Eigenor Moneytalks Presentation

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Presentation from MoneyTalks event,13.03.2012, by Eigenor Corporation.

Presentation from MoneyTalks event,13.03.2012, by Eigenor Corporation.

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  • 1. Who said that mathematics is not interesting?EIGENOR corporation 13.3.2012 Money talks Janne käpylehto
  • 2. X-ray tomography is a powerful tool, but radiation is bad
  • 3. industry is full ofvulnerable pipes, which need non-destructive testing
  • 4. some aircrafts cannot be seen by a radar current weatherradars cannot detect high wind speeds
  • 5. Background of the company• During the late 1990’s, scientists at Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory developed radar and statistical inversion software• Eigenor Corporation founded in 2004 - acquired patents and intellectual rights.• More than 20 years of research, several publications in the field of statistical inversion theory• Company is owned by its employees and a group of investors
  • 6. EIGENOR solution Better results, same measurements sart• Software-only solution for tomography and radars, based on Statistical Inversion• Improves productivity, more features, better quality• Better results, same equipment! Eigenor• Company holds patents, more in progress TomoGibbs• Both OEM and single licenses are available, easily scalable
  • 7. Application areas for eigenor technology radar Tomography technology• Dental• Full-body • Non Destructive Testing • Weather radars• Cancer treatment • Industrial Component CT • Wind energy• Others • Log tomo • Military applications
  • 8. Eigenor technology on tomography When Traditional methods fail Eigenor fdk sart TomoGibbs3D rendering of reconstruction result:90º measurements, 19 projections, 35% noise
  • 9. The market• Tomography market size is 4000 MEUR, surveillance radar market 5000 MEUR• Share of software value is rising, algorithms are 3 – 5% of the total market meaning that the total reachable market for Eigenor technology is 250 - 450 ME
  • 10. The team• CEO Timo Multamäki • Chairman Heikki Multamäki Background at F-Secure as a cryptography More than 30 years of experience at Tekla manager Plc. also as a CEO• Business Development Manager • Board member Hans Ahlström Janne Käpylehto CEO of Elekno, founder of HP-capital Founder of Tuulivoimala.com LTD • Board member Markku Taulamo• The scientists of Eigenor have over 20 Partner at TT capital advisors, co-founder years of experience in the field of and ex CEO of Futurice Statistical Inversion
  • 11. References• Planmeca and Planmed Medical tomography software• Agfa HealthCare, Medical tomography software• Nokian Renkaat, tomography reconstruction• Kemijoki A shallow water sonar system for riverbed analysis• Inspecta A survey on industrial pipe tomography for metallurgical faults• Outokumpu Dual energy X-ray solution for the separation of steel from ore• Oulu University. A research co-operation for ionospheric measurements
  • 12. thank you!WWW.EIGENOR.COMjanne.kapylehto@eigenor.com