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    Behaviorism Behaviorism Presentation Transcript

    • Kirstin G. Chelsea G.BEHAVIORISM Taylor B. Jessica M.
    • BEHAVIORISM Behaviorism is the theory that behavior can be explained in terms of conditioning, without appeal to thoughts or feelings. Behavioral patterns can be altered. There is no dif ference between human and animal behavior in this theory.
    • B.F. SKINNER Operant Conditioning: uses rewards to encourage wanted behavior; reinforces stimulus-response patterns. Skinner experimented with pigeons and rewarded them when they did what he wanted them to do. He eventually taught them to dance and bowl. Skinner found that reinforcement was the main motivation for performing the wanted behavior.
    • IVAN PAVLOV  Classic Conditioning: a process that uses a stimulus to cause a natural reflex.  Pavlov rang a bell when he presented food to his dogs causing them to salivate when they saw the food.  Through conditioning, the dogs began to salivate when they heard the bell even without food present.
    • ALBERT BANDURA Social Cognitive Theory: a theory that has more to do with learning through observation and expectancies rather than with rewards or stimulants. Observational Modeling: watching something and mimicking the behavior. Bandura analyzed personality through the environment, behavior, and thought process.
    • HOW THIS CAN BE USED IN THE CLASSROOM Teacher  Student  With Technology: When a  With or without student behaves well, technology, the student they will be chosen to will adjust their behavior use the clicker to change accordingly in order to slides during the get rewarded. presentation.  With Technology:  Without Technology: Students with good Students with good behavior will learn how behavior get points. The to navigate a PowerPoint student with the most presentation because points at the end of the they will get to use the week will get a prize. clicker.
    • WHAT WE THINKWe think behaviorism in the classroom is very important mainly because of praise.When praise is used, students are motivated to have good behavior and excel in their work.Students are likely to change their bad behavior when they see others being rewarded for good behavior.
    • WORKS CITED / -pavlov -quote- for-february -3-2011.html %20Bandura 06fe37f92e41/photos/e7a1ce4c-c550-4d5d-b2e4- 8b613976021c Textbook: Integrating Technology in a Connected World