Wood replaces plastics


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VTT's new business ideas from Finnish forest.

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Wood replaces plastics

  1. 1. Wood replaces plastic New business from Finnish forest 10.5.2014 Prof. Ali Harlin, Esa Torniainen, Jouni Lattu VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  2. 2. 207/05/2014 2 Bioeconomy – extended value Modified from the source: Metsäteollisuus ry 2 Harvesting and logistics Bioenergia- lämpö ja sähkö teollisuudelle ja kotitalouksille Biopolttoaineet liikenteeseen Biokemikaalit Biomateriaalit Lääkkeet ja kosmetiikka Value Volyme Sellu, paperi ja kartonki viestintään, pakkaamiseen ja pehmopapereihin sekä puutuotteet mm. rakentamiseen Coatings ladhesives… Competitive Existing products Uuden osaamisen kerryttäminen Investoinnit uuteen teknologiaan ja liiketoimintoihin Globaali verkostoituminen T&K ja innovaatiot Bioenergy, Heat and Electricity Biofuels Biochemicals Biomaterials Medical Cosmetics Wood products, cellulose, paper and board ,Pellets gasification… Biopolymers, composites… New materials, products and service Bioenergy Bio fuels
  3. 3. 307/05/2014 3 Eco-efficient materials Drivers Goals Reduce Renew Recycle Light Hi-performance Replace oil Low resouces Raw-material efficiency
  4. 4. Click to edit Master title style Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level 407/05/2014 4 Basic research Applied research Development UNIVERSITIES INDUSTRY VTT VTT’s status as performer of R&D work
  5. 5. 507/05/2014 5 Global packaging industry Global packaging industry turnover 2013 nearly 600 Mrd EUR, mainly in converted materials. Primary packaging market is fragmented according to materials, converting and packaging technologies. Transport packaging dominated by corrugated board. Industrial packaging is mainly corrugated, plastic films and different containers. Corrugated board 105 milj. tons, Plastics 80 milj. tons, Cardboard 46 milj. tons, Bioplastics 1 milj. tons.
  6. 6. 607/05/2014 6 100% bio-based packages Recycled pulp and biopolymers Compatibility in value chain Effective production methods in packaging applications. Flexible processing with conventional methods
  7. 7. 707/05/2014 7 Typical Environmental Statements Biodegradability Compostability Degradation in ocean Biobased Low carbon foot print
  8. 8. 807/05/2014 8 Sustainable development is coming Braskem sugar based polyethylene since 2009. Johnson&Johnson, Danone, Tetrapak. Coca-Cola launched 2009 PlantBottle with 30% bio - targeting 100 % for PET . Natureworks PLA has been on markets for years, new application coming (Danone).
  9. 9. 907/05/2014 9 Hybrid cardboards – improved strength From MD/CD to multiaxial strength
  10. 10. 1007/05/2014 10 New fibre materials Changed view-point: Transparency Moldabilty Printability
  11. 11. 1107/05/2014 11 Example: Fibre based blister Concept: Designed blisters Simplified production Apply moldable web Apply bio barrier tech Replace plastic and aluminum
  12. 12. 1207/05/2014 12 Moldable web New Fibre based Sustainable Easy waste mgt Communication Material and design by VTT
  13. 13. 1307/05/2014 13 Moldable web examples Tray packaging demo, Drupa 2012 4 inventions: Foam forming Dispersions Thermoforming Translucency Next on Wood based deep drawn packages
  14. 14. 1407/05/2014 14 Modified hemicellulose (side stream) Products out of modified hemicellulose Oxygen and grease barrier Flexible and transparent film Moldable film Hydrogels (hygienic) Active films Hemicellulose hydrogel (Aca/VTT) Heat-activated cellulose film (FC/VTT) Flexible hemicellulose film (FC/VTT) Hemicellulose barrier dispersion (KCL/VTT) Mouldable hemicellulose film (VTT)
  15. 15. 1507/05/2014 15 What is nanocellulose? Microscope Macro Totally New Properties Esau, Anatomy of seed plants, 1977, Wiley, NY Pääkkö et al, Biomacromolecules, 8(2007)1934 1,7% solids Young´s modulus 140 GPa (T. Nishino et al. J.Polym.Sci.,Part B,1995) Tensile strength 3 GPa (D.Page, F. El-Hosseiny, J.Pulp Paper Sci. 1983) Coefficient of thermal expansion 0,1 ppm/ºK (H.Yano, Seminar lecture, Otaniemi 2009) Aalto: Seppälä VTT
  16. 16. 1607/05/2014 16 Use of nanocellulose based on patents Applications (NFC) Composites (38%) Disposables (18%) Paper and board (16%) Food products (13%) Paper converting ( 8%) Cosmetics (3%) Filters (4%) 13 % 3% 18 % 4 % 16 % 8 % 38 % NFC applications Data collected by Dr. Juha Merta, Aalto University School of Science and Technology.
  17. 17. 1707/05/2014 17 SEM x50 SE images from uncalendered paper surfaces. Peruspaperi NFC-pinnoitettu paperi Nanocellulose as paper coating Thin film Applied as foam Surface can be modified efficiently Reduce air permeability No binders Towards monomaterials
  18. 18. 1807/05/2014 18 Nanocellulose films Properties Wood based Biodegradable Like HDPE film Not discharging Printable Sustainable intelligent applications
  19. 19. 1907/05/2014 19 Rigid foams made of bio-materials Replacing oil Light weight Insulation, both thermal and mechanical Applications from packaging to building construction Nanofibrillated cellulose Pääkkö et al, Biomacromolecules, 8(2007)1934 Nanocellulose foam Light materials – Cellulose foam
  20. 20. 2007/05/2014 20 VTT FiCus Concept – Simple, Flexible, Cost Competitive Mixing pulp, surfactant and air Molding, water removal, layering Drying Technology readiness level: Demonstrators ready
  21. 21. 2107/05/2014 21 Bio-barriers in food packages Dry food Replacing fluorochemicals in fast-food packages. Grease barrier for cookies and pizza Oxygen barrier in frozen goods High barrier solutions
  22. 22. 2207/05/2014 22 Bioplastic synergy • Plastic performance • Production and logistics known • Performing products • Waste management: recycle or energy Benefit • Sustainable products for brands and retailers • Added value for chemical and material industry Our vision Fibre materials are renewable • Easy to recycle • Low environment burden • Synergy with (bio)plastics