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Fujitsu-Make IT Dynamic a TBIZ2011 Fujitsu-Make IT Dynamic a TBIZ2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Make IT Dynamic THE POWER OF ENTERPRISERoberto CherubiniIT ArchitectFujitsu Technology Napoli, 8 novembre 2011
  • Fujitsu Business Segments: Technology Solutions Ubiquitous Solutions Device Solutions 3rd largest IT services player Business philosophy: Think Global, Act Local R&D Established: Employees: Revenue: investment: June 1935 172,000 US$ 50B US$ 2.5B 1 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Fujitsu’s Innovations 2011 (Feb) e-Paper-based“What mankind can dream technology can achieve” Outpatient GuidanceSolution Takuma Yamamoto, ninth President 2010 Server with Cool-CentralTM 2009 Architecture Orbit control 2012 2006 Peta-Scale system for World’s Computing Ibuki satellite thinnest 12inch 1994 notebook 2010 1974 World’s 1st Zero-Watt (19.9mm) LSI based Computer PC with TV Server (fastest in the world) features 2009 Zero-Watt PC 2010 (Dec) “Green data 2007 2010 center in a box” 1968 World’s smallest Multi-AngleEstablishment of Fujitsu & most power Vision™ for Laboratories Ltd 2001 efficient server safer parking Raku-Raku and driving mobile phone 1989 Color Plasma Display 1954 Relay based Mainframe (first in Japan) 2 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Creating value through environmental commitment We are the first IT vendor with a complete range of environmentally sound products Green Policy 21 Our long-term environmental vision 2009 Launch of world’s first 0-Watt PC “Everything Green” 2008 Launch of 0-Watt monitor 2007 2010 onwards Environmentally conscious solutions introduced Aiming to reduce carbon World’s 1st green consumer PC emissions by a total of 7 million tons 2004 Super green products introduced 2001 to 2003 Focus on enabling a 2002 World’s first 2007 to 2009 “recycling society” green motherboard “Green innovation” extended across all are Member of Green Grid 1998 Joined Climate Savers Computing Initiativ Green products introduced 2004 to 2006 1994 Shift to focus on sustainable environment ISO14001 accreditation working with customers and partners First IT manufacturer (ICL) to RoHS achieved ahead of deadline receive Blue Angel eco label 1993 First Green PC 1995 – 1998 on the market Rated No.1 by Bund for Green PCs 1993 to 2000 Establishing the foundations for 1988 environmental management European Recycling Centre opened 3 3 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • NUMBER 1 – again!! For the second year in a row FUJITSU has been awarded the top spot as Top Green IT Vendor in global IT publication Computerworld’s Top12 2011 Top Green-IT Vendors 1. Fujitsu Green IT Vendor Ranking. 2. Hewlett-Packard 3. Accenture Leaving competitors HP and IBM 4. Microsoft trailing in second and sixth position 5. Qualcomm 6. IBM respectively, Fujitsu raced to the 7. Intel 8. BT Group number one spot amongst a total of 70 9. SAP applicants including all of the IT 10.Internap Network Services 11.Dell industry’s heavyweights 12.Avnet 4 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Expanding globally… Offering the security and confidence that is a function of scale and reach; a global delivery capability and the option of global client management Russia Poland Portugal India Costa Rica Philippines MalaysiaGlobal >80 data centers in 16 countries Scale and coherence 7 global delivery centers Knowledge, assets and expertise Integrated GDC network for 24/7 service across key time zones Delivery capability 4 global service desks supporting 29 languages Client management 5 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • A strong global partner ecosystemStrong global partner ecosystem to provide our customers with the best solutions,Fujitsu is partnered with the top providers in their respective fields. 6 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Dynamic Infrastructures OverviewDynamic Infrastructures open up new ways of optimization, allowing customers to useIT depending on their particular needs, means and skills. Infrastructure Server Storage Workplace as a service as a Service as a Service as a Service Managed Data Center Managed Office Managed Managed Service Infrastructure Managed Maintenance Desk Virtualization Consolidation VDI Cloud Foundation Infrastructure Solutions Scalable File Server Business Continuity Data Protection Etc. Solution Servers Storage Clients Infrastructure Products & Services Network Software Dynamic Infrastructures 7 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Evolution of Information Technology IT as a utility Industrialization AutomationTransformation Virtualization Cloud Consolidation & Computing Standardization Managed Infrastructures Tools & Process Orchestration Hypervisor Industry Standards Time 8 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Recap: What is cloud computing? Cloud Computing is: A standardized IT capability (services, software, or infrastructure) delivered via Internet technologies in a pay-per-use, self-service way. 9 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • What is cloud computing?An IT delivery model High scaling levels Offered as (web) service Based on Internet technologies Traditional Cloud Buy thePurchasing Buy the service infrastructureBusiness Pay for devices Pay according tomodel and maintenance usage CorporateAccess Internet network Client-capability, Dedicated, static,Technology scalable, elastic, not shared dynamic Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Cloud Computing Lots of confusing messages but simply put.... The means of consuming technology as a utility Self Pay per Service use Elastically Scalable Public Community (Trusted) Private Hybrid shared with anyone selectively shared just for you a mix 11 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Architecture – A deeper look into XaaS SaaS SaaS Business Process Applications PaaS PaaS Application Oriented Middleware Infrastructure IaaS IaaS Service Portal Account Billing SLA Management Dynamic Resource Resource Orchestration / Provisioning Management Abstraction & Server Mgmt. Storage Mgmt. Network Mgmt. Virtualization Infrastructure OS/VM Product Server Storage Network 12 12 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Cloud computing – what is behind? Own IT IaaS cloud PaaS cloud SaaS cloud Own IT Data Own IT Data Own IT Data Own IT Data Application Application logic Application logic Application Dedicated or Runtime Runtime Shared Resources Middleware Middleware Middleware Infrastructure 13 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Componente elaborativa Server Primergy 14 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Servers for Dynamic Infrastructures Full line of Industry Standard Servers for SME, Branch Offices and Datacenter needs Tower Server TX Rack Server RX Blade Server BX Cloud Server CX TX100, TX120, TX140, RX100, RX200, BX400 / BX900 with SX960 CX1000 with TX150, TX200, TX300 RX300, RX600, RX900 BX920, BX922, BX924, BX960 CX120 / CX122 Common Infrastructure and Services ServerView Management Suite Certification and Support for Operating Systems & Applications Components, PRIMECENTER Rack, Storage, Infrastructures Consult Design Build Operate Maintain 15 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY TX Overview Top expandability, performance and availability (redundant fans) Higher availability: hot-plug PSU Rackable Remote management (iRMC on-board) Increased data availability (hot-plug SAS/SATA HDDs) Intel® Xeon® support , RAID 5/6, tape backup ECC Memory, RAID 0/1/10, Server OS Support, 7x24 operation, Basic management Ready for Virtualization Single Socket Dual Socket TX100 TX120 TX140 TX150 TX200 TX300 ENERGY STAR 5.0 for Small Scale Servers ENERGY STAR 1.0 for Enterprise Servers 16 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY RX OverviewPRIMERGY RX rack servers are the perfect platform to form Dynamic Infrastructuresand thus benefit from energy-efficient and cost/performance-optimized systems. Less complexity by use of identical components such as hard disks, power supplies, … Expandability & Performance Redundant, hot -plug fans / HDDs / PSUs Advanced ECC Advanced ECC, SDDC, Memory Mirroring and Hot-spare memory Enhanced manageability – ServerView Suite Ready for virtualization ENERGY STAR 1.0 for Enterprise ServersMono Socket Dual Socket Quad Socket 8 Socket RX100 RX200 RX300 RX600 RX900 Entry level Maximum High expandability, High virtualization It starts where 4 price / performance at performance and performance and socket servers end performance minimum space reliability mission-critical up! reliability 17 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY BX OverviewPRIMERGY BX satisfies the IT needs with typical requirements to maximize computingpower and scalability while keeping space and power consumption to a minimum. Simplified installation and management Reduced energy consumption and cooling Modular upgrade options for enhanced investment protection Centralized design with full system redundancy Less needed components and floorspace than rack-mounted servers PRIMERGY PRIMERGY BX400 BX900 Fully-featured blade system built from the ground up Dynamic server infrastructure in a single chassis for as a user-friendly and versatile IT infrastructure enterprise data centers. Shows its features when it designed for midsized customers with large comes to topics of virtualization, high availability computing and storage requirements, including branch offices. and scalability 18 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • The Dynamic Cube PRIMERGY BX900  Dynamic Power & Cooling or “the most “dynamic” server…  Embedded Cool-safe™ Technology  Super efficient power suppl. >90%  ServerView Power Management  Dynamic Virtualization  Highest Processor, Memory & Network Density in a 10U Design  Latest INTEL virtualization  For all leading hypervisor platforms  ServerView Virtual IO Manager  Dynamic High Availability  Fully redundant design (MMB’s, NIC’s, Fans, PSU’s)  ServerView Resource Coordinator  Prefailure Detection and Analysis  Dynamic Performance  MMB & switch stacking 19 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY BX900 at a glance BX900 Front View The Maths  18 x 2 Sockets x 6 Cores = 216 Cores in 10 U  or 9 x 4 Sockets x 8 Cores = 288 Cores in 10 U  18 x 18 DIMMs x 16 GB = 5.184 GB Memory  18 x 16 Lanes x 22 Gbit/s = 6.400 Gbit/s Midplane Bandwidth  (6 x 4 HDD SX + 12 x 2 HDD BX) x 300 GB = 14,4 TB DAS Storage capacity BX900 Rear View  Management Blade interconnectivity & Switch stacking (up to 4 Chassis)  8 x Connection Blades with the choice of switch- or pass through modes  Infiniband QDR (40Gbit/s) capable  System ID Card (“we just love details”) 20 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY BX400: Value PropositionVersatile infrastructure for customers with large computing and storage requirementsthat saves time and money from the start and is manageable with existing resources. Smart and modular Combine leading-edge Simplicity itself technology with Save valuable time and impressive I/O flexibility cut daily operations by and bandwidth known up to 60%. from the PRIMERGY BX900. Kind to the environment Smooth IT Operation Reduce your electric Spend less time on bill by up to 30%. setup and concentrate on your business. Connection to the Low on running costs cloud to expand the on-site infrastructure. Potential of up to 20% overall cost reduction. 21 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY BX400 - FactsTechnical realization generates the basis to achieve targets.  Up to 8 server blades x 2 CPUs x 6 Cores Rack = 96 cores in 6U chassis or tower server  Up to 8 server blades x 18 DIMMs x 16 GB = 2.304 GB memory  8 (server blades) x 12 (I/O lanes) x 20 Gb/s + 4 (CB’s) x 4 (Interconnects CBs) x 20 Gb/s = 2,240 Gb/s Midplane bandwidth  Up to 2x SX960 storage blades with up to 12 TB capacity (also available as virtual storage) Floorstand  FibreChannel 8 Gb/s, Ethernet 1 and 10 Gb/s & Infiniband QDR 40 Gb/s capable  Benchmark records (e.g. SAP SD, VMware VMmark, SPECjbb2005)  Local Service Panel for setup and basic administration tasks  Shared DVD drive and USB ports  System ID Card 22 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY BX400: Easy-To-UseEasy installation processes and execution of basic management tasks helps users tosave valuable time and can cut the daily operations by up to 60 percent. Easy-to-Install  No need for a system installation  Set basic parameters with intuitive wizard-driven interface via LCD or ServerView GUI  Local and remote installations - additionally mass rollout installations  Makes it easy to install a lot of blades  Use cases (1:1, 1:N) Easy-to-Operate Easy-to-Maintain  Executive system user interface  Comfortable way of receiving the latest  Easily monitor the system’s status and versions of FW, BIOS, drivers, agents execute basic management tasks  Update of various components by one  Virtualization of physical addresses which task enable to add or replace blades via a few  Installation and updates of BIOS, simple mouse clicks firmware and software components,  Uniform operations for physical and virtual drivers, ServerView agents servers combined with cost-effective HA 23 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY BX400: Green ITReduce your electric bill by up to 30 percent, put less strain on the air conditioning, andreduce the IT related CO2 emissions. Rack-Server vs. CAGR (%) by Form Factor Gartner: 2008-2012 PRIMERGY BX400 When operating 8 servers… Watt 8 BX Blades: 1.639W 465W Rack Server 2.000 8 RX Servers: 2.104W reduction 1.500 Server operation: 24 hours x 365 days Blade Cost per kWh: 0.14€ Server 1.000 Power costs ~ 570€ / year saving 500 Additional advantages 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  Holistic Power Management Power efficiency advantages  Low noise (45dB) to meet office  Consolidated and centralized design environments  Selectable power consumption  4 or more server blades deliver power efficiency advantages* modes (e.g. adaptive mode or minimum mode)  Investment protection for future system growth  Super-efficient power supplies ( 92%) * Figures include power consumption of the server blade and of the enclosure with shared components such as PSU, MMB and connection blades.  Cool-safe™ Technology 24 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY BX400: Cost SensitiveConsolidated design that is more affordable to buy and efficient to own with lower totaloperational costs compared than traditional servers, storage and networking. Rack-Server vs. CAGR (%) by Form Factor Gartner: 2008-2012 PRIMERGY BX400 Reasons to choose blade server Rack Server PRIMERGY  Modular upgrade options BX400  Investment protection 70.000 €  Possible integration of new 60.000 € technologies in existing environments 50.000 €  Up to 50% less space than traditional 40.000 € servers 30.000 €  Significantly reduced costs for cabling 20.000 € and deployment of network connections 10.000 €  Simplified installation and management 0€ by consolidating and centralizing Hardware Infrastructure Management Power & Cooling  Easily add or replace of components without re-cabling and involving people Analysis Rack BX400 or complicated processes Hardware 35.485€ 38.215€  Possible software updates by one task  Reduced energy consumption and Infrastructure 14.080€ 5.560€ cooling Management 5.550€ 2.085€  Infrastructure components are shared Power & Cooling 6.180€ 3.215€  PSUs and fans with high efficiency TCO 61.295€ 49.075€ (-19,9%)  Integrated energy management 25 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY BX - Server BladesOur blade servers provide maximum performance, redundancy together with latesttechnology, but with only low power consumption. BX920 S2 BX922 S2 BX924 S2 PRIMERGY Max. 8 8 8 BX920 S2 number per system unit Processor Intel® Xeon® Intel® Xeon® Intel® Xeon® 5500/5600 5500/5600 5500/5600 Number of Up to 2 Up to 2 Up to 2 PRIMERGY Processors BX922 S2 Memory 2 GB - 144 GB 2 GB - 192 GB 2 GB - 288 GB Memory 9 12 18 Slots Network 2 x Intel® 82575 2 x Intel® 1x Dual- Controller 4 x 10/100/1000 82576, 4 x channel Mbit/s Ethernet 10/100/1000 10GbE LAN Mbit/s Ethernet, controller Intel® VT-c) Expansion 2 2 2 slots Maximum 1-2 hot-plug, 2.5- max. 2 x max. 2 x HDDs inch, SAS HDD, SSD SATA 2.5- SSD SATA 2.5- PRIMERGY SATA HDD or inch inch SSD (non hot-plug) (non hot-plug) BX924 S2 26 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY BX – I/O ConnectivityI/O traffic between server blades and the external world is directed through the midplaneand up to four Connection Blades. I/O Type Downlinks Uplinks Max. number 10G 10G per system unit ETH FCoE Eth Switch/IBP 18x10Gb 8x10Gb (SFP+) 4 1/10G 10Gbit/s 18/8 (CB slot 1,2,3,4) ETH Eth Pass-Thru 18 x1/10 18 x1/10 Gb 4 1G 1/10Gbit/s 18/18 Gb (SFP/SFP+) (CB slot 1,2,3,4) ETH Eth Switch/IBP 18x1Gb 6x1Gb (RJ45) 4 1G 1Gbit/s 18/6 (CB slot 1,2,3,4) ETH Eth Switch/IBP 36x1Gb 8x1Gb (RJ45), 4 1Gbit/s 36/12 4x1GB (SFP) (CB slot 1,2,3,4) 6G Eth Switch/IBP 36x1Gb 8x1Gb (RJ45), 4 1Gbit/s 36/8+2 2x10Gb (SFP+) (CB slot 1,2,3,4) SAS 1G SAS Switch 18 x 6Gb 6 x 6 Gb SAS 2 ETH 6Gbit/s 18/6 SAS (SFF8088) (CB slot 3,4) FC Pass Thru 18x8Gb 18x4/8Gb 3 8G FC 8Gbit/s 18/18 (SFP/SFP+) (CB slot 2,3,4) 8G FC FC Switch 18x8Gb 8x4/8Gb 3 8Gbit/s 18/8 (SFP/SFP+) (CB slot 2,3,4) IB Switch 18x40Gb 18x40Gb 1 40G IB 40Gbit/s 18/18 (QSFP) (CB slot 3,4) 27 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY SX Storage Blades - Details Model SX910 S1 SX940 S1 SX960 S1 VSX960 S1 SX980 S1 Form Factor SHSW SHSW SHDW SHSW + SHDW SHDW RAID - RAID 0, 1, 10, RAID 0, 1, 10, RAID 5, 50, RAID 0, 1, 10, capabilities 5, 6, BBWC 5, 6, BBWC BBWC 5, 6, BBWC Drive 1x LTO-3, LTO- 4x SATA, SAS, 10x SATA, 5x or 10x SATA, 10x SATA, options 4, LTO-5 SSD SAS, SSD SAS, SSD SAS, SSD Topology PCIe / DAS PCIe / DAS PCIe / DAS NAS + IP-SAN SAS 28 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY VSX – Virtual StoragePRIMERGY VSX delivers a flexible, shared storage server solution as „datacenter in thebox solution“ for PRIMERGY blade server environments. BX400 example: Overview PRIMERGY VSX is designed as networked storage for PRIMERGY BX blade servers  Based on: NetApp Data ONTAP-v  Hosted on the storage control blade running in a virtual machine of an installed VMware ESX Up to 5 productive PRIMERGY  Online storage provided by SX960 (5 or 10 disks) blades VSX  Connected to other blades via 1 or 10GbE Connection Blade(s)  Fully integrated into ServerView  Easy onside customer installation process with ServerView Installation Manager 29 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • SME - Datacenter in a Box Shared Backup LTO 5 tape blade connected via PCIe for disaster recovery. Failover Cluster Up to 4 (5 if no tape blade is used) productive nodes. Live-migrate VMs through an internal network. Use HA and/or FT features. Ample Ethernet bandwidth ensures great performance. Shared Storage IP-SAN storage appliance based on BX920 S2 + SX960 S1. Use Windows Storage Server or NetApp Data ONTAP-v. Central Management Blade hosts management for physical and virtual machines. 30 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY CX1000 - RevolutionDedicated rack- server infrastructure designed for the needs of cloud computing,“managed hosting” and “web hosting” providers. Objectives Optimize rack and server features for hosting applications Remove “hardware overhead” of classical datacenter infrastructure Address the needs for High density and lowest power consumption Specific server and rack management functionality Easy to install, operate & replace Covering a wide range of hosting services by distinct servers in a common rack infrastructure Addressing today’s operating issues (density vs. cooling) 31 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY CX1000 – What It Is?PRIMERGY CX1000 provides optimized rack and server features and removes the“hardware overhead” of classical datacenter infrastructures.Innovative cooling concept saves Simple and cost efficient compute nodesdatacenter space and energy Two fans instead of 100’s Choice of supported system boards Separation of hot and cold air  38 x 1U trays per rack  No hot air aisles needed  Ease of operation and service ( save 40%+ on DC space)  Back to back assembly  Flexible and customizable  Save 25% on energy consumption  High efficient PSUs vs “classic” Rackservers  Saves infrastructure costs Advanced power and infrastructureHighly scalable fabric concept managementSupport for all IP network and storage Environmental control 10GbE fabric, iSCSI, FC, FCoE, InfiniBand  Airflow, temperature, power consumption  Simple failure indicator per node Rack slots for switches or fabrics extenders  IPMI based management Optional service packs CNA or NIC on cloud node  Install, change, operate  Self service portal 32 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Software per DC Automation Serverview Suite 33 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • ServerView SuiteIntegrated solution for Server Life Cycle Management increases efficiency of operation Dynamize IT – Simple, sophisticated, highly efficient • IO Virtualization • Resource Management • Resource Orchestration Control IT – Centralized, easy, efficient Maintain IT – • Monitoring, Administration, in any state, from any place Alerting • Remote Management • Performance Management • Update Management • Power Management • Tools for investigation • Storage Management • Tools for Inspection Integrate IT – Set up IT – Smooth, seamless, manage Fast, easy, reliable uniformly • Setup installation • in Enterprise Management • Mass deployment • in Vendor Management • Integrate other platforms 34 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • PRIMERGY BX900: Pre-failure Detection and Analysis redundant SAN Switch Blades ServerView Management Server Using PreFailure Detection & Analysis (PDA) SV Operations Manager monitors all Servers (fans, CMOS batteries, CPUs, memory modules and hard disks) PDA detects a violated threshold and reports VM10 this incident directly to the DRS in vCenter VM06 VM07 VM08 VM09 vCenter automatically puts the effected server VM05 VM02 into „Maintenance Mode“ VM01 VM03 VM04 VM04 ESX ESX ESX ESX ESX All virtual machines are moved to other physical servers within the Virtual infrastructure using VMotion VMware VirtualCenter (vCenter) using VMotion together with DRS redundant LAN Switch Blades (Dynamic Resource Scheduler)  Zero-Downtime for vSphere (PDA for DRS) 35 35 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • ServerView Virtual I/O Manager (VIOM)ServerView Virtual I/O Manager enables for flexible operation of server blades by easyand seamless adaptation to changing circumstances. I/O virtualization I/O virtualization with VIOM  Each server I/O adapter comes with a  Abstraction layer between the servers pre-assigned default physical network and the external networks address (WWN or MAC) used to identify  Uses server profiles to store blade- servers on SAN or LAN networks. specific information like I/O  This makes it necessary to reconfigure addresses, I/O connections or even network settings when performing server boot parameters deployment, maintenance and recovery  Enabling administrators to run an tasks application by simply assigning a profile to a server blade  Each profile can be moved not only within the same blade chassis, but also across hundreds of servers  Paves the way for substantial improvements in scalability and flexibility. 36 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • RCVE – Overview Automated server setup, installation and deployment Automatic recovery of failed servers (N+1 failover) Fast and reliable backup and restore mechanisms Dynamic orchestration of physical and virtual resources Installation / Addition Failover Maintenance Dynamic Orchestration Service D Quick system recovery Server Addition Backup/Restore Spare Server Spare Server Service A Service A Service A Service B Service B Service B Service B Service C Service C Service C Service A Failed Reduced installation time Fully automated Remote backup/restore Uniform Management of by avoiding repetition of switchover triggered on functionality increases physical and virtual manual tasks hardware failures system reliability resources Automate the most common operations during a server lifecycle 37 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Logical Logical Logical Logical Logical LogicalComparison RCVE and Server Server Server ROR Server Server Server ServerView Resource Coordinator VE  ServerView Resource Orchestrator manages server resources on a manages infrastructure resources on a physical and virtual level logical level using definitions  Utilizes underlying resources managers Global Resource Pool RCVE for servers and others for like storage and network Servers Storage Net  SW Images functionality Contains RCVEServerView Resource Coordinator VE ServerView Resource Orchestrator Tenant 1 Tenant 2 Logical Platform Logical Platform Logical Logical Logical Logical Logical Logical Server Server Server Server Server Server Global Resource Pool Servers Storage Net SW Images 38 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • AutomationService portal Select a template Users can select required resources Name CPU Memory Disk by themselves Small 1GHz * 1 2GB 32GB Monitors availability and status Medium 2GHz * 1 4GB 64GB Cost estimations Large 2GHz * 2 8GB 128GB Integrated with approval process X-Large 2GHz * 4 16GB 256GB Select a OS image Template: MediumBenefits CPU 2GHz *1, Mem 4GB, Disk 64GB Flexible and fast allocation of OS Image: Windows2008 resources for each purpose OK Cancel Estimation of pay per use, available Estimation for system users Template: Medium CPU 2GHz *1, Mem 4GB, Disk 64GB Charge: US$5/hour OK Cancel Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Componente Storage Eternus DX series 40 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Fujitsu Disk Storage System 40th Anniversary PB ETERNUS DX8700 ETERNUS8000 Fujitsu is a storage manufacturer with 40 years experience! ETERNUS6000 2TB/3.5” TB 5,456 TB/System ETERNUS 750 GB/3.5” GR740 2,047 TB/System F6427 500 GB/3.5” 503 TB/System F6421GB 146 GB/3.5” 27 TB/System F479 1.89 GB/8” 7.56 GB/Unit 446 MB/10.5” 896 MB/UnitMB Disk Storage System for Open Systems 200 MB/14” 400 MB/Unit Disk Storage System for MainframeCapacity 70 80 90 2000 2010 41 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • ETERNUS DX product family Enterprise Series Midrange Series ETERNUSPerformance DX8700 S2 Entry Series ETERNUS ETERNUS DX440 S2 DX410 S2 ETERNUS ETERNUS DX80 S2/DX90 S2 DX60 S2 Seamless, consistent product family Capacity Compatible building blocks, one unified management ETERNUS SF Express ETERNUS SF (Advanced Copy Manager, Storage Cruiser and Disk Space Monitor) 42 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Seamless growth with the business Seamless ETERNUS DX product family design allows  Extensive scalability within a model  Scale by upgrading to higher model Maximum investment protection  Continue to use the existing disk drives with all data on it  No copy or move of TB of data Economy Small Midsize Enterprise DX8700 S2 DX440 S2 Capacity growth DX410 S2 DX90 S2 DX80 S2 DX60 S2 Functionality, Scalability, Performance, Management 43 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • ETERNUS DX60/DX80/DX90 – line-up Using high-end CPU (Intel® Xeon© 1.73GHz), Supporting FCoE/iSCSI 10Gbit/s New models ETERNUS DX60 ETERNUS DX80 S2 ETERNUS DX90 S2  Max. drive number: 24  Max. drive number: 120  Max. drive number: 240  Max. cache capacity: 2GB  Max. cache capacity: 4GB  Max. cache capacity: 8GB 3.5” model 3.5” model 3.5” model 2.5” model 2.5” model 2.5” model Provides optimal storage environments for customer scales and usage scenes, such as research and development, other uses in various departments from small, medium to large companies. DX60 New! DX80 S2 New! DX90 S2 New! RemarksCPU Xscale 800MHz Xeon 1.73GHz Xeon 1.73GHzMaximum drive number 24 120 240 When 2.5” drives are installedMaximum SAS 14.4 [TB] 72 [TB] 144 [TB] With 3.5” SAS 600GB drivesstorage With 2.5” SAS 900GB drivescapacity 21.6 [TB] 108 [TB] 216 [TB](Physical) Nearline 48 [TB] 240 [TB] 240 [TB] With 3.5” Nearline SAS 2TB drives SAS 72 [TB] 360[ TB] 360 [TB] With 3.5” Nearline SAS 3TB drivesMaximum cache capacity 2 [GB] 4 [GB] 8 [GB]Host interfaces FC 1/2/4G (4port) FC 2/4/8G (4port) FC 2/4/8G (8port)(Maximum port number iSCSI 1G (4port) FCoE 10G (4port) FCoE 10G (8port)per device) iSCSI 100M (4port) iSCSI 1/10G (4port) iSCSI (8port) SAS 3G (4port) SAS 3/6G (4port) 1/10G (8port) SAS 3/6G 44 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • The New Champion – ETERNUS DX80 S2 ETERNUS DX80 S1 vs. DX80 S2  3x more I/O performance  2x more throughput performance  Stable response time even at 100% load ETERNUS DX80 S2 records 2,685.50 MBPS with SPC Benchmark-2™  shows aggregated performance in large-sized, sequential access environments  consists of 3 distinct workload profiles: Large file processing, Large database queries & Video on Demand 45 © Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Services
  • ETERNUS DX60/DX80/DX90 – features ETERNUS DX60 ETERNUS DX80 S2 ETERNUS DX90 S2 Up to 24 drives mixed  Up to 120 drives mixed  Up to 120 drives mixed SAS & Nearline SAS SAS & Nearline SAS & SSD SAS & Nearline SAS & SSD FC or iSCSI model for up  FC or iSCSI model for up  FC model for up to to 4 direct or 64 network to 4 direct or 128 network 8 direct or 256 network attached hosts attached hosts attached hosts SAS model for up to  SAS model for up to  Storage based 4 direct attached hosts 4 direct attached hosts replication REC FC model for 3.5“  FC model for 3.5“ or 2.5“ drives or 2.5“ drives  RAID 0, 1, 1+0, 5, 5+0, 6 support  Redundant & Hot-pluggable components Outstanding Benefits Data Block Guard  SAS, Nearline SAS or SSD  Connectivity of choice Cache Protector  RAID Migration  Thin Provisioning Redundant Copy  Energy-efficient Eco-mode  Versatile usage scenarios Data Encryption  Simple operation  Snapshots & Clones 46 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • ETERNUS SF ExpressFor ETERNUS Simplify management of multiple ETERNUSDX60/DX80/ DX60/DX80/DX90 systemsDX90 with focus  Health status and performance monitoringon SMB functio-  Power consumption visualization and reductionnality and ease (in future versions)of use  Centralized storage configuration and deployment (in future versions) Local Copy: Snapshots and Clones  Simple setup wizard and console  Fast online data recovery  Testing new fixes, testing what-if scenarios  Rapid server deployment  Data mining Remote Equivalent Copy (REC): manage array based replication with DX90 S2  High Availability  Disaster Recovery 47 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Product Lineup ETERNUS DX400 S2 Newly adopting FCoE/iSCSI 10Gbit/s, Supporting 2.5“/3.5”SAS drives, Small and lightweightCost effective midrange systems provide enterprise-class storage environments ETERNUS DX410 S2 ETERNUS DX440 S2  Max. drive number: 480  Max. drive number: 960  Max. cache capacity: 16GB  Max. cache capacity: 96GB 3.5” model 2.5” model 3.5” model 2.5” model DX410 S2 DX440 S2 RemarksMaximum drive number 480 960 When 2.5” drives are installedMaximum SAS 288 [TB] 576 [TB] With 3.5” SAS 600GB drivesstorage 432 [TB] 864 [TB] With 2.5” SAS 900GB drivescapacity Nearline SAS 480 [TB] 960 [TB] With 3.5” Nearline SAS 2TB drives(Physical) 720 [TB] 1440 [TB] With 3.5” Nearline SAS 3TB drivesMaximum cache capacity 16 [GB] 96 [GB]Host interfaces FC 2/4/8G (16port) FC 2/4/8G (32port)(Port number per device) FCoE 10G (8port) FCoE 10G (16port) iSCSI 1/10G (8port) iSCSI 1/10G (16port)Maximum configuration size 5U (3U) 5U (3U) CE: Controller Enclosure(CE size) 48 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • ETERNUS DX8700 S2 series ETERNUS DX8700 S2Max. Capacity 4,068 TBNumber of drives Max. 3,072 (2.5“) Max. 1,536 (3.5“)Controller Modules (CM) 2 or 4 or 6 or 8Cache Memory 12 – 768 GBMax. Host Interfaces FC (8 Gbit/s) 128 FCoE (10Gbit/s) 64 iSCSI (1/10 Gbit/s) 64 Enterprise disk storage system 49 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser Correlation Management Configuration Management SAN Performance Management Fault Management 50 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • EMEA Data Protection Solution Portfolio Data Protection Tape Storage Backup and Array based Data Appliances Archiving Software Protection functionality Best in class Products from Fujitsu and our partnersFujitsu Fujitsu Symantec Fujitsu ETERNUS CS  ETERNUS  Enterprise Vault  ETERNUS DX High End LT 20/40/60  NetBackup with ETERNUS CS800  BackupExec ETERNUS SF Commvault ACM  Simpana EMC Quantum  NetWorker Oracle  SourceOne  High End  DPA Tape  AVAMAR Management Solutions (Assessment tools) Services: Analyse, Consult, Design, Build, Operate, Maintain Managed Storage / Backup on Demand Concepts 51 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • ETERNUS CS800 ETERNUS CS800 data protection appliance  Optimized for backup to disk with deduplication  Disk performance  Most efficient deduplication (up to 95%) Backup to disk  (NAS / VTL)  Radically simplified  Integrated replication functionality combined with deduplication Deduplication  Reduces bandwidth needs for remote replication by a factor up to 20  Saves network costs  Replication  Enables to integrate local backups into central systems Ethernet Fibre Channel  Flexibility NAS VTL  Scalability CS800  Optional path to tape Path to Tape 52 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Architecture – A deeper look into XaaS SaaS SaaS Business Process Applications Catalog PaaS PaaS Manager Configuration Application Oriented Middleware Manager Infrastructure IaaS IaaS Service Portal Account Billing SLA Management Resource Dynamic Orchestrator Resource Resource Orchestration / Provisioning Management Abstraction & Server Mgmt. Storage Mgmt. Network Mgmt. Virtualization Infrastructure OS/VM Product Server Storage Network PRIMERGY Resource ETERNUS PRIMEQUEST ETERNUS SF Coordinator VE Storage 53 SPARC Enterprise 53 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Componente fruizione Zero client 54 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • VDI Client: Zero Client Reduced device costs  No processor, no hard disk, no optical disk drive, no memory, no operating system  More than 30% savings Reduced rollout costs  No local installation  “Plug and play” Reliability and Security  No moving parts – no mechanical failures  No integrated storage or operating system, no blue screens  No local data  No viruses 55 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • Desktop Virtualization  Supports VMware® ESX/ESXi based desktop virtualization  Software, drivers and operating system remain on the server Connection Broker  Service benefits:  Easy provisioning and update  Fast recovery after failure  Secure data (controlled backup) Apps Apps Apps  Higher productivity and satisfaction OS OS OS  Cost reduction:  Save administration costs  Reduce user downtime 56 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • 57