Using Social Media to Find a Job
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Using Social Media to Find a Job



As one of the speakers at Career Week at a nearby college, I put this presentation together. The presentation explains how to use social media platforms to find a job that you love. The deck ...

As one of the speakers at Career Week at a nearby college, I put this presentation together. The presentation explains how to use social media platforms to find a job that you love. The deck highlights how important it is to manage your online "brand". Plus, I provided guidance on how to use LinkedIn.



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  • It gives some good tips about managing your online footprints and developing online social network
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  • Remember to mention Tom Peters’ seminal article "The Brand Called You.” Carrie Prejean’s book Still Standing
  • Comments live forever and can be viewed out of context. You may change your opinion but your words will live on
  • The point is that this is not a resume, many many people will be able to see what you are claiming for yourself

Using Social Media to Find a Job Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Using Social Media to Find a Job November 19 Tom McMillian Techtao, LLC
  • 2. Today’s Objective…
    • Give you the foundation to use social media to find a job that you will love
  • 3. Agenda
    • Why it matters
    • It is a new brand world
    • Don’ts
    • Do’s
    • Check list
  • 4. Why it matters
    • Everything you do on the Internet lasts forever
    • Search engines enable content to be easily found
    • Every word, picture, video and post is forever searchable
    • The way you are presented online is a reflection of how people perceive you
  • 5. Why it matters
    • Who researches you online?
    • Hiring managers
    • Colleagues
    • Potential clients
    • Potential mates and in-laws
  • 6. Why it matters
    • You can use social media to
    • Learn about careers
    • Find out about the culture of a company
      • Will you love working there?
    • Expand you network
      • Informational interviews & mentors
    • Learn about career opportunities
    • Help you be smarter during interviews
  • 7. It is a new brand world…
  • 8. It is a new brand world
    • You are the CEO of Me, Inc.
    • Your job is to be the head marketer for the brand called You
      • It is not just a
      • You need to adopt best practices
      • “ Do your best and decide how you want to be judged. And act that way.” — Seth Godin
    ME, Inc
  • 9. It is a new brand world
    • My values are...
    • Achievements I’m most proud of…
    • I want to be known as (or known for)...
    • How others experience me is with…
    • Decide what to keep doing, stop doing, and start doing.
    • These are my next actions…
    • My Branding Statement
    • I am moving forward -- integrated and aligned!
  • 10. Don’t…
    • Don’t…
  • 11. Don’t…
    • Don’t put inappropriate pictures of yourself on the Internet
    • Think twice – what you do online is forever
  • 12. Don’t…
    • Online - don’t write mean or nasty things about someone else or an issue
    • Don’t flame or gossip
    • Don’t swear (my $5 rule)
    I think she is a …..
  • 13. Don’t LIE!
  • 14. Do’s
  • 15. Do’s
    • You have to give to get!
      • When making a request always ask, “Can I help you with anything”
  • 16. Do’s
    • “ In this world Elwood you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant.”
    • Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me.
    • James Stewart as Elwood P Dowd, Elwood P. Dowd’s Philosophy of Life
  • 17. Do’s
    • Online Avenues
  • 18. Do’s
    • Always, be cognizant of your personal branding
    • Personal life – Friends and Family
      • Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Second Life, gaming sites
    • Business Life
      • Linked In
  • 19. Do’s
    • Building your presence on Linked In:
    • Does not cost money
    • You need to devote the time
    • Build your network
    • Develop well-defined goals
      • Follow through
  • 20. Do’s
    • Step 1 – Create a Compelling Profile
    • Define yourself
    • What you’ve done
    • What you want to do
    • How you want to be contacted
    • What you want to be contacted about
  • 21. Do’s
    • Step 2 – Build your Network
    • Your online address book
    • People you meet during the day
    • People in the news
    • People you interact with online
    • When asking someone to become LinkedIn with you, make your email request personal
  • 22. Do’s
    • Step 3 – Get the Most From Your Connections
    • Groups
    • Answers
    • Jobs
    • Network Updates -My personal favorite
    • Recommendations
  • 23. Do’s
    • Groups
  • 24. Do’s
  • 25. Do’s
  • 26. Do’s – Network Updates
  • 27. Do’s
    • To get recommendations, first give recommendations
  • 28. Do’s
    • Step 4 – Manage your Social Network
    • Continue to grow your network
    • Answer questions, ask questions
    • Participate in groups, start a group
    • Once a month go through your profile and make sure it is up-to-date
    • Every week send a note to a few people in your network
  • 29. Danger…Danger…Danger…
    • Never leave negative feedback
    • Never lie
    • Don’t’ spam
    • Don’t gossip
    • Don’t oversell yourself
      • Be real! Be genuine!
  • 30. Your Game Plan
    • Always be mindful of enhancing your brand
    • Create a presence on LinkedIn
    • Start to build your network
    • Answer questions and Ask questions
      • Send personal note to folks thanking them for answering
    • Join groups or start your own
    • Set up informational interviews and answer job posts
    • Join the conversation – “You have to give to get!”
    • Be pleasant!
  • 31. Your Checklist
    • Give more than you receive
    • Join the conversation and add value
      • Don’t attack others
      • Don’t sabotage the efforts of others
      • Respect the community
    • Build quality relationships
    • Be accountable for your actions
    • Be pleasant