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TeenLife 2012 Guide to Overnight Summer Programs
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TeenLife 2012 Guide to Overnight Summer Programs


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This guide provides resources and information on many different overnight summer programs. Our guide can help teens and their families find an experience that matches their interests while helping …

This guide provides resources and information on many different overnight summer programs. Our guide can help teens and their families find an experience that matches their interests while helping build a stronger resume and college application.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. 2 0 1 2 guide to OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS W W W. T E E N L I F E . C O M | F R E EDirectory of100+ResidentialSummerExperiencesImportantQuestions toAsk WhenResearchingCamps orPrograms A T E E N L I F E M E D I A P U B L I C AT I O N
  • 2. WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS SUMMER TO STAND OUT? More than 80% of People to People Ambassador Programs participants are accepted into their first-choice college.This summer, set yourself apart for college acceptance by participating in a People to PeopleLeadership Summit. On the campuses of prestigious universities, you will gain valuable leadershipskills and college application strategies, interact with motivated students from around the globe,hear firsthand insights from experts at the top of their fields, and have a fantastic time along the way.PEOPLE TO PEOPLE LEADERSHIP SUMMITS LEADERSHIP At Harvard University IN ACTION At Stanford University SERVICE At Tulane University IN ACTION TECHNOLOGY At Stanford University MEDICINE At Johns Hopkins University WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO? INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMACY At Columbia University and George Washington University APPLY TODAY FILM AND At UCLA THE ARTS
  • 3. Presenting TeenLife’s 2012 Guide to Overnight Summer Programs! The only free, comprehensive resource of its kind. I can hardly believe it myself, but it’s There is also a helpful piece by the American Camp already that time of year again! Time Association that highlights some of the questions to start planning for summer—and the you should ask when researching programs. daunting task of finding meaningful Last but not least, its always refreshing and inspiring summer programs that will keep our to hear how teens reflect on their positive summer teens busy and engaged all summer long! experiences. Our Student Profiles on pages 15 and But don’t fret. Once again, TeenLife has done the research 35 are definite must-reads. for you. Our latest Guide to Overnight Summer Programs We hope you find our guide both informative and couldn’t be timelier. Peruse its pages and you’ll find more useful. Happy summer planning! than 100 residential summer programs listed by category of interest to help you and your teen get a jump-start. For even more ideas that run the gamut from academic to adventure, our feature, Ideas for a Sensational Summer, is chock-full of interesting summer programs that you may want to consider. Marie, Schwartz, President & Founder, TeenLife Media, LLC Unlock your creative potential with SCAD’s summer programs. SCAD offers a summer camp as well as seasonal workshops, seminars and classes, allowing participants of all ages to explore new avenues of artistic development. Art Smarts ages 6-14 SCAD Summer Seminars high school students Pre-college: Rising Star high school seniors Continuing Education ages 15 and up Advanced Placement Institute educators Art Educators’ Forum: Summer Conference educators Educator Summer Seminars educators 1 11/21/11 10:15 AM
  • 4. Do performing artists 2012 Guide to overnightgo to college? summer ProgramsABSOLUTELY! Marie Schwartz, President & FounderSo do filmmakers, writers and animators. Marketing & Sales Cara Ferragamo Murray, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development Camille Heidebrecht, Director of Marketing & Managing Editor Operations SM Ellie Boynton, Vice President of Operations Anh-Thu Huynh, Manager of Operations & Customer Service Your Future Begins this Summer! Jesse Burns, Customer Service & Research Representative Editorial Jim Paterson, Contributing Writer Art & Production Kathryn Tilton, Designer Sales Amy Barnett, Account Executive, Jeanne Kelley, Account Executive, Cindy Tessman, Account Executive, Published by TeenLife Media, LLC 1330 Beacon St., Suite 268, Brookline, MA 02446 (617) 277-5120, Copyright © 2012 by TeenLife Media, LLC Published by TeenLife Media, LLC, Brookline, Massachusetts Limit of Liability TeenLife Media, LLC (TL) takes no responsibility for any of the descriptions of the various programs listed. TL is not familiar with all of the organizations listed. We edit the descriptions only to achieve a consistent format. TL presents all descriptions without any warranty of any kind, express or implied. TL is not responsible for the accuracy of any description, or for mistakes, errors, or omissions of any kind, and is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by a user’s reliance on the information containedSUMMER 2012 in this guide. All the information contained herein is subject to changeUniversity summer programs for high school students in without notice, and readers are advised to confirm all information about anthe arts ages 13 - 18 organization and obtain references before making any commitments.Register now: or call 888.497.3553 Trademarks: TeenLife Media, LLC and related trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of TeenLife and/or its affiliates in the United StatesPhoto courtesy of UCLA Arts Camps/TFT and may not be used without written permission.
  • 5. Table of Contents 4 35 Ideas for a Sensational Student profile Summer Jack Tyler Anderson highlights how his The countless options to explore when overnight summer experiences shaped planning your summer break. his future goals. BY JIM PATERSON About TeenLife8 overnight summer PROGRAMS 42 Find out more about what we offer and how to register on our site. 8 Academic 21 Adventure/Trips INDEX 25 Arts 30 Community Service 33 Computers & Technology 44 Featured Listings Programs by Geographic Location 34 Language 48 37 Leadership Training Advertiser resource page 38 Special Interest Get more information on the advertisers 40 Sports in this guide. 41 Traditional Camp Cover Photo: Students with Travel for Teens14 Seven Questions Parents in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris. Should Ask when Choosing a Camp or program Recommendations from the American Camp Association.15 Student profile Olivia A. describes her twenty-one day summer adventure at sea. Music student practicing at The Ingenium Academy. See listing on page 27, ad on page 39. THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS | 3
  • 6. Ideas for a Sensational Summer Students are making the most of their summer break with a range of interesting new activities and summer programs. by Jim Paterson aylor came home buzzing about her three-week stay at Cow House Studios, a center for artists on a beautiful farm in Wexford, Ireland. Her parents were pleased that in high school she had an opportunity to explore art through the unique summer program, tour various spots in Ireland, and meet like-minded young people on the working farm. But a few weeks later, her parents saw a bigger payoff. When Taylor and her family were making one of their regular visits to a small seaside town in New England, Taylor began photographing and interviewing the residents, mimicking the work of an advanced student with whom she had worked. “These are people she had no doubt encountered countless times over the years, but now she decided to engage them in a way she never had before,” says Frank Abruzzese, Cow House co-director. “When I heard this I thought: ’that’s it.’ That’s what I had hoped we could give to our students. If we can foster a deep curiosity for the world, I think weve done our students a great service. Taylor can apply it to anything.” Taylor’s experience is being matched throughout this country and abroad in summer programs that offer a diverse mix of experiences. “I think there is a shift from the days that students went to the Adiron- Students with US dacks or just spent time at a college,” says Sara Crowther Craig, director Performing Arts of non-degree programs at Smith College. “Now there is so much more.” Camps lighting up the stage at the UCLA For instance, Smith has broadened its summer offerings for high Musical Theater school students to include a well-regarded four-week Summer Science Conservatory Camp. and Engineering Program and an in-depth sustainability program. It also See listing on page 26, ad on page 2. offers “Hidden Lives,” which taps into the school’s world famous archive of women’s historical documents, including recordings from Sylvia Plath and Gloria Steinem and the journals of Clara Barton. “I identified with these early pioneer women,” says 16-year- old participant Madeline. “Just like us, they joined clubs, went to dances, and had dreams of becoming doctors and teachers. Its fun to see how far we have advanced, and to see that I have some of the same dreams and desires.”4 | THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • 7. ideas for a sensational summer “There are more options for teens for specialized types “My daughter was struck by how this program wasof trips,” says Kathryn Trotzuk, founder and director for Strive, unique because it was for student athletes,” says Marinawhich offers community service trips abroad for student ath- Jacobson, a parent. “She knew she was going to try out forletes. “Although teens can enjoy a camp or travel experience, varsity soccer upon her return and was happy that she couldnow they can combine a passion with a camp, travel, or improve her fitness over the summer while traveling abroad,service program.” having fun, and helping others.” Strive provides trips primarily to Kenya or Peru, where Will Isenberg had a similar experience in Kenya, whereathletes work out together each morning and afternoon, and the cross country star for St. Anthony’s High School inspend from 35-50 hours per week building and supporting Huntington, NY, put the $4,000 he raised for the trip to workorphanages and schools. building a classroom and buying books for an elementary (continued on page 6)Summer College Prep “We focus on advanced academics in a college setting,” says Amanda Foster, assistant director for the Division of Some students attending summer programs are interested Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagementin a more practical experience, but one that is still unique. at Texas Tech. The school has a unique program called “Students are looking for something that gives them the “Science: It’s a Girl Thing” to encourage young women toedge in the college admissions process,” says Halley Shefler, pursue careers in the STEM fields: science, technology,founder of ArtsBridge, a program that helps students interested engineering, and the performing arts hone their skills and prepare for second- At Brown University, the pre-college program has grownary education training. “There was always summer school, but quickly “as serious students continue to prioritize preparationnow there are sessions where they learn to write an essay for a for traditional college-level academics,” says James Chansky,particular school or prepare for testing." director of the school’s Summer Session and Pre-College Binh Huynh, director of Summer College at Syracuse Program. But students also want brief, in-depth experiencesUniversity, says students are looking for specific college in specific areas for a short time “focused on introductions tocourses and targeted support in the college prep process— an area or unique topics—and in unique ways.”and they can find it. Sarah McDowell participated in the University of Delaware New programs are offered in music production and small Summer College for two years to earn seven college creditsbusiness development, where students split their time between and get a glimpse of dorm life. traditional business coursework and cutting edge material “What she came away with was much more,” says Maryabout using technology in new start-up businesses. The school Lou McDowell, her mother. “Her first year was life changing. offers courses in more than 30 different topics. She became more focused on her future and driven to suc- Students attending Savannah College of Art and Design can ceed.  In five weeks she made friends who may last a lifetimeearn up to 25 hours of credit from summer programs, according and found greater confidence and maturity.  She began mak-to Katrine J. Trantham, senior director of enrollment events and ing better choices and assuming more responsibility.  Theprograms. “This is extremely high compared to other college second year, that continued. She will tell you that it was thesummer programs, but that is the trend.” best experience of her life.”  THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS | 5
  • 8. school, while training with some of the best runners in performing arts schools, while helping them perfect theirthe country, well-known for its own cross country stars. performances. Famous performing artists are among the instructors. Ingenium Academy, based in London, offers studentsa chance to study music and participate in a student • The Appel Farms Art Camp in southern New Jerseyorchestra while they travel in a different country. “It is offers students interested in performing arts an opportunitybecoming more important for summer programs to to explore classical, rock, and jazz instrumental programsstand out from the crowd and offer unique opportunities and traditional vocal instruction, along with a new singer-to their students who will then in due course stand out songwriting track and recording arts program. The schoolfrom the crowd,” says Rebecca Hawley, director. “Inge- promotes the use of new social media tools and newnium offers an “exciting combination of living, rehears- technology. ing, and performing together—the ultimate exercise Summer abroad programs throughout the world are offered byin teambuilding, music making, and building life-long Aspire, which involves students in language and cultural immersion,friendships.“ including a program in which students can learn the art of travel Other programs offer similar opportunities: writing and blogging, according to Courtney Link, director. • At the Savannah College of Art and Design, “One of our students had a positive, life-changing experience that students can take new workshops this year in art, we wish would occur with all of them. The following fall, she signed up quilting, and knitting, adding to the 29 workshops for the International Club, enrolled in an extra year of Spanish class, the school now has in topics ranging from Photo- and decided that she wants to study international relations in college. shop for Gamers to Acting for the Camera. That is the sort of thing a program like this can do.” • • The ArtsBridge summer program offers aspiring singers, dancers, and actors specialized guidance Jim PaTerson has been a writer and editor for 25 years. He also is the head about the admissions process for prestigious of the counseling department at Argyle Middle School in Silver Spring, Maryland. Summer at Phillips Academy “Ambitious students can challenge themselves with enriching courses while engaging in a precollege experience.” • 60-plus stimulating classes • Princeton Review® courses • College counseling • Global residential community • For rising 8th- through 12th-graders 180 Main Street Andover, Massachusetts 01810-4161 978-749-4400
  • 9. Experience life in the Ivy LeaguePre-College Programs at Brown University n More Than 250 Academic Courses n Leadership, Language and Theatre Programs n SPARK – Middle School Science Program n College Credit Options n Sessions 1 to 7 Weeks in Length n Summer Study Abroad: Costa Rica, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain n Online Courses: Spring, Summer and Fall Sessions
  • 10. Overnight Summer ProgramsOvernight summer programs and camps provide inspiring environments packed withself-discovery, friendship, adventure, and fun. At TeenLife, we believe that these summerexperiences are beneficial for both parents and teenagers alike. Whether the program isacademic, arts-oriented, all about sports and adventure, or community-service focused, parentsappreciate that their older children are keeping busy in safe, productive environments. And forteens, a summer program that specifically suits their interests is the perfect way to spend partof their summer break away from home—as well as help their transition to college.There are thousands of national and international overnight programs hosted by schools,colleges, camps, specialty organizations, and non-profits just for teens. TeenLife can helpyou find the right one! ACADEMICArchitecture & DesignRWU Summer Academy in ArchitectureRoger Williams University offers studio, seminar, andfield experiences along with extra-curricular activitiesand field trips to many historic museums, mansions, andbuildings throughout the New England region. Programoffers three college credits.Program Location(s): Bristol, Rhode IslandContact: Sue ContentePhone: (401) 254-3683 Students visit the Colosseum in Rome with the University of Dallas: ShakespeareEmail: in italy. See listing on page 11.Address: One Old Ferry Road, Bristol, RI 02809Website: www.rwu.edu8 | THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • 11. C o s ta R i C a F R a n C e i R e l a n d i ta ly s pa i n summer PROGRAMSCollege CreditAcademic Summer Institute (ASI) at Morgan Park AcademyThe ASI is an intensive four-week program designed forstudents entering grades 9 through 12 in the Fall of 2012.With a variety of course offerings that can be taken foracademic credit, this is an exciting opportunity forcurrent high school students.Program Location(s): Chicago, Illinois INTERNATIONAL TRAvELContact: Monica Alves ANd sTudy AbROAd pROgRAmsPhone: (773) 881-6700Email: SUMMER • GAP YEAR • CUSTOMIZEDAddress: 2153 West 111th Street, Chicago, IL 60643Website: www.morganparkacademy.orgBeloit College Summer FieldsSummer Fields is a for-credit residential summer www.aspirebyapi.comprogram for rising high school juniors and seniors.It is a hands-on immersion into the liberal arts andsciences for students who seek to engage in theirstudies and apply their passion out in the world.Program Location(s): Beloit, WisconsinContact: Alisa Pykett, Director of Summer ProgramsPhone: (855) 368-9196Email: osp@beloit.eduAddress: 700 College Street, Beloit, WI 53511 BRING IT THIS SUMMER!Website: ArtsBridge Summer 2012 in NYCBoston University: High School Acting and Musical TheaterHonors ProgramHigh School Honors provides an opportunity for ArtsBridge Regional 2012academically-motivated rising high school juniors Bringing it closer to you!and seniors to experience undergraduate life, bothacademically and socially, while earning college credit.Program Location(s): Boston, MassachusettsContact: Matthew Cobb, Program CoordinatorPhone: (617) 353-1378Email: summerhs@bu.eduAddress: 755 Commonwealth Avenue,Room 105, Boston, MA 02215Website: //
  • 12. SUMMER PROGRAMS Emerson College: Pre-College Film Production The Film Production Program focuses on the creative process of film production. Rising high school seniors and exceptional juniors earn eight college credits by studying the digital media creative process and the basics of non-synchronous 16 mm filmmaking. Program Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts Contact: Tori Weston Phone: (617) 824-8280 Email: Address: 120 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116 Website: Emerson College: Pre-College Film Writing The Film Writing Program focuses on the creative process of film writing. Rising high school seniors and exceptional juniors earn eight college credits by studying the basics of film writing and structure from conception through revision. Program Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts Contact: Tori WestonSummer pre- Phone: (617) 824-8280college students Emerson College: Email: continuing@emerson.edugathering on thequad at Brown College Writing for High School Address: 120 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116University. See Students Website: on page 12, A practical introduction to the writingad on page 7. process at the college level for rising seniors and exceptional juniors. Students earn eight People to People Leadership college credits by completing an introductory ambassador programs college writing course, a literature course, During Leadership Summits on the campuses of and creative writing elements course. prestigious universities, students gain valuable Program Location(s): Boston, leadership skills, explore careers, and prepare for Massachusetts college, while earning academic credit and making Contact: Tori Weston friends with students from around the globe. Phone: (617) 824-8280 Program Location(s): California, District of Columbia, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Email: New York Address: 120 Boylston Street, Contact: Natasha Porter Boston, MA 02116 Phone: (888) 275-5061 Website: Email: Address: Dwight D. Eisenhower Building, 1956 Ambassador Way, Spokane, WA 99224 Website: www.p2pleadershipsummits.com10 | THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • 13. summer PROGRAMSUniversity of Dallas: University of Delaware: Washington University HighShakespeare in Italy Summer College School Summer ExperiencesCome travel with us to Rome to Summer College is an exclusive Washington Universitys high schoolshare Shakespeare’s passion for opportunity for talented high school summer programs provide academicallyItaly and our passion for the Bard. students to live and learn on one of talented high school students who haveDuring the 17-day program, students the most beautiful college campuses completed their sophomore or juniorwill stay on our beautiful campus in on the East Coast. Students live in a year with a unique opportunity: theDue Santi and travel to sites where residence hall, earn college credit, chance to try out college, the ability toShakespeare set some of his most and enjoy an “endless summer” earn college credit, and the excitementfamous plays. experience. of living with fellow students.Program Location(s): Rome, Italy Program Location(s): Newark, Program Location(s): St. Louis, MissouriContact: Jennifer Massicci Delaware Contact: Becki ZurovecPhone: (972) 721-5181 Contact: Michelle Shumate Phone: (866) 209-0691Email: Phone: (302) 831-6560 Email: zurovec@wustl.eduAddress: 1845 East Northgate Drive, Email: Address: One Brookings Drive,Irving, TX 75062 Address: 186 S. College Avenue, Campus Box 1064, St. Louis, MO 63130Website: Newark, DE 19716 Website: summerexperiences.wustl.eduacademics/summer/hs/italy Website: college Your Summer at Roger Williams University Summer AcAdemieS in Architecture And the ViSuAl ArtS Summer camp – it’s not just toasting marshmallows anymore. Roger Williams University offers summer academies in both Architecture and Visual Arts. You will learn from professors who are experts in their discipline - in classrooms, studios, seminars and in the field. You’ll live in university residence halls, take field trips to some of the many historic locations in New England and have free time to enjoy RWU’s beautiful waterfront campus. All students will receive advisement on the college application process, including portfolio advice; Visual Arts students are eligible for college credit. For all RWU camp options go to or call 888-557-5015 for more information. CAmp DAtEs: JUlY 8 – AUgUst 4
  • 14. SUMMER PROGRAMS College Experience Boston University: Summer Challenge Program The two-week Summer Challenge Program Aspire by API offers a preview of college life and non-credit Aspire by API programs offer high school students coursework in a residential setting. Students in opportunities to learn and develop relevant global the program concentrate on a high level of learn- skills through fun, enriching summer study abroad ing and achievement alongside their programs. Two-week and month-long programs are peers, without focusing on grades. offered, some for college credit! Program Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts Program Location(s): Costa Rica, France, Contact: Matthew Cobb, Program Coordinator Ireland, Italy, Spain Phone: (617) 353-1378 Contact: Courtney Link Email: Phone: (877) 600-8977 Address: 755 Commonwealth Avenue, Email: Room 105, Boston, MA 02215 Address: 301 Camp Craft Road, Suite 100, Website: Austin, TX 78746 programs Website: Boston University: Summer Preview Freshmen and sophomores explore an academic interest in-depth, and gain excellent preparation for the increasingly competitive college admis- sions process in this one-week, non-credit, commuter Summer Preview Program. Program Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts Contact: Matthew Cobb, Program Coordinator Phone: (617) 353-1378 Email: Address: 755 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 105, Boston, MA 02215 Website: programs Brown University Pre-College Programs Pre-College Summer@Brown is about challenge, discovery, and new friends. Each summer, talented high school students from around the world come to Brown for a true residential college experience. Program Location(s): Providence, Rhode Island; Naxos, Greece; Rome, Italy; Segovia, Spain Contact: Brown University Office of Students giving back to the community on a Continuing Education People to People Leadership Summit–Service in Action Program in New Orleans. See listing on Phone: (401) 863-7900 page 10, ad on inside front cover. Email: Address: 42 Charlesfield Street, Box T, Providence, RI 02912 Website: | THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • 15. Tilton_Ad Summer Readiness 3.125x4.125v3_Layout 1 11/28/11 1 summer PROGRAMS R U Ready? Tilton Summer Learning Academies PresentsBurton College ToursBurton College Tours takes college counseling on 2012 High Schoolthe road and makes critical school visits accessible,meaningful, and affordable. Students visit a variety ofschools to become educated about the elements of a Readiness Programgood academic, social, and financial fit. July 8 - August 11Program Location(s): District of Join us for a unique summer programColumbia, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, for rising 9th graders incorporatingVirginia, and more academic preparation and enrichment,Contact: Tyler Burton theatre or athletics into one exciting,Phone: (914) 610-6092 cost effective 5-week session.Email: High school readinessAddress: 81 Pondfield Road, equals high school success.Suite D 150, Bronxville, NY 10708Website: www.burtoncollegetours.comEmory University Pre-CollegeProgramThe Emory Pre-College Program is a summer program for high school students.It gives college-bound rising juniors and • 603-286-1758seniors an exciting glimpse of academic andresidential life at a top-ranked national university. entertaining student-tested unforgettable freedomProgram Location(s): Atlanta, GeorgiaContact: Mollie Korski monumental bliss fantastic epicPhone: (404) 727-0671 best experience of my life excellent enriching The endless summer exhilaratingEmail: summerprograms@emory.eduAddress: 550 Asbury Circle, Candler Library, fun friendships dynamite incredibleSuite 200, Atlanta, GA 30322 indescribable phenomenal changing awesomeWebsite: amazing learning parent-approved chill action-packed laughterFurman University Summer Scholars college creditsSummer Scholars is a residential, academic enrichment interestingprogram that engages rising juniors and seniors in small real insightful homegroup settings under the direction of Furman professorsand staff. Experience Furmans campus life, makefriends, and have fun while learning!Program Location(s): Greenville, South CarolinaContact: Libby WeithPhone: (864) 294-2034Email: summer.scholars@furman.eduAddress: 3300 Poinsett Highway, Greenville, SC 29613 HONORS PROGR AM summer collegeWebsite: July 7 – August 11, 2012
  • 16. Seven Questions Parents Should AskWhen Choosing a Camp or Program s summer vacation gets closer, many 5. How does the camp handle special needs? For a teen parents—in fact, parents of more than with special requirements, parents should ask the 10 million children—make the decision camp director about needed provisions and facilities. to send their children to summer camp. Is there a nurse on staff? A designated place to store While some families have already decided insulin or allergy medicine? Are special foods avail-on a camp, others are still exploring their options. For able for campers with restricted diets? Every questionthese families, it can be difficult to choose—especially is important.when the diversity of camps today reflects the diversityof America. There is truly a camp for every interest and 6. What about references? Parents shouldn’t be afraidevery budget. The American Camp Association® (ACA) to ask for references. This is generally one of the bestrecommends that parents ask the following questions to ways to check a camps reputation and service record.get a better feel for which camp experience best 7. Is the camp accredited by the American Campsuits their teen: Association? Why? Why not? ACA-Accredited® camps1. What is the camps philosophy and program meet up to 300 health and safety standards. This does emphasis? Each camp has its own method of not guarantee a risk-free environment, but its some constructing programs based on its philosophy. of the best evidence parents have of a camps Does it complement your family’s philosophy? Does commitment to a safe and nurturing environment. the camp focus on learning through competition, or through cooperative learning? Look for these ACA-Accredited® camps in our guide:2. What is the camp directors background? ACA Appel Farm Arts Camp, Camp Friendship, Camp Nashoba North, recommends directors possess a bachelors degree, and Roaring Brook Camp for Boys are all ACA-Accredited® camps. have completed in-service training within the past three years, and have at least sixteen weeks of camp administrative experience before assuming the responsibilities of director.3. What training do counselors receive? At a About ACA minimum, camp staff should be trained in The American Camp safety regulations, emergency procedures and Association® (ACA) works communication, behavior management techniques, to preserve, promote, and child abuse prevention, appropriate staff and enhance the camp experi- camper behavior, and specific procedures for ence for children and adults. supervision. ACA-Accredited® camp programs ensure that children are4. How are behavioral and disciplinary problems provided with a diversity of educational and developmentally challenging learning opportunities. There are over 2,400 handled? This is where the directors philosophy ACA-accredited camps that meet up to 300 health and safety comes through loud and clear. Do they use standards. For more information, visit positive reinforcement? What are the rules and consequences? Reprinted by permission of the American Camp Association. ©2011 American Camping Association, Inc.
  • 17. student profile In Her Own Words “ Iofgaineddamaging pollution really how a deeper understanding is to our surroundings. Because Olivia A. Junior at of this experience, I changed the way I live my day-to-day life. ” Northport High School Northport, NY What was the most memorable part of your experience? The most memorable part of my experience was ourWhat exactly were you looking for in your bioluminescent splash. In the oceans there are billionssummer experience? upon billions of tiny, microscopic plankton floating in the water, some of which have a very unique protection methodWith academic expectations high and the need for that consists of glowing. When disturbed, they give off ancommunity service weighing on my mind, I decided underwater lightening bug effect. After a short late-nightto search for a program that would not only offer lesson on the biological workings of this phenomenalme an outstanding summer, but also offer me process, my crew and I grabbed our snorkel masks, shutschool credits. Sailing and motor boating were off all of the boat lights and jumped in. The scene thatalways a big part of my family’s summer, so I knew unfolded was breathtaking. As my arms and my legsa program with Sail Caribbean would be perfect. moved, the plankton seemed to shoot from my fingers like sparks. The fact that such simple living organisms couldTell me a little bit about the program you produce such mesmerizing lights was awe-inspiring.participated in with Sail Caribbean.I participated in their summer Foxtrot Program. Ten What did you learn by attending this summer program?teens, including me, and two crewmembers lived on My experience with Sail Caribbean taught me the value ofa boat for 21 days. We learned to sail and scuba dive, adventure. I learned that working hard and getting a fewwhile studying marine science and eco-preservation. blisters on my palms from hauling in lines was absolutely worth the feeling that you get when the sails fill with airWhat did you do at your summer program? and your island destination comes into view.The better question would be: what didn’t I do?Swimming in crystal blue water, turtle tagging, sea I also learned that persistence pays off in the end; that thegrass studies, and daily marine biology became my risk of taking on a challenge is always worth its outcome;way of life for a rewarding three weeks! Additionally, and most of all, the importance of family values. Living onwe worked with a local Youth Empowerment a boat with twelve other people is full of ups and downs,Program, teaching children how to preserve but the bonds you form and the memories you make areand care for their environment. unforgettable. If you trust and respect the people around you, you will always have a strong support team.By the end of my trip, I had gained my advancedscuba diving certification, helped my crew tag three Educationally, I gained a deeper understanding of howturtles, completed 28 hours of community service, damaging pollution really is to our surroundings. Because ofand most of all, learned how to sail a large this experience, I changed the way I live my day-to-day life.catamaran sail boat.
  • 18. SUMMER PROGRAMS Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP) Syracuse University Summer College JKCP boasts over 20 summer programs, which include Syracuse University Summer College offers high pre-college academics in multiple disciplines including school students the opportunity to explore college digital journalism, music, science, tennis, golf, fitness, arts, majors and experience college life with credit and and enrichment—all on college campuses, including the non-credit programs along with commuter and University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University, the residential options. Curtis Institute of Music, and Haverford Colleges. Program Location(s): Syracuse, New York Program Location(s): Haverford, Philadelphia, Contact: Binh Huynh Villanova, Pennsylvania Phone: (315) 443-5000 Contact: Julian Krinsky Email: Phone: (866) TRY-JKCP (879-5527) Address: 700 University Avenue, Suite 403, Email: Syracuse, NY 13210 Address: 610 South Henderson Road, Website: King of Prussia, PA 19406 Website: Summer at Smith Summer at Smith offers diverse programs taught Purdue University: GERI Summer by world-class scholars for high school girls who Residential Camps want to pursue their more specialized interests in Gifted and talented students come to Purdue University and out of the classroom. Students enjoy explor- to experience programs designed to stimulate their ing new topics and experiencing the arts and imaginations and expand their abilities. Each program culture of Northampton. offers a wide range of recreational activities and a Program Location(s): Northampton, taste of college life. Massachusetts Program Location(s): West Lafayette, Indiana Contact: Sarah Craig Contact: Stacey Folyer Phone: (413) 585-2165 Phone: (765) 494-7243 Email: Email: Address: 42 West Street, Garrison Hall, Address: 100 North University Street, Northampton, MA 01063 West Lafayette, IN 47907 Website: Website: Texas Tech University - IDEAL Rensselaer Polytechnic IDEALs mission is to provide distinctive and Institute: Summer@Rensselaer unique outreach programs that promote academic excellence and diversity. All Summer residential enrichment programs allow high programs are designed to give students a school students the chance to participate in non-credit successful academic experience on a programs that build their future. Each academic university campus. enrichment program is individually priced. Click the program listing name online for details. Program Location(s): Lubbock, Texas Program Location(s): Troy, New York Contact: Amanda Foster Contact: Mike Gunther Phone: (806) 742-2420 Phone: (518) 276-8351 Email: Email: Address: P.O. Box 41008, Lubbock, TX 79409 Address: 110 8th Street, Troy, NY 12180 Website: Website: summer.rpi.edu16 | THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • 19. Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School summer PROGRAMS July 1-August 4, 2 0 12 Five weeks of explorationUniversity of Dallas: Arete in IrvingAn enriching educational experience through the and discovery.introduction of UD’s nationally recognized Core We offer Residential/Curriculum. Students will initiate their journey to Day programs forfreedom by exploring essential texts of Western motivated students.Civilization and reflecting on works of fine art, You will enjoy fullmusic, and film. access to our campusProgram Location(s): Irving, Texas with its state-of-the-Contact: Ms. Jennifer Massicci art Phelps SciencePhone: (972) 721-5181 Center, the world’s largest secondary school library, andEmail: expansive athletic facilities. Our UPPER SCHOOL programAddress: 1845 East Northgate Drive, Irving, TX 75062 is for students who have completed grades 9, 10, 11 orWebsite: 12. ACCESS EXETER, a program of accelerated study in the arts and sciences, is open to students who have completed grades 7 or 8.Enrichment CHESHIRE at the AcademyACCESS CHESHIRE is a four-week interdisciplinary Tel 603.777.3488 y of study in the arts and sciences open tointellectually motivated students entering grades7-10. Clusters include Festival of China, Future Earth,Cheshire CSI, Into Thin Air, and Media and Society.Program Location(s): Cheshire, ConnecticutContact: Diane CookPhone: (203) 439-7400Email: summer@cheshireacademy.orgAddress: 10 Main Street, Cheshire, CT 06410Website: Academy: Summer SessionPhillips Academy Summer Session is the premiersummer enrichment program. For five weeks studentsprepare for the rigors of the best colleges by participatingin a global community, college counseling, and more ina traditional boarding school setting.Program Location(s): Andover, MassachusettsContact: Kali GirardiPhone: (978) 749-4404 Maine Teen Camp is the premierEmail: overnight summer camp for teens.Address: 180 Main Street, Andover, MA 01810 Elective program featuring:Website: Rock Music | Tennis | Waterskiing | Wakeboarding Cooking | Creative Arts | Performance Arts Sports | Trips | Community Service and much more!
  • 20. SUMMER PROGRAMS Phillips Exeter Academy: Summer School Portsmouth Abbeys Summer Bright, motivated students experience five weeks of Program academic exploration in state-of-the-art facilities. The Portsmouth Abbey Summer Program is Program Location(s): Exeter, New Hampshire designed for thoughtful students looking for Contact: Summer School Office academic enrichment with peers from around Phone: (603) 777-3488 the world in a beautiful location on the water. Fun, interesting, and with a touch of spirituality. Email: Program Location(s): Portsmouth, Address: 20 Main Street, Exeter, NH 03833 Rhode Island Website: Contact: Tim Seeley Phone: (401) 643-1225 Email: Address: 285 Corys Lane, Portsmouth, RI 02871 Website: summerprogram Reach Cambridge Reach Cambridge is a well-established international summer school that combines excellence in academic study with engaging activities, enriching excursions to famous iconic UK sites, as well as residence within the world-famous Cambridge University. Program Location(s): Cambridge, United Kingdom Contact: Jenny Evans Phone: +44 (0) 870 8031 732 Email: Address: 23 King Street, Cambridge, CB1 1AH United Kingdom Website: Ross School – Ross Summer Term A summer boarding or day program for students wanting to excel at the university admissions process and/or improve their Eng- lish—all while enjoying the natural beauty and Students learning the fundamentals of lab work at Penn ocean beaches of the Hamptons in New York. Engineering’s Summer Academy in Applied Science Program Location(s): East Hampton, New York & Technology. See listing on page 21, ad on page 32. Contact: Admissions Office Phone: (631) 907-5400 Email: Address: 18 Goodfriend Drive, East Hampton, New York 11937 Website: | THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • 21. summer PROGRAMSTilton Summer: High School Math, Science & EngineeringReadiness ProgramAre you ready? Students can join Tilton Summer for a Acadia Institute of Oceanography:unique five-week program, incorporating language arts Intermediate Programand math, study and time management skills, and athlet- Oceanography via natural history—learn basic marineics or theatre—designed to set you up for success in high concepts and lab procedures. Program offers creditschool as you transition from 8th to 9th grade. Be ready! for first advanced session.Program Location(s): Tilton, New Hampshire Program Location(s): Seal Harbor, MaineContact: Roland Lemay Contact: Sheryl GilmorePhone: (603) 286-1758 Phone: (800) 375-0058Email: Email: info@acadiainstitute.comAddress: 30 School Street, Tilton, NH 03276 Address: P.O. Box 285, Seal Harbor, ME 04675Website: Website: Boston University:Language Arts Research Internship Program The Research Internship in Science & EngineeringEmerson College: Creative provides academically-motivated rising high school seniors with the opportunity to conduct university-Writers Workshop level research in state-of-the-art laboratories.A focused pre-college writing program where young Program Location(s): Boston, Massachusettswriters concentrate on fiction, poetry, graphic novel,and magazine writing. Students finish with a final Contact: Matthew Cobb, Program Coordinatorportfolio review, contribute to an anthology, and Phone: (617) 353-1378present a reading. Email: rise@bu.eduProgram Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts Address: 755 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 105,Contact: Tori Weston Boston, MA 02215Phone: (617) 824-8280 Website: continuing@emerson.eduAddress: 120 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116Website: Student working in the studio at the RWU Summer Academy in Architecture atEmerson College: Summer Roger Williams University. See listing on page 8, ad on page 11.Journalism InstituteThe Journalism Institute provides high schoolstudents with basic techniques and approaches toproduce journalism with words, images, and/or sound.Students explore reporting news and feature stories inprint, broadcast, online, and over mobile technology.Program Location(s): Boston, MassachusettsContact: Tori WestonPhone: (617) 824-8280Email: continuing@emerson.eduAddress: 120 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02116Website:
  • 22. SUMMER PROGRAMSsailing & scuba diving adventures iD Gaming Academy Summer Program Watersports • Community Service • Marine Biology for Teens Leadership Training • Academic Credit Teens level up and gain a competitive edge for college Island Exploration • Cultural Enrichment and future careers! Immerse in game creation, build a portfolio, interact with the pros, and play in gaming tournaments. iPhone® game development, Xbox 360® programming, and more. Held at Stanford, Harvard, and other locations. Program Location(s): California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylviania, Texas Contact: Program Advisors Phone: (888) 709-TECH (8324) Email: Address: 42 West Campbell Avenue, Suite 301, Campbell, CA 95008 Website: iD Programming Academy for Teens Love programming and robotics? Spend two weeks with other teens who share your interests. Interact with indus- try pros and discover a potential career. Courses: iPhoneMake Art app development, robotics engineering, and more. Held at Stanford, Yale, Duke, UCLA, and other locations. Program Location(s): California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina. Contact: Sheryl GilmoreIreland: Summer 2012 Phone: (888) 709-TECH (8324) Email: info@internaldrive.comPainting, Drawing & Photography Address: 42 West Campbell Avenue, Suite 301, Campbell, CA 95008 Website: iD Tech Camps & Teen Academies Take hobbies further and gain a competitive edge! Ages 7-17 create iPhone apps, programs, video games, movies, and 3D models. Weeklong, day, and overnight programs held at 60+ prestigious universities in 27 states including SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY Stanford, Princeton, and other locations. summer college Program Location(s): California, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, and more Contact: Program Advisors FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Phone: (888) 709-TECH (8324) JULY 1 - AUGUST 10, 2012 Email: Address: 42 West Campbell Avenue, Suite 301, Summer College has something for everyone! Campbell, CA 95008 More than 20 programs and 50 college-level courses Website: to choose from. Attend for 2-, 4-, or 6-week sessions. Visit
  • 23. summer PROGRAMSShattuck–St. Mary’s BioScience Deer Hill ExpeditionsScholars’ summer Camp "Find Yourself in the Middle of Nowhere." UniqueResidential camps, both week-long summer camps combination of real wilderness adventures (rafting,and weekend school year camps, for high school canoeing, backpacking, mountain biking, climbing,students who are keenly interested in science and are mountaineering, etc.) combined with meaningful servicelooking for hands-on experiences in the fields of medicine, projects with Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and Tico people.biomedical engineering, and biomedical research. Program Location(s): Costa Rica, United StatesProgram Location(s): Faribault, Minnesota Contact: Doug and Beverly Capelin, Founders and OwnersContact: Maren LaLiberty, MD Phone: (970) 533-7492Phone: (507) 333-1546 Email: info@deerhillexpeditions.comEmail: Address: P.O. Box 180, Mancos, CO 81328Address: P.O. Box 218, 1000 Shumway Avenue, Website: www.deerhillexpeditions.comFaribault, MN 55021Website: Discovery Student Adventures Discovery Student Adventures offers teacher-ledSummer Academy in Applied Science & educational trips to domestic and internationalTechnology (SAAST) destinations for students in grades 5 through12.The Summer Academy in Applied Science & Our travelers go behind the scenes with hands-onTechnology (SAAST) at the University of Pennsylvania instruction from local experts and experiencewelcomes highly motivated and talented students to exhilarating activities that capture the adventurousexplore engineering at the college level, combining spirit of Discovery.sophisticated theory with hands-on practical Program Location(s): Arctic, Australia, China, Costaexperience in cutting-edge technologies. Rica, Ecuador, France, Galapagos, Greece, Italy,Program Location(s): Philadelphia, Pennsylvania New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, United StatesContact: Paige Harker Contact: Robert HydePhone: (215) 898-0053 Phone: (866) 963-3417Email: Email: info@discoverystudentadventures.comAddress: 220 South 33rd Street, 111 Towne Building,Philadelphia, PA 19104 Address: 1956 Ambassador Way, Spokane, WA 99224Website: Website: GVI Foundations ADVENTURE/TRIPS GVI Foundations provides those aged 15 to 17 the opportunity to broaden their perspective through life-Center for Cultural Interchange changing, hands-on, international development work.(CCI): Independent Homestay Trips feature volunteering, cultural exploration, andTeens 14 and up can get a taste of what it’s really like adventure live in another country with a one- to four-week Program Location(s): Costa Rica, Fiji, Greece, India,homestay program, making lifelong friendships as they Kenya, Peru, South Africa, Thailandshare in the meals, daily life, and cultural traditions of Contact: Paul Campbella host family. Phone: (888) 653-6028Program Location(s): France, Ireland, Japan, Spain, Email: info@gvifoundations.comUnited Kingdom Address: 66 Long Wharf, Suite 562 S,Contact: Anna Kacyn Boston, MA 02110Phone: (888) 227-6231 Website: www.gvifoundations.comEmail: info@greenhearttravel.orgAddress: 746 North LaSalle Drive, Chicago, IL 60654Website:
  • 24. SUMMER PROGRAMS Kuchanga Travel Sail Caribbean: Sailing, SCUBA & Kuchanga Travel places volunteers with opportuni- Marine Science ties in schools, orphanages, wildlife conservation, The leader in teen sailing, scuba, marine biology, and community programs in East and South Africa. and community service programs. No experience Use your skills to help appreciative communities. required. Our focus is on experiential learning, Kuchanga also arranges great adventures for you leadership training, and personal growth. Sixth while abroad! graders to college age can choose from eight Program Location(s): Mozambique, South Africa, program groups. Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zanzibar Program Location(s): Road Town, Tortola, Contact: Joanne Trangle British Virgin Islands; Leeward Islands Phone: (612) 432-4473 Contact: Mike Liese Email: Phone: (800) 321-0994 Address: 5536 Loring Lane, Minneapolis, MN 55422 Email: Website: Address: 256 Main Street, Suite 1203, Northport, NY 11768 Website: Tilton Summer Learning Expeditions: The River Tilton Summer is proud to present the Connecticut River, a three-week long interdisciplinary expedi- tion on the river focusing on the critical topics of environmental stewardship, global citizenship, and American society today. Program Location(s): Tilton, New Hampshire; the Connecticut River Contact: Roland Lemay Phone: (603) 286-1758 Email: Address: 30 School Street, Tilton, NH 03276 United States Website: Trail Blazers Camps For 125 years, Trail Blazers has been providing unique outdoor experiential adventures. Build outdoor survival skills, challenge yourself, and have a summer of a lifetime on our forested 1,100 acres, including a 55-acre lake. Program Location(s): Montague, New Jersey Contact: Anna Lemler, Program Director Phone: (212) 929-7106 Teen experimenting in the lab with Shattuck- Email: St. Marys BioScience Scholars Summer Camps. See listing on page 21, ad on page 27. Address: 153 West 27th Street, New York, NY 10001 Website: www.trailblazers.org22 | THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • 25. summer PROGRAMS Travel for Teens (TFT) Travel for Teens: Classic Italy Travel for Teens believes that travel should be both fun Travel for Teens offers numerous trips to Italy every and enriching. TFT offers cultural exploration, community summer. Learn about the rich history of this ancient service, and photography trips to Europe, South America, land in Rome, Florence, and Venice, do valuable North America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. community service work in Sicily or the Cinque Program Location(s): Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cambo- Terre, and learn photography in Tuscany! dia, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Egypt, England, Fiji, Program Location(s): Venice, The Cinque Terre, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Tuscany, and Rome, Italy Zealand, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, South Africa, Contact: Ned Clark Spain, Switzerland, Turkey Phone: (888) 457-4534 Contact: Ned Clark Email: Phone: (888) 457-4534 Address: 900 West Valley Road, Suite 300, Email: Wayne, PA 19087 Address: 900 West Valley Road, Suite 300, Wayne, PA 19087 Website: Website: Classic-Italy/overviewTeenLife Ad 2011.D1_TeenLife Guide 11/30/11 1:26 PM Page 1 5-WEEK CREDIT PROGRAMS College Writing Film Writing Arts and Communication Film Production 5-WEEK STUDIO PROGRAMS Pre-College Programs Acting Studio Creative Writers Workshop Filmmakers Studio Are you a high school student with a passion for Musical Theatre Studio the arts or communication? Pursue your creative Stage Design Studio interests and develop your talents in a pre-college Studio Television Writing summer academic program at Emerson College. & Production Five-week programs and two-week summer 2-WEEK SUMMER INSTITUTES Journalism institutes begin July 8, 2012. Political Communication, Apply early. Space is limited. Advocacy & Leadership Summer 2012 Program Information: Department of Professional Studies 120 Boylston Street Boston, Massachusetts I 617-824-8280
  • 26. SUMMER PROGRAMS Travel for Teens: Paris and the South of France Travel for Teens offers a variety of trips to France. Live Parisian culture like a local, visit the French Riviera on the sunny Mediterranean Sea, take your French language up a notch, or learn to use your camera like a pro on our Paris Photography trip! Program Location(s): Paris, Nice, Eze, St. Paul de Vence, France Contact: Ned Clark Phone: (888) 457-4534 Email: summer last e here Address: 900 West Valley Road, Suite 300, Wayne, PA 19087 s a lifetim Website: south-of-france/overview Overnight • Ages 9-17 • Co-ed • 2,4,6 & 8 weeks United Synagogue Youth (USY) Located in southern New Jersey United Synagogue Youths ten unique summer programs provideCall Camp Directors Jennie or Cori for more information. an exciting way to explore the Jewish culture while • (800) 394-8478 Four of them take place in North America, three just in Israel, and three programs that travel to both Europe and Israel. Program Location(s): Europe, Israel, North America Contact: Ben Varon Phone: (212) 533-7800 x1117 Email: varon@uscj.orgSMFA Boston’s 3 or 5-week Address: 820 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 100172012 Pre-College Summer Studio Website: Westcoast Connection /Earn up to 5 college 360° Student Travelcredits in this intensive Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel offersartmaking experience, 7 program types in 19 countries–Active Teen Tours,with a 6:1 student to Baseball Tours, Community Service, Language Programs,faculty ratio, individual Pre-College Enrichment, Global Adventure and ON TOURstudio space, portfolio for 11th and 12th grade-completing students. Program Location(s): Australia, Canada, China, Costa Rica,and college application Ecuador/Galapagos, Europe (England, France, Greece,guidance and access to Holland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland), Fiji, Israel, New Zealand,the renowned Museum Peru, South Africa, Thailand and the United States (Alaska,of Fine Arts, Boston. Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada,Learn more, apply New York, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming)and ask questions at: Contact: Symon Phone: (800) Email: info@westcoastconnection.com617-369-3643 Address: 154 East Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, NY 10543 Website: or
  • 27. summer PROGRAMS Omega Teen Camp ARTS A fun, funky, sleepaway camp located not farAll Arts from New York City and Boston. It is a 5-week camp, but most campers come for a 2-week session. About 350 teenagers come to OmegaAppel Farm Arts Camp Teen Camp each year, where they choose fromFor more than 50 years, summers at Appel Farm have over 50 activities offered daily.transformed the lives of young people who develop artistic Program Location(s): Holmes, New Yorktalents, gain self-confidence, and make friendships that Contact: Adam Simonlast a lifetime. Programs available in theatre, dance, Phone: (877) 944-2002music, visual arts, and more. Email: adams@eomega.orgProgram Location(s): Elmer, New Jersey Address: 150 Lake Drive, Rhinebeck, NY 12580Contact: Cori Solomon Website: www.omegateencamp.comPhone: (800) 394-8478Email: Oxbow Summer Art CampAddress: 457 Shirley Road, P.O. Box 888, Elmer, NJ 08318Website: Oxbow Summer Art Camp is a unique residential art-immersion program for teens. Teaching artists encourage the exploration of eachArtsAbroad student’s creativity and vision. CampersArtsAbroad provides music, acting, art, design, and dance develop art skills, life-long friendships,camp, workshop, and travel programs in Europe and the and personally significant pieces.Caribbean. A teacher accompanies all programs. Open to Program Location(s): Napa, Californiastudents worldwide, ages 15-19. Prepare for Contact: Susan Lynn Smith, Directorcollege, see the world, and improve your art! Phone: (707) 592-6295Program Location(s): Czech Republic,Dominican Republic, England, France, Italy Email: summercamp@oxbowschool.orgContact: Joanne Kramb Address: 530 Third Street, Napa, CA 94559Phone: (703) 204-0678 Website: www.oxbowsummercamp.orgEmail: info@artsabroad.orgAddress: P.O. Box 2431, Falls Church, VA 22042 SCAD Rising Star ProgramsWebsite: For youth and teens: Pre-College: Rising Star is a five-week residential program in Savannah for rising seniors. SCAD Summer SeminarsArtsBridge Summer 2012 is a one-week program available in Atlanta andThe ArtsBridge Summer program, held in August in NYC, Savannah for high school students; and Artgives students who are interested in acting or musical Smarts is a day camp for ages as a major (or minor) in college specialized guidance Program Location(s): Atlanta andon the admissions process. The program is led by top Savannah, Georgiafaculty from Boston Conservatory, Carnegie Mellon, Contact: Danielle DebienRider University, Emerson College, and Pace University. Phone: (912) 257-8328Program Location(s): New York, New York Email: savannahsss@scad.eduContact: Holly Moye, Director ofSummer Programs Address: P.O. Box 2072, Savannah, GA 31415Phone: (855) 778-ARTS (2787) Website: info@artsbridge.comAddress: Chelsea Studios, 151 West 26th Street,New York City, NY 10001Website: THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS | 25
  • 28. SUMMER PROGRAMS US Performing Arts Camps Intensive performing arts and digital media programs designed to nourish the student’s dream and improve his or her skill. Taught by professionals and college faculty who love to teach, these programs allow you try on a college to see if the fit is right! Program Location(s): California, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Texas, Washington, DC Contact: Karen Clinton Phone: (888) 497-3553 Email: Address: 100 Meadowcreek Drive, Suite 102, Corte Madera, CA 94925 Website: Dance Summer Stages Dance at Concord Academy Summer Stages Dance is a prestigious workshop-intensive and acclaimed performance series, now in its 15th year. The Work- shop lies at the heart of our programming, and is led by faculty drawn from the world’s premiere contemporary companies. Program Location(s): Concord, Massachusetts The "Walk of Flags" representing countries attending Summer Session at Phillips Contact: Amy Spencer, Co-Director Academy. See listing on page 17, ad on page 6. Phone: (978) 402-2339 Email: Address: 166 Main Street, Concord, MA 01742 Website: The Putney School Summer Programs In-depth exploration and enrichment in the Filmmaking & Digital Media visual and performing arts, creative writing, ESOL, or sustainability (through our Farm Emerson College: Pre-College program). Students enroll in two half-day studio Filmmakers Studio workshops, afternoon recreational sports A pre-college program in which students develop strong and activities, and evening arts electives. practical story ideas, visualize those ideas in storyboards, and Program Location(s): Putney, Vermont realize ideas in short film form. Students shoot on digital video, Contact: Thomas D. Howe, Director edit on Final Cut Pro for DVD output, and the web. Phone: (802) 387-6297 Program Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts Email: Contact: Tori Weston Address: 418 Houghton Brook Road, Phone: (617) 824-8280 Putney, VT 05346 Email: Website: Address: 120 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116 Website: | THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • 29. summer PROGRAMS Music The Ingenium Academy Music Summer School Hartwick College Summer A unique musical and cultural experience for 14- to 18-year-old talented musicians from all over the Music Festival world. Exclusive instruction from world renowned profes- Through exploration, discovery, and growth, the sionals, performances in top British venues, and fun day festival seeks to inspire and challenge each and trips. Vocal and instrumental programs available. every musician. Students perform alongside artistic Program Location(s): Winchester, Hampshire, faculty and attend master classes, workshops, and United Kingdom methods courses on every instrument. Programs include a composers workshop, musical theatre, Contact: Rebecca Hawley and rock orchestra. Phone: +44 (0) 20 7060 4076 Program Location(s): Oneanta, New York Email: Contact: Office of Admissions Address: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX Phone: (888) HARTWICK (427-8942) United Kingdom Email: Website: Address: 1 Hartwick Drive, Oneonta, NY 13820 Website: Shattuck-St. Mary’s BioScience Scholars’ Summer Camps A Week-long Immersion into the World of Biomedical Science • Organ Dissections • Biomedical Engineering Projects • Laboratory Research • Interaction with Physicians and Scientists June 10 – 15 or June 17 – 22, 2012 • College Prep • Boarding & Day • Grades 6-12 • Faribault, Minnesotassm3109
  • 30. SUMMER PROGRAMS Theatre Arts French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts French Woods offers summer camp programs in dance, Emerson College: Musical theater, music, circus, magic, visual arts, film and video, Theatre Studio sports, tennis, fitness, waterfront, skate board, rock and Students take singing, acting, and dance classes roll, and horseback riding for children from 7-17 years old. to learn the art of performing live musical theater, Program Location(s): Hancock, New York and polish their skills through master classes and Contact: Michael Knauf rehearsals. Students refine audition pieces and Phone: (800) 634-1703 or (954) 346-7455 perform selections in a final showcase. Email: Program Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts Address: 350 Bouchoux Brook Road, Hancock, NY 13783 Contact: Tori Weston Website: Phone: (617) 824-8280 Email: Address: 120 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116 New York University Tisch School Website: of the Arts Programs are offered in New York City and Dublin. Students receive professional training in acting, film- Emerson College: Pre-College making, musical theatre, playwriting and screenwriting, Acting Studio photography, or recorded music. Students earn six An intensive pre-college acting program, consist- college credits. ing of acting, voice, and movement classes for the Program Location(s): Ireland and the United States stage. Students polish their performance skills Contact: Office of Special Programs in master classes and rehearsals; refine audition Phone: (212) 998-1500 pieces; and perform selections in a final showcase. Email: Program Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts Address: 721 Broadway, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10003 Contact: Tori Weston Website: Phone: (617) 824-8280 Email: Address: 120 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116 Website: Visual Arts Emerson College: Pre-College Cow House Studios, Art on the Farm Stage Design Studio Make art in Ireland this summer, study painting, A pre-college opportunity to explore the elements drawing, and photography. Live on our family farm, work of theater design, concentrating on scenic design in a beautiful studio, and travel the county from Dublin to and drafting, lighting design, costume design and the West. This course is ideal for building a portfolio for rendering, stage makeup, mask design and con- AP art courses and college applications. struction, and portfolio preparation. Program Location(s): Ireland Program Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts Contact: Frank Abruzzese & Rosie O’Gorman Contact: Tori Weston Phone: (800) 677-0628 Phone: (617) 824-8280 Email: Email: Address: Ballybawn, Rathnure, Enniscorthy, WX Ireland Address: 120 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116 Website: Website: | THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • 31. summer PROGRAMSEmerson College: Studio TV iD Visual Arts AcademyWriting and Production Summer Program for TeensA pre-college opportunity to explore Love taking photos or making movies?the field of television through intensive Spend two weeks creating movies andtraining in various aspects of televi- taking photos! Teens use Photoshop,sion writing and production classes. After Effects, or Final Cut Pro to createStudents write a mini-episode of a TV portfolios. Explore cities and campusesprogram, shoot digital video, and edit for the perfect backdrop. Held atprojects on Final Cut Pro. Stanford and New York University.Program Location(s): Boston, Program Location(s): California,Massachusetts New YorkContact: Tori Weston Contact: Program AdvisorsPhone: (617) 824-8280 Phone: (888) 709-TECH (8324) Student painting in the studio during Art on the Farm, Cow HouseEmail: Email: Studios three-week program inAddress: 120 Boylston Street, Address: 42 West Campbell Avenue, the visual arts. See listing on page 28,Boston, MA 02116 Suite 301, Campbell, CA 95008 ad on page 20.Website: Website: furman summer scholars experience campus life, make friends, and have fun while learning from the best Summer Scholars is a learning adventure where rising high school seniors and juniors participate in classes and get a taste of college life on the Furman campus! Challenge your mind with laboratory research, field trips, lectures, debates, and projects led by some of Furmans favorite professors. Classes for 2011 Summer Scholars include: Leadership Quest, Protest!, Mock Trial, Marketing & Business Administration, Theatre: Remember me in LIGHT!, Prehealth/Medical Career, Fit for Life, Psychology, Conducting, Sustainability, and more! Two sessions: July 8-14 and July 15-21, 2012 Learn more about Summer Scholars online at Summer Scholars 3300 Poinsett Highway Greenville, SC 29613-5245
  • 32. SUMMER PROGRAMS School of the MFA: Parsons The New School for Pre-College Summer Studio Design–Summer Programs Earn up to five college credits in this intensive Students from around the world join the artmaking experience, with a 6:1 student to faculty Parsons community every summer to take ratio, individual studio space, portfolio and college part in renowned programs in New York and application guidance, and access to the renowned abroad to explore art and design, build new Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. skills, and leave with confidence to Program Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts create expressive work that matters. Contact: Debra Samdperil Program Location(s): New York City, Phone: (617) 369-3643 New York; Paris, France Email: Contact: Parsons SPACE Address: 230 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115 Phone: (212) 229-8933 Website: Email: Address: 66 Fifth Avenue, Room 200, New York, NY 10011 Website: parsons-summer COMMUNITY SERVICE American Jewish Society for Service (AJSS) Get your hands dirty this summer hammer- ing, painting, shoveling, and helping out people in need. AJSS volunteers work in communities across the U.S. doing immer- sive volunteer service. Improve someone’s life, explore somewhere new, and create something real. Program Location(s): United States Contact: Rafi Glazer Phone: (301) 767-3930 Email: Address: 10319 Westlake Boulevard, Suite 193, Bethesda, MD 20817 Website: Students exploring China with Sino Language Gateway. See listings on pages 31 and 36, ad on page 39.30 | THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • 33. summer PROGRAMSAmigos de las Americas (AMIGOS)AMIGOS is a non-profit, founded in 1965, that inspiresand builds young leaders through collaborative com-munity development and immersion in cross-culturalexperiences. AMIGOS believes that young people havethe power to be catalysts for social change.Program Location(s): Colombia, Costa Rica, Domini-can Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua,Panama, Paraguay, PeruContact: Daniel PachecoPhone: (713) 782-5290 x116Email: volunteer@amigoslink.orgAddress: 5618 Star Lane, Houston, TX 77057Website: www.amigoslink.orgCenter for Cultural Interchange:Volunteer AbroadThis special summer program for teens takes placeat a wildlife rescue center in the heart of Costa Rica’srainforest. Help the environment while staying with awelcoming host family in a safe, rural community andenjoying hiking, ziplining, and more. Program Location(s): Costa Rica  Contact: Anna Kacyn Phone: (888) 227-6231  Email: Address: 746 North LaSalle Drive, Chicago, IL 60654 Website:   Sino Language Gateway (SLG):   China Leadership & Service Program Fulfill your service requirement with English teaching  and leadership opportunities in China. Participants  will do team-teaching to a class of Chinese kids andearn up to 80 service hours. Program includes Chineselearning, traveling, and more.Program Location(s): Beijing or Hangzhou, ChinaContact: Anna YuPhone: (866) WITH-SLG Since 1965Email: info@sinolanguage.orgAddress: P.O. Box 23634, San Jose, CA 95153Website: - Immerse yourself in Spanish - Become a part of a latin american community - Lead Community projects
  • 34. SUMMER PROGRAMS United Planet: Short-Term For High School Rising Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores Volunteer Quest United Planet places volunteers in several countries around FIVE COURSES OFFERED: the world. Volunteers may travel as individuals or in groups; Biotechnology, Computer live with host families; and work in community projects. Graphics, Computer Science, They enjoy excursions, language classes, and excellent Nanotechnology, Robotics support. Programs offered are for one to 52 weeks. Program Location(s): Ages 16-18 are welcome in Chile, Three weeks long, intensive, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Romania; Ages 18 and exhilarating, and lots of fun over are welcome in over 30 countries. and camaraderie! Contact: Mary Babic Phone: July 8 – 27, 2012 Email: (617) 267-7763 Application Deadline: Address: 11 Arlington Street, Boston, MA 02116 May 25, 2012 Website: FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIONS Service Adventures AND ONLINE APPLICATION: Since 1989, VISIONS has set the standard for international and domestic community service programs. Programs blend service, cultural immersion, and adventurous exploration. High school and middle school programs take place in under-resourced communities around the world. French and Spanish immersion in some locations. Program Location(s): Alaska, Mississippi, Montana, British Virgin Islands, Cambodia, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Galapagos, Ghana, Guadeloupe, Nicaragua, Peru Contact: Katherine Dayton Phone: (406) 551-4423 Email: Address: 321 East Main Street, Suite 426, Bozeman, MT 59715 Website: Youth For Understanding USA (YFU) Youth For Understanding (YFU) has exemplified excellence in international youth exchange worldwide since 1951. YFU CESA USA brings 2,000 international students to the US each Languages Abroad year and sends about 500 American students overseas. Program Location(s): Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hun- gary, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Russia, South Af- rica, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela Contact: Admissions Phone: (800) TEENAGE (833-6243) Email: Teenage Summer language courses Address: 6400 Goldsboro Road, Suite 100,Visit us now at: Bethesda, MD e: Website:
  • 35. summer PROGRAMS COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY iD Gaming Academy Summer Program for Teens Teens level up and gain a competitive edge forDrexel University Computing Academy college and future careers! Immerse in gameDrexel University Computing Academy is a five-week, creation, build a portfolio, interact with theresidential summer computing experience at Drexel pros, and play in gaming tournaments. iPhone®University. The program is open to current high game development, Xbox 360® Programming,school sophomores and juniors, with no residency and more. Held at Stanford, Harvard, andrequirements. other locations.Program Location(s): Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Program Location(s): California, Colorado,Contact: Dr. Brenda Sheridan Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York,Phone: (215) 895-1952 Pennsylviania, TexasEmail: Contact: Program AdvisorsAddress: 3141 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 Phone: (888) 709-TECH (8324)Website: Email: Address: 42 West Campbell Avenue, Suite 301,Emagination Computer Camp Campbell, CA 95008A balanced program in two-week sessions, Computer Website: www.idgamingacademy.comCamp gives campers time to become part of a com-munity, make friends, build self-confidence, and take iD Programming Academy for Teensadvantage of three different technology workshops Love programming and robotics? Spendeach day. Technology learning plus summer camp fun! two weeks with other teens who share yourProgram Location(s): Waltham, Massachusetts interests. Interact with industry pros andContact: Kathi Rigg discover a potential career. Courses: iPhonePhone: (877) 248-0206 app development, Robotics Engineering, andEmail: more. Held at Stanford, Yale, Duke, UCLA, andAddress: 54 Stiles Road, Suite 205, Salem, NH 03079 other locations.Website: Program Location(s): California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Illinois, Massachusetts, North CarolinaEmagination Game Design Camp Contact: Program AdvisorsIn cooperation with Rick Goodman, legendary designer Phone: (888) 709-TECH (8324)of the Age of Empires and Empire Earth video gameseries, teens experience what it’s like to work at Email: info@internaldrive.comtoday’s top game design studios, choose a role on a Address: 42 West Campbell Avenue, Suite 301,team, and design and build a 3D video game. Campbell, CA 95008Program Location(s): Atlanta, Georgia; Website: www.idgamingacademy.comWaltham, MassachusettsContact: Kathi RiggPhone: (877) 248-0206Email: camp@computercamps.comAddress: 54 Stiles Road, Suite 205, Salem, NH 03079 Join atWebsite: now! THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS | 33
  • 36. SUMMER PROGRAMS CESA Languages Abroad iD Tech Camps & Teen Academies CESA offers summer language programs in quality Take hobbies further and gain a competitive language schools across Europe, Latin America, and edge! Ages 7-17 create iPhone apps, programs, more for beginner to advanced levels, from one week video games, movies, and 3D models. Weeklong, to 12 weeks in duration. CESA works with each of the day, and overnight programs held at 60+ prestigious language colleges personally and draws on years universities in 27 states including Stanford, of first-hand experience. Princeton, and other locations. Program Location(s): Argentina, Austria, Chile, China, Program Location(s): California, Georgia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Illinois, New Jersey, and more Peru, Portugal, Russia, Spain Contact: Program Advisors Contact: Katherine Brand Phone: (888) 709-TECH (8324) Phone: 1 (44) 1209 211800 Email: Email: Address: 42 West Campbell Avenue, Suite 301, Address: CESA House, Pennance Road, Lanner, TR16 5TQ Campbell, CA 95008 United Kingdom Website: Website: CIEE Summer High School Abroad LANGUAGE Get more than a suntan this summer! Build your language skills through cultural immersion and explore the world Center for Cultural Interchange: with CIEE Summer High School Abroad programs. Program Location(s): China, Japan Language Schools Contact: Carol Campos Language school programs draw teens 14-18 from around the world to learn a language through Phone: (800) 40-STUDY (407-8839) a mix of intensive classes and cultural activities, Email: excursions, and fun social events. A four-week Address: 300 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101 language program is the equivalent of a year of Website: college instruction. Program Location(s): Argentina, Costa Rica, Learning Programs International (LPI) Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, LPI is the high school division of International Stud- Peru, Spain ies Abroad (ISA), which provides college and gap year Contact: Anna Kacyn programs. LPI provides high school students with the Phone: (888) 227-6231 opportunity to study at accredited foreign universities for Email: college credit. Optional volunteering. Address: 746 North LaSalle Drive, Program Location(s): China, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Chicago, IL 60654 Peru, Spain Website: Contact: Brian Pirttima Phone: (512) 474-1041 Email: Address: 1112 West Ben White Boulevard, Austin, TX 78704 Website: www.lpiabroad.com34 | THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • 37. Student profile “I encourage all for In His Own Words students with a passion change to explore these types of opportunities. ” What has had the biggest impact on you traveling with People to People? The bonds that I formed with other delegates have been truly everlasting. I still keep regular correspondence with many of the people I have met along the way. Just this afternoon, I was chat- ting with a girl from an Ohio delegation that I met on top of the Eiffel Tower two years ago, and yesterday I Skyped with a friend from Guam I met this summer at the International Diplomacy Conference. Do you have a favorite People to People moment? I have two. Standing in the middle of the Auschwitz death camp, the place where so many innocent people lost their lives. That moment epitomized what People to People’s mission of "peace through understanding" really means—and what that mission could have prevented. Jack Tyler Anderson is a 17-year-old International Baccalaureate Another stand-out was last summer. I was able to meet and High School Student and People to People make friends with students from 13 countries at the 2011 Sum- Ambassador from Winter Park, FL. mit on International Diplomacy, based in Washington, D.C. and New York. I engaged in debates and discussions with other stu- dents about global economics; explored the U.S. Capitol; visited the UN headquarters and participated in a model UN.When did you become involved in the People toPeople Ambassador Programs? How have your experiences influenced your aspirations?I became involved with People to People when my My many experiences with People to People have managedfifth grade teacher nominated me to travel with the to shape my life in so many positive ways. After spending theorganization back in 2005. Ever since, I have spent my last 6 years of my life as a People to People Ambassador, I cansummers traveling abroad. I have visited 9 different honestly say that I have developed a passion for diplomacy andcountries, in addition to the various Leadership Sum- a deep global understanding of other cultures and societies.mits I have attended with People to People. People to People has left a heavy mark on my aspirations beyond high school, cultivating my interest in the international com-What is the mission of People to People munity and inspiring me to pursue a career as an officer in theAmbassador Programs? United States Navy.People to People Ambassador Programs’ have a long-standing commitment to improving the future of theworld through global education and understanding. For Do you have any final thoughts?nearly 50 years, young Ambassadors have fulfilled the I have two more years of high school, and a world of opportuni-vision of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, author of the ties available to me through People to People programs. I intendPeople to People movement, by developing friendships to use them! I encourage all students with a passion for changeacross international borders. Eisenhower believed that to explore these types of opportunities. Eye opening doesnt even“peaceful relations between nations require mutual come close to describing the experiences Ive had with Peoplerespect between individuals.” to People.
  • 38. SUMMER PROGRAMS Lingua Service Worldwide SINO language gateway (SLG): China Lingua Service Worldwide offers Spanish and French Language Program Language Summer Camps for teenagers in Spain, Learn Mandarin in China while experiencing the rich France, and Canada. Programs combine intensive culture and exploring the country. SLG programs include foreign language lessons with daily activities and intensive language study, extensive traveling, a world- weekend excursions. Flexible program lengths from wide student body, caring host-families, Chinese buddy, one to six weeks during the summer. and 24/7 staff—that make it a life-changing experience. Program Location(s): Canada, France, Spain Program Location(s): Beijing, China Contact: Director, Lingua Service Worldwide Contact: Anna Yu Phone: (800) 394-5327 or (203) 938-7406 Phone: (866) WITH-SLG Email: Email: Address: 14 1/2 Long Ridge Road, Redding, CT 06896 Address: P.O. Box 23634, San Jose, CA 95153 Website: Website: summer.htm Sino Language Gateway (SLG): Chinese Middlebury Monterey Language Language & Culture Immersion Academy (MMLA) Sino Language Gateway summer language immer- MMLA is a four-week language immersion program sion programs are open to students ages 8 to 18. Learn for students in grades 8 through 12. The Academies Mandarin Chinese while experiencing the culture and take place each summer on select college campuses exploring the country. Intensive language study, extensive around the country. Languages include: Arabic, traveling, a worldwide student body, and caring host- Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. family are characteristic of SLG programs. After camp Program Location(s): California, Illinois, Ohio, services includes LIVE online Mandarin lessons with a Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont native speaker on a one-on-one basis. Contact: Jamie Northrup Program Location(s): Beijing or Hangzhou, China Phone: (802) 443-2900 Contact: Anna Yu Email: Phone: (877) WITH-SLG Address: 152 Maple Street, Middlebury, VT 05753 Email: Website: Address: P.O. Box 23634, San Jose, CA 95153 Website: SFYI International school SFYI offers a four-week French and Spanish Sol Abroad High School language and cultural immersion program, along Summer Programs with a four-week community-service based Sol Abroad offers affordable high school study environmental and cultural studies program in abroad, gap year, and Spanish immersion programs South Africa. SFYI combines language, travel in Oaxaca, Mexico; Heredia and Atenas, Costa Rica; adventure, and cultural activities! Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Granada, Spain for Program Location(s): Villesèque-des-Corbières, summer, semester, spring break, or winter break. France; South Africa Program Location(s): Buenos Aires, Argentina; Atenas, Contact: SFYI Admissions Costa Rica; Oaxaca, Mexico; Granada, Spain Phone: (877) 997-7686 Contact: Brent Hunter Email: Phone: (512) 380-1003 Address: 54 Wildwood Lane, Sandpoint, ID 83864 Email: Website: Address: P.O. Box 523, Austin, TX 78767 Website: www.solabroad.com36 | THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • 39. summer PROGRAMS LEADERSHIP TRAINING Young Womens Leadership Expedition The Young Women’s Summer 2012 Leadership Expedition takes place in southwest Quebec.International School for Earth This three-week whitewater canoe adventure,Studies (ISES): Insight Quest expressly designed for young women, drawsISES is a leadership school promoting education that on the best practices of outdoor education,bridges youth, animals, and the land. Our principal goal adolescent development, and to help students develop environmental responsibility Program Location(s): Ottawa River,inspired through appreciation and love for natural Quebec, Canadaplaces and the earth. Contact: Megan ChamberlainProgram Location(s): Ladysmith, Quebec, Canada Phone: (802) 333-3405Contact: Geoffrey Cushing Email: megan_chamberlain@alohafoundation.orgPhone: (819) 647-3226 Address: 2968 Lake Morey Road,Email: Fairlee, VT 05045Address: 197 Fierobin Road, Ladysmith, Website: J0X 2A0 CanadaWebsite: n Run on the Wind: Engineering a Clean Tomorrow For students entering grades 7–11 June 3–8, 2012 n Shake Hands With Your Future – Session I For students entering grades 4–7 June 3–7, 2012 F ind out firsthand what it is like to attend college and explore many different n Science: It’s A Girl Thing – Session I For students entering grades 5–6 June 18–21, 2012 subjects like forensics, art, n Shake Hands With Your Future – Session II animal science, chemistry, For students entering grades 8–11 clinical lab science, and more. July 8–12, 2012 The Summer 2012 offerings n Science: It’s A Girl Thing – Session II are listed at right. For students entering grades 7–11 — Sign up today! July 23–26, 2012 Call 806.742. 2420 or go to
  • 40. SUMMER PROGRAMS SPECIAL INTEREST Fishing Communication Trout Unlimited Tri-State Conservation & Fishing Camp Emerson College: Poli-Comm An exciting week of hands-on fly fishing, fly Leadership Institute tying, and conservation in a wild mountain Political Communication Leadership Institute offers high stream environment at Shenandoah National school students an introduction to topics and approaches Park. Girls and boys ages 13 through 17 learn suitable for public service, social advocacy, civic engage- to become skilled, responsible anglers and ment, crisis management, public policy, politics, and informed conservationists. June 24-29, 2012. communicating with media. Program Location(s): Syria, Virginia Program Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts Contact: George Gaines Contact: Tori Weston Phone: (202) 904-3547 Phone: (617) 824-8280 Email: Email: Address: 3700 Kanawha Street, NW, Address: 120 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116 Washington, DC 20015 Website: Website: Fashion Health & Fitness FashionCampNYC Put down the fashion magazine and come to New York for Camp Shane an intensive five-day hands-on camp experience, taught Weight-reducing camp featured on MTV, by the experts, designers, and retailers you read about in Discovery Channel, 20/20, and more. Great your favorite glossy and aspire to work with one day. weight losses, portion-controlled meals, Program Location(s): New York, New York nutrition and cooking classes. Family-run since Contact: Gordon Josey 1968. Camp Shane offers a cheerful program, beautiful grounds, and extensive activities. Phone: (800) 461-8806 Program Location(s): Arizona, California, Email: New York Address: P.O. Box 219, Elmsford, NY 10523 Contact: David Ettenberg Website: Phone: (914) 271-4141 Email: Address: 134 Teatown Road, Croton on Hudson, NY 10520 Website: www.campshane.com38 | THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • 41. summer PROGRAMSHealthcareHealth Careers Institute atDartmouthThe Health Careers Institute at Dartmouth eagerlyengages and prepares high school students interestedin entering a variety of health-oriented professionsduring an intense, educational, and fun-filled week. www.Program Location(s): Hanover, NHContact: Alex Thorngren teenlifePhone: (603) 653-1954Email: 30 Lafayette Street, 3rd Floor,Lebanon, NH 03766 .comWebsite: University InvestigativeReporting WorkshopThe summer workshop at Boston Universitys Collegeof Communications offers aspiring journalists andwriters intensive training in investigative reporting andthe chance to work side-by-side with veteran award-winning local and national journalists on stories.Program Location(s): Boston, MassachusettsContact: Joe BergantinoPhone: (617) 353-4546Email: summerworkshop@necir-bu.orgAddress: 640 Commonwealth Avenue,Boston, MA 02215Website:
  • 42. SUMMER PROGRAMS Marine Science Sail Caribbean: Sailing, SCUBA & Marine Science The leader in teen sailing, scuba, marine biology, and community service programs. No experience required. Our College Test and focus is on experiential learning, leadership training, and personal growth. Sixth graders to college age can choose Admissions Prep from eight program groups. Program Location(s): Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands; Leeward Islands T H E U LT I M AT E P R E PA R AT I O N Contact: Mike Liese F O R A P P LY I N G TO C O L L EG E Phone: (800) 321-0994 S U M M E R 2 01 2 Email: Address: 256 Main Street, Suite 1203, Northport, NY 11768 Website: 18 GOODFRIEND DRIVE, EAST HAMPTON, NY 11937 SPORTS Community Service STRIVE Trips - Service Travel for Student Athletes PARSONS Plan an athletic and service adventure to Kenya or Peru with Strive this summer! Experience new sights and cul- SUMMER tures, complete community service projects, and immerse yourself in a new environment—all while training daily alongside peers and coaches. PROGRAMS Program Location(s): Iten, Kenya; Pisac (Sacred Valley), Peru; New York, United States 2012 Contact: Katherine Trotzuk Phone: (917) 288-1146 Email: Address: Park West Station, P.O. Box 20034, Explore art and design or build a New York, NY 10025 portfolio—in New York or Paris. Website: ARE YOU NEW SCHOOL? affirmative action/equal opportunity institution. Photo: Martin Seck.
  • 43. SUMMER programsSailing Maine Teen Camp (MTC) MTC is the co-ed overnight summer camp for teens ages 13-17 that offers activities in rock music,Ocean Classroom: Seafaring Camp tennis, waterskiing and wakeboarding, as well asSeafaring Camp is an exciting tall ship experience sports, arts, and adventure. MTC celebratesaboard a schooner sailing the New England Coast, diversity with campers from all over the USAcrewed by student shipmates. Watch whales and visit and the world!historic ports. Learn maritime myths and legends. Program Location(s): Porter, MaineTake a turn at the wheel and find your courage. Contact: Matt and Monique PinesProgram Location(s): New England Coast Phone: (207) 625-8581Contact: Susan Hodder Email: mtc@teencamp.comPhone: (207) 633-2750 Address: 481 Brownfield Road, Porter, ME 04068Email: Website: www.teencamp.comAddress: 1 Oak Street, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538Website: Roaring Brook Camp for Boys "The Outdoor Specialists" providing instruction in outdoor sports and skills, wilderness backpack/ TRADITIONAL CAMP canoe trips and Vermont craft. Two-, four- and six-week sessions for boys ages 9-16. Self-reliance,Camp Friendship resourcefulness, and will-to-achieve center RoaringJoin Camp Friendship this summer for a culturally Brook philosophy.diverse summer camp experience full of fun and Program Location(s): Bradford, Vermontfriendships. A traditional camp program where juniors Contact: Drs. J. Thayer and Candice L. Rainesand teens ages 7-16 can choose from more than 50 Phone: (800) 832-4295 or (802) 747-0282different activities to create a fun-packed summer. Email: rainest@sover.netProgram Location(s): Palmyra, Virginia Address: 300 Grove Street, Unit 4,Contact: Cris Higginbotham Rutland, VT 05701Phone: (800) 873-3223 Website: www.roaringbrookcamp.comEmail: info@campfriendship.comAddress: P.O. Box 145, Palmyra, VA 22963 Stoneleigh-BurnhamWebsite: Summer Programs Stoneleigh-Burnham Summer Programs makeCamp Nashoba North use of superb facilities directed by SBS faculty.Camp Nashoba North is a traditional co-ed camp Our summer offerings emphasize the developmentfor teens ages 7 to 17. Campers enjoy a modern of confidence, the acquisition of skills, and thecamp in a beautiful setting with endless activities discovery of new talents and abilities.on water and land. Camp includes arts, athletics, Program Location(s): Greenfield, Massachusettsanimals, and more with an extensive golf and Contact: Matt Fisherhorseback program, great food, supportive staff, Phone: (413) 774-2711and individual choice programs. Email: summerprograms@sbschool.orgProgram Location(s): Raymond, Maine Address: 574 Bernardston Road,Contact: The Seaward Family Greenfield, MA 01301Phone: (978) 486-8236 Website: www.sbschool.orgEmail: nashobafun@gmail.comAddress: 198 Raymond Hill Road, Crescent Lake,Raymond, ME 01460Website: THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS | 41
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  • 46. Index There are thousands of overnight summer programs across the country and the world. We hope that the programs listed here and on help you plan your perfect summer!Featured Listings 19 Emerson College: Creative Writers Workshop 9 Academic Summer Institute at Morgan Park Academy 28 Emerson College: Musical Theatre Studio19 Acadia Institute of Oceanography: Intermediate Program 38 Emerson College: Poli-Comm Leadership Institute17 ACCESS CHESHIRE at the Academy 28 Emerson College: Pre-College Acting Studio30 American Jewish Society for Service (AJSS) 10 Emerson College: Pre-College Film Production31 Amigos de las Americas (AMIGOS) 10 Emerson College: Pre-College Film Writing25 Appel Farm Arts Camp 26 Emerson College: Pre-College Filmmakers Studio25 ArtsAbroad 28 Emerson College: Pre-College Stage Design Studio25 ArtsBridge Summer 2012 29 Emerson College: Studio TV Writing and Production12 Aspire by API 19 Emerson College: Summer Journalism Institute 9 Beloit College Summer Fields 13 Emory University Pre-College Program39 Boston University Investigative Reporting Workshop 38 FashionCampNYC 9 Boston University: High School Honors Program 28 French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts19 Boston University: Research Internship Program 13 Furman University Summer Scholars12 Boston University: Summer Challenge Program 21 GVI Foundations12 Boston University: Summer Preview 27 Hartwick College Summer Music Festival12 Brown University Pre-College Programs 39 Health Careers Institute at Darthmouth13 Burton College Tours 20, 33 iD Gaming Academy Summer Program for Teens41 Camp Friendship 20, 33 iD Programming Academy for Teens41 Camp Nashoba North 20, 34 iD Tech Camps & Teen Academies38 Camp Shane 29 iD Visual Arts Acadmy Summer Program for Teens21 Center for Cultural Interchange: Independent Homestay 27 The Ingenium Academy Music Summer School34 Center for Cultural Interchange: Language Schools 37 International School for Earth Studies: Insight Quest31 Center for Cultural Interchange: Volunteer Abroad 16 Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP)34 CESA Languages Abroad 22 Kuchanga Travel34 CIEE Summer High School Abroad 34 Learning Programs International (LPI)28 Cow House Studios, Art on the Farm 36 Lingua Service Worldwide21 Deer Hill Expeditions 41 Maine Teen Camp (MTC)21 Discovery Student Adventures 36 Middlebury Monterey Language Academy (MMLA)33 Drexel University Computing Academy 28 New York University Tisch School of the Arts33 Emagination Computer Camp 41 Ocean Classroom: Seafaring Camp33 Emagination Game Design Camp 25 Omega Teen Camp10 Emerson College: College Writing for 25 Oxbow Summer Art Camp High School Students 30 Parsons The New School for Design–Summer Programs44 | THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • 47. 10 People to People Leadership Ambassador Programs 11 University of Dallas: Shakespeare in Italy17 Phillips Academy: Summer Session 11 University of Delaware: Summer College18 Phillips Exeter Academy: Summer School 26 US Performing Arts Camps18 Portsmouth Abbeys Summer Program 32 VISIONS Service Adventures16 Purdue University: GERI Summer Residential Camps 11 Washington University High School26 The Putney School Summer Programs Summer Experiences18 Reach Cambridge 24 Westcoast Connection/360° Student Travel16 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Summer@Rensselaer 37 Young Womens Leadership Expedition41 Roaring Brook Camp for Boys 32 Youth For Understanding USA18 Ross School – Ross Summer Term 8 RWU Summer Academy in Architecture PROGRAMS By GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION22, 40 Sail Caribbean: Sailing, Scuba & Marine Science Africa25 SCAD Rising Star Programs 21 Discovery Student Adventures30 School of the MFA: Pre-College Summer Studio 21 GVI Foundations36 SFYI International School 22 Kuchanga Travel21 Shattuck-St. Mary’s BioScience Scholars’ Camp 36 SFYI International School36 Sino Language Gateway (SLG): China Language Program 40 STRIVE Trips - Service Travel for Student Athletes31 Sino Language Gateway (SLG): China 23 Travel for Teens (TFT) Leadership & Service Program 24 Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel36 Sino Language Gateway (SLG): Chinese Language & 32 VISIONS Service Adventures Culture Immersion 32 Youth For Understanding USA36 Sol Abroad High School Summer Programs Asia41 Stoneleigh-Burnham Summer Programs 21 Center for Cultural Interchange: Independent Homestay40 STRIVE Trips - Service Travel for Student Athletes 34 CESA Languages Abroad21 Summer Academy in Applied 34 CIEE Summer High School Abroad Science & Technology (SAAST) 21 Discovery Student Adventures16 Summer at Smith College 21 GVI Foundations26 Summer Stages Dance at Concord Academy 34 Learning Programs International (LPI)16 Syracuse University Summer College 36 Sino Language Gateway (SLG): China Language Program16 Texas Tech University - IDEAL 31 Sino Language Gateway (SLG): China Leadership &22 Tilton Summer Learning Expeditions: The River Service Program19 Tilton Summer: High School Readiness Program 36 Sino Language Gateway (SLG): Chinese Language &22 Trail Blazers Camps Culture Immersion23 Travel for Teens (TFT) 23 Travel for Teens (TFT)23 Travel for Teens: Classic Italy 32 United Planet: Short-Term Volunteer Quest24 Travel for Teens: Paris and the South of France 24 United Synagogue Youth (USY)38 Trout Unlimited Tri-State Conservation & Fishing Camp 32 VISIONS Service Adventures32 United Planet: Short-Term Volunteer Quest 24 Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel24 United Synagogue Youth (USY) 32 Youth For Understanding USA17 University of Dallas: Arete in Irving THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS | 45
  • 48. IndexAustralia/Oceania 30 American Jewish Society for Service (AJSS)21 Discovery Student Adventures 31 Amigos de las Americas (AMIGOS)23 Travel for Teens (TFT) 25 Appel Farm Arts Camp24 Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel 25 ArtsBridge Summer 201232 Youth For Understanding USA 12 Aspire by APIEurope 9 Beloit College Summer Fields25 ArtsAbroad 39 Boston University Investigative Reporting Workshop12 Aspire by API 9 Boston University: High School Honors Program21 Center for Cultural Interchange: 19 Boston University: Research Internship Program Independent Homestay 12 Boston University: Summer Challenge Program34 Center for Cultural Interchange: Language Schools 12 Boston University: Summer Preview31 Center for Cultural Interchange: Volunteer Abroad 12 Brown University Pre-College Programs34 CESA Languages Abroad 13 Burton College Tours28 Cow House Studios, Art on the Farm 41 Camp Friendship21 Discovery Student Adventures 41 Camp Nashoba North21 GVI Foundations 38 Camp Shane27 The Ingenium Academy Music Summer School 34 Center for Cultural Interchange: Language Schools34 Learning Programs International (LPI) 31 Center for Cultural Interchange: Volunteer Abroad36 Lingua Service Worldwide 21 Deer Hill Expeditions28 New York University Tisch School of the Arts 21 Discovery Student Adventures30 Parsons The New School for Design– 33 Drexel University Computing Academy Summer Programs 33 Emagination Computer Camp18 Reach Cambridge 33 Emagination Game Design Camp36 SFYI International School 10 Emerson College: College Writing for36 Sol Abroad High School Summer Programs High School Students23 Travel for Teens (TFT) 19 Emerson College: Creative Writers Workshop23 Travel for Teens: Classic Italy 28 Emerson College: Musical Theatre Studio24 Travel for Teens: Paris and the South of France 38 Emerson College: Poli-Comm Leadership Institute32 United Planet: Short-Term Volunteer Quest 28 Emerson College: Pre-College Acting Studio24 United Synagogue Youth (USY) 10 Emerson College: Pre-College Film Production 11 University of Dallas: Shakespeare in Italy 10 Emerson College: Pre-College Film Writing24 Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel 26 Emerson College: Pre-College Filmmakers Studio32 Youth For Understanding USA 28 Emerson College: Pre-College Stage Design Studio 29 Emerson College: Studio TV Writing and ProductionNorth America 19 Emerson College: Summer Journalism Institute 9 Academic Summer Institute at Morgan Park Academy 13 Emory University Pre-College Program19 Acadia Institute of Oceanography: 38 FashionCampNYC Intermediate Program 28 French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts17 ACCESS CHESHIRE at the Academy 13 Furman University Summer Scholars46 | THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS
  • 49. 21 GVI Foundations 16 Summer at Smith27 Hartwick College Summer Music Festival 26 Summer Stages Dance at Concord Academy39 Health Careers Institute at Darthmouth 16 Syracuse University Summer College20, 33 iD Gaming Academy Summer Program for Teens 16 Texas Tech University - IDEAL20, 33 iD Programming Academy for Teens 22 Tilton Summer Learning Expeditions: The River20, 34 iD Tech Camps & Teen Academies 19 Tilton Summer: High School Readiness Program29 iD Visual Arts Acadmy Summer Program for Teens 22 Trail Blazers Camps37 International School for Earth Studies: Insight Quest 23 Travel for Teens (TFT)16 Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP) 38 Trout Unlimited Tri-State Conservation &34 Learning Programs International (LPI) Fishing Camp36 Lingua Service Worldwide 24 United Synagogue Youth (USY)41 Maine Teen Camp (MTC) 17 University of Dallas: Arete in Irving36 Middlebury Monterey Language Academy (MMLA) 11 University of Delaware: Summer College28 New York University Tisch School of the Arts 26 US Performing Arts Camps41 Ocean Classroom: Seafaring Camp 32 VISIONS Service Adventures25 Omega Teen Camp 11 Washington University High School Summer Experiences25 Oxbow Summer Art Camp 24 Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel30 Parsons The New School for Design– Summer Programs 37 Young Womens Leadership Expedition10 People to People Leadership Ambassador Programs17 Phillips Academy: Summer Session South America18 Phillips Exeter Academy: Summer School 31 Amigos de las Americas (AMIGOS)18 Portsmouth Abbeys Summer Program 34 Center for Cultural Interchange: Language Schools16 Purdue University: GERI Summer Residential Camps 34 CESA Languages Abroad26 The Putney School Summer Programs 21 Discovery Student Adventures16 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Summer@Rensselaer 21 GVI Foundations41 Roaring Brook Camp for Boys 34 Learning Programs International (LPI)18 Ross School – Ross Summer Term 36 Sol Abroad High School Summer Programs8 RWU Summer Academy in Architecture 40 STRIVE Trips - Service Travel for Student Athletes22, 40 Sail Caribbean: Sailing, SCUBA & Marine Science 23 Travel for Teens (TFT)25 SCAD Rising Star Programs 32 United Planet: Short-Term Volunteer Quest30 School of the MFA: Pre-College Summer Studio 32 VISIONS Service Adventures21 Shattuck – St. Mary’s BioScience Scholars’ Camp 24 Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel36 Sol Abroad High School Summer Programs 32 Youth For Understanding USA41 Stoneleigh-Burnham Summer Programs40 STRIVE Trips - Service Travel for Student Athletes21 Summer Academy in Applied Science & Technology (SAAST) THE TEENLIFE 2012 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS | 47
  • 50. Advertiser Resource PageTo request information from one or more advertisers in this guide, simply go and check off the corresponding bc American Camp Association 31 Amigos de las Americas (AMIGOS) 24 Appel Farm Arts Camp 9 ArtsBridge Summer 2012 9 Aspire by API 7 Brown University Pre-College Programs 32 CESA Languages Abroad 20 Cow House Studios, Art on the Farm 23 Emerson College 29 Furman University Summer Scholars 39 The Ingenium Academy Music Summer School 17 Maine Teen Camp (MTC) 40 Parsons The New School for Design–Summer Programs c2 People to People Leadership Ambassador Programs 6 Phillips Academy: Summer Session 17 Phillips Exeter Academy: Summer School 31 Purdue University: GERI Summer Residential Camps 31 Roaring Brook Camp for Boys 40 Ross School – Ross Summer Term 11 RWU Summer Academy in Architecture 20 Sail Caribbean: Sailing, Scuba & Marine Science 1 SCAD Rising Star Programs 24 School of the MFA: Pre-College Summer Studio 27 Shattuck-St. Mary’s BioScience Scholars’ Camp 39 Sino Language Gateway (SLG) 32 STRIVE Trips - Service Travel for Student Athletes 32 Summer Academy in Applied Science & Technology (SAAST) 43 Summer at Smith College 20 Syracuse University Summer College c3 TeenLife Student Advantage Card Teen showcasing a personal fashion design at Syracuse University Summer College. 37 Texas Tech University - IDEAL See listing on page 16, ad on page 20. 13 Tilton Summer 13 University of Delaware: Summer College 2 US Performing Arts Camps
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  • 52. BECAUSE of CAMP. . . ®The benefits of camp extendbeyond fun — offering opportunities,inspiring passions, and broadening horizons.The possibilities are endless. Camp — It’s good for life. • 1-800-428-CAMP