Migration vers Windows 8.1 : retour d'expérience chez Microsoft IT


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Pour les migrations vers Windows 8 puis Windows 8.1 Microsoft IT a souhaité privilégier un déploiement centré sur les besoins de l’utilisateur pour une mise à jour rapide et facile de l’environnement. Cette session est un retour d’expérience de l’informatique Interne de Microsoft sur l’accompagnement de ses collaborateurs pour les migrations vers Windows 8 puis Windows 8.1.

Speaker : Frédéric Lavarde (Microsoft)

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Migration vers Windows 8.1 : retour d'expérience chez Microsoft IT

  1. 1. Migration vers Windows 8.1 Retour d'expérience Microsoft IT Frédéric Lavarde, PMP Snr IT Manager, MS France & MSI Microsoft France Frederic.lavarde@Microsoft.com Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  2. 2. NOTEZ LES SESSIONS 2014 ET TENTEZ DE GAGNER DES CLAVIERS ET DES BONS D’ACHAT DE 25€ ET 50€ !*  Directement via l’url: http://notes.mstechdays.fr  Sur le site mobile http://www.mstechdays.fr  Ou en flashant les QR codes présent à l’entrée de chaque salle *Jeu gratuit sans obligation d’achat. Règlement déposé auprès de la Société Civile Professionnelle Raynald PARKER et Raphaël PERROT, Huissier de Justice associés. Détail des lots et du règlement disponible en cliquant ici.
  3. 3. Microsoft as a « real » Customer • • • • • #mstechdays Security, Cost Reduction, Compliance and Privacy are our Top Priorities Too much work, too little time, often reactive The Challenge of Consumerization of IT The Cloud Imperative IT Business Alignment, Prioritization and Partnership Infrastructure, communication & collaboration • Being Microsoft’s First and Best Customer • Software deployment more than once • High Target for Security Attacks • • A Company of 95,000 CIO’s Self Service Model, majority are technical & administrators
  4. 4. The Microsoft IT Environment 1,100+ #mstechdays 11% 96k 193k 513 1m+ 4.5m > 70% 17k 300k 50% Hyper-V Infrastructure, communication & collaboration 6.6m 210k 12k
  5. 5. Key Deployment Focus Areas Line of Business Applications App Inventory LOB Compat LOB Creation Security Hardware Image / Test IT Easy Deployment Awareness NSAT Videos Dogfood Central Supportability Plannin g Deployment User Readiness #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration Apps / Patch Helpdesk
  6. 6. User Profile Assessment Good bandwidth Planning Internet or ICO1 Metered Networks possible poor bandwidth WDS, OSD, and Products file share Corp Net Connected via tunnel Products file share only Internet or ICO1 Products file share only Mix of Wired and Wireless Native Connection Products file share only Mix of Wired (WDS & OSD) and Wireless (Products file share) Native Connection When Mobile - DA preferred solution #mstechdays Good bandwidth Corp Net Connected Low bandwidth Internet Connected Office (ICO2) When Mobile – DA and VPN Mix of Wired and Wireless Native Connection Always Mobile - DA and VPN Mix of Wired and Wireless Native Connection Always Mobile - VPN to control network usage Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  7. 7. Application Compatibility Testing • New “Open” Testing Model • • • • #mstechdays Windows 8 Release Preview 5-week test cycles VMs continuously available, selfservice Resulting in increased number of unique apps tested during test window and improved efficiencies of testing program Average number of unique applications tested per 5-week test cycle Product Windows Vista® Windows 7 Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer 9 Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 10 Unique Apps 188 98 94 115 291 Total number of unique applications tested per Windows deployment program Product Windows Vista Windows 7 Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer 9 Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 10 Infrastructure, communication & collaboration Unique Apps 454 241 248 313 356 Readiness
  8. 8. Windows 7 Install Experience Planning f12 User-driven by reviewing software compatibility on website #mstechdays Primary solution: inplace data migration Users needing to migrate using USB or server shares is a selfdriven solution using Windows Easy Transfer in Windows Backup or manually coping files User-driven by reviewing hardware compatibility on website User-driven by reviewing options on website Use f12 for WDS Copy image from server share and install locally Remote users must make a remote connection into corporate office, copy down image, and install locally Infrastructure, communication & collaboration User-driven, multistep process requiring VPN connection, join the domain, and multiple reboots
  9. 9. Windows 8 Communications Readiness 2 Dogfood Central Tiles 14 Online Promos (MSW & ITWeb) Highlights  Videos  Work Smart Guides and Tips & Tricks  Modern MSIT Dogfood Emails & Site  Ads, Promos & Social  Microsoft Mobi Tags #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration 21 Social Promos and Tips & Tricks
  10. 10. WorkSmart #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  11. 11. Windows 8 Global Readiness Readiness • Leveraged the Field IT Managers at Microsoft sites around the world to test, support, and promote deployment at a local level. • Made marketing materials available to sites so they could reuse or localize the content and incorporate it into their local promo channels • Increased local visibility by allowing Field IT Managers to personally send email invitation to install Release Preview to users at their own sites. • Delivered event kit to Field IT to help business groups adopt new technology through organized launch events. • Provided guidance for using the formal communications and responding to user questions in a way that is consistent with product #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration messaging.
  12. 12. DEPLOYMENT METHODS AND TOOLS Deployment #mstechdays Security Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  13. 13. Image Deployment Goals Deployment Leverage Microsoft tools and technologies Remove install hurdles and reduce complexities. Enable all users to install, even over the Internet. #mstechdays Target install time of 30 minutes, including data migration. Reduce replication time from several weeks to 3 days Enable broad adoption Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  14. 14. Windows 8 Image Architecture Deployment Image Delivery Microsoft IT Image IT Easy OSD USB Azure Factory Image #mstechdays MDT LTI / UDI WDS Optional Applications Branding Settings Drivers Payload Maintenance Scripts In Place Data Migration Base.wim Unattend .xml QFEs / Patches Boot Drivers Infrastructure, communication & collaboration Modern Apps Office IT Service Apps
  15. 15. Image Replication Deployment Image: single base image with 5–6 GB install WIM. Process: packetize into smaller, 100 MB files, replicate, and reassemble. Result: Replication time went from several weeks to 3 days. #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration MSIT Image Packetize Replicate Reassemble Process
  16. 16. Image Replication Topology 1 Master Server 4 Hub Servers 20 Replication Servers 211 Branch Office Endpoint Servers #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration Deployment
  17. 17. New Windows 8 Security Features #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration Security
  18. 18. Windows To Go Windows To Go is a full Windows 8 desktop that boots and runs from a BitLocker protected USB flash drive, the Windows To Go workspace. This scenario is popularly known as an “OS on a stick”. #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration Devices
  19. 19. SUPPORT MODEL Supportability #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  20. 20. Support for Windows 8 MSIT provides these self help resources to users installing and using Windows 8. These resources were updated on a regular basis and included most issues and fixes in progress. They encouraged users to review the materials for answers. – – – Windows 8 Work Smart Guides Application compatibility results Frequently Asked Questions The new http://pointers site enabled users to participate in the Windows 8 dogfood conversation. The site is monitored by Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 11 experts and fellow dogfooders. It allows users to ask questions, solve problems, submit a bug, and work together.​ Microsoft IT Helpdesk support was available when self-help and community help resources did not provide the answers. Users could:. Call your local Helpdesk Visit a local Tech Link​ #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration Supportability
  21. 21. Helpdesk Supportability Early DogFood adoption metrics #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  22. 22. http://pointers #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration Supportability
  23. 23. USER EXPERIENCE Tools #mstechdays UX Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  24. 24. IT Easy Installer #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration Tools
  25. 25. IT EASY INSTALLER DEMO #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration Design/UX/UI
  26. 26. IT Easy Installer Start Features #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration Tools
  27. 27. IT Easy Installer Extras #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration Tools
  28. 28. Data Migration Tools Microsoft IT Easy Data Mover (Recommended, Automated) Included in the Microsoft IT image for all installation methods Moves data and settings Adds only about 15 minutes to the installation #mstechdays Tools Microsoft IT Enhanced Data Mover (Customizable) Run this stand-alone tool before and after installing Windows 8. Can add a few hours to the installation process, depending on how much data you have and your system performance Moves data only, or data and settings Cleans all partitions and moves your data Can move data from one client system to another, or from a server system to a client system, or vice versa Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  29. 29. Microsoft IT Enhanced Data Mover Architecture Tools #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  30. 30. Data Protection with Windows File History Tools #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  31. 31. IT Data Box Tools #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  32. 32. Windows 7 User Experience #mstechdays UX Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  33. 33. Windows 8 User Experience #mstechdays UX Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  34. 34. WINDOWS 8.1 UPGRADE #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  35. 35. Situation • • The majority of users at Microsoft are already running the Windows 8 operating system. To help drive a rapid rate of adoption, Microsoft IT wanted to deploy Windows 8.1 with these goals in mind: – Easy for users to initiate – Reduced complexity by leveraging capabilities provided natively in the Windows update process: – Preserving all user data, settings, and apps with no customization or configuration required – Easy for IT to deploy, manage, and support #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  36. 36. From Windows 8 to Window 8.1 * Support for Windows 8.1 in Cumulative Update 3 for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Service Pack 1. • Enterprise (Volume License) • Windows 8.1 deployment is supported by Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (including Service Pack 1* and R2). Software Center Windows Store #mstechdays Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Infrastructure, communication & collaboration Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
  37. 37. User experience at Microsoft • Done #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  38. 38. RESULTS UX #mstechdays Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  39. 39. Win 8.1 success and remediating failures • • • • • #mstechdays Successes: 22,000 installations during Windows 8.1 Preview 97% installation success rate On track to exceed 80,000+ installations by general release Help desk calls reduced by 48% Remediating failures: • Windows Setup walks users through remediation of known issues, including: • Disk cleanup • Updating drivers and software • Self-guided remediation through FAQs Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  40. 40. Planning LOB Adoption Microsoft IT deployed the Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview to over 28,000 systems with more than 21,000 unique users globally in the first few weeks of deployment. A new, open testing model and use of Agile Labs enabled Microsoft IT to increase their capacity for testing LOB application compatibility. Targeted user profiles reduced the size and number of images required for deployment. Scenari o Deployment Conclusion Readiness New communication channels provided consistent messaging and prepared Microsoft users for the Windows 8 deployment worldwide. Streamlined images and improved replication process reduced image replication from several weeks with Windows 7 to three (3) days for Windows 8. Tools Supportability #mstechdays New and innovative tools such as IT Easy Installer and the IT Enhanced Data Mover improved the overall user experience. New and innovative support channels empowered users, increased user productivity, and captured broader product feedback. Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  41. 41. Merci #mstechdays Q &A Infrastructure, communication & collaboration
  42. 42. For More Information • Additional content on Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 can be found on: – Windows 8 Release Preview http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/releasepreview – Windows 8 and Internet Explorer for Developers http://msdn.microsoft.com/enUS/windows/ – Internet Explorer 10 Test Drive http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/ – Dev Center for modern style apps http://msdn.microsoft.com/enus/windows/apps/br229516.aspx • Additional content on Microsoft IT deployments and best practices can be found on http://www.microsoft.com – Microsoft IT Showcase Webcasts http://www.microsoft.com/howmicrosoftdoesitwebcasts – Microsoft TechNet http://www.microsoft.com/technet/itshowcase – Compatibility testing whitepaper http://download.microsoft.com/download/4/e/8/4e8c1b99-54f1-4be7-8e9b#mstechdays 78024015848d/LOBApplicationCompatibilityTesting_TWP.doc Infrastructure, communication & collaboration 43 – How Microsoft IT Manages a Private Cloud for Microsoft Research & Development
  43. 43. Digital is business