Office 365 : un déploiement "Fast & simple"


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Déployer Office 365 de plus en plus rapidement : une réalité. Vous découvrirez dans cette session une nouvelle démarche de déploiement qui a pour but de déployer les utilisateurs plus tôt et certaines fonctionnalités comme la synchro ADFS par exemple en post migration.

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  • Intro Office / B2B / LOB / entreprise
  • Step #18) (Optional) Configure Mobile Devices9) (Optional) Office Proplus
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  • Office 365 : un déploiement "Fast & simple"

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    2. 2. Office 365 un déploiement« Fast & Simple »Christophe ValleeSolution Architect – Office 365 Product GroupMicrosoft CorporationPhilippe MaurentService Engineer – Office 365 Product GroupMicrosoft CorporationOffice
    3. 3. “A new approach to accelerate yourdeployment to Office 365 …”“…Lead with simple”
    4. 4. Deployment Phases todayPre-Deployment Plan Prepare Migrate Post-Deployment
    5. 5. Deployment Phases summary•Execute migration phase communicationstrategy•Assign licenses•Execute velocity mailbox data migrationstrategy•Configure mobile devices•Execute post migration validation strategy•Change DNS recordsMigrate•Execute prepare phase project communicationstrategy•Add and verify domains•Execute internet bandwidth remediationstrategy•Execute Active Directory preparation andremediation•Build/implement directory synchronization•Build/implement single sign-on•Build/implement coexistence strategy•Deploy client prerequisites, applications,Office 365 Desktop Setup•Build/implement data migration strategy•Configure SharePoint Online•Configure Lync Online•Execute training strategy for end users,service/support desk, and administrators•Execute pilot testing phase•Finalize migration schedulePrepare•Hold project kickoff meeting•Develop project communication strategy•Develop risk management strategy andescalation process•Identify internet bandwidth capability andrequirements•Develop email coexistence strategy•Develop data migration strategy•Develop post migration validation strategy•Identify/develop post deployment identitymanagement processes/procedures•Identify Active Directory preparation andremediation requirements•Develop pilot testing phase strategy•Identify and plan for mail-enabled applications•Identify on-premises infrastructure designs•Identify on-premises client hardware, software,and applications•Identify mobile devices•Develop education/training strategy anddelivery mechanism for end users,service/support desk, and administrators.•Develop migration schedulePlan
    6. 6. Deployment Timeframe: exampleWeeksNetworking, Domains, andCertificates12 ...1098764321 5 11Production PilotIdentity Management, andProvisioningClients/Mobile DevicesSharePoint OnlineLync OnlineExchange OnlineData MigrationMXRecordChangedDeploymentCompletePlan Prepare MigrateFirst MailboxMigratedTrainingOn-Premises DiscoveryDevelop Plans and StrategiesDeploymentStart
    7. 7. Deployment planning today
    8. 8. Onboarding Challenge• Complex• Slow• Expensive• Feature Rich• POC Weeks• DeploysMonths• Bring Data• Coexistence
    9. 9. Lead with Simple
    10. 10. Exchange, SharePoint & Lync Online, Office Pro Plus, Azure Active DirectoryNew Onboarding Experience for office 365Experience Value EarlyNew Cloud ExperienceReal World BenefitsBroad Production UseFull Feature ValueBuyer Experience CompanyExperienceEnhancedExperienceStart with a Pilot Transition Production Quickly with On-Ramp
    11. 11. Vision : First use hours, onboardingdaysDeployComplete
    12. 12. Office 365 Simple Path Step by StepIntroduce Simple Coexistence andBasic Data MigrationIntroduce Advanced Featuresand Admin Driven MigrationCloud ID, Web clients, ConnectedAccount1. Provision Cloud ID/Mailbox2. Assign License3. Ensure on-premises messagingplatform has IMAP or POP serviceenabled for users4. User logs onto Office 365 via OWAand configured Connected accounts5. Lync – Add contacts in OWA for IM6. Lync – Verify sched.lync.com7. SPO – Verify NewsFeed, SkyDrive• ADFS for Single Sign On• Setup/Configure Staged ExchangeMigration• Setup/Configure Hybrid Exchange• Setup 3rd party messaging migrationsolution• Setup/Configure SharePoint SiteCollections and Team Sites• Setup On premise Lync Federation• Setup Lync hybrid voice, conference call,PBX and UM features• Configure Archiving, DLP• Configure E-discovery• Etc….1. Add Shared Address space2. Configure SMTP mail flow3. Add default namespace to on-prem. accounts4. Update Existing Outlook / Install Office Proplus5. Update existing Lync or install Office Proplus6. Activate Lync cross tenant and PIC federation7. Configure Skydrive Pro on Client computer8. (Optional) Setup store and forward9. Change UPN of cloud users10. Update mobile devices after UPN change11. Run IDFix12. (Optional) Configure DirSync13. (Optional) Configure Password Sync14. (Optional) Export data to PST, attach to Outlook15. Convert on-premises mailbox to mail user
    13. 13. Start with a PilotFeatures and timingPilot users using the service on day 1Scripted user creation (Web/CSV)Cloud-based email (dual delivery)User driven mail migrationUtilize your existing corporate email address in thepilotIntranet site for your teamPresence, IM, Meeting SchedulingCloud storage for your dataWeb Client (OWA, Lync and Sharepoint)Create and edit Office documents onlineCloud deployed rich client experienceAntivirus and anti-spam filterAdvanced mail features: archiving, etc.Hosted website for your business
    14. 14. http://portal.microsoftonline.comDemonstration: Office 365 users experience+ connected accounts
    15. 15. Core ExperienceFeatures and timing(*) Outlook or Office Pro Plus and Lync clientSkyDrive Pro client (Sync)
    16. 16. Enhanced featuresFeatures and timingFederated IdentityExchange Hybrid deploymentCutover, Staged or MRS-based migrationThird-party messaging migration (external toolset)Exchange Online Archiving (Hybrid)Lync federation with on-premisesLync-to-Phone, Lync-HybridEtc.
    17. 17. Need:• ADRemediationestimateof4weeks forO365PoCandnowtargeting10days(Dedicatedfacesasimilarchallenge)• IAMandSupportability– providedstatisticsontopDirSyncerrorsrequiringremediation• SimplePath–remediationtoolwithlowrequirementsfortechnicalskillsFunctions:• C#WFA.Net4• QueryADwithS.DS.P• ExclusionsforExchangeSystemObjects• VerboseLogging• ApplyUpdatesTransactionrollback• SavetoFile-CSVorLDFStatus:• CurrentlyatBeta1• RTWtargetatGAIdFix – DirSync Error Remediation Tool
    18. 18. Questions ?365
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