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provides bulk ieee projects to its regular clients and satisfies all their requirements on time, Also it provides 24/7 supports to all its clients in delivering the resources which is including source code delavery,Documents delivery,Algorithms delivery etc...,Technos Inc is also having around 100 clinets throughout India and across the World.
is an organization that provides software, Embedded, VLSI development and customizations to meet your company's industry specific needs. We consistently deliver quality solutions to our clients who are located worldwide.

As a fast growing company we focus on the complete life cycle of delivering quality software and Hardware from requirement gathering to implementation and maintenance. Technos Inc is empowered by a team of software professionals with rich experience and cutting edge technology skills in managing successful software projects.

The increasing pressure from global competition has forced software companies to look for the ways to reduce the Time-to-Market for their products, and to offer value added services at lower cost with improved quality. Software Product Development is confronting exactly the same concerns and hence it has no longer remained an option but has become the need of time for the businesses to respond to dynamic market forces.

We are mature software engineers in Chennai. Our two development centers in Pondicherry, Bagalore along with a backup site in Chennai provide our clients with high quality software development services. We product high quality software in Oracle, Java, Dot net and Embedded systems.

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  1. 1. NS2 TITLES 2014-15 Technos Inc, Contact No:9585338678 Chennai,Pondicherry,Bangalore S.No PROJECT CODE PROJECT TITLES YEAR 1 TNS002 Cooperative Communications For Cognitive Radio Networks — From Theory To Applications 2014-15 2 TNS003 Automatic Event Scheduling In Mobile Social Network Communities 2014-15 3 TNS004 A Survey of Networking Challenges and Routing Protocols in Smart Grids 2014-15 4 TNS005 Multidimensional Signaling and Coding Enabling Multi- Tb/s Optical Transport and Networking 2014-15 5 TNS006 Transition To Ipv6 And Support For Ipv4/Ipv6 Interoperability In Ims 2014-15 6 TNS007 A Two-Stage Deanonymization Attack against Anonym zed Social Networks 2014-15 7 TNS008 Asymptotic Analysis on Secrecy Capacity in Large-Scale Wireless Networks 2014-15 8 TNS009 High-Voltage Testing Fundamentals: A Cable Testing Perspective 2014-15 9 TNS010 Temporal Traffic Dynamics Improve the Connectivity of Ad Hoc Cognitive Radio Networks 2014-15 10 TNS011 The Wide-Area Virtual Service Migration Problem: A Competitive Analysis Approach 2014-15 11 TNS012 Thermal Analysis of Two Transformers Filled With Different Oils 2014-15
  2. 2. NS2 TITLES 2014-15 Technos Inc, Contact No:9585338678 Chennai,Pondicherry,Bangalore 12 TNS013 Vehicular Cloud Networking: Architecture and Design Principles 2014-15 13 TNS014 Secure Data Retrieval for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks 2014-15 14 TNS015 50 Years in Icing Performance of Outdoor Insulators 2014-15 15 TNS016 A Study on the Performance of a Three-Stage Load- Balancing Switch 2014-15 16 TNS017 Algorithms for Enhanced Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (eICIC) in LTE Het Nets 2014-15 17 TNS018 Application of Expurgated PPM to Indoor Visible Light Communications—Part I: Single-User Systems 2014-15 18 TNS019 Bandwidth Reservation as a Coexistence Strategy in Opportunistic Spectrum Access Environments 2014-15 19 TNS020 BASA: Building Mobile Ad-hoc Social Networks on Top of Android 2014-15 20 TNS021 Cognitive Radio Based State Estimation in Cyber-Physical Systems 2014-15 21 TNS022 Cooperative Multi-Agent Learning and Coordination for Cognitive Radio Networks 2014-15 22 TNS023 Green Networking With Packet Processing Engines: Modeling and Optimization 2014-15 23 TNS024 Fast Regular Expression Matching Using Small TCAM 2014-15 24 TNS025 Joint Routing and Medium Access Control in Fixed Random Access Wireless Multi hop Networks 2014-15 25 TNS026 Multipath Wireless Network Coding: An Augmented 2014-15
  3. 3. NS2 TITLES 2014-15 Technos Inc, Contact No:9585338678 Chennai,Pondicherry,Bangalore Potential Game Perspective 26 TNS027 Network Innovation using Open Flow: A Survey 2014-15 27 TNS028 On Sample-Path Optimal Dynamic Scheduling for Sum- Queue Minimization in Forests 2014-15 28 TNS029 On Swarm Intelligence Inspired Self-Organized Networking: Its Bionic Mechanisms, Designing Principles and Optimization Approaches 2014-15 29 TNS030 Energy Efficient and Energy Proportional Optical Interconnects for Multi-Core Processors: Driving the Need for On-Chip Sources 2014-15 30 TNS031 Optical Networking With Variable-Code-Rate Transceivers 2014-15 31 TNS032 Optimal Wave banding in WDM Ring Networks 2014-15 32 TNS033 Optimally Adaptive Power-Saving Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks Using the Hyper Quorum System 2014-15 33 TNS034 Retransmission Delays With Bounded Packets: Power-Law Body and Exponential Tail 2014-15 34 TNS035 Reporting Offensive Content in Social Networks 2014-15 35 TNS036 Scalable Name Lookup with Adaptive Prefix Bloom Filter for Named Data Networking 2014-15 36 TNS037 Selective Interference Alignment for MIMO Cognitive Fem to cell Networks 2014-15 37 TNS038 SDN and Open Flow for Dynamic Flex-Grid Optical Access and Aggregation Networks 2014-15 38 TNS039 Incipient Fault Location Algorithm for Underground Cables 2014-15 39 TNS040 Structural Diversity for Resisting Community Identification 2014-15
  4. 4. NS2 TITLES 2014-15 Technos Inc, Contact No:9585338678 Chennai,Pondicherry,Bangalore in Published Social Networks 40 TNS041 Traffic Grooming for IP-Over-WDM Networks: Energy and Delay Perspectives 2014-15 41 TNS042 PACK: Prediction-Based Cloud Bandwidth and Cost Reduction System 2014-15 42 TNS043 When Spectrum Meets Clouds: Optimal Session Based Spectrum Trading under Spectrum Uncertainty 2014-15 43 TNS044 A Survey of Intrusion Detection Systems in Wireless Sensor Networks 2014-15 44 TNS045 An Urn Occupancy Approach for Modeling the Energy Consumption of Distributed Beaconing 2014-15 45 TNS046 Effects of Internet Path Selection on Video-QoE: Analysis and Improvements 2014-15 46 TNS047 Price Differentiation for Communication Networks 2014-15 47 TNS048 Algorithms for Wireless Capacity 2014-15 48 TNS049 Cooperation Versus Multiplexing: Multicast Scheduling Algorithms for OFDMA Relay Networks 2014-15 49 TNS050 Exploiting Multichannel Diversity for Cooperative Multicast in Cognitive Radio Mesh Networks 2014-15 50 TNS051 Optimal Distributed P2P Streaming Under Node Degree Bounds 2014-15 51 TNS052 On the Payoff Mechanisms in Peer-Assisted Services With Multiple Content Providers: Rationality and Fairness 2014-15 52 TNS053 Topology Preserving Maps—Extracting Layout Maps of Wireless Sensor Networks From Virtual Coordinates 2014-15
  5. 5. NS2 TITLES 2014-15 Technos Inc, Contact No:9585338678 Chennai,Pondicherry,Bangalore 53 TNS054 Newton: Securing Virtual Coordinates by Enforcing Physical Laws 2014-15 54 TNS055 Bounds of Asymptotic Performance Limits of Social- Proximity Vehicular Networks 2014-15 55 TNS056 Video Telephony for End-Consumers: Measurement Study of Google+, iChat, and Skype 2014-15 56 TNS057 Degraded Service Provisioning in Mixed-Line-Rate WDM Backbone Networks Using Multipath Routing 2014-15 57 TNS058 Energy Efficiency in TDMA-Based Next-Generation Passive Optical Access Networks 2014-15 58 TNS059 Content Caching and Scheduling in Wireless Networks With Elastic and Inelastic Traffic 2014-15 59 TNS060 On the Transient Behavior of CHOKe 2014-15 60 TNS061 Channel-Hopping-Based Communication Rendezvous in Cognitive Radio Networks 2014-15 61 TNS062 Exact and Heuristic Algorithms for Data-Gathering Cluster- Based Wireless Sensor Network Design Problem 2014-15 62 TNS063 Distributed Server Migration for Scalable Internet Service Deployment 2014-15 63 TNS064 Behavior Analysis of Internet Traffic via Bipartite Graphs and One-Mode Projections 2014-15 64 TNS065 Characterizing Web Page Complexity and Its Impact 2014-15 65 TNS066 A Hybrid Hardware Architecture for High-Speed IP Lookups and Fast Route Updates 2014-15 66 TNS067 Discount Counting for Fast Flow Statistics on Flow Size 2014-15
  6. 6. NS2 TITLES 2014-15 Technos Inc, Contact No:9585338678 Chennai,Pondicherry,Bangalore and Flow Volume 67 TNS068 High-Throughput and Memory-Efficient Multimatch Packet Classification Based on Distributed and Pipelined Hash Tables 2014-15 68 TNS069 A Fair Comparison of Pull and Push Strategies in Large Distributed Networks 2014-15 69 TNS070 Simultaneously Reducing Latency and Power Consumption in OpenFlow Switches 2014-15 70 TNS071 SMART: Utilizing Distributed Social Map for Lightweight Routing in Delay-Tolerant Networks 2014-15 71 TNS072 Ensuring Predictable Contact Opportunity for Scalable Vehicular Internet Access on the Go 2014-15 72 TNS073 Infrastructure-Free Content-Based Publish/Subscribe 2014-15 73 TNS074 Greening Geographical Load Balancing 2014-15 74 TNS075 PulseSync: An Efficient and Scalable Clock Synchronization Protocol 2014-15 75 TNS076 Cost-Effective Viral Marketing for Time-Critical Campaigns in Large-Scale Social Networks 2014-15 76 TNS077 Efficient Interlayer Network Codes for Fair Layered Multicast Streaming 2014-15 77 TNS078 A Hierarchical Account-Aided Reputation Management System for MANETs 2014-15 78 TNS079 Network Codes Resilient to Jamming and Eavesdropping 2014-15 79 TNS080 On Signaling-Free Failure Dependent Restoration in All- Optical Mesh Networks 2014-15
  7. 7. NS2 TITLES 2014-15 Technos Inc, Contact No:9585338678 Chennai,Pondicherry,Bangalore 80 TNS081 Low-Complexity Scheduling Policies for Achieving Throughput and Asymptotic Delay Optimality in Multichannel Wireless Networks 2014-15 81 TNS082 Measurement and Analysis on the Packet Delivery Performance in a Large-Scale Sensor Network 2014-15 82 TNS083 Denial-of-Service Attacks in Bloom-Filter-Based Forwarding 2014-15 83 TNS084 EDAL: An Energy-Efficient, Delay-Aware, and Lifetime- Balancing Data Collection Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks 2014-15 84 TNS085 Utility Fair Optimization of Antenna Tilt Angles in LTE Net works 2014-15 85 TNS086 Analysis of a Cooperative Strategy for a Large Decentralized Wireless Network 2014-15 86 TNS087 The Bloom Paradox: When Not to Use a Bloom Filter 2014-15 87 TNS088 Neighborhood Filtering Strategies for Overlay Construction in P2P-TV Systems: Design and Experimental Comparison 2014-15 88 TNS089 Insensitive Job Assignment With Throughput and Energy Criteria for Processor-Sharing Server Farms 2014-15 89 TNS090 Optimal Dynamic Voltage Scaling In Energy-Limited Nonpreemptive Systems With Real-Time Constraints 2014-15 90 TNS091 Optimal Dynamic Voltage Scaling In Energy-Limited Nonpreemptive Systems With Real-Time Constraints Using The Support Vector Regression Approach To Model Human Performance. 2014-15
  8. 8. NS2 TITLES 2014-15 Technos Inc, Contact No:9585338678 Chennai,Pondicherry,Bangalore 91 TNS092 A Variational Bayesian Framework For Clustering With Multiple Graphs 2014-15 92 TNS093 Self-Reconfigurable Wireless Mesh Networks 2014-15 93 TNS094 Multicarrier Modulation And Cooperative Communication In Multihop Cognitive Radio Networks 2014-15 94 TNS095 Qoe Prediction Model And Its Application In Video Quality Adaptation Over Umts Networks 2014-15 95 TNS096 Corman: A Novel Cooperative Opportunistic Routing Scheme In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 2014-15 96 TNS097 A Transport Protocol To Exploit Multipath Diversity In Wireless Networks 2014-15 97 TNS098 Delay-Aware Bs Discontinuous Transmission Control And User Scheduling For Energy Harvesting Downlink Coordinated Mimo Systems 2014-15 98 TNS099 Oman: A Mobile Ad Hoc Network Design System 2014-15 99 TNS100 Large-Scale Synthetic Social Mobile Networks With Swim 2014-15 100 TNS101 Directional Cooperative Mac Protocol Design And Performance Analysis For Ieee 802.11ad Wlans 2014-15 101 TNS102 Priority-Based Traffic Scheduling And Utility Optimization For Cognitive Radio Communication Infrastructure-Based Smart Grid 2014-15 102 TNS103 Optimal Wavebanding In Wdm Ring Networks 2014-15 103 TNS104 Max-Weight Scheduling In Queueing Networks With Heavy-Tailed Traffic 2014-15 104 TNS105 Distributed Detection In Mobile Access Wireless Sensor 2014-15
  9. 9. NS2 TITLES 2014-15 Technos Inc, Contact No:9585338678 Chennai,Pondicherry,Bangalore Networks Under Byzantine Attacks 105 TNS106 Isp-Friendly Live P2p Streaming 2014-15 106 TNS107 Certificateless Remote Anonymous Authentication Schemes For Wireless 2014-15 107 TNS108 Body Area Networks 2014-15 108 TNS109 Decentralized Control Of The Power Flows In A Network Of Smart Microgrids Modeled As A Team Of Cooperative Agents 2014-15 109 TNS110 Entropy-Rate Clustering: Cluster Analysis Via Maximizing A Submodular Function Subject To A Matroid Constraint 2014-15 110 TNS111 Data Protection In Healthcare Social Networks 2014-15 111 TNS112 Psr: A Lightweight Proactive Source Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 2014-15 112 TNS113 Distributed Cardinality Estimation In Anonymous Networks 2014-15 113 TNS114 Joint Resource Partitioning And Offloading In Heterogeneous Cellular Networks 2014-15 114 TNS115 Netwrap: An Ndn Based Real-Time Wireless Recharging Framework For Wireless Sensor Networks 2014-15 115 TNS116 A Dynamic Hybrid Service Overlay Network For Service Compositions 2014-15 116 TNS117 Deep Networks Are Effective Encoders Of Periodicity 2014-15 117 TNS118 Energy-Aware Virtual Network Embedding 2014-15 118 TNS119 Multi-Layer Capacity Planning For Ip-Optical Networks 2014-15 119 TNS120 From “Smart Objects” To “Social Objects”: The Next Evolutionary Step Of The 2014-15
  10. 10. NS2 TITLES 2014-15 Technos Inc, Contact No:9585338678 Chennai,Pondicherry,Bangalore 120 TNS121 Internet Of Things 2014-15 121 TNS122 Smartphone-Based Crowdsourcing For Network Monitoring: Opportunities, 2014-15 122 TNS123 Challenges, And A Case Study 2014-15 123 TNS124 Crowd Textures As Proximity Graphs 2014-15 124 TNS125 The Fluid Internet: Service-Centric Management Of A Virtualized Future Internet 2014-15 125 TNS126 A Northbound Interface For Power Management In Next Generation Network Devices 2014-15 126 TNS127 A Probabilistic Generative Model For Mining Cybercriminal Networks 2014-15 127 TNS128 From Online Social Media 2014-15 128 TNS129 Automatic Event Scheduling In Mobile Social Network Communities 2014-15 129 TNS130 Improving Spectrum Efficiency Via In-Network Computations In Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks 2014-15 130 TNS131 Efficient Allocation Of Periodic Feedback Channels In Broadband Wireless Networks 2014-15 131 TNS132 Proportional Fair Coding Forwirelessmesh Networks 2014-15 132 TNS133 Exploiting Asynchronous Amplify-And-Forward Relays To Enhance The Performance Of Ieee 802.11 Networks 2014-15 133 TNS134 Network Densification: The Dominant Theme For Wireless Evolution Into 5g 2014-15 134 TNS135 Cellular Architecture And Key Technologies For 5g Wireless Communication Networks 2014-15
  11. 11. NS2 TITLES 2014-15 Technos Inc, Contact No:9585338678 Chennai,Pondicherry,Bangalore 135 TNS136 Maximizing Submodular Set Function With Connectivity Constraint: Theory And Application To Networks 2014-15 136 TNS137 Design And Performance Of A Directional Media Access Control Protocol For Optical Wireless Sensor Networks 2014-15 137 TNS138 Broadcasting Delay-Constrained Traffic Over Unreliable Wireless Links With Network Coding 2014-15 138 TNS139 Cooperative Communications For Cognitive Radio Networks — From Theory To Applications 2014-15 139 TNS140 Cognitive Internet Of Things: A New Paradigm Beyond Connection 2014-15 140 TNS141 Transition To Ipv6 And Support For Ipv4/Ipv6 Interoperability In Ims 2014-15 141 TNS142 Superior Path Planning Mechanism For Mobile Beacon- Assisted LocalizationIn Wireless Sensor Networks 2014-15 142 TNS143 Measuring Networkwide Traffic Delay In Schedule Optimization For Work-Zone Planning In Urban Networks 2014-15 143 TNS144 Crowd Textures As Proximity Graphs 2014-15 144 TNS145 Takeovertv: Facilitating The Social Negotiation Of Television Content In Public Spaces 2014-15