detailed list of specialized often combined with a behavioral health dual diagnosis,schools and programs starting on page 9 and a compre- that has prevented them from fully gaining independence.hensive description of therapeutic boarding schools onpage 42. Benchmark Behavioral Health™ students are those Given the right opportunities, every teenager can who have not exhibited issues with drugs and/or alcohol,overcome obstacles to be successful at school, at work, but who often have a clinical diagnosis combined withand in the community. We sincerely hope that our guide failure to launch into adulthood successfully.provides you with the information and direction you arelooking for. Our young adults gain the life strategies they need to make it on their own. Contact us for a consultation.Marie Schwartz, President & FounderTeenLife Media, LLC 800.474.4848P.S. Dont forget to visit to find othermeaningful programs and services for college-boundstudents. Join now so you dont miss a thing. Its free! WWW.BENCHMARKTRANSITIONS.COM
  4. 4. ALL STYLES WELCOME Lynn University’s Institute for Achievement and Learning (IAL) Join us on Feb. 1 offers students with learning differences an opportunity to succeed at the college level. It provides motivated students for Transitions 2013. with the additional support they need to achieve and maintain Visit academic success and earn a university degree. for conference details Program features: • one-on-one content area and group tutoring by a master’s or doctoral-level professional • Institute Fellows faculty training program • executive functioning ADHD coaching • Self as Learner first-year course helps develop metacognitive strategies • individualized learning plans • extended-time tests and alternative testing administration If you’d like to speak to someone in admission, call 561.237.7562. We’d love to talk to you! INSTITUTE FOR ACHIEVEMENT AND LEARNING visit BOCA RATON, FLORIDALynn University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, disability and/or age in administration of its educational and admission policies,scholarship and loan programs, athletic and /or other school-administered programs. Lynn University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges andSchools to award baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral degrees. Contact the Commission on Colleges (1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097; phone number: 404-679-4500) forquestions about the accreditation of Lynn University.
  5. 5. Table of Contents Teens and Breakwater Expeditions guides sea kayaking in Alaska. See ad and listing on page 25. 4 How an Independent 25 Specialized Programs Educational Consultant 25 Outdoor/Wilderness Can Assist Families Therapy Programs by Teri Solochek, Ph.D., CEP, 28 Residential Treatment Centers IECA Member (California) 36 Transitional Independent Living/Young Adult Programs 8 The Top Things Parents of a 41 Student with LD Should Know related services by Pamela Tedeschi, IECA Member (Maryland) 42 The Therapeutic 9 Program Descriptions for Boarding School Teens with Emotional or by William Doherty, Executive Behavioral Disorders Director, Chamberlain International School, Middleboro, MA Schools and Colleges10 10 Colleges for Students with About TeenLife 44 Learning Differences 13 Gifted, Talented, and Online Schools Find out more about what we offer 13 Schools for Students with and how to register on our site. Learning Differences 16 Therapeutic and Emotional 48 INDEX Growth Boarding Schools24 Independent Educational Consultants 2012 Teenlife guide to specialized schools & programs | 3
  6. 6. How an Independent Educational Consultant Can Assist Families by Teri Solochek, Ph.D., CEP, IECA Member (California) here are many children and adolescents with learning differences. They may be depressed, anxious, coping with sub- stance use, or simply acting out from not having their everyday needs met. Often, they retreat and isolate themselves from the outside world. You as a parent should know that there are a significant number of resources and accom- modations to help your teen. Public schools are effective in teaching the majority of children and adolescents, but are sometimes inadequate at serving children who have special learn- ing, emotional, or behavioral needs. For these students, a mainstream setting may not work, and a non-public school placement or specialized program may be the best solution. If that is the case, a referral to an indepen- dent educational consultant (IEC) should be considered. Clergy, mental health professionals, and school counselors can provide a certain level of professional support. However, if consideration is being given to placement in a private day school, boarding school, or therapeutic program, the services of an IEC can be invaluable. IECs are trained professionals in school and specialized placement. Their professional expertise helps match the needs of children and adolescents with learning differences to the appropriate schools or treatment programs. A Ramapo Staff Assistant learns culinary skills through on-campus work experience. See ad on page 14, listing on page 39.4 | 2012 Teenlife guide to specialized schools & programs
  7. 7. Independent educational consultants have avariety of backgrounds including school or guidancecounseling, teaching, school administration, and/orpsychology. They are well versed in determining theneeds of LD children, as well as how to work bestin conjunction with schools, other professionals,and a teens family; they serve as a familys “casemanager” to ensure the best possible solution.Most importantly, they are extremely knowledge-able about the various placement options around thecountry and abroad—and can provide an unbiasedassessment of the appropriate setting. How do they gain their knowledge? IECsspend much of their time on the road, visiting private Brehm Preparatory School delivers a unique holistic educational program. See listings on pages 12 and 14. 2012 Teenlife guide to specialized schools & programs | 5
  8. 8. schools, boarding schools, therapeutic or emotional How does a family start working growth schools, residential treatment centers, with an IEC? wilderness programs, and colleges nationwide. They not only visit a variety of programs, but they visit The family, and if possible, the child, meet often to stay abreast of program and staff changes. with the IEC for an initial visit. At this time a detailed The goal of an IEC is to become a part of the team to history is obtained and releases are signed to enable coordinate the efforts of all involved—working with the consultant to obtain information from the school, the child’s therapist, clergy, and current school in such as test results and any other information the presenting placement alternatives to the family and consultant deems pertinent. If additional testing is aiding them in making the best decision. recommended, this may be conducted by the consul- tant or referred to an outside professional, depending IECs coordinate the exchange of information on the background of the consultant and the scope of between school, family, and other professionals and the practice. the recommended schools or treatment centers; aid the family in making their final decision; and Once the consultant has reviewed the case, facilitate enrollment. he or she presents placement options to the family. The Glenholme School Devereux Connecticut Providing young people with the foundation needed to lead successful and meaningful lives.Glenholme is a therapeutic boarding school for students,ages ten to adult, in middle school, high school and post-graduate, who struggle with various learning differences.The positive atmosphere is designed to build competenceacademically and socially. Washington, Connecticut • (860) 868-7377 • www.theglenholmeschool.org6 | 2012 Teenlife guide to specialized schools & programs
  9. 9. The consultant then serves as a liaison between There are thousands of independent educational con- the program or school and the parents, keeping sultants across the country; however, their training and professionals as involved as necessary. experience varies. An important resource for determin- When a consultant places a child, that ing the qualifications of an educational consultant is the consultant receives grade and progress reports Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), directly from the school. He or she continues to based in Fairfax, Virginia ( To monitor the child closely—and should there be the become a member of IECA, an IEC must have extensive need to intervene or recommend a new place- relevant experience, be competently trained, and have ment, they have the relevant information readily solid recommendations from peers. IECA members are available. pledged to maintain the highest ethical standards includ- With unique skills and expertise, an indepen- ing not accepting compensation from schools or treat- dent educational consultant can provide invaluable ment facilities for placement. IECA member consultants help to many families looking for a specialized are compensated directly by the families of the students school or program that is just right for their teen. they work with. Discover our schools for children and adolescents with autism and brain injury. Where we enable students to reach their highest potential. � May Centers for Child Development At these schools, students with autism and other developmental disabilities receive highly individualized behavioral, academic, and vocational services. We combine best practices from the fields of applied behavior analysis and special education. � May Center for Education and Neurorehabilitation This school serves students with acquired brain injury or neurological disease. It is one of only a handful of pediatric programs in the U.S. that focus on both education and rehabilitation. Nationally recognized year-round day and residential schools located in 800.778.7601 � Massachusetts and California.Ad_TeenLife_9-12.indd 1 2012 Teenlife guide to specialized schools & programs 4:58 PM 9/19/12 | 7
  10. 10. The Top Things Parents of a Student with LD Should Know by Pamela Tedeschi, IECA Member (Maryland) Being diagnosed with a learning disability is a lifelong, 24/7 challenge. Nevertheless, with the appropriate education, encouragement, love, and sheer determination, children with learning disabilities are able to compensate for their LD and succeed in life. Learning disabilities don’t affect any two children the When touring a campus, it is important to visit the Learning same way. Center (for schools) and Office of Disability (for colleges) to get a sense of the director, personnel, and services available. Students with learning disabilities often have co- morbid psychological issues (i.e., depression, anxiety, At the start of each school year, older high school mood disorders). and college students need to make sure that their accommo- dations are in place at the beginning of classes. Parents of A thorough review of a childs records is necessary to younger students should work with their child’s teachers to diagnose a student’s particular learning difference. ensure he or she receives the proper accommodations. If records are not current or seem incomplete, consider a thorough evaluation from a neuropsycholo- Keep updated information in your files, including the gist or a school psychologist who can provide documentation requirements for learning disabilities at a psycho-educational assessment. schools and colleges. Very bright students with learning disabilities are Gain familiarity with all of the new technology often able to hide their LD, especially in elementary (Universal Design for Learning) that is available to school. This is particularly true for students with make learning new concepts accessible to all students. strong verbal skills. Universal Design for Learning is a process of making course concepts accessible and skills attainable regardless of learn- Older teens need to become aware of their learning ing style, physical or sensory abilities ( styles, strengths, and needs, and be willing to advocate and seek support for themselves. Indepen- Know and understand state and federal laws regarding dent educational consultants, teachers, parents, or learning disabilities. disability office or learning center personnel find it difficult to help if the student is resistant. The Independent Educational Consultants Association (, the Learning Disabilities Association Listen to your child to determine what strategies of America (, the Association were effective and ineffective in previous learning on Higher Education and Disability (, and environments. the book Learning Disabilities: The Ultimate Teen Guide by Penny Hutchins Paquette and Cheryl Gerson Tuttle, Parents should realize that their child’s Individual provide a wealth of information and resources for parents Education Program (IEP) does not carry over from of children with learning disabilities. high school to college.8 | 2012 Teenlife guide to specialized schools & programs
  11. 11. Program Descriptions for Teens with Emotional or Behavioral DisordersBoarding Schools Residential Treatment CentersEmotional Growth, Therapeutic The focus of these programs is behavioral support. MedicationThese schools generally provide an integrated management and medical monitoring is generally availableeducational milieu with an appropriate level of on-site. These facilities treat adolescents with seriousstructure and supervision for physical, emotional, psychological and behavior issues. Most are Joint Commissionbehavioral, familial, social, intellectual and academic (JCAHO) accredited. These facilities provide group and individualdevelopment. They grant high school diplomas or therapy sessions. They are highly structured and offer recre-award credits that lead to admission to a diploma ational activities and academics. Specialty residential treatmentgranting secondary school. Each school will vary in centers will include psychiatric and behavioral hospitals asits approach to the emotional and behavioral needs well as eating disorder treatment centers.of the child and we urge parents to review thisapproach with the professional that has been work- Small Residential Programsing with their child to ensure appropriate placement. Small residential programs are designed to serve fewer thanPlacement at these boarding schools can range from 30 students in nurturing, often family-like settings. Small12 months to two years depending on the program’s residential programs offer a holistic therapeutic milieu, whichtherapeutic components. is based upon the relationships formed and the social dynamics created in small, intimate environments. They offer appropriateOutdoor Behavioral Health levels of structure and supervision for the emotional, social, andWilderness Programs andOutdoor Therapeutic Programs academic development of their students. These programs often incorporate life skills training, academic instruction, outdoorMost outdoor behavioral health programs subscribe adventure, recreation, and family involvement into an expe-to a variety of treatment models that incorporate riential living environment. Small residential programs oftena blend of therapeutic modalities, but do so in the maintain an area of specialty for the students they serve.context of wilderness environments and back countrytravel. The approach has evolved to include clientassessment, development of an individual treatment Transitional Independent Living/plan, the use of established psychotherapeutic prac- Young Adult Programstice, and the development of aftercare plans. Outdoor These programs are designed for young people over 18 needingbehavioral health programs apply wilderness a safe, supportive environment and life skills training as theytherapy in the field, which contains the following key transition into adulthood. Many offer access to 12-step pro-elements that distinguish it from other approaches grams and may have a psychiatric component. Generally theyfound to be effective in working with adolescents: will offer educational programs that are linked to community1) the promotion of self-efficacy and personal auton- colleges or universities, or provide schooling at their location.omy through task accomplishment, 2) a restructuring Volunteering, employment arrangements, community service,of the therapist-client relationship through group and and re-integration into the community at large are generalcommunal living facilitated by natural consequences, components of the programs. Many operate on a smalland 3) the promotion of a therapeutic social group residential model and transition to a community based,that is inherent in outdoor living arrangements. independent living apartment model.IECA acknowledges with appreciation the National Association of Therapeutic Schools & Programs who developed these descriptions.© 2011 NATSAP/IECA 2012 Teenlife guide to specialized schools & programs | 9
  12. 12. 2012 Guide to Specialized Schools & Programs There are a plethora of specialized schools and programs readily available for families who have a child with learning differences or an adolescent that is gifted and talented. Whether the school or program is academic, outdoor-oriented, adventure, or group structured, parents appreciate that their child is learning and living in a safe, productive environment. And for teens, a specialized school or program that specifically suits their needs is the perfect solution for success. There are thousands of qualified independent educational consultants that can assist families in their research and selection process. This valuable guide by TeenLife and the IECA gives you a look at some of the best specialized schools and programs in the nation. Schools and Colleges Colleges for Students with Learning Differences Charterhouse School’s Courage to Succeed Courage to Succeed is a partnership between the Charterhouse School and the Commonwealth Autism Service that provides academic, social, and independent life skill supports to students with Asperger’s syndrome and high-functioning autism. Students will begin and end the day at Charterhouse School and attend classes at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. Location: Richmond, VA Phone: (855) 367-8637 Email: Website: Landmark College In the mid-1980s, Landmark College became the first institution of higher education to pioneer college-level studies for students with dyslexia. Today, the college draws students from around the United States and all over the world to its southern Vermont campus for its innovative educational model—helping students with language-based learning The Laurel Springs school offers a challenging curriculum including Honors and disabilities, ADHD, or ASD, become confident, AP Courses for gifted students in grades 9 - 12. self-empowered, and independently successful learners. See ad on page 25, listing on page 13. Location: Putney, VT Phone: (802) 387-6718 Email: Website: www.landmark.edu10 | 2012 Teenlife guide to specialized schools & programs
  13. 13. schools and colleges Lynn University Mount Ida College OPTIONS Transitions Lynn University is a Mount Ida College is a to Independence coeducational private college small, private, coeducational OPTIONS Transitions to Independence with approximately 2,100 undergraduate and graduate (formerly called OPTIONS Program students from over 40 states institution located on a 72-acre at Brehm) is a comprehensive and 84 countries. Its Institute traditional New England campus transitional program that guides for Achievement and Learning in Newton, Massachusetts. It young adult students with learning provides coaching, mentoring, offers its approximately 1,400 full- disabilities into independent adulthood. and assistive technologies to and part-time students a strong OPTIONS delivers individualized social, help students with learning career-focused and liberal arts academic, employment, and life skills differences succeed at the education. Visit the campus to instruction and helps each student college level. learn more about its personalized recognize and optimize Location: Boca Raton, FL approach to learning. their full potential. Phone: (561) 237-7900 Location: Newton, MA Location: Carbondale, IL Email: Phone: (617) 928-4553 Phone: (618) 549-4201 Website: Email: Email: admissionsinfo@ Website: Website: www.experienceoptions.orgSecond Chances for troubled teens A second chance at a first class education • Rigorous college prep curriculum • Individualized academic supports • Individual, group, and family counseling • Character-building 12-Step lifestyle • Nurturing family environment Building Character. Changing Lives.® A better chance to succeed in college For more information, contact: . . . through The Bridge at The Family Foundation School for Jeff Brain, MA, CTS, CEP high school graduates or fifth-year seniors ages 18-20 Dean of Admissions and • Complete transition support for those entering Director of External Relations or re-entering college 431 Chapel Hill Road, Hancock, NY 13783 • Academic advising, transcript repair and Phone: 845-887-5213, x499 admissions guidance Cell 845-341-7403 • Therapeutic counseling and recovery support • Help with social and independent living skills • Class options including on-site college courses Accredited by The Joint Commission and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Charter member: National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs. Member: Association of Recovery Schools. The Family Foundation School Accredited by is a private, New York State registered boarding school situated on a scenic 150-acre campus in the western Catskills. The Joint Commission12 | 2012 Teenlife guide to specialized schools & programs
  14. 14. RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT in schools and colleges CENTRAL TEXAS for ADOLESCENTSThe Sage CollegesA breakthrough 4-year degree designedfor students who have the ability and ambitionto succeed, but are simply not comfortable ina traditional classroom. Removing barriers,opening opportunities. Hope is here. Help is here.Location: Troy and Albany, NY and OnlinePhone: (518) 292-8615 Sitting on 33-acres of rolling hills in Belton, Texas.Email: Cedar Crest Hospital & RTC provides a safe, healingWebsite: environment for adolescents suffering with mental health and chemical dependency issues.Gifted, Talented, and On-Site School • Most Insurances AcceptedOnline Schools Call 254-939-2100 or 866-543-7779 www.cedarcresthospital.comLaurel Springs SchoolLaurel Springs is an accredited online privateschool with over 20 years of experience. Itsstudents are fully supported by qualified,caring teachers and staff, and are connectedto a global community of learners. 94% ofgraduates attend their college of choice.Location: Virtual (with offices in Ojai, CA andWest Chester, PA)Phone: (800) 377-5980Email: info@laurelsprings.comWebsite: www.laurelsprings.comSchools for Students withLearning DifferencesThe Academy at SOARThe Academy at SOAR is a certified privateschool that serves youth ages 12 to 18 whohave been identified with Learning Differencesand Attention Deficit Disorder. SOAR providesindividualized academic curriculum, focuses on Gwynne Halesstrengths, and combines academic instructionwith adventure-based learning.Location: Balsam, NC Great Lakes Educational Consulting Support and Guidance to a Bright FuturePhone: (828) 456-3435Email: Kylie@soarnc.orgWebsite:
  15. 15. THE STAFF ASSISTANT EXPERIENCE A unique, year-round transition-to-independence program schools and colleges which helps young adults acquire skills by living, working, and learning with high-functioning peer role models. Brehm Preparatory School Brehm School is an internationally known family-style boarding school for boys and girls in grades 6 - 12 with complex learning disabilities. Brehm offers a unique, holistic “Ramapo’s Staff Assistant Experience significantly moved my son’s program that individually addresses each life forward and he emerged with a direction, real credentials, and student’s academic, emotional, and social a life plan.” needs. At Brehm, students find success, go Ramapo helps participants with learning differences, Asperger’s on to college, find fulfilling careers, and and/or ADHD develop: become successful entrepreneurs. • independent Living skills Location: Carbondale, IL • social skills Phone: (618) 457-0371 • educational skills Email: • Job skills Website: TRANsiTiON-TO-iNDePeNDeNce │ sUMMeR cAMP │ ReTReATs │ PROFessiONAL DeVeLOPMeNT Fusion Academy & Learning Center Fusion is a one-to-one, college-prep, private P.O. Box 266 • Rhinebeck, NY 12572 • 845.876.8413 │ school for students in grades 6 - 12 who are better suited to an alternative, rather than traditional, environment. Fusion offers full- time academy, after-school tutoring, classes for credit, and enrichment programs with personalized teaching methods, flexible scheduling, and state-of-the-art recording and art studios. Location: Various locations throughout CA and NY College Living Phone: (858) 792-2300 Experience Email: supports young Website: adults with disabilities successfully The Greenwood School transition to Founded in 1978, Greenwood is a boarding adult life. and day school for young men in grades 6 - 12. With a 2:1 student to teacher ratioStudents pursuing a college and individualized research-provendegree, vocational education interventions, Greenwood empowers highor who are ready to enter the potential students who face complex learningworkplace can receive the SIX LOCATIONS challenges, ADD/ADHD, and executivesupport needed to achieve ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES function deficits.their goals, create meaningful Location: Putney, VTrelationships and increase their Phone: (802) 387-4545confidence through: Email: 800.486.5058 Website: Academic tutoring Independent living instruction Social coaching Sign in to for Career development more information on all listings.
  16. 16. P=Preservation for Families R=Reunification for Families N=Networking for Families INTENSIVE IN-HOME A home-based program for families who FAMILY SERVICES: have children or teenagers who are out of control or at imminent risk of being • Intensive in-home crisis separated from their family. intervention • Collaboration with schools, Families are also served who require programs and consultants transitional or reunification services to • In-home family assessment safely reunite them with their children following an out-of-home placement. • Comprehensive planning and case management Our goal is to prevent unnecessary • Counseling and consultation out-of-home placement by strengthening families and teaching them the skills they • Life-skills need to safely live together. • Follow up and on-going support STUDIES HAVE SHOWN THAT: The service has a significant positive effect on risk factors within the family. 80-90% of children at imminent risk of out-of-home placement are able to remain safely at home following an intervention of this nature.SERVICES ARE OFFERED NATIONWIDE:(888) 762-5973 •
  17. 17. schools and colleges Unlocking the potential of The Kings Daughters School and Center for Autism young adults The King’s Daughters’ School is a residential ages 18 school for students ages 7 and up, offering a and up with school-age program as well as a Young Adultcognitive and/or Academy. The school comprises two campuses: developmental the main campus serves students with a wide range disabilities in of developmental disabilities, while The Center a music infused for Autism serves students with severe autism. learning Location: Columbia, TN environment. Phone: (931) 388-3810 Email: Website: Specializing in Life skills, 48 Woodbridge StreetIndependent Living skills and South Hadley, MA 01075 Vocational skills … Contact 413-540-9720 x202 The May Institute Rolling Admissions The May Center for Child Development provides day Call today to schedule a tour. and residential educational services for children and adolescents between the ages of 2.9 and 22 years with a diagnosis of Autism or other developmental disabilities. Educational programming is based upon the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). The May Center educational program is a year- round program. Location: Randolph, MA Phone: (781) 440-0400Students with Aspergers and high functioning autism Email: Website: www.mayinstitute.orgCollege is within reaChThe Courage to Succeed program offers academic,social, and vocational support services to help you: Therapeutic and Emotional• Ease the transition to college Growth Boarding Schools• Learn organization and time management skills• Navigate the day-to-day Aspen Education Group, A Member of demands of college CRC Health Group• Receive course advice Aspen Education Group is recognized nationwide as the leading provider of education for struggling and support or underachieving young people. As the largest and• Get tips on making most comprehensive network of therapeutic schools social situations less and programs, Aspen offers professionals and stressful families the opportunity to choose a setting that best meets a student’s unique academic and emotionalWe’ll give you the Courage needs. Help and services range from short-termto Succeed in college. Call intervention programs to residential treatment, andtoday. include a variety of therapeutic interventions. Location: Multiple Locations 1-855-FOR-UMFS Phone: (855) 428-5401 (1-855-367-8637) Website: asperger
  18. 18. A one-to-oneschoollike noother. For students who need an alternative to a traditional school.Fusion Academy is an alternative solution to full-time middle and high school that goes beyond atailored education. Each classroom has just one student and one teacher to allow for maximumpersonalization, flexible scheduling, and adaptability to learning styles. Who attends Fusion? Studentsin 6-12th grade who are not thriving in their “cookie cutter” school environment. “When I refer students to Fusion Academy I am confident that they will find a learning environment that is individually tailored to their unique needs, provided by the most highly qualified and caring teachers, and that they will experience success, often for the first time. Fusion has found a formula that works.” - Nancy J. Lazerson, MA, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist/Educational San Diego | Solana Beach | Los Angeles | Mission Viejo Huntington Beach | South Bay | PasadenaWarner Center | San Mateo | San Francisco | Walnut Creek | Los Gatos | Westchester | Woodbury | Manhattan Middle High School | Mentoring | Enrichment | Tutoring | Classes for Credit | Test Prep
  19. 19. schools and colleges Auldern Academy Building Bridges Inc. Cherry Gulch Boys Ranch Auldern Academy is a therapeutic Founded in 1996, Building Bridges Cherry Gulch is a ranch style college preparatory boarding school is a long-term residential program therapeutic boarding school for girls in grades 9 - 12. Its goal is to addressing addiction and negative designed specifically for boys prepare young women academically, behaviors, as well as utilizing REBT, aged 10 to 14 years old. Its services emotionally, and socially for the 12 Step, Positive Peer Culture, and are appropriate for boys with challenges of the coming college Reality Therapy. Students have the difficulties including: depression, years. With the guidance of opportunity to attend public school to ADHD, adoption, low self-esteem, therapeutic and student life staff, gain confidence in handling social and anger, anxiety, family conflict, and students develop the confidence, academic challenges.  other behavioral and emotional integrity, and compassion needed to Location: Thompson Falls, MT problems. be successful as young adults. Phone: (888) 853-0156 Location: Emmett, ID Location: Siler City, NC Email: Phone: (208) 265-3437 Phone: (919) 837-2336 Website: Email: Email: auldern.admissions@ Website: Website: www.auldern.com18 | 2012 Teenlife guide to specialized schools programs
  20. 20. schools and colleges Evangelhouse® The Family Foundation Christian Academy School For Christian families seeking a The Family Foundation School is values based treatment program for a private, college prep, accredited their troubled teen, Evangelhouse® therapeutic boarding school with a Christian Academy offers a clinically college transition program serving driven, Christian focused option. bright, talented teens struggling with Founded in 1995, Evangelhouse® behavioral or emotional difficulties. Christian Academy is a private, It offers an integrated program of parent-choice therapeutic boarding rigorous academics, therapeutic school for girls. counseling, character education Location: Saint Martinville, LA based on the 12-Steps, and a rich Phone: (800) 924-4012 variety of extracurricular activities. Email: admissions@ Location: Hancock, NY Phone: (845) 887-5213 x499 Website: Email: Students playing a recreational game Website: of volleyball at Auldern Academy. See ad on page 25, listing on page 18.SummitCampHalfPgAdCHADD9.25.12.qxd:Layout 1 9/25/12 11:44 AM Page 1 SUMMIT CAMP TRAVEL PROGRAMS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS WITH ATTENTION, SOCIAL, OR LEARNING ISSUES CAMP (HONESDALE, PA) FOR CHILDREN AND TEENS, 8 – 19. 2, 3, 5 AND 8 WEEK SESSIONS AVAILABLE. SUMMIT CAMP IS SYNONYMOUS WITH EXCELLENCE IN CAMPING FOR CHILDREN. Since 1969, Summit Camp has offered structure, nurturing TRAVEL FOR AGES 15 TO 19 support, excellent supervision and social skills development through Summit Camp offers exciting, unique, specially designed trips, both the challenge of a full range of recreational, social, in the summer and winter months. athletic, and water-safety programs including: swimming, soccer, DESTINATIONS FOR 2013 INCLUDE: baseball, kayaking, music, theater arts, cooking, textiles, videography, crafts, go-karts, computer labs, canoeing, nature • 19 day Vancouver Alaska holiday studies, overnight hikes, pioneering, tennis, education • 14 day mid Atlantic and Orlando excursion enrichment, woodshop, ceramics, campcrafts, high and low • 19 day Spain and Morocco holiday rope challenge course, sailing, science fun lab, basketball, Delaware WINTER DESTINATIONS FOR 2012-2013 INCLUDE: River canoeing, climbing tower and mountain biking. • Washington, DC in December • London, England in February Trips are professionally supervised and enhance daily living MONTHLY WEEKENDER EVENTS FROM OCTOBER – MAY skills, growth through group living and decision making, and FOR YOUNG PEOPLE AGES 11-18. foster greater independence. For brochure call 973-732-3230 or 800-323-9908 or email to 322 Route 46 West, Suite 210, Parsippany, NJ 07054 GROWTH, INDEPENDENCE, MATURITY, INCREASED SELF-ESTEEM, LASTING FRIENDSHIPS 2012 Teenlife guide to specialized schools programs | 19
  21. 21. For Parents who schools and colleges want MORE than the Typical Chamberlain International School Chamberlain International School is a private, Therapeutic Experience non-profit, clinically intensive co-educational, Therapeutic Boarding and Day School located near Boston on a picturesque campus. Students ages range from 11-22 years and diagnoses include OCD; anxiety; ADHD; NLD; ASD; attachment disorder; Serving young men age 15-21 bipolar; depression; and a wide variety of learning challenges. Therapeutic Expertise Location: Middleboro, MA Phone: (508) 946-9348 Academic Excellence Email: Website: Cultural Immersion The Glenholme School Social Responsibility A therapeutic boarding school for young people, ages 10 to adult in middle school, high school, and postgraduate, who struggle with various learning CORAL REEF ACADEMY Samoa , differences. The atmosphere is designed to help students build competence academically and 888.707.3251 Location: Washington, CT Phone: (860) 868-7377 Email: Website: Download Now Little Keswick School Little Keswick School has been successfully serving boys with social/emotional challenges The Life with Teens App! and learning disabilities for 50 years. Its small therapeutic boarding school provides nurturing relationships, intensive clinical interventions, and an individualized education in a structured environment. E G TO AMS GUIDE TO Location: Keswick, VA GUID MIN GAP YEAR PROGR Phone: (434) 295-0457 FALL 2012 FOR RTS 2012 PERUAL A S 2 VIS EGE COLL 0 1 Email: 2 E TO E G E NS L L S IO ID GU C OD M IS OM .C ACCESS FE LI SUB A EN SCR TE Website: W. NOW IBE W W IT’S FRE E! WHY consider a YOUR PROTECTING CHILD CYBER FROM BULLY Life with Teens GAP YEAR? ING Look inside for our GAP YEAR FAIRS CALENDAR PUBLISHE D BY r M da E.C O plus all of our ION t Calen EN LIF LIC AT Ou ll- ning WW W. TE N A PUB IO DI y PuPlan ATME ssful CE nd NLLIIF LIFE MEDIA P U B L I C AT I O N Ha llege E EU B A T E E N TIPS cce e AIT P Lif A Co a Su y sa us ME D s for Es mp E IF Tip llege Ca NL Shepherd’s Hill Academy to EE Co ing EE A T sit FR ion Tran handy TeenLife Shepherd’s Hill is a faith-based, wilderness-style guides right at boarding school and therapeutic program for troubled your fingertips. boys and girls ages 12 - 17. Its unique combination of a first-class school, wilderness program, equine, and other therapeutic approaches offers students optimum opportunities to heal and flourish. Location: Martin, GA IN THE MEANTIME, GO TO Phone: (706) 779-5766 TEENLIFE.COM TO SHARE THE DIGITAL Email: VERSIONS OF EACH OF OUR PUBLICATIONS. Website:
  22. 22. A breakthrough new college option for students with autism or other special needs The Achieve Degree at The Sage Colleges Highly individualized, mentor-based online program Four-year bachelor’s degree from accredited college Designed by ABA-certified leaders in autism educationThe Achieve Degree is designed for academically capable students Accepting applications forwho are not able to navigate a traditional college program or campus. January 2013 startThe Achieve Degree program leads to a B.A. in Liberal Studies withan emphasis in Computer Science from The Sage Colleges. Learn more at “The way the program is built, it works the way my brain does.” – Life Lab #1 Participant
  23. 23. TheGreenwoodSchool schools and colleges 2:1 Student to Teacher Ratio Spring Ridge Academy (SRA) SRA is an all-girl, therapeutic boarding school serving students ages 13 - 17 in grades 9 - 12. Students may exhibit anxiety, depression, substance abuse, trauma, grief and loss, social difficulties, and adoptions issues to name a few. SRA combines an empowering emotional growth program with a sophisticated Founded in 1978, Greenwood is a boarding and day therapeutic approach and a rigorous college school for 50 young men in grades 6-12. With a 2:1 prep curriculum. The entire family is included in the process, creating an atmosphere of student to teacher ratio and individualized research- change, collaboration, and hope. proven interventions, Greenwood empowers Location: Mayer, AZ high potential students who face complex learning Phone: (928) 632-4602 challenges, ADHD, and executive function deficits with Email: Website: the skills necessary to bridge the gap between their outstanding promise and present abilities. Summit Preparatory School Maximizing Potential Awakening Talents Transforming Lives14 Greenwood Lane Putney Vermont 05346 • tel: 802 387 4545 • fax: 802 387 5396 An accredited private non-profit co-ed therapeutic boarding school specializing in relationship-based treatment of bright teens who are struggling due to emotional, academic and/or behavioral concerns. Summit integrates professional therapy and college prep academics in a nurturing community that energizes adolescents to succeed. Location: Kalispell, MT Phone: (406) 758-8113 Email: Website: Lasting friendships are made at Spring Ridge Academy (SRA). See ad on page 33. See listing on this page.
  24. 24. MOUNT IDA COLLEGEFROM POTENTIAL TO ACHIEVEMENT A personalized approach to learning with a variety of academic support services programsVisit our campus in Newton, MA or contact Admissions today (617) 928-4553 • •
  25. 25. independent educational consultants independent educational consultants Dobson Educational Great Lakes Educational Jean P. Hague Associates Services Consulting Jean counsels families seeking Consulting and placement services Great Lakes Educational Consulting educational options for students for families seeking independent provides educational support and in middle school through college. day schools, boarding schools, and guidance for families throughout the She holds an M.A. and Specialist special needs schools of all kinds. United States and abroad—helping them Degree in Guidance and Counseling Location: Philadelphia, PA and select the most appropriate boarding from Columbia University. She New Jersey school, summer camp, or special needs has been in private practice for 30 Phone: PA: (215) 242-3587; school or program, including wilderness years and is an active member of NJ: (732) 804-4919 programs, therapeutic boarding the IECA, SSATB, SACAC, NACAC, Email: and schools, residential treatment centers, and is an Emeritus Trustee of IECA and gap year programs. Foundation. Website: Location: Northfield, IL Location: Atlanta, GA Phone: (847) 441-8911 Phone: (404) 872-9128 Email: Email: Website: Tomorrow’s leaders deserve the best. We welcome your calls to our new hospital. When your adolescent student struggles in the classroom or at home – and other mental healthcare hasn’t achieved the desired results – the Menninger Adolescent Treatment Program offers one-of-a-kind help. The experienced treatment team provides intensive inpatient treatment designed for life-changing recovery from psychiatric or dual disorders. Child psychiatrists, a neurospsychologist, psycyhologists, social workers, nurses, an addiction counselor and highly trained tutors offer: — Evidenced-based therapies, including mentalization-based therapy (MBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) — Diagnostic conferences with parents and the referring professional — Extensive psychological testing, individual and family therapy, psychiatric rehabilitation and wellness planning — Equine-assisted therapy, yoga and mindfulness training as well as academics Advancing Treatment. Transforming lives. 800-351-9058 — — Houston, TexasTeenLife 2012 Teenlife guide to specialized schools programs 24 | ad from Menninger 9-2012.indd 1 9/18/2012 4:31:56 PM
  26. 26. specialized programs Preparing young women for college success and independence. Specialized programsOutdoor/Wilderness 990 Glovers Grove Church RoadTherapy Programs Siler City, NC 27344 919-837-2336Blackwater Outdoor ExperiencesBlackwater Outdoor Experiences offers 22-day wilderness trips for adolescents (14 - 18)and adults (18 - 28) experiencing substanceabuse, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, lackof motivation, poor social and coping skills,and family issues. There is an intensive familycomponent and a Master’s level therapist in thefield for the entire trip.Location: Midlothian, VAPhone: (804) 378-9006Email: info@blackwateroutdoor.comWebsite: The benefits of private school with the flexibility of online learningBreakwater Expeditions Laurel Springs is an accredited online private schoolFamily adventures, gap trips, custom- with more than twenty years of experience meetingbuilt experiences. Breakwaters seasoned the needs of individual students. 94% of our graduatesprofessionals, unique offerings, and awe- enter the college of their choice. Our benefits include:inspiring destinations set it apart, creating fun,safe, and meaningful adventure experiences that • Full Accreditationleverage the strengths of individuals, families, • Expert Teacher Services and communities. Destinations include, though • NCAA Approved Coursesare not limited to, Prince William Sound, Alaska;Exuma Cays, Bahamas; San Juan Islands, • College Prep AP and Honors CoursesWashington; Upper Missouri River, Montana; • Single Course and Full Time EnrollmentsLake Powell, Utah; Green River, Utah and more. Learn more about how Laurel SpringsLocation: Trips offered nationally and abroadPhone: (208) 263-0277 can be an excellent fit for your student.Email: john@breakwaterexpeditions.comWebsite: Call 800.377.5890Expedition TherapyExpedition Therapy is an exciting, challenging Family Gap Adventuresoutdoor adventure experience created for young Our Experience Makes the Difference!adults ages 18+ who want to move forward in life. Our lead guides andIt teaches real-world skills, encourage creativity, clinicians 15 - 30+and provide opportunities to give back to the years experiencecommunity.Location: St. George, UTPhone: (435) 879-9015Email: expeditiontherapyadmissions@gmail.comWebsite: Breakwater (208) 263-0277 EXPEDITIONS